Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When the Going Get's Tuff.... Put a Smile on and Press on.

(disclamer: the title has nothing to do with the post, just sounded good.)

I'm trying to build up my long distance runs again. So with that in mind I've dedicated Sunday's after church to running at the Greenway. A local park that has two great walking trails. One FLAT and one NOT so flat. I take the road less hilly. 
I was beyond stoked with this time and pace of my run from the weekend before last. My goal was 7 and I told myself if I felt good I'd go for 8. Next thing you know I'm at 9 miles. Crazy, but fabulous!! 
I already posted about it but I recently started my first round of the 21 day first extreme program and am absolutely in love with it. Its helped me so much and really allowed me to get my nutrition in check and on the right track. I love what its doing for me and will def. be something that I continue on with even after the 21 days is up. #lifestylechange 
One of my few To Do's for while the hubbs is away is to stock up on Powder. He reloads his own ammo. And well I haven't had any luck at all. He's picky and only likes one brand, which just so happen that everyone else the country apparently likes the same one. So needless to say its been hard to come by. That is until I found out a guy in our neighborhood owns a gun store, who happen to be at a gun show this past weekend and came across a 8lb. and 4lb. jug of powder that I've been looking for. I told him to pick up the 8lb. for me, and the more I though about it, I knew if I told the hubbs there was more and I didn't get it, I'd never live it down. Well needless to say I got both, but haven't told him. I'm planning on waiting and surprising him when he gets home. 
He also though I needed my own range bag to take along with us, when he gets home. I didn't really feel it was a must have on my part but who am I to argue. I got the bag in the mail a couple weeks ago and it sat on my kitchen table and never moved. That was until I had the brilliant idea to have it MONOGRAMMED. Hello!!!! Just wait till he comes home and see's that. Let's just hope he really did intend on it being for me and not himself. lol 
This past Sunday morning at the Greenway, church services where different due to the Holiday so I took it upon myself to sleep in and skip church. Well I didn't get my sleeping in done. I never can seem to sleep past 7ish. So why lay there and be lazy when I can get up and get my work out and run done and over before noon. That's just what I did. A 30 minute routine of Yoga from the 21 DFX plan and then another 9 miles at the Greenway. My goal was 10 miles but my legs just weren't feeling it. I pushed myself to get to 9. I just knew my pace was going to be much higher then last week and in fact it wasn't it was spot on. My time as well. To last week. I couldn't believe it. Almost had me wishing I would have pushed myself that extra mile. 
After my morning run, (I was done and home by 10:30, which felt great) I made myself a little 21 DFE approved snack and relaxed on the back patio for a few hours. It was such a beautiful day out. I attempted to catch some zzzz's but the pesky flies didn't let that happen. Not to mention I think I need to get some seat cushions for our chairs.  

I was really missing my love that evening. Long weekends will do that to you. I tend to stay pretty busy during the week, which helps the time pass quickly but the weekends are harder. This past weekend I had absolutely NO plans which was wonderful. A few errands, meal prepping and my 21 DFX W/O's but that was it. I took full advantage of relaxing at home, catching up on some tv shows and simply enjoyed not having to be any where or do anything. It was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of life lately. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

My Worst Nightmare.....

