Sunday, December 14, 2014

Epic Fail :(

Last weekend I went with Sarah to the Pottery Room to do a little painting. I wasn't sure what I wanted to paint and quickly remembered, I was in need of a gift for the In-Loves. This seemed perfect since lets face it we really don't need any more platters ourselves. We are having Christmas lunch / dinner at their house so we'd be able to use it then. I went back Yesterday to pick it up (turn around time is abt a week) on my way to a friends house. I was so excited about it and couldn't wait to show it off. It wasn't until I was literally walking out of the store that I realized I totally messed up. 
How in the world did this happen, I stenciled the letters out ahead of time. Looked over it several times to make sure spacing and spelling was perfect. Clearly I didn't look good enough. I probably write make last name at least once if not more a day. We've been together 8 years, I have it tattooed on my ankle, I have it Monogrammed around my house. How in the world. Maybe it was my nerve's that got to me. Being in a new place, a new friend, not wanting to make a fool of myself. I don't know. 
I laugh about it now, but am still so annoyed with myself. 
I still plan on giving it to them as a gift and seeing how long it takes them to notice it. I sent a picture to the hubbs last night and he didn't notice it till I asked him if he saw anything wrong. 
Heck I'm sure it will make for a great conversation piece for the years to come. 
Daughter-in-Law of the year award right here people. 

"Christmas 2014"

Monday, December 8, 2014

7 Year Anniversary Pictures!!!

 I'm absolutely head over heels in love with our 7 Year Anniversary pictures. I was introduced to an amazing local photographer. By far hands down one of the best photographers I've ever worked with. I can't wait to use her again when the hubbs comes home next year. I am so in love with this man and its crazy to look back and think that we were married just over 7 years ago and that we've been together for 8 years. We're more in love today then we were back then and I can't wait to see were the next 7+ years takes us. Not to mention the fact that he's relaxed so much with having to put up with my yearly photo request. We've come a long way in that department lol. He hates more than anything having his picture taken, but he know's it's important to me. He's my world and I'm completely smitten with this life we're going through together. I narrowed it down the best I could, but I simply couldn't help myself. The cow's photo bombing are one of my favorite parts, they were every were on the pasture. J's family owns the land and she does an incredible job. Walking out of the house the morning of our photoshoot, I quickly snagged our Monogram canvas off the wall that my wonderful friend made for us, I knew I had to incorporate it in. I think it worked out perfect!!! 
Hope you enjoy them almost as much as I do!! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Saturday

