Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fur Babies

Oh goodness were in the world do I even start?!?!?!? I have a serious love hate relationship with these two fur babies of ours. Some days, Many days I make the comment about how much easier my life would be with out them. But then I'd be awful lonely at home completely by myself. But then at least I wouldn't have to share the bed with them. But then I'd get cold because I wouldn't have Bailey to curl up with. But then my bed would be dog hair free. But then I wouldn't think to wash my sheets as often. I could go back to Cola or any were for that matter with out having to worry about what I was going to do with these darn puppies. I wouldn't have to rush home from work to make sure they could go out. But then I'd come home to a empty house. Of course its not as stressful when there are two of us here at home. But with it just being me right now I feel like I'm at my whits end sometimes. I wouldn't trade them for the world and I wouldn't wish not having them ever. I only wish they weren't as difficult as they can be sometimes. Goodness if puppies stress me out this much I don't know what I'd do with a wee little baby. 
So what's brought this post along, I'll tell ya.......
Wednesday night I came home and fed the dogs like I always do. Headed up stairs to change and next thing I hear is them scrappy it out in the kitchen. (That never happens, Bailey will bark snappy at Dingo every now and then when he annoys her but that's it.) I yelled down the stairs for them to knock it off and went on with my evening. I didn't notice till about 45min - 1hr later that Dingo had a bite mark on his nose. I kinda freaked out a little and didn't know what to do. Of course the hubbs had already gone to work for the day so I couldn't talk to him about it. Why does this stuff always happen when he's gone. Seriously!!!! Later that evening I posted on FB about being overwhelmed with the puppies and my Spouse texted checking in to see if I was ok. She's such a doll and totally helped ease my mind. Skip ahead to Saturday night when I noticed Dingo's nose swelling up some and his bite mark was still open and bleeding a bit because he wouldn't leave it alone. This morning while chatting with the hubbs we decided I should take him in to get checked out just to have piece of mind that everything is ok. There's a new vet office that recently opened up and lucky for me they are open on Sunday's. I haven't had a chance to take the pups in the get updated on there Heart Worm and Flea meds since we've been here because of work. So I might as well get everything knocked out while I'm there and take Bailey as well. 
OMG, they are a pain in the butt in the car, Dingo mainly because he wants to sit on the console in the center of the car and be right in my face. (oh did I mention I vacuumed and cleaned my car yesterday) Bailey does fine, she wines a bit but eventually lays down. We got all checked in and got their weight taken. We've got a fat girl on our hands, last time we had her weighted she was 85 lbs. Now she's a whopping 100 lbs, I couldn't believe it. Dingo weighed in at 54 lbs, a bit over weight from what the vet said. She wants him to loose about 14 lbs. over the next 6 months. This is going to require me to start measuring their food out and feeding them separately and monitoring their food intake. We've got to some work to do and its going to take a while to get myself and them in a routine but I know it can be done. Prior to today we've always just made sure they have food and they eat when they are hungry. It's worked for us and them, they've never been the type of dogs that scarf down their food if you leave the bowl full. I guess old habits gotta come to a end at some point. I'm determined to make this work because the list of complication's the vet mentioned could come up with Dingo being over weight scared the crap outta me and I don't want that to happen. He's family after all as much as he can annoy me sometimes. 
The vet wants to me to start putting meds back in Bailey's eyes for her dry eyes again. We attempted it in SC but she didn't take to well to it and started to get aggressive so we stopped. They've gotten worse in the last year and a half and I know they are painful. So I'm going to give it my best effort and hope for the best. We know she's starting to loose her eye sight because of it but it not completely to the point of her going blind. (she walked right into the back of my car yesterday, I felt bad but will admit I did laugh) The vet mentioned that eventually long term down the road we might have to consider having them removed. I can't even imagine having to put her through that, it bring tears to my eyes just thinking about it. It took all I had to hold them back when the vet was talking to me about it. 
After a good 1hr+ at the vets, me talking their ear off asking a million question, a $300 vet bill a bag full of meds for both we were on our way home. Thank goodness for Military Discount I would have hated to see the bill with out it. They really were the nicest Veterinarian clinic I'd ever been to and I'm so grateful to have found them through our friends C & R. Thankfully we don't have to go back for another year, aside from picking up Heart Worm and Flea meds. With the hopes that there are no more altercations between the two puppies. 
I do love these two mutt heads and would be lost with out them. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