sound asleep, dreaming peacefully, only to be woken up at 2:30am by the fire alarm going off in your house beeping so loudly saying "fire in house" is not my ideal of a perfect evening. i jumped out of bed, checked over the balcony (had to make sure there wasn't a intruder, that's another story) and raced down stairs to let the pups out. i unset the house alarm and started checking every room in the house. i couldn't smell smoke, i didn't see fire or even see smoke. the stupid alarm was so loud. my heart was racing like crazy and panic was starting to set in. what to do, do i leave, who do i call, i'm home alone and my fire alarm was going off. i couldn't get the stupid thing to stop beeping. i stepped out on my front porch to see if there was anything going on out side. mean while its 2:45am by this point and i called my neighbor but she didn't answer, so i called the other one. nothing. called the first one back again, her husband this time. he didn't answer. omg, i'm literally freaking out. i felt awful at the though of going over to wake them up, but what was i suppose to do. i went over and knocked on the door. thankfully he had just gotten up to call me back. i explained in a panic what was going on and with out hesitation he came over to check the house. again we found nothing but got the alarm turned off. he semi sorta put my mind at ease and went home. i shut and locked the front door, hung my jacket up and the freaking alarm started going off again. que, heart attack again, i opened the door yelled at E to come back but he'd already gone back inside. while trying to turn it off again i was calling him to come back over. when he did the alarm at that point started saying carbon monoxide detected. i'm literally panicking at this point, i have many fears in life, hello i'm human. but one of them is my home catching on fire and loosing everything. it terrifies me. i'm sure as it would any one. E suggested we called 911 to have them come out and take a look around the house to make sure there was no sights of it and that everything was ok. when i did the first dispatcher suggested changing the batteries first. when i explained to him A) i'm home alone and want to have my house checked out and B) i don't have any batteries here at the house, he seemed a little more understanding. trying to keep my cool and not go off on this guy because i didn't want E to see m crazy side, he then transferred me to another dispatcher whom i explain the situation to. they agreed to quickly get someone out to the house and suggested we wait outside till they got there. it had started to rain again and so E said I could wait at their house and we'd watch out the window to see when they came. i don't even know how long it took them to get to my house it seemed like forever probably because at this point i was exhausted and still panicked something was wrong. praying my home wasn't going to catch fire. finally the local volunteer fire truck came down our street, I guess when you live in the country and its 3:15am that's what you get. first he stopped about 5 house two early and almost went to the door. how awful would that have been, if he did and woken up that poor couple. i quickly walked down to him as he was getting out and asked if he was here for the alarm call. i pointed out that my house was down a few more. once he came down and i explain what was going on. him and E went in and checked over everything again. he did a carbon monoxide test on the house and nothing read over a 0 which was good. he checked and found no signs of smoke of fire through out the home. what in the world could have caused this then. i was at a loss. E checked the batteries and replaced the ones that were low. he suggested that may have been the reason it went off. i've never heard of such a thing, i've always just known them to beep a constant steady beep till you replace it. the main two in the house where the ones going off so maybe they are different he suggested. the local fire department guy left after completing his checks and E made sure i was settled and ok. i apologized a million and one times and couldn't thank him enough. i felt awful. it took me a good hour plus to fall back asleep and i didn't end up waking up till 9am. which that never happens. sleeping in for me at the most is 7-7:30am. the night really got the best of me. thank goodness i had the day off, i'm not sure i could have made it in to work if i hadn't. i didn't have a lot to do today, a couple errands but the last thing i wanted to do was work out and put myself together. i wanted comfort food and to be lazy. however i picked myself up got my work out in and headed out the door, shakeology in hand. ran my errands and got my to do list done. came home baked muffins for my ever so amazing neighbors and delivered them with replacement batteries in hand. it's been a world wind over the past several months but i'm pretty sure this tops the cake. i'm over the deployment, throwing in the towel, i need....there's no longer a want i NEED my husband home. i mean of course i want him home but you know what i mean.
frozen pipes in the winter, fire alarm's going off in the spring, summer please be nice to me i don't know that i can handle anything else. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

