Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Weekend at LBL Piney Campground

After what has seemed like forever we were finally able to set a weekend aside to go camping. We had originally planned for Easter Weekend but with the unforeseen events of the Westy crapping out on us we had a little set back. The hubbs went away for training for a while and well now he's back. 
Friday afternoon we loaded up and headed out to Land Between the Lakes (LBL) as soon as I got home from work. 
I'm absolutely loving that it stays lighter out longer now. Spring / Summer weather please stay awhile won't you. We made it to our spot for the weekend at Piney Campground, set up and had time to relax and kick our feet up before the sun went down. It was a bit chilly that evening, which I wasn't expecting. Nothing that a little campfire and some S'mores couldn't cure. 
Waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping, the wind blowing and a chill in the air was absolutely the best. The pups were enjoying a relaxing morning laid out by the Westy while I was cooking up some breakfast. 
Pancakes and Turkey Sausage was the perfect way to start our morning. I could really get used to this, sitting out on the picnic table enjoying our breakfast. Doesn't get much better than this. 
Our campsite was right near the boat dock with a little path leading across. After breakfast the pups and I took a little walk out to the pier while the hubbs met us there on his bike. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I could have sat there for ever just over looking the lake. 

After breakfast we decided to take the pups for a walk around the campsite before heading out on a bike ride. We ended up going for a good 16 mile ride down to almost the other side of LBL and back to our campsite. Man where there some nasty hills we had to up and down along our ride. I managed though, not one time did I have to stop and rest. I pushed through, telling myself each time "just make it to the top". 
After our ride, a nice little nap and some tasty lunch we sliced open some watermelon to cool down with. One of my favorite summer time fruits, it was just what I needed. 
For dinner we did something a little different. Hobo Stew. I'd never had Hobo stew before and wasn't quite sure how it would turn out but I'm a believer. It was a perfect campfire dish. We chopped some 
veggies, marinated bison rolled it all up in foil and tossed it on the fire. About 30 minutes later we where feasting on this fine meal with a side of cornbread muffins. 

Another first for me, campfire popcorn. The hubbs went up to grab some more firewood from the general store and came back with popcorn. I've seen it before in stores I've just never made it myself. It didn't seem to be popping at first. I assumed it would start right away but took a bit. But once it got going and was finished we had a lovely little buttery snack. 
Can we just go ahead and talk about how spoiled these two are. Bailey clearly was just fine laying on the gravel earlier that morning but for some reason she seemed so much more relaxed laying on the blanket once I pulled it out. Spoiled much. Then you have Dingo who can't be more than a couple inches away from us it seems like. After we had finished off our s'mores and were sitting by the fire he helped himself in to the hubbs lap. They both think they are lap dogs and take full advantage of it. 

The next morning we had breakfast before taking the pups on a walk and packing up to head back home. Fired Eggs with Turkey Sausage between a toasted English Muffin with a slice of melted Pepper Jack Cheese. I think it might have been my favorite meal of the weekend. Aside from the S'mores of course. And I mean you can't beat a view like that now. 
We decided just to leave the bed down for the drive home since we where going to be washing the sheets and the inside needed a good cleaning. So of course these two mutts took full advantage. I'd be pretty tired to if I decided to go darting through the back screen of the Westy in the middle of the night and run around the camp site. Yup that would have been Dingo. He must of saw or heard something and jump right out. The mesh screen we have for the back that allows you to leave the hatch open does not attach to the bottom. Only the top and sides so he just went right under it. He's such a turd!!!  
We had such a great time and are already looking forward to our next trip out in a few weeks.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What's Cook Lately