January Review Week-2

I totally failed this week on the no spend January Month. In my defense all purchase were for a good cause or good reason. I'm working on a little something for the hubbs and well I can't say what it is on here but lets just say he's gonna LOOOOOVVVVVE it. So with that being said my target trip was much needed for this little project, plus I needed dog food. I did make a few other random small purchases over the weekend for a few things I'm working on at home and some needed items. I had a gift card for the majority of it so it wasn't to bad. It was such a beautiful weekend I seriously wanted to spend the whole time outside and while I spend a good amount outside, washing my car by hand was not on the to do list. But it needed washing something bad, so I splurged and drove it through one of those fancy car washes. In all honesty I've given it my best effort but life happens and gets in the way sometimes. This little project I'm working on wasn't planned going into January so it has kinda put a damper on things. But its gonna be worth it. 
As far as the 21 day no junk food challenge I did pretty darn fabulous good, I only caved twice. Once at work on Wednesday when our sweet cook made Pizza Rolls for lunch. OMG her pizza rolls are so so yummy. There on a croissant roll and seriously are the simplest most unhealthiest thing ever to make but so tasty. I just couldn't pass them up, she only makes them for lunch like once a month. The other time I caved was this morning when I made banana nut muffins for breakfast. I was desperate and going to be home all morning with plans to clean the whole house and needed something to kick start my morning. They were quick and easy from a package but mighty tasty. 

Still going strong on my other New Years Goals and quite happy with that. I'm determined to make this a great year. So with that said I'm going to start putting some of those DIY Pinterest home project's together. I mean why else do I pin them right, not for them to just sit on my board and look pretty. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

That one time I turned my heater off......

With this being our first home we've owned or even had to pay utilities. I've been super paranoid / OCD about our electric bill. We do our best to conserve water and electric when we can. So much that I turn my heater off when I'm gone to work during the day. Why am I gonna have the heater running all day when I'm gone for 10+ hours most day's. Ok yes the dogs are home and they might get a bit chilly from time to time but I refuse to pay a outrageous electric bill. I knew this past week the temps. were going to be in the single digits but didn't think anything about it. I turn my upstairs heater on when I get home from work to warm up my bedroom for a couple hours before I go to bed. Leaving the downstairs one off. Yes its chilly, but that's when a good blanket comes in handy. So Tuesday night I turned it on when I got home at about 7:45pm and then off around 10:30pm when I went to bed.
Wednesday I got up went to work till 6pm got home around 6:30pm that night and went to start dinner when I had NO WATER. I panicked and ran around opening all the cabinets under the facets. Because of course that was gonna help right then. The current temp. at the time outside was 3 degree's and the "feels like temp" was -6 degrees. I kept thinking that, this was not happening. I have to cook dinner, take a shower, give the pups water. I called our friends C & R to ask them what I should do, and after much deliberation C was on his way over to crawl under the house through the crawl space to see what he could do and to make sure the pipes hadn't busted. In the mean time I continued cooking dinner and wen to my neighbors to ask him if he could help me turn the water off from the main supply at the street. He so kindly agreed and told me to go wait inside that he'd be right over. A couple minutes later he came over fully suited up head lamp and all. He explain that this same thing happened to him last winter and that he used a extension cord and a electric heater and set it up under his house to defrost his pipes.
I explained to him what I'd been doing during the day w/ leaving the heater off and he of course laughed and shook his head. He asked me to go get my hair dryer and he went home for a extension cord. I explain to him that C was on his way and would be here in just a few minutes but he went ahead and said he didn't mind. The poor guy crawled under my house and proper the blow dryer up on the frozen pipes on high to defrost them. Then he continued around the house closing all the outside vents that led under the house. Who knew you could close those things, I sure as heck didn't know.
Just shortly later C arrived and the two of them chatted it up in my kitchen while I finished cooking my dinner, praying my pipes didn't bust and that this was going to work. About 15-20 minutes later the water started running at the kitchen sink. (I had turned the facet on so we knew when the pipes had defrosted) E let if go for a bit longer to fully defrost them before turning off the blow dryer. They both gave me the speech / lesson about how I need to at least leave the downstairs heater on when its freezing out especially during the below freezing temps. and that it takes more out of the heater to go from 40 or 50 up to 68 when I turn it on at night.
Lesson Learned for sure and my heater is on. Not gonna lie though that minute it starts to warm up the slightest some I'll be turning it off. I also left the sink in the kitchen slowly dripping while I was at work the next day (another thing they told me to do, which I also remembered after the fact). I did put a large bowl in the sink to catch the water. I was not going to let it run all day and waste it. Heck No!! I poured that right in the dog water bowl. Go ahead and call me crazy I look back now and almost shake my head about it and well maybe laugh a little, but in all honesty somethings aren't though of till it happens. This being one of those things. The last thing I want to do is have to pay to repair or replace a busted piper and / or have it flooded under my house.
When I told the hubbs what had happened his response was "ya, I was worried about that happening". Dude I'd been telling you the outside temps. all week, why hadn't you said anything or mentioned being concerned. Men I tell ya......gotta love them.
I'm so thankful for our two fabulous friends that jumped with out hesitation to come over and help me.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