1 Week Down a LifeTime To Go!!!

          (its long but I PROMISE its worth the read!!!)
          I had the chance a couple weeks ago to participate in a Beach Body on Demand free 14 day program. I was apart of a challenge group where we helped keep each other accountable by checking in at the end of each day. The coaches that ran the group where great and super support supportive. Giving us challenges and recommendations to keep everyone involved on track. I was totally bummed when the 14 days ended and was looking for more. That's when my ever so Sweet Blog Friend Jenny (whom I learned about the initial program from) introduced me to her next challenge group starting up. "Spring into Summer" The Beach Body 21 Day Fix Extreme plan. I was hesitant at first for many reason but my excitement and drive to continue my journey to getting fit and living a healthy life far exceeded those fears. I talked it over with the hubbs to get his take and opinion on the program. I talked it over with a friend whose gone through the program as well. After going back and forth I bit the bullet and signed up to be a Beach Body Coach and haven't looked back once. I spent the next few days (and still currently) searching through Pinterest for approved meal plans: breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, treats, snacks you name it I wanted to know everything. Suggestions on how to incorporate this into my life. Not to mention the million and one questions I had for Jenny, she was such a doll to answer them all and so supportive.
          Once I received my kit in the mail I spent the evening reading every piece of material provided. I was so excited to get started with this new journey. I made out my meal plan for the week according to the container allotments I was allowed and took the weekend to prep for the week ahead. Something I've been doing already since the hubbs has been gone, I just had to put a little more work into it this go around. Which was a big reason behind wanting to do this program in the first place. I've been eating the right foods, clean / healthy foods but not necessarily the right portion amounts for each food group. With 21 Day Fix Extreme program it lays it all out there for you. Its pretty much fool proof. Included is a nutrition guide / food plan - that goes along with each food group and a coordinating colored container (also included) that allows you to measure out your foods. 3 sets of work out DVD's and a weekly schedule to follow. If that wasn't enough also included is a month supply of Shakeology, which is a meal replacement protein shake filled with super foods your body needs. Shakeology helps with increasing your energy levels, reduces cravings, weight loss, improves digestion and regularity and simply transforms your health. - i.e.: straight from the website. (I've had shakeology a couple times before but it was only a small sample pack and I didn't stick with it.)
          Today I officially completed the first of three weeks in my first round of the 21 day fit extreme plan. It wasn't completely horrible at all, in fact I had trouble making sure I fit in all my containers when making out my meal plan for the week. But I got it done. I've grown to love shakeology, it tastes amazing and really is a great way to start my day. I've found that I've been in a much better mood through the day and much more alive if you will. I go to bed looking forward to waking up just so I can have my Shake-O. It's that good!!! I'm currently drinking Strawberry but can't wait to try out some of the other flavors. This past week had definitely opened my eyes to a new way of looking at food and how to incorporate it into my day. Not to mention the workouts, 30 minutes might not sound like you'd get that much out of it but boy let me tell you. I used to bust my butt for almost a hour every morning. With the 21 DFX I'm sweating my booty off half way through it. And I'm not doing the same routine every day.
          Needless to say I'm loving this new me and the 21 DFX program. It's something I plan to continue with even after the 21 days is up. That includes my daily does Shakeology. I plan to even continue with the Fix after my husband returns from deployment. I've worked to hard over the past several months since he's been gone to toss it all out the window when he comes home. It will most definitely be a adjustment, I'm not going to lie, it will be a struggle to get into a routine and learn how to cook according to the Fix for Two. But I'm up for the challenge and I'm not going to let life get the best of me.
          Living a New Fit Healthy Life Style has become a new love of mine. Not to say I lived a horribly awful one with horrible choices before. I / we ate relatively healthy, (we lacked in the veggie and fruit department) I didn't exercise but I did run quite a bit. However that wasn't enough. And I know that now. I don't know everything about being healthy and working out or making the right choices nor will I ever I'm sure. But I'm learning as I go and enjoying the ride to a better me. Will there be mistakes, cheat days, frustrations, failures, times I want to give up. YOU BET. Will I pick myself up and dust off my feet and keep going? YOU BET.
          I've only got one life to live. I plan on living it to the fullest. The longest, To the best of my ability. I know the only way to do that is through trusting God and his plan for me. I strongly whole heartily believe this is his plan. I've got a wonderful support system through many friend both in real life and through my challenge group and of course my biggest supporter my husband. I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for him.
          I say all of this (my own opinion, review and feed back) to 1) keep myself accountable. 2) put out there what has changed about me through this deployment and how I've grown. 3) to give you and / or someone you know the knowledge I've gained.

You've got goals, dreams???

          If you are looking to jump start your life to a healthier you, drop a few or several pounds, maybe break some old habits, fit into those jeans or swim suite again (hello summer is HERE) or simply want to get your nutrition on track. Please Please let me know. I would more than love to help you with that. I promise you wont regret it at all, in fact you'll be thanking me later. 

1 week down a LIFETIME to go!!!! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Springing into Summer!!!!

I'm absolutely love loving this warmer sunshiny weather we are having. It's done wonder's on my pale skin and brightened up my home as well. I've brought in some beautiful flowers through out the back and front yard. Even added some veggie and fruit plants, well see how long those hold up. However I have been really good about remembering to water them, so fingers crossed. I've been enjoying our back patio quite a bit here lately. It's so relaxing to come home from a long day at work and just sit outside with the pups, have dinner and listen to the birds and bugs. I've spruced it up a bit so its cozy and cute, I've still got a few idea in mind to add to it but for now its just perfect!!! It's much more enjoyable then plopping in front of the tv, which I find I'm doing less and less through out the work week. I am oh so excited about the new season of the Bachelorette starting up this Monday though. Should be interesting to see how this season play's out with there being two Bachelorette's. Sadly I'll have to wait till Tuesday night's to watch it since we do not have cable, only Net-Flix and Hulu. It took a while to get used to not having cable but I can proudly say I don't miss it one bit. We didn't watch it nearly enough before and so it just made sense to do with out when we moved to TN. I don't know that we'll ever go back, I like to enjoy the simpler finer things in life and I grown to realize tv isn't one of those.