*Smothered Baked Chicken Burrito's with a side of Mexican Rice- Stuffed inside was a Mexican Chicken that had been cooked in the crock pot all day. Topped with a Homemade Cheesy Green Chili  Sour Cream Sauce. Let me tell you these where fabulous. Stuff a large whole wheat tortilla with the meat mixture a little cheese bake it in the oven for 20 minutes to get nice and crispy, add toppings and there you have it. Mouth watering. 
*Whole Wheat Waffles drizzled with a little Syrup- Theses have defiantly been my go to waffles here lately. They are absolutely fabulous and so quick and easy to put together. Best part is I can freeze the  left over, and pop them in the toaster in the morning for a quick healthy breakfast. 
*PIZZA- Who doesn't love pizza. I took a whole wheat tortilla spread some sauce on top, added the fixings: Cheese, Black Olives, Green Bell Peppers, Mini Pepperoni and Turkey Sausage. I tossed it in the oven and baked it for about 8-10 minutes @350. It was so tasty and filling. I've never made pizza this way before, it def. won't be the last. It was great.  
 *Cornbread Waffles and Chili- I've been wanting to put these two together ever since the hubbs got me a waffle maker for Christmas. Box cornbread (nothing fancy there) and my homemade delicious chili on top. It was quite tasty and fun if I do say so. 
 *Pizza Calzones- A new one for us to try. Why we wanted so long I have no clue. I stuffed it with everything we would top a pizza with, cheese, pepperonis and all the yummy goodness. Topped with Shredded Mozzarella Cheese and baked for 15-18 minutes at 375. Slice it up and it's ready to serve. 
 Buffalo (Bison) Burgers on a Pretzel Bun with the fixin's and a side of Sweet Potato Fries- We purchased the burger patties pre-made from the commissary and the buns. Its not often we do burgers so I let the hubbs pick, knowing he'd choose Bison. Sweet Potato fries was a much healthier option over regular fries but I knew I wasn't going to want to make my own this evening so pre-made it was. This meal did not disappoint at all. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

We're having a...

I've been sitting on pins and needles every since we found out we were expecting. Waiting and Wondering what our sweet baby was. Were we having a Boy or a Girl. If you know me at all, you know I've always been 100% girl. I always said I would cry my eyes out if we had a boy. At the beginning of the pregnancy I was still all girl. But as time progressed I started leaning more and more towards really really wanting a boy. I found myself thinking that I would actually be disappointed it we ended up not having a boy. Regardless it was all silliness. As long as our sweet little baby was HEALTHY, that was all that matter. People would ask me what I want and I'd say "a girl but I'm almost most positive we are having a boy." Boys are much more dominate on both our sides of the family. When the hubbs was asked by anyone he would reply with "healthy" but deep down he wanted a boy. 
We weren't going to find out early what we were having. The hubbs theory behind it was "why pay for something when we get it for free through our insurance." Yes Yes, I totally get it and understand BUT if we wanted until we where able to find out through the military hospital on post we would not find out till Mid May and I just could not at all wait that long. I mean sure it's only a month and a half away but STILL its so far away. I wanted to know, I needed to know!!! 

We made a appointment during my lunch break and met up to at Baby Bump. That morning getting ready for work and all through the work day I was a nervous wreck. I new I wanted to know what we where having, but a little part of me was thinking "once we find out, then its really real." "Wait who am I kidding its already real". I think it was just a bit over whelming maybe. 
I knew, I just knew it was a boy. The night before I asked the hubbs what he though we where having and he said a "girl." But the day of he said a "boy." 
We where all set up in the room it was about to happen... we where going to find out the gender of our sweet baby. The In-Loves were able to view the entire sonogram live on line. It was so cool to have them be apart of such a special time in our life, being so far away. 
Clear as crystal there he was, our little guy. You couldn't have mistaken it at all. 
We where able to watch our little guy on the big screen for a good 20 minutes during our appointment. He is such a active guy, even at our first ultrasound our midwife made a comment about how active he was. 
We couldn't be more excited about having a little boy. Everything looked good during the sonogram. Since its not a OB office they aren't able to really tell you details, but the tech informed us that nothing at all looked alarming to her. Blood flow was great, all his limbs, fingers and toes were accounted for. We couldn't be more blessed. 

I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook this evening sharing with all our family and friends. 
We love love cupcakes so when I was tossing idea's around on how I wanted to share with everyone, this seemed perfectly fitting!!! 

I have another appointment coming up in about two weeks and I'm curious to see how our little man is doing, hear his heart beat and to hear what our mid-wife has to say. I only wish the hubbs was going to be here to go with me. At least he'll be here for our appointment in May, which is a big one. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Not Exactly How We Planned It.