January Review Week-1

Well let's just say I gave it my best effort and I did pretty good (kinda) for the first week of the month. I've been pretty good with the no junk food 21 day challenge. Ugh, till it came to this weekend. Not gonna lie its been pretty hard some days but all it took was alittle will power and I pushed through but fell off the wagon over the weekend just a smig. This past week I had two mini bags of pretzels (which were gluten & fat free) from the vending machine at work. (on separate day's of course) I asked around at work and more people then not considered them not to be chips. I was desperate, hungry and had a dollar bill on me which never happens because I do not carry cash. I didn't consider it breaking the "No Spend January". For NSP I opted not to use my debit card. However let me clarify, I do not / did not have cash pulled out or set aside to use during the month. I just happen to have it tucked away in my wallet. 
So moving on, I never had to go on post unless I'm going shopping at the commissary which is about once a month. I did have to go this past week to pick up a refill at the pharmacy though. Which just happens to be located a few doors down from a Smoothie King, my weakness and the only one in town. I'm a huge fan I went back and forth all morning before going weather I was going to get one. I mean there's not another SK in the city and who knew when I'd be back on post again. So I caved and splurged spending a whopping $6.89 on a (healthy mind you) lunch. Friday morning one of our parents brought in Donuts for us, it was Friday PEOPLE!!!! I caved and indulged on a donut or two ok ok 3 but that's it and seriously I never eat donuts so it was a treat. A treat I should have done with out but I didn't. I had a sleepover with my Sweet Little Friend Savvy this weekend and had to stop and get something to finish dinner with and a small baby shower gift. Which are ok purchases on the "NSJ". However this afternoon when I was taking Savvy home she wanted cupcakes so we stopped. Who's the best Auntie!!!! Oh Yea Right here!!!! $16.50 on cupcakes all for her and the little dude. I did get one for myself because well, why the heck not. I only ate half of it which means I only half failed. Besides 3 small house hold bills that had to be paid and a late Christmas gift to myself. It was already budgeted for, I already had the money set aside for it (from my NeNe), I was just waiting for the item to come back in stock. 
I finished off the week with a Friend from work at a baby shower for one of our Co-Workers. Were I had two chicken salad sandwiches on croissant rolls. They were fabulous and after I left I felt so awful for eating them. blah. I refused to walk by the dessert table not to be tempted and I held my head high and did great. 
1 week down 3 more to go. Here's for a even better week 2. How are you doing on your New Years Goal's / Resolution's? 
Aside from this little January Challenge I've been doing really well on my New Year's Goals. Of course its only 10 days in but I'm quite proud of myself.
Baby Shower Shenanigan and my new Wifey sweater from my Spouse (Love it and You Girl, thanks a million) Paired with my Tiffany & Co. Crystal Tear Drop my husband bought me for our 3 yr Wedding Anniversary. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Deployment Update