Everybody loves a little local Strawberry pickin. Sarah and her sweet little family where kind enough to share part of her mother's day with me. We met out at the strawberry farm to do a little picking of our own. Little AB couldn't stop eating them, she was def. enjoying the her first adventure of S. picking. I didn't blame her one bit though, they are so fresh and tasty!!! 
This past week at work has been absolutely crazy and exhausting. I'm so glad the weekend is here and I hope it creeps by because I'm not ready to start another work week yet. I am scheduled to work a 40 hour work week and from time to time I'll have a hour- two at the most of collective over time though the week. Yesterday when I clocked out at 5 min. till 6pm mind you I am suppose to get off at 4:30pm, I had 46 hours for the week. That's 6 hours "SIX" hours of over time. That's more than a hour a day people. Talk about one of the longest weeks ever!!!! I still managed to come home and walk the pups and pick up the house a bit before settling down for dinner. But boy was I beat, between my weekly workouts, runs and non-stopping working I was more than ready for a break.
I'm not sure though how long this "break" is going to last. I start a new workout / nutrition plan on Monday. (some of you may have heard of the 21 day fix extreme, through beachbody, ya I'm going to do it, wish me luck!!) And we have less then a month till our pre-school graduation, so I'm going to have to really start buckling down with my kiddos even more to get them ready for that. Not to mention there was / is a possibility for me to take a summer course and when I say summer I mean a whole 15 week course crammed into a single month. Through the month of June. A little part of me was kinda hoping it would fall through and I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed but it didn't and here I am. I have the weekend to decide if I'm going to do this or not. Like the husband said, I've got to take it at some point so why not just go and get it over with. But hello its 5 Tuesday night, 2 Thursday nights and 4 Saturday's through the month. 45 whopping hours aaaahhh!!!! I don't know what to do. The one good thing is I know the instructor teaching the class, and my girl A who took the last two classes with is doing it, so at least I'll know someone. And I suppose it would probably help pass more time with the hubbs not being home.
Speaking of that handsome fella himself, he really needs to hurry and get his booty home. I know not like he has any control over that matter. But would be nice if he did. Still no word on when he's coming back either, which totally down right sucks, seeing's as his whole company came back early April and he was moved to another company. Talk about a bummer. But we have officially decided where we are going for his / our post deployment trip and I'm beyond excited. Crazy as it was to it was all his idea, I most certainly didn't see that one coming. We're keeping it under the radar for now but I can't wait to share!!!!
Well now that I've sat out and enjoy the morning rain and chirping birds this lovely gloomy morning I suppose it's time for me to get ready for the day, Sarah and I've got a little adventuring to do this morning. Time with her is always the best and frankly not always that often enough so I'm soaking it in and enjoying it while we can. Because I'm sure gonna miss her here soon, but we aren't talking about that. I'm in denial!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

55 miles

I set a goal to run 29 miles in the month of April in honor of my 29th birthday. Well I not only passed it but for just getting back into the running season I crushed it. I finished out the month of April with a total of 55 miles logged. I was so and still and so pumped. I have been really working on my pace this past month and its improved so much, it's really boosted my self-esteem and given me the confidence that I can do anything I put my mind to. I've got the distance down and don't really have a problem with that. I typically only run short runs between 3-5 miles during the week though. I love being able to get my run out of the way during my lunch break from work. (I work out in the mornings before work) So coming home in the evenings and simply walking the pups and being able to have dinner and relax is such a great feeling. I'm hoping to continue and improve my pace as well as continue to build my miles back up per run. If you follow along on Instagram you've seen my progress post's but I wanted to share them here as well for ol' time sake and of course for me to have to look back on. I'm really wanting to get back into racing as well. I don't mind going alone, but when we lived in Cola. I had my running buddy and we always went together. I wish I had someone here to run races with. Maybe one day but I'm telling myself I can't let that hold me back. I've completely stepped out of my comfort zone / box since the hubbs has been gone and it's been great to really get out there and find myself. I know I can over come this as well.

I'm loving this new tank my Spouse Sarah sent me for my birthday, not only does it show my love for Texas but HELLO its Monogrammed!!!! 
I've got a little challenge with myself to get my 5k time down to 25 minutes. This just a smig over 2 minutes that I have to shave off my time. That's less than a minute a mile, totally do able and I'm determined to get there!!!