We had been planning our long Easter Weekend camping trip for a good few weeks now. Knowing the hubbs was leaving for a while right after, we knew this would be a great little get away for us. Back up about 3 weeks. We took the Westy out for a drive and on our way home it started making this awfully loud beeping noise. We both looked at each other with this "what in the world, is going on" look. We pulled over in a parking lot and let it cool down for a minutes and the beeping stopped. But we knew something wasn't right. We continued home, not far down the road it stated up again. "This is not happening" I though to myself. Knowing the Westy is well over 20 years old and it was going to come with its problems at some point or another but the timing could not have been worse. The hubbs added some water to the anti-freeze compartment. Crossing our fingers we headed home. Stopping to grab lunch on the way. Just out side our sub-division the beeping started again. Just let us make it into the garage we said. Sure enough it was leaking pretty bad from under the engine compartment. Blah!!!! Total bummer. After a little research we where able to determine the problem. We ordered the part to fix it with and crossed our fingers that all would be done in time for our get away. Skip ahead a week, the evening we received parts in the mail the hubbs got right to it. Maybe 30-45 minutes into it and he called it quits. Turns out simply just getting the old parts off was harder than he though it was going to be. As he said it "I'm not going to loose sleep over this." You could tell he was getting frustrated with it. We called U-haul to see what time they closed, rushed down and picked up a flat bed trailer to load her up on and take her into the shop the next morning. Thankfully prior to ordering the parts the hubbs had found a local shop here that could do the repairs but he was pretty sure we could save money doing it himself. Sadly it didn't work out that way. 
We loaded her up with the help of our neighbors. Let me say that was a scary scary ordeal. I started out in the driver seat and then the hubbs quickly kicked me out. E hopped in and took control as the hubbs pushed her out of the garage. Then it as up to the two of us and C to push her up on the flat bed. They must have determined that another man would do better at pushing so E and I switched. I was in charge of the break, making sure she didn't slide back or go over the front right into the bed of our truck. Talk about a huge responsibility. No pressure, none at all lol. 
The hubbs dropped off the Westy the next morning but we didn't get a call back on a it for two days since they were busy. We still had high hopes that she'd be done and ready for our trip over the weekend, We scheduled our check in for Friday evening just to give a little extra time. Friday afternoon rolled around and we'd just returned from our bike ride. We received the call, it wasn't happening. They had found another leak and needed to order parts to fix it. I was heart broken. We did a little shopping that morning for our trip, but stuff that we needed, for the van its self. Thankfully we held off on food shopping till we knew fore-sure. 

We made the most of our weekend now that we didn't have any plans. The hubbs sprung a trip to Bowling Green, KY on me that afternoon. It's about a hour an a half to two hours away. Why not. We made a afternoon of it, came back to town and had dinner out. Saturday we spent the day down in Nashville and then Sunday we went out to LBL - Land Between the Lakes and did a bit of exploring. I was totally bummed our trip was cancelled but we still had a great time on our long weekend together.

Wednesday afternoon we finally received a call that the Westy was finished and ready to be picked up. The hubbs wasn't able to pick it up till the next day but coming home that evening and opening the garage door and finally seeing it back was such a exciting time. It was the first of sadly I'm sure not the last time she'll be in the shop. Thankfully going into this when we first bought Westy we set up a Westy Fund, incase something like this were to come up. I'm forever grateful we did to, because that would have def. hurt our account had we not. 
Plans are set for a weekend camping trip when the hubbs returns. It'll be the perfect way to celebrate both of our birthdays. :) 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Taking Time for Me