What can I say its going as best it can I suppose. We are officially past the 2 month's down mark with still many more months to go. We actually got some kinda not so good news in that department today which of course I can't discuss on here but let's just say some tears were shed.
I was going into this deployment expecting the worst. We haven't been apart for more than a month, two at the most in the past 3 1/2 years. Thanks to Life on the Trail. I knew this deployment was going to be just like the first one. It was 15 long terrible, awful, no good months in so many ways. I mean we'd only been married a month and here he was leaving for his first deployment. Deployment #2 wasn't any better, I honestly think they get worse the more you go through. So I was expecting this one to be extremely hard times a thousand but its been much different. Don't get me wrong it hasn't been easy at all and I absolutely hate every minute of it but we are managing and pushing on. Some days are harder than others, and I've had those day's were I just want to pull my hair out and scream. 

But if I'm being honest it hasn't been nearly as hard as I was expecting it to be. We do get to talk pretty often, mainly through text messaging. Which does make it easy on both of us because we are both able to multi task while getting ready for our day or bed. When I'm getting up and ready for the work day, he's ending his day and getting ready for bed and then other way around. So it works out that we are both on kinda opposite schedules so we don't miss out on talking to each other. 
We've been able to FaceTime a handful of times which is always nice. Our 1st deployment we only video chatted a handful of times through out the entire 15 months. Communication and internet service then and where he was, was awful. 
                                      We are most definatly counting down and or course planning a much needed post deployment trip. All in All we are managing and doing well.... ok. Missing each other like crazy. I can't wait for the day life is back to the way it was. Oh and of course I've been dreaming of the Homecoming Ceremony. That first hug and kiss. 

Oh I CAN'T WAIT. Distance and Time makes the Heart Grow Fonder!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Pretty self explanatory I'm jumping on and taking on this 21 day challenge. 
Since I do not drink Soda I'm giving up my Sweet Tea. The struggle will be real. 
I've already given up candy and fast food. 
I'm not much for chips (unless there's salsa or queso involved) or ice cream. 
Biscuits, Bread, Muffins, Cookies.... now that will be a struggle. But its only 21 days. I can do anything for 21 days right. The depressing part about the whole deal is I have a jar of really good queso in my frig right now. Oh the struggle. 
But I have a goal and I want to meet it. Sooner rather than later!!! 

Basically there's no access spending during the month of January. One of my parents from Cola. does it every January. And she encouraged myself along with several others to jump on board and not do any access spending during the first month of the year. Of course you still have to pay your bills, buy grocery's and gas but other than that nothing else. Her family of 6 doesn't eat out, not even a coffee run, no trips to Target or the local Frozen Yogurt hut, not even a alcohol run during the month of Jan. Just the basic necessities. Her theory behind NO SPEND JANUARY is that you've gone out and spent a ton of money during the months of November and December in preparation for Christmas that this allows you to step back and relax on the stress of wants and needs from the store or random spending. I'm giving it a shot, can't be to hard right. Eeks, I suppose we will see. I have to say it will be much easier with it just being me at home, I'm a sucker and give in to the hubbs so much. I have a strong will power when I set out for something. 
I'll update ya at the end of the month to let you know how it went. 
Here's to the next month of no junk food what so ever and no spending. YIKES. Please pray for me. 

2015 Goals

It's a New Year which means its the First Blank page of a 365 Page Book. So I'm planning on writing a good one.

I like to set Goals for the New Year (for both myself & us as a couple) over resolutions. Sure it's kinda the same thing, but a goal is something you can work towards and a resolution is something you completely change.

           *Goal- the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desire results
           *Resolution- a firm decision to do or not to do something

So my Goal's for the New Year 2015 are......(in no particular order)

*Get Outside More: walking the pups, going to the greenway, running, simply getting out of the house, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful sunshine.

*Dressing Up More: it's so easy to just put on a t-shirt and jeans and call it a day, i'm going to work on vamping up my wardrobe and dressing up more. i wear scrubs to work so dressing up when i do is fun, i just need to do it more.

*Saving- we have done really well with saving over the last couple years and have made a point not to touch or take from our savings account. we plan to continue to do so and add to it in the coming months / year.