Spring is in the air and baby its HOT outside but that's not stopping this girl!!! I love that I've gotten to work on my tan all while getting my sweat on. Its a two for one deal. :) 

I crushed my goal for April with 55 miles, so I've set another mile goal for May. I know its totally do able but that mean's I'm going to have to up my game a little bit!!! 
Here's to another month of living a healthy fit life and working on a better ME!!!! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy Birthday To US!!!!!

This year our birthday celebration's where a bit low key and well, I was totally ok with that. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my birthday being in the middle of the week but I knew I wanted to do something. But taking the whole day off work seemed silly because in reality what was I going to go do all day. That's when a co-worker / friend suggested taking the afternoon off. That was the best idea ever!!! I was able to go into work, celebrate my birthday with my kiddos and then have the afternoon to myself, or to do whatever it was I wanted.

So that morning I treated myself to Panera Bread for breakfast, Berry Smoothie and a Cinnamon Swirl bagel. So tasty!! 
I absolutely love Strawberry Cake and had been itching to make a Sprinkled covered one, it seemed fitting for a birthday celebration at school and the kiddos loved it!!! 

I've been extremely faithful with my NO-FAST FOOD since the hubbs has left but a birthday calls for a SPLURGE and that I did. After I got off for the afternoon, my friend / co-worker Barbie and I headed to Chick-fil-a for a little celebratory lunch. OMG, it was fabulous and I absolutely loved every bit. Totally worth it! 
After lunch I enjoyed a little bit of me time which included a much needed Pedi and then to the movies to finally see Furious 7. I'd been holding out to go see it on my B-day to give me something to do and it was so nice not to have to deal with the crowds. 
I ended the evening with a quick 3 mile run around my neighborhood followed by dinner that consisted of a Apple. Which I was totally fine with,  After Splurging through the day I was stuffed and really not all that hungry. It made up for everything I'd eaten that day.


The hubbs birthday is 9 days after mine but generally we make a point to celebrate them both. I'm all about celebrating on my day for me and his day for him. This year with him being deployed there wasn't mach celebrating done on his part, so I of course had to make up for him and that I did. 
I had these fabulous cookies made for our birthday and kept half of them for myself and sent him the other half. They where seriously so tasty and I could have eaten them all up in one or two sittings but I didn't. (that would have been bad.) I absolutely loved the post M wrote with her Insta picture so much I had to share it. 

 I sent these along with some other goodies to the hubbs and he definitely enjoyed them. 
We didn't really do gifts this year, my gift is a new pair of running shoes. However I have to wait till I get my custom braces back from being made before going and getting them. (that's a whole other story.) The hubbs is always ordering gun stuff and so of course that is what his gift consisted of this year. 
It's just not a birthday celebration without yummy food and CUPCAKES!!!! 
Oh a whim Barbie and I decided to order Chinese for lunch and have a little lunch date in our classroom. It was so good, I love me some sweet 'n sour chicken and fried rice!!! I had already decided that I was going to get cupcakes for us to have that afternoon, of course in the hubbs honor. It's what he would have wanted, I am sure of it!!! 
We have a local cupcake shop here and their cupcakes and huge, I got two and we split them so we each had a half of each one. I'm pretty sure I could have popped after, between lunch and the cupcakes. But my cheat day's have come far and far and few here lately so it was a nice little treat. 
That evening I headed to the ball field to watch two of my little kiddo's play T-Ball and had my dinner on the way. A Apple of course, I was still pretty full from the day and not to hungry but knew I needed something in my system. I was craving something fresh and healthy so a sliced Apple on the go it was. I've seriously become addicted to them here over the last few months, not a day goes by I don't have one. 
All in all it was a good two day's of celebrating our birthday's considering our current situation and being thousands of miles away from each other. 
I'm looking forward to being able to do celebrating and making up for all the missed Holiday's when he does finally make it back home.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekly Running Wrap Up and More