The last couple weeks I have been completely consumed, wrapped up and busy with school. I'm sure I've mentioned before but I'm taking 3 classes this semester. Two of which are online and the Third meets twice a month on Saturday's for 8 hours. The work load of the assignments in themselves have been a handful. Lets not forgetting the actual reading, learning and remembering part of it. Often I would find myself simply trying to complete the assignments on time that I wouldn't even take much from the lesson / module for the week. That's not the way it should be. This is the first time I've taken three classes at once, but I can almost guarantee that it'll be the last time. On top of working full time, its just a lot to take on.
I spend my lunch breaks working on homework here at work, typing up assignments, doing research to complete a paper. I haven't really been taking my lunch break to have a break and step away. Most day's I come to work between 7:15 and 7:30 and I don't leave the building that day until I am going home. Many nights as late as 5:30pm.
I've decided to put a stop to it, well a little at least. I need to take time for me, I need to get out of the building, I need to get fresh air, I need to put the computer down and walk away from my school work every once in a while. Classes end the first of May and won't pick back up till the mid August but we've got some things going on right now and I know life isn't going to slow down.
I've decided to make more time for me. I need to, it'll be good for my soul and those around me. But mostly for me.
Last week on my lunch break I went up to Dunbarcave. It's a local park less than half a mile from were I work. There's picnic tables, walking / running trails, a cave to explore and much more. I was planning on just walking the long loop but something sparked me when I was leaving on my lunch and I decided to run it. Boy was it ruff but I felt great afterwards. Nothing like a good trail run to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.
Yesterday I decided to grab a sandwich from Jimmy John's and go to Dunbarcave for lunch. It was such a beautiful day out. The sun was shinning, the temperature was perfect. It was so peaceful and quite just to be outside away from work and the hustle of life. I'm pretty sure it made my sandwich taste even better because it left me wanting more.
I've defiantly decided that I will be doing this more often. I'm planning on taking one day a week and getting out of the building and going to do something for me. Even if it is just up to Dunbarcave to have lunch by myself. It's well worth it. The school work will be there the next day and so will everything else. I need this, I need this for me. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Take a Bit outta Me.

Its not secret that this girl loves being in the kitchen, its one of my happy places. I would cook and bake all day long if I could. Sadly I can't though, there's this things called life, work, school and a house to keep up with. But here's a little peak at some of the tasty goodness we had here lately.

*Loaded Veggie BBQ Chili with homemade Cheddar Biscuits on top. It was pretty tasty. Not one of those I'd be jumping up and down to make again but we enjoyed it.
*Pecan, Coconut, Banana Nut Bread. Now this was marvelous and I'll jump at the chance to make this again. I pretty much love any kinda of banana bread, well without the chocolate chips. So this was def. a keeper in my book.
*Homemade Biscuits, Homemade Sausage Gravy with Crispy Bacon and Scrambled Eggs for our Sunday morning breakfast. Don't mind if I do. I recently figured out that making biscuits really isn't that hard and I'm loving it. I'll never buys pre-made again.
*Grilled Chicken and Veggie Kabob's. Actually the night before we had these I had grilled Turkey Sausage and Veggie Kabobs served over Whole Wheat Pasta. Those were mouth watering, let me just tell you. It was the first time I'd ever grilled Sausage. Where has this been all my life. Well we had plenty of Veggie Kabobs left over so we decided to grill up some chicken the next night.
*Oven Baked Chicken Parmesan served over Whole Wheat Pasta with a side of Squash and Zucchini.We haven't had Chicken Parm. in a while and when I suggested it to the hubbs he was all over it. The breading mixture was a new one and I was hoping it turned out as good as it smelled when I was mixing it together. And of course it most certainly did. I'm sure the homemade pasta sauce help tip it over the edge just a little as well.
There's been so many other meals we've cooked up over the last few weeks these where the only ones I happen to snap pictures of before we sat down and dug in. You can bet there will be plenty more to come in the near future. :) 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Feeling a bit Blue

As the army has it, its done it again. Taken away another sweet friend of mine. I feel like just as we get close, get into a routine and comfortable its time to start over. I knew this was coming well before but that doesn't mean it made it any easier. My sweet friend Gill who I'd met through work when I first started here is moving / pcsing to Germany with her little family. 
A little back story...Gill and her Hubbs where suppose to pcs to Germany back in the fall of 2014 but her husband ended up coming down on deployment orders. With the arrival of their first baby in March G. decided it was best to move back home to Texas to be around family. Spring of 2015 she moved back to TN and came back to work. It was so awesome to have her back, to say we were all excited was a little lie, we where over joyed. However there was that little debbie downer that hung over us all. Those pcs orders to Germany still stood. Around August- September 2015 time frame Gill took over the 4 year old class so we worked hand in hand. As the days came closer to her last day, reality began to set in that she was really leaving. Gill is one of my closets friends at work and not having her here any more is really hard. It truly breaks my heart. I'm lucky enough to have another friend who I adore and who is also a Milispouse step in and take over her class. I love A and I know we will work great together, we have so much in common. You know though, when your used to one person and the way you two work together and jell it just flows. Here's to the next few months of getting into a routine and flow with A and figure things out together. It hasn't even been a week and I miss Gill already. I texted her on Tuesday and told her it just wasn't the same with out her here. I'll miss my morning Hot Chocolate that she would bring me sometimes, I'll miss our lunch dates and all the stories we'd share. I'll miss her sweet little Cammie and watching him grow. I'll miss picking her brain about life and everything we are both going through. What who am I kidding I'm going to miss everything about her. 
Of course we will stay in touch, we'll still have our chats and even lunch dates via Skype, its just not going to be the same. 