*Getting Fit- not simply just working out, but a combination of things, eating healthier, losing a few pounds, working out, and continuing with my running. one of my 30 b4 30 things is to get in the best shape in my life. i need to continue cracking down on this one.
             :At the beginning of this deployment (#3 here, blah) I decided I was going to to completely give up Fast Food and Candy while the hubbs was away. Not that I ate much of it to begin with but I defiantly did. My only exception to this is I am allowing Jimmy Johns sandwiches. They are so fresh and yummy and not totally bad for you so I have allowed to treat myself to one every once in a blue moon. Other than that NO FF. I gave up soda completely 4 years ago today an I haven't had a sip since and it's such a wonderful feeling being able to say I don't drink it and haven't in 4 years.

*Wife / Spouse- my husband is the most important person in my life, (as to many / most people their spouse is their everything.) no different for me, i'd be lost with out that man and i want to give him the moon. he simply does anything and everything for me but we'll save all that for another post. we'll be spending a good majority of this year apart, but that doesn't make me any less of his wife. my goal is to become a even better wife, love and care for him like never before. i want us to date more, talk more, do more. the days that pass we'll never get back so i plan to take advantage of each one even more from here on out. he gives me 100% and i want to make sure i do everything in my power to give that back.

*Church- i've recently started going back to church and it's been great. apart of me hates that its taken so long, but better late than never right. its come with what i hope to be a great lasting friendship out of it. i want to truly focus on my faith and relationship with God and give me all in everything i do for him. its been missing in my life and it feels great to have that part of me back.

*Snail Mail- since being a milispouse and moving around every few years we have friends all over the states and even over seas. i plan to make it more of a habit to keep in better contact with the friendship i've built over the years. something about a letter or card coming through the mail is a bit more personal then a email or fb message.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Its been 4 1/2 almost 5....

...years, since I've been back to AZ for a visit. We were actually still living in Hawaii the last time I went back. The hubbs went when we were in the middle of moving from HI to SC but I wasn't able to go. The In-Loves have come to visit us several times but we haven't been back to the Valley. 

So to say I was so excited and looking forward to going "home" to AZ for Christmas would be a understatement. I absolutely love love the Hubbs' parents and his whole family. Going home with out the hubbs was super hard. His mom came to spend Christmas with me in HI one year when he was deployed and it was so hard. I was worried how I would handle it this year. Much to my surprise it went over very well!!! Silly me I don't even know why I was worried about it. The G and J family are so sweet and welcoming. The G's own their own Business, its a Appliance Repair Shop and their hope is that one day after the Army we will move to AZ to take it on as well. Since I was still living in HI last time I went to AZ, my feelings about moving to the Valley were not great. I was pretty much 100% against it. The dessert, PHX to be exact did not appeal to me at all. It was not my cup of Tea at all. Over the past year and a half I've become more open to the idea of living outside TX after the Army. And after this trip to the Valley I'm 100% on board with moving to AZ after we get out. If that's what we decide to do. The In-Loves have moved out of PHX and to Buckeye which is about 45 mins. out of the city. Its a nice open area, best way to describe it would be the AZ Country. Its right up our alley. Away from the city but some small local stores are still close by. Mountains and Dessert for miles and miles. It was simply perfect!!! There were even a few homes in the area that were for sale and the idea of wanting to purchase one now and rent out till we could move there might have crossed my mind but it of course that would be just crazy. And not something we can do right now or for that matter would even consider. 
I so enjoyed being able to go up to "The Store" (were the in-loves worked) and hang out for a bit during the day. Get to know the business more and they even put me to work while I was there. I mentioned to the FIL to just add me on to the Pay Role a time of two and we just laughed. I could really see us living there in the years to come. I've mentioned it before but I truly have been blessed with two of the most amazing In-Loves ever!!! I hear stories after stories of people who absolutely can not even be in the same room as their spouses parents. But I'll jump at the chance to spend time with them. We had an amazing week together. I was even able to spend some long over due time with our fabulous friends P & N and meet there two new beautiful daughters they recently adopted. I was heart broken having to leave and go back to TN. If I could I would have stayed through New Years week but work and life must go on and I had to get back. Let's be honest getting back to our big queen size bed, the puppies and my on going Netflix / Hulu Marathon was very welcomed. 
Christmas Day the whole family came over for a yummy lunch that the MIL and I worked so carefully to prepare. We played a crossword puzzle game that one of his aunts put together, we had dessert and chatted catching up from the past years. G has two cousins and one of them got married last spring, we had briefly met his girlfriend a while back but it was in passing. The two of us girls really got a chance to sit down and chat and get to know one another a bit more over Christmas lunch.  We exchanged FB and have chatted since then. Its crazy because both of us have been in the family for the past 8 years. Her as his Girlfriend and me as G's wife. It's so nice to have another girl in the family!!!! I can't wait to go back to the Valley so soon, it most defiantly will be much soon than 4+ years. Its so comforting seeing how well his whole family gets along and how much they love each other. They may not all agree with what each other does but they are able to all come together for each other and have a wonderful Holiday Celebration and Life. That's a bit more than I can say for some of my family. I'm so proud and blessed beyond belief to be apart of this family and wouldn't at all wish to have it any other way.