* I haven't typically run much through our little neighborhood because well its pretty small. To get any good distance in with out venturing out on the main road I'd have to do a couple loops around our circle. That gets old real quick. Last week I did finally make my way into the neighborhood that's right across from ours. Just thinking it was a short dead in street I figured I'd at least check it out. Low and behold I ran across this street sign. Made me miss my love so so much!!! I was able to get a good 4 miles combine with my normal route all together. So not to shabby. 
* April 10th made a year that we signed on our house here in TN, I still can't believe sometimes that we own a home. It's been a great year and we've learned a lot about being home owners. Thankfully we haven't had any problems at all. Knock on Wood. We've made a few changes / adjustments around the house but for the most part its been working well just as is for us. I'm looking forward to many many more years of memories made in our first home.  
* Last Sunday I met up with one of our sweet friends from our time at Jackson. Drill SGT Cutter was here at Campbell going through a school for a couple weeks. Her and the Hubbs were Drill SGT's in the same Platoon together and became good friends. I know G was bummed he didn't get to see her but it was great to catch up and have a yummy lunch together. 
* That afternoon I decided I'd better run off that yummy fried chicken I had at lunch and counter balance it with a healthy protein filled dinner. A 4 mile run and a Avocado Boiled Egg Sandwich was the perfect ending to a great weekend!!! 

DS Cutter, the Hubbs, DS Brady 
* The week before last I was pretty stoked with my run and pace. 4 miles in under 40 minutes and my pace was in the high 9's. Not to shabby at all for just getting back into the running season. Little did I know that was only the beginning. 
* This past Wednesday rolled around and I headed out for my run on my lunch break. I never really have a plan going into it during my lunch runs, I just go for it and figure it out along the way. 3.10 miles later - I was over the moon with my pace and time. It may not be much for some but for me it was awesome. 
* April's my Birthday month, I'll be 29 so I set a goal to run (at least) 29 miles during the month. I accomplished and passed that goal on Friday with my 5 mile run during my break. I went down further than I normally do on my route which meant I had some killer hills to come up on my way back. Figuring that would set my pace back a little, I was mentally prepared for it. Nope I crushed it yet again. 
--I've got the distance down, now it's just working on the pace. I'm not trying to get to a certain pace or time. Simply working on pushing myself, maintaining and getting stronger and if my pace continues to gets better that's just a added bonus.--
* A friend of mine from Texas makes these cute adorable signs, pretty much anything you want it to say she can to. I set her this quote I'd see a while back that I though would be fitting for our back patio and she had it whipped up in no time. I'm just getting around to hanging it up but I think it fits perfect on our patio. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Goodness

This year for Easter it was rather low key, I got up and went to the first service at church which was at 8am. This way I still had the whole day ahead of me. A friend from work and her little family came over for lunch that afternoon. I love love cooking and having people over but I really haven't done much of that since the hubbs has been gone so I was more than willing to make lunch for today. Everything came out perfect and tasted to yummy. A little non-traditional meal for our Easter Feast. Although besides Deviled Eggs, I'm not really sure what Easter traditional foods are. On our Menu was: Oven Baked Fried Chicken, Crock Pot Candied Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole (I like my marshmallows really toasted, (they were out of mini ones but the big ones tasted just perfect)), Rolls, Spinach Dip & Chips and Green Bean Casserole (made by B.). I took this opportunity to make a delicious Loaded Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake and let me just say it was Heavenly. It took all I had not to eat the entire thing. Along with a batch of No Bake Cookies. I've been itching to try a couple different recipes out but never bit the bullet till today. And I'm so glad I did, I remember growing up on something similar to these that my step mom made and I always wished I had the recipe. I'm pretty sure these are going to be my newest easy go to dessert for outings. Everything came out perfect and the table looked great with all of my beautiful Fiestaware incorporated in. I was a bit down that the hubbs wasn't able to be here with us (thank you army) but I know next year he will be for sure!! I remember my last Easter at my Mamaw's house. We always had the best time's celebrating Holiday's with her. She's enjoying them now from up above in heaven, and I'm so grateful to have a little bit  of Heaven in our home.
After B and her fam. left I had the daunting task of tackling the yard for the first time this year. I was not at all looking forward to it but it had to be done and I refused to pay someone to do something I know I can do but would just rather not. (back story, last August with the hubbs was away for a month I mowed the yard right before he came home, it took me over 3 hours to do and I killed the grass completely because I cut it so low.) I was determined to have a better experience this time around and that I did. I put on my iTunes and went to work. It took me just less than 2 hours to mow and edge. We've got a BIG back yard so it was a little time consuming. Thankfully the grass hadn't majorly gotten out of hand yet so it wasn't to bad. I laid seed in hopes to help the grass grow so we have a pretty green yard. Fingers crossed I can keep up with it over the next several months with the hubbs away. I just keep telling myself that I'm getting a good work out in while doing it, so I mean that's motivation in its self. Two birds with one stone.
All in all it was a great day that ended with a nice little stroll around the neighborhood with the pups. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Cooking For One

I've been missing this handsome fella something fierce here lately. Time is creeping by and its got me going stir crazy. I feel like there's still so much time to go and so much happening before he gets home. I'm swamped with work and school, on top of trying to maintain a healthy well balanced diet and work out plan. I'm managing I am, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my bad days. 
Hurry home baby I miss you, to pieces and your dogs are driving me crazy!!!! 