I put together a little going away dinner for Gill with some of the other girls we work with at her favorite Mexican joint here in town and we had the best time. I'll miss our Chips and Salsa Dates for sure. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Uncle JT

How I told my Brother aka Bubby he was going to be a Uncle. 

About two weeks prior to him finding out during our weekly chat's we were talking about something and he had asked me then if I was pregnant. I quickly changed the subject and went on talking about something else. Later in the conversation it came up again. Seriously dude would you just drop it already I thought. I already had a plan of how were were going to tell him  and I've held out this long two more weeks wasn't going to hurt anything. 
Once we to our sonogram picture from our first appt. we made a copy of it and put it inside a card one of the girls at work helped make for me. 

I wrote a little message in it, told him I was sorry for not telling him earlier (which I knew he'd totally understand). I dropped it in the mail Wednesday afternoon and sat by my phone for the next few days. Friday came and went Saturday came and went. I figured 1) it didn't get there by Saturday and would arrive on Monday or 2) it did and he just didn't check his mail since they'd probably been out on the water all day. (they have a community mail area at the bottom of the hill, where he has to go check his box, so its not as simple as walking out the front door.) Sunday we were out grabbing lunch in the Westy and I left my phone in the van when we went inside to get our food. When we got back in the van I had 3 texted messages from Bubby. My heart immediately started racing and I got so excited. I looked at the hubbs before I even opened the texts from him and said JT know'. Sure enough I opened the text messages to find this. 
I figured he'd call me when he opened the card, but either way he finally knew. 
I called him back and he was so excited. He say's he knew it but I don't believe him, he's crazy. But hey maybe he did. Maybe its a sibling instinct. Who know's!!
Baby is due 15 days before Bubby's birthday which makes it that much more sweeter. My Bubby is one of my best friends and I just know he's going to make the best Uncle JT ever. 

Now that he know's I can finally fill him in on what we sent Nene for her birthday. She's the last Grandparent between not just JT and I but the Hubbs as well. We knew we wanted to do something extra special to let her know she was going to be a Great Nene. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The First 3 Months / The First Trimester.

Well the first month was a breeze seeings as I had no clue I was even pregnant. I thankful didn't have any symptoms of pregnancy. In fact nothing at all seemed different or out of the norm for me.  My appetite was the same. My work outs where the same. I didn't seem anymore or less tired that I normally did. I still was eating the same foods. In fact I lost 2.2lbs. in the first week of the new year. 
The only thing that did change was my worry. Not being able to be seen by a doctor until almost a month after I found out drove me absolutely crazy. I was so worried, I just wanted to know that baby was ok and that I was doing everything I could to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Our first appt. rolled around and I almost felt like it was a waste of time. It was a orientation appt. that took maybe  30 minutes. Answered some questions, had some blood work done and we where on our way. I was a bit disappointed. Still no morning sickness but the headaches have been something awful. I got the ok from the nurse to take tylenol which I've tried really hard not to have to do. But I have had to break down and take it 3 times now because my headaches were so bad. I'm not one to take meds just because, its gotta be really bad for me to take something. So when my headaches were so bad it had me sitting at the kitchen table in tears I had to given in and take something. 
The following month seemed to go by pretty quickly which was nice. The nausea that I did have has slowly gone away. Still haven't had any sickness thank goodness. I'm such a baby when I'm sick so I could only imagine how this would have turned out. March 1st, at 13 weeks we finally had our first real appt. Were we where able to see our growing baby. The hubbs I guess didn't realize we would get to see the baby on the ultrasound, he though we where just going to hear the heart beat. Which we did as well. I wasn't excepting to see a fully formed baby. I was expecting the baby to still look like a blob or a little gummy bear of sorts as people call it. But no you could clearly see the little legs, arms, head. It was so surreal. I knew at this appt. it would really hit me that we were having a baby. Not that it hadn't before but seeing our baby made it that much more real. We both quickly confirmed that there in fact was only one. I'm thrilled to report that there is in fact only one baby. With a strong heart beat of 176. Our midwife said everything looked great and seemed very happy with how things were progressing and going, which was a sign of relief. We are still tracking September 15th due date. Which seems so far away. Yet I know it will be here before we know it. 
I don't wanna say the first trimester was a breeze because it definitely came with its fair share of struggles and hard times. However I know compared to many others I've had it pretty easy. Here's to hoping the next 6 months go by with little to no problems or sickness. 
Not the greatest of pictures (on the ultrasound it's self it looked much better) but we officially have our first picture of our baby. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