Just a Few Pictures from my trip!!!
Aren't these girl's just adorable!! Love Getting to catch up with P & N its been far to long!!

 Matching Christmas Eve Jammies for My MIL.
I didn't take many pictures from Christmas Lunch but I though I'd share these two yummy dishes. 

The Nephews! They've gotten so big. 
Family Lunch!! 

After a long day, me and this guy curled up on the couch together. 

I saw this the first day I was in AZ on Pinterest and it couldn't ring more true. After almost 5 years away from AZ, I most defiantly saw it differently and for that I am so grateful.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Meet Rosie!!

Being my first year as a preschool teacher I've had my challenges for sure but I've had some great times as well. Its still a work in progress every day but I'm managing. I'm always open and looking for new and fun ideas and suggestions to keep the kids engaged and interested. 
I decided to jump on the Elf on the Shelf band wagon. 
We read the book Monday morning and then....
Our Elf was "delivered" to class on Monday, December 1st from Santa. Included was a letter explaining who she was and what she was sent to do. I decided to include the other preschool class in on it since we some what share a room. (our room's are divided by a half wall) I knew they would have a blast with it. We got all the kiddos together and after much deliberation they decided on a name. 
Monday, Dec 1st - So please meet Rosie our Elf. 
Tuesday, Dec 2nd - Rosie swinging between our rooms. 
Wednesday, Dec 3rd - She got into the paint. 
Thursday, Dec 4th - Rosie left a note on the chalk board. 
Friday, Dec 5th - Feeding the baby 
Monday, Dec 8th - Just doing a little finishing. 
 Tuesday, Dec 9th Rosie decided to have a little fun with the toilet paper. 
(the 4 year old class, oops)
 Wednesday, Dec 10th - Rosie's just hanging around. 
Thursday, Dec 11th - Rosie went on Strike for the day, we had a ruff day yesterday. 
Friday, Dec 12th - Rosie came back and decked the bathroom. 
Monday, Dec 15th - Rosie brought magic seeds back from the North Pole for the kiddos to plant and watch grow. 
 Tuesday, Dec 16th - Trying to build a Snowman with Marshmallow's. 
 Wednesday, Dec 17th - Climbing the walls, I feel you Rosie. Sometime they make me wanna climb the walls and get out to. 
Thursday, Dec 18th -  Rosie made a snow angel with flour & glitter (not my doings) and as I was cleaning up before nap time, some how a flour fight started and it was every were including all over me. The kids had a blast and really enjoy it, we got lots of laughs out of it. 
Friday, Dec 19th - Rosie copied herself and them plastered the pictures all over the classroom and then hung herself from the ceiling!!! 
Monday, Dec 22nd - Rosie had a little fun with the stickers over the weekend. 
Tuesday, Dec 23rd - Rosie brings a note to the kiddo's letting them know she's heading back to the North Pole and she wont be here when they return from Christmas break but not to worry she'll be back next year. 

Thankfully since I'm doing this at school we don't have to worry about the weekends and it makes my life so much easier. Because lets face it sometimes I'm having to wait till after 6pm for all the kids to leave before I can move the stupid thing. They enjoy it and so that makes it all worth it right. I don't know that its something I'd do if we ever had a kid though. 
Still fun and another way to get into the Holiday spirit.

Until Next Year!!!! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Getting to the Valley......