This is one of the pictures from the night he left, which I never posted because they break my heart every time I look at them. 
While G's been away I've completely changed my eating habits.... for the better. I'm by no means converting to going 100% clean but I am happy to say that I am now eating 75-80 % clean meals which is a huge change for me. I did a straight 15 days clean eating the last part of March and well I only caved twice during those 15 days. Progress and Practice People. 
I've enjoyed making some yummy new meals and even revamping some of our favorite meals into a healthy cleaner version. 

Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Chicken and Spinach for breakfast. 
Baked Apple Slices for a afternoon snack. 
Turkey Taco Salad w/ Fresh Canned Salsa for dinner.
 Are just a few of the yummy dishes I've been cooking up here these past few weeks. 

Speaking of being swamped with School, My friend / Co-worker / Classmate and I met up at Starbucks last weekend for a study date and spent a good 3+ hours working on one paper, ONE!!!! Only to find out a few days later we still needed to add to it. Not much but still, the fact that I had it or though I had it done and now its not is so aggravating. This whole back to school thing is still new to me, but I'm making it work. I'm so blessed and glad to be back in the classroom, but ready for summer break. (did I mention I might be taking a summer class aahhhhh)
Oh and I'm officially back on the streets!!! I took the winter off from running, why well because it was freaking cold out and I'm a wimp. I feel like a new person out there running. I was worried I'd struggle a bit at first to get my grove back but that hasn't been the case and it just makes me want to push and strive that much more. It just goes to show that this new life style I've created for myself has really benefited me in more way's then one.
 It's My Birthday Month!!! Holla!!!! 
And I've set a goal to run 29 miles in the month of April to celebrate my (soon to be) 29 years of life!!! 9 miles down and only 20 to go, I'm off to a great start!! 

And just for fun.....we got new jump ropes at school this past week and I had so much fun getting out there and breaking them in with the kids. I seriously felt like I was back in middle school gym class. Anyone looking to get me a birthday gift, here's a idea!!!! lol. No but for reals!!! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Check In

                    This past week I challenged myself to finish out the month of March (which would be 16 days) by eating a completely CLEAN diet. I took some picture through out the week to help keep me accountable. I’ve been working out every morning when I get up before work since the hubbs left. I actually really look forward to waking up and working out each morning. I have also been walking the pups faithfully every day, some times multiple times a day. I’ve been really watching what I eat and controlling my portions (this one has been a big one, but I’m managing just fine). I’ve completely cut out Fast Food all together from my diet and I don’t do Soda. (I haven’t in 4 years.) Not to say that I don’t go out to eat here or there because I do. I’ve just cut out the junk. It started as simply just something to give up while the hubbs was deployed and nothing more. But I’m to the point were I will not go back. I’m sure I’ll have my day’s once he comes home were I’ll struggle to say no because it will just be quick and easy but I’m determined to stick with it. It's a lifestyle change not a diet. 
Saturday, I decided to change it up a bit so the pups and I went up to the Greenway for a stroll. What was just going to be a brisk 4 mile walk turned into a 3 mile run with a mile walk in-between. I would have ran the whole thing but Bailey my bigger pup couldn’t hang. When she’s done she stop’s dead in her tracks and doesn’t move. So I had to walk a bit between mile 2.5 and 3 to give her a rest. I had no intentions on running when I left my house but thankfully I had on good supportive shoes. No running watch, which in hin’s sight was probably better because I didn’t get caught up in my pace. Being it was my first run of the season. It did feel great though and I’m so glad I went for it. When I got home that afternoon I went straight into a 40 minute work out to finish out my day. 

           Sunday morning after church the pups and I went on a 50 minute walk around our neighborhood. It’s really not that big but I add in a side street and then loop around out circle twice and it comes out to 50 minutes. I had a good bit of homework to catch up on that I had put of so once I finished that I took advantage of having nothing to do and was completely lazy. Until 8:45ish that night rolled around I felt guilty because I hadn’t worked out yet so I got my booty up and pushed through a 20 minute work out. Going to bed feeling so much better about myself. 