24 + 2 hours

Over the weekend my mom and her new husband Chuck came in town to visit. A quick visit that is. Their able to fly for free via Stand By thanks to their work at American Airlines. They were set to arrive just before noon on Saturday so the hubbs and I headed down to Nashville early to do a little window shopping. We spent the morning checking out some of our go to stores before heading to the airport. We had plans to have lunch at one of our all time favorite eateries, Loveless Cafe. Oh my mouth was already watering before we even got their. We ended up having to wait about a hour for our table. Fine by me, as long as it meant I'd be getting some of those mouth watering biscuits at some point or another. I love the little shops around the property that your able to walk through and check out while you wait. It helps pass the time. After a bit of shopping we found and picnic table outside where we sat, relaxed and caught up a bit while we waited.
Lunch was absolutely fabulous, there's just no other way to put it. I had the Pork BBQ Plate with a side of Fried Okra and Green Beans. I normally go for the Chicken N Waffles but decided to step out of my box and try something different. It didn't disappoint either.

After lunch we headed to the Grand Ole Opry, we'd driven by several times but never gotten out and actually walked around or toured it. The Grand Ole Opry was the one thing Chuck wanted to see while he was here. Who am I to interject, I'd never been either so it was a win win for both of us. We eventually started to make our way back to town, it was only around 4pm but it had already been a long long day.
We drove them through Downtown Clarksville on our way home, when they suddenly asked if there was a spot close by they could get a picture with the state sign. DONE, we said. They where able to mark TN and KY off their list. Perks of living so close to the state boards I suppose.
For dinner I had plans to make some tasty Pizza and Salad. I already cut up all the veggies and prepped them the night before along with making the pizza dough crust. Everything just had to put together and baked. On the menu was a BBQ Chicken Pizza and a Supreme. We had a friend stop by so he joined us for dinner and everyone seemed to love the pizza's. This is the second time recently that we have made pizza at home and I forget how much fun it is.
We followed dinner up with a trip in the Westy up to Berry Bear for some Frozen Yogurt. Oh so yummy. Shortly later we called it a night, after all the hubbs and I had been up and on the go since 6am that morning.
Oh the breakfast menu for this morning as nothing other than some tasty Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing. Working ahead to save time this morning I made up the Roll's last night so they simply just had to be baked this morning. Since I had double the recipe it took a bit longer to cook but let me tell you they didn't disappoint at all. These are our Go To Cinnamon Roll's we'll never buy store bought canned or frozen ever again. We've made these a good few times now, so I've pretty much got it down to a science. They where a Win and Guest approved.

After breakfast the hubbs had to head into work for a few hours, total bummer. Mom, Chuck and I took the pups for a walk around the block, and then relaxed watching a movie before heading to Miss Lucille's to do a little shopping. Unfortunately after our little Antiquing journey it was time to head to the airport to drop them off. They had a flight out at 2:20 that afternoon. Like I said it was a SHORT visit. But it was really good to see them. I really wish they could have stayed longer but any time is better than none I suppose right. Hopefully they'll be able to come back out again soon.

I didn't take many pictures at all while they where here. Things seemed so busy that I didn't even pull my phone out most of the time.    