......was no easy task. 

I've been looking forward to today for the last 2-3 weeks, since I decided I was going to AZ for Christmas. I haven't been back to the valley in almost 5 years. We were in fact still living in Hawaii the last time I went. It's going to be a much needed break from life and my busy hectic schedule because lets face it, starting school in January its just gonna keep going. And as much as I want time to speed right on by I need things to slow down just a bit. 
I didn't wanna bother any one with driving me to the airport or picking me up since my flight left so early so I packed the and headed to the airport. Not before a minor heart attack though. Friday night I dropped the pups off at a friends who was so kind enough to watch them. So Saturday morning when I woke up at 3:30am to make the almost hour drive to the airport I didn't think to unset the alarm because I didn't have to let outside. After a couple last minute things around the house I was headed out the door just after 4am. When the alarm went off with what seemed like the loudest possible noise ever. I'm sure if my neighbors would have been at home they would have heard it. My heart was racing, I couldn't figure out how to turn it off and I just knew the police were gonna be showing up any minute. Finally I figured it out although it seemed like the longest couple of seconds ever. Loading the car and heading out my heart was still racing, still waiting for that phone call from the alarm company or the police department. Which thankfully never came. I was able to chat with the hubbs all the way to the airport, I found parking and told him to make sure he remembered were I parked lol. A lot of help he's gonna be in a week right. Lets hope I remember. This is the first time flying out of Nashville, its the busiest time of year and I was on my own so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to catch my 7:45 flight. All was going well until I went to check in when the self service machine told me I had to see the gate agent for my seat assignment because I didn't have a seat. Ummm, excuse me. I'm not on a stand by ticket, the seat has already been bought and paid for. I stood there for a couple minutes but everyone was so busy I just continued on with checking it. Completely forgetting to check my bag in or even see if I could change my seat. Panic set in again, what in the crap was I going to do. I had a plane to catch and a layover with another plane to catch. Finally I was heading through security when of course my bag had to be searched, oh dear lord what else on earth could happen this morning. I made it to my gate and asked about my "not having a seat" the kind gentleman explained to me that my connecting flight in ALT hadn't opened up yet so the system was unable to allow me to select a seat or sign me one. Ok so that made so much more sense and I able to stop panicking. Wow it'd been a morning and it was just barley 6am. The sun was coming out though and Starbucks was calling my name. Not before a quick Airport Bathroom Selfie of course.
Finally back at my gate I enjoyed my cheese danish while waiting to board my flight. I was exhausted and could wait to catch a couple hours of sleep until I realized it was only a 35 minute flight. We arrived in ALT with just over a hour to spare before my next flight took off. Landing at terminal E having to ride the Sky Train to terminal A which was mmmm only 5 terminals away. Not to mention the long walk to get to the Sky Train. I was hungry, tired, my bags were heavy, I was hot and I needed to get my seat assigned first. Goodness grasiou what a morning it had been. Finally getting to my gate and getting a seat I didn't even think twice about it when the kind man gave me my ticket. I grabbed something to eat from a non-fast food place (seeing's I've completely given up FF with the hubbs is gone) and sat down to eat. This creepy man came over asking about my boots and was trying to feel the thickness of them. Seriously dude, you want to ask before you go touching something that someone is wearing. It made me so uncomfortable, and then he just stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes, awkward moment of the day for sure. 
We all boarded the plane, and I quickly figured out how many people work the checked baggage system and get out of paying for their bags. Pack a carry on roller back as though your going to carry it on and then at the gate take them up on the gate check to "help" save over head space. Seriously about 20+ bags were dropped and tagged at the gate with no service fee charge. You can't tell me at least half if not more of those people didn't have a plan. 
Walking down the aisle to my seat I knew I was in the back by the seat number but I didn't think I'd be the very last freaking row. I should have known that was going to happen. At least the seat still reclined a good bit. Again expecting to now get some good sleep the fight attendant announced they were going to be showing a movie I had been wanting to see. Dolphin Tales 2, call me a kid but I saw the first one and just though it was to cute. Only down fall was I forgot my head phones in my car. I even reminded myself to get them when I parked and still forgot. So I splurged and paid the $2. that Delta was charging for them. Seriously I remember when they were free, well that and when you didn't have to pay for checked bags. My how times have changed. I did manage to get a hour or so of sleep after the movie. 
We arrived in PHX about 25 minutes early, so I was able to get my bags and head outside before my Mother-in-Love arrived. In tow with her was one of the hubbs Aunt and our two nephews who I hadn't seen in forever. Finally after a crazy morning I had made it and felt like I could really start to relax and enjoy the Holiday. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

5 day's of Christmas...