               Monday morning I woke up 30 minutes earlier than I normally do got in a 40 minute work out and took the pups on a walk. During the week in the mornings I typically only take the pups half way around the neighborhood and cut through the middle street to loop back around. Simply because I always feel like I wont have enough time to make it all the way around and back before I have to leave. I though I’d give it a go this morning since I was ahead of my schedule and I had plenty of time. I even ended up running the back side on the way back. I had class that evening so I took my dinner with me and ate at work before going to class. I’m trying to avoid eating late. When I got home that night I did another 15 minute leg work out before calling it a day. Day 1- clean eating was a success!!! 
 Tuesday I started my new hours at work. The other Pre-school teacher asked if I’d be willing to switch schedules with her and work 7:30-4:30. Hello of course, I will. Anything to get off a bit earlier. The only down fall to that was, meant I was going to have to get up even earlier to get my work out in. I set 5 alarms on my phone before going to bed, fearing I’d sleep through them or hit snooze. Nope I work up right on time at 5:00am. (my goal was 5:30, but the earlier the better) I managed to get in a 50 minute work out at 5AM BEFORE work people!!! Talk about motivation. Then the pups and I headed out for our morning walk well before the sun came up. It was a bit strange to be out walking them in the dark but the temperate was amazing. 500 calories burned before 6:30am and later a freshly made smoothie in hand and I was on my way out the door to work and I even made it there 10 minutes early and wasn’t rushing at all. That evening after getting home I did a 15 minute arm work out, had my Crock Pot Chicken Salad for dinner and called it a night. 
Tuesday was also our St. Patty's day party at work and while the kiddo's enjoyed lots of yummy green treats I held my head high and ate my yogurt and granola. Day 2- clean eating in the books.
                  Wednesday was a little bit more of a struggle to get up at 5am but I managed and made it through my 50 minute work out and headed out the door for our morning walk at 6am with the pups. I used to get up work out get ready for work and then walk the dogs. But now I work out, and right after I walk the them. It makes so much more sense. I can't tell you how many times I'd get ready for work go our for a walk and come back feeling all sweaty. Ewh. This morning I though I'd run the back side of our street coming back around the neighborhood and although I did good and it felt fabulous my Fat girl Bailey though other wise. I just don't think she's got it in her any more. She can only manage running about a mile and she's done. She stops dead were she's at and doesn't move. It's so frustrating because I could be knocking two things out at once, my run and their walk. But I don't want her passing out either so I guess we'll stick to walking when I take them. 
I had a Tropical Oatmeal smoothie for breakfast that morning, took the pups on a 40 minute walk and added in a 15 minute work out from Tone and Tighten before dinner that night. Day 3- clean eat success. 
          Thursday morning up again on time, I'm quite impressed with myself for getting my booty up and moving. I really look forward to starting my mornings off with a good sweat. It's amazing what a workout will do to your attitude and out look for the day. 60 minutes done. That's been my goal, to get my morning work outs up to 60 minutes and I finally did it. No going back now. Morning walk with a 1.25 mile run with the pups before mixing up a Berry and Kale Smoothie and off to work. Another school night so I took my Chicken Salad with me to work for dinner. It's so nice not getting home and 8:45 almost 9pm and still having to eat and get ready for the next day. I wasn't able to take the pups out that evening because it was already late and I was exhausted but I did get my evening work out in. Day 4- Clean eating done!

             Friday morning, oh how glorious it is to see you. I've only got 9 hours till the weekend. I briefly though about skipping my work out this morning but that just wouldn't have worked out. I can't tell you the last time I skipped a morning work out even on the weekends so why start with today. After my 60 minute work out and morning run with the pups I was ready to tackle the day. I have loads of home work to do this weekend but no plans other wise, so I was looking forward to finally being able to sleep in. That evening when I got home the pups and I took our walk around the neighborhood and I did this killer full body work out when we got back. Day 5- of 16 clean eating is complete. 
You start off doing 5 of each set then you go up to 10, 15, 20, 25 of each and then you work your way back down 20, 15, 10 and then 5. The lunges got the best of my and my legs are so sore. But I did it and treated myself to a fabulous salad and some not so yummy blueberry greek yogurt. I got a single serving of the Chobani Greek Yogurt and I was not a fan. It may have simply been that I don't like blueberries but either way, I'll be stick with my Yoplait Greek Yogurt.
      I'm sure I wont recap each week in as much detail so I'm not even going to commit and say that I am. I do keep try of my day's on a calendar on our frig. Here's to next week and finishing out the month strong!!!