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gone In The Blink of a Eye

It seems like forever since I've last blogged and well if we're being honest it really has been forever. I feel like we've done so much since the New Year started and I haven't had the chance or taken the time to sit down and document it. I want to keep up with this here blog of mine for my own personal self. Being able to look back years from now and read through our journey's is something I know I'll enjoy. Sometimes I feel like we just get caught up living in the moment and enjoying life that the last thing I want to do is sit down in front of the computer. Even more so now that I'm taking 3 classes, 2 of which are online, so that tends to consume a bit of my time.
Over the last few weeks we've enjoyed a few outings around town and into Kentucky. We went up to BowlingGreen, KY and toured the Lost River Cave which was really neat. We did a little shopping around town and grabbed lunch at Chuy's Mexican Restaurant before heading back home. We really did enjoy ourselves and it was so nice to get away and explore a city we hadn't yet been to.
The hubbs had a week where he was working some late nights for awhile. These guys really missed him and would sit at the entry way just waiting for him to walk through the door. Poor puppies miss their daddy.
Oh the Snow, the first winter I was here it was pretty and I enjoyed it. Now I'm just over it. Although I am not very comfortable driving in it I have managed to get around and make it to work on the day's we where open. I think the pups are still a little unsure of it. Sometimes they seem to not mind it and then other times they seem to hate it and won't even go off the back porch when we let them outside. We took them out for a walk and they just wanted to lick it and try to eat it the whole way. I'm ready for Spring, Warm Weather and FLIP FLOPS please!!!

One snowy afternoon the hubbs decided it would be a great idea to make homemade pizza for dinner. Sounded delicious to me, however we didn't really have anything at home to make pizza with. I told him if he drove we could go to the store and get what we needed, so that we did and this was here was created. Let me tell you it as simply fabulous. I can't believe we don't do homemade (crust included might I add) more often. It's so fun and tasty.
The following morning we had big plans for breakfast, a biscuit, sausage and gravy bake. I came across this recipe on pinterest a while back and had been itching to try it. So of course being snowed in, this seemed like the perfect time. And since I had all the time in the world I figured I'd try my hand at homemade biscuits. There's first for everything right. OMG they came out so so good. I was in heaven. And it was so easy. All this time it seemed so daunting so I never tried making them. I don't know that I'll ever buy store biscuits again or even a mix.
The breakfast casserole turned out simply fabulous and we even had it for left over's the next day.
There was about a two week period just recently where the hubbs was gone for training. Here but gone. I had a much needed girls day with two of my favorite people here. We met up for pedicure, followed by Chinese for dinner. From there we went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a craft to work on while we Skyped and watched a movie with Amy's Mom and Sister that live in Utah. It was so much fun. We had yummy snacks, lots of laughs and all managed to work on our cross stitch that we picked out a bit. I don't know that any of us really paid much attention to the movie although I was totally fine with that. It was just what I needed. I didn't get home that night till almost 1am and yet I was still wide awake the next morning at like 6:30-7:00am. Thankfully with the hubbs being away and needing to work on school work I had a lazy day to myself with the pups.
Taco Monday: sure it would have sounded more catchy being Taco Tuesday but it was a Monday night. I went and had our taxes done and the hubbs cooked up the chicken for me so I could get dinner going quickly when I got home. Another one we haven't had in a good long while. These where Oven Baked Cheesy Tacos and let's just say, they where so good. I could have stuffed my face with one more. But I chose not to and saved it for my lunch the next day and it was just as good then to. Now the rice on the other hand, not really sure what went wrong there but it wasn't all that great. I'm a huge fan of rice to, so I was a bit disappointed. Thankfully the taco's made up for it.
Thursday night we had a Hail and Farewell at The Blackhorse downtown. It's always nice to get out with the hubbs and enjoy a evening together. I still don't know many wives in his company and this was a Battalion level event so there was quite a few people I didn't even recognize. It was only Platoon SGT's and up which made it a small quant gathering.

I had originally made cookies for a few of the girls at work and well long story short my annoying very very bad dogs some home managed to get the entire tray of 4 dozen cookies off the kitchen counter while I work and ate the entire thing. You can bet they got sick and threw up and I didn't feel the least bit sorry for them. I was so mad. So after the Hail and Farewell I decided to make some homemade brownies to take instead. I needed something easy and quick that I could pull out of the oven and cover to let it cool. Of course they couldn't be just any old brownies. I had to fancy them up a bit. I made up some peanut butter cookie dough and dropped spoonful's in the brownie mixture and topped them with sprinkles. Boy let me say they turned out great. I was still mad about the cookies but I think this ended up being just a tad bit better than what the cookies would've been.
Friday at work the kiddo's had their Valentines Exchange and Party. They had so much fun and defiantly loaded up on some tasty treats and cute cards. I made these cute little Gold Fish Valentines for them and I love the way they came out. So simply yet so cute.