This past week at work we've had a Secret project going on and its been kinda fun. I always enjoy doing these kinda things during the Holiday's. The suspense of not knowing who has you, or who everyone else has is fun. Thankfully it was only a week long. Each day was a theme we were given a sheet to feel out sharing what our favorite was.

Day 1- Drink / Soda
Day 2- Candy
Day 3-Candle Scent
Day 4- Snack / Chip
Day 5- Final Gift

*One the 1st Day of Christmas my secret santa gave to me:
(I don't drink soda so my secret santa got me a sweet tea. )

*On the 2nd Day of Christmas my secret santa gave to me:
 (I don't eat candy, I gave it up for the deployment. Little Debbie snack cakes)

*On the 3rd Day of Christmas my secret santa gave to me:
 (A beautifully smelling Cinnamon Apple Candle)

*On the 4th Day of Christmas my secret santa gave to me:
(A box of yummy Wheat Thins & not pictured because I already ate them, a bag of Baked Lay's)

*On the 5th Day of Christmas my secret santa gave to me:
(The finale day, two infinity scarves, two pairs of fuzzy socks and a pink throw) 

I love this time of year and all the fun and love it brings!!! I had a idea of who had me by Wednesday evening and I was spot on. Why it was non other than the other Tiffany who works at our school. Which I though was to funny. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Epic Fail :(

Last weekend I went with Sarah to the Pottery Room to do a little painting. I wasn't sure what I wanted to paint and quickly remembered, I was in need of a gift for the In-Loves. This seemed perfect since lets face it we really don't need any more platters ourselves. We are having Christmas lunch / dinner at their house so we'd be able to use it then. I went back Yesterday to pick it up (turn around time is abt a week) on my way to a friends house. I was so excited about it and couldn't wait to show it off. It wasn't until I was literally walking out of the store that I realized I totally messed up. 
How in the world did this happen, I stenciled the letters out ahead of time. Looked over it several times to make sure spacing and spelling was perfect. Clearly I didn't look good enough. I probably write make last name at least once if not more a day. We've been together 8 years, I have it tattooed on my ankle, I have it Monogrammed around my house. How in the world. Maybe it was my nerve's that got to me. Being in a new place, a new friend, not wanting to make a fool of myself. I don't know. 
I laugh about it now, but am still so annoyed with myself. 
I still plan on giving it to them as a gift and seeing how long it takes them to notice it. I sent a picture to the hubbs last night and he didn't notice it till I asked him if he saw anything wrong. 
Heck I'm sure it will make for a great conversation piece for the years to come. 
Daughter-in-Law of the year award right here people. 

"Christmas 2014"

Monday, December 8, 2014

7 Year Anniversary Pictures!!!

 I'm absolutely head over heels in love with our 7 Year Anniversary pictures. I was introduced to an amazing local photographer. By far hands down one of the best photographers I've ever worked with. I can't wait to use her again when the hubbs comes home next year. I am so in love with this man and its crazy to look back and think that we were married just over 7 years ago and that we've been together for 8 years. We're more in love today then we were back then and I can't wait to see were the next 7+ years takes us. Not to mention the fact that he's relaxed so much with having to put up with my yearly photo request. We've come a long way in that department lol. He hates more than anything having his picture taken, but he know's it's important to me. He's my world and I'm completely smitten with this life we're going through together. I narrowed it down the best I could, but I simply couldn't help myself. The cow's photo bombing are one of my favorite parts, they were every were on the pasture. J's family owns the land and she does an incredible job. Walking out of the house the morning of our photoshoot, I quickly snagged our Monogram canvas off the wall that my wonderful friend made for us, I knew I had to incorporate it in. I think it worked out perfect!!! 
Hope you enjoy them almost as much as I do!!