With only two local Craft shows left of the season, (that I knew of at least) I was looking forward to a day of shopping and holiday fun. After a early morning chat with the hubbs I tried to go back to sleep but the pups had other plans. Dingo needed to go outside but I was so comfy in bed. Finally 8-ish rolled around and I figured I'd just give in. I let them outside and started making some breakfast. Half way though Dingo was having a fit to come in, go figure right. Then Bailey started at the door as well. When I let her in she didn't smell so great but I couldn't figure it out. Next thing I know I looked over at Dingo and noticed he was covered in mud and poop. (its been raining all week, so our backyard is super muddy) It had to of been on Bailey I just couldn't tell because of her coloring. I quickly kicked them outside while I figured out a plan. It was freezing cold out, they needed a bath and I was hoping to head out the door with in the next 30 minutes or so. I put on my shoes, grabbed some towels, shampoo and went for it. The stupid water hose had so many kinks in it, 50 feet of mess. I stretched it all the way out in the yard through the mud and finally got it working. Needless to say the puppies were not so happy with me after I was finished washing them. But hey the feeling was mutual. My hands were freezing, my shoes and pants were soaked from the knees down. Not the way I wanted to start the day. Thanks to them trampling through the house the floors now needed a quick mop over. 
Eventually I was dressed and headed out the door to check out the holiday craft shows. I didn't even get all the way out of the neighborhood when I realized I left my wedding ring on the kitchen counter.   As crappy as it sounds I didn't want to turn around and go in to disturb the pups. Stop one, after I finally found it was a complete let down. $1. admission should have been a given. I literally walked in walked around and left. I headed over to the High School were the other one was being held, I figured it had to be better. I mean HS's generally do a pretty good job at putting them on. I should have known again with $1 admission that it was going to be a disaster. I didn't even walk around the whole thing, it just wasn't worth it. So much for my day of shopping. Nothing like a little trip to Target to turn my day around. I never leave there empty handed and always come out with more then I went in with. I had to run in Kohl's for a gift for my Father In Love and the guy at the register must have been having a really good day because he was just beside himself that I had to wait in line to simply purchase one item. I wasn't complaining though, even better after he decided to given me a discount on top of the sales item I was already purchasing. Score!!! A local Thrift / Antique store here  had posted pictures up on FB a few days back of some Fiesta Ware one of the booths had in. With my love of all things Fiesta I really wanted to go check it out to see if there were any pieces I didn't have. But I was just there last Saturday, and it wasn't exactly on my way home either. Decisions Decisions!!! I figured what the heck not like I have any thing to loose, I'll go in just check out that booth and head out. Thankfully I did, there was a beautiful orange over sized large serving bowl that was perfect. I didn't have a piece like that and for $40 it was a complete steal so I had to get it. My day of shopping was turning around. I headed home to check on the pups knowing I'd be heading out later that afternoon for a little girl time with my new friend Sarah. We met up a few hours later at a local Pottery Painting Room to try our hand at painting. I kinda had a idea of what we were going to be doing we had a very similar place in Cola. I went in not knowing at all what I wanted to paint when Sarah mentioned doing something for her sister as a gift. Hello light bulb, I still needed a gift for the In-Loves and what better thing then a hand painted platter. It would be great because then we can use it for Christmas dinner. I can't pick it up till next Saturday once its been fired and finished but I'll be sure to share a picture when I do get it. I had such a great time chatting with Sarah and getting to know her more. I've been attending church with her and her little family over the last couple weeks and its been a great addition to my weekends. I can't thank Kate (at Kate Tell's Stories) for connecting the two of us!!! Moving's a struggle but I'm finding my grove and getting out there when I can. 
On the way home I made one last stop at BB&B for a little gift looking. Having a brother who lives in the same state as your family makes shopping so much easier. Another gift purchased and checked off the list. Best part is I had two coupons expecting to only be able to use one, I was waiting to see which one would give me a better deal when the cashier said she would run them both SCORE!!!! My day was complete and it was still early, only 5:30. I had though about going to the local Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony but it was so chilly out and still a bit ugly from all the rain we've been having so I decided to call it a night and headed home. I made a yummy quick dinner and enjoyed a glass of wine while watching some Netflix. This Apple TV over Cable has really grown on my over the last 6 months, were has it been all my life!!! My Saturday in a not so little nut shell, I guess that's what happens when you haven't blogged in what seems like ages.

Of course a post wouldn't be complete complete with out a few random pictures!!!  
I did drive pass Public Square and snapped a picture of the downtown Christmas Tree. Such a beauty!
I picked up this fun mug at Target, I got myself one during black Friday shopping with a T on it and loved it so much I had to get the hubbs one. The Orange FiestaWare bowl I got. I took a picture next to our bread bowl to send the hubbs for a size comparison. 
And just a little Sunday Morning Selfie before heading out to Church this morning!!! 
Here's to hopping back on the blogging bandwagon and getting back into the swing of things!! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 (our card & letter)

A Year of many changes good and not so. We rang in the New Year in the middle of Time Square watching the ball drop. Bucket list: check. Followed by an unexpected snow storm, causing us to drive back to South Carolina. Mid January the girls and I met up in Miami for our 2nd annual Country Music Cruise. Early February we took a trip to Tennessee to do a little house hunting and enjoyed catching up with some of our Hawaii Army family. Gabe Graduated his final group of PTV’s going through BCT, his time on the Trail was quickly coming to a close. April was a big month for several reasons Gabe received his EIB (Expert Infantry Badge). We bought and closed on our very first home in Clarksville, TN. We celebrated my 27th birthday with some great friends. Gabe and the pup’s bid far-well to Ft. Jackson and Aloha to Ft. Campbell. While I stayed back to finish out the school year at EDS. The first weekend of May I drove up to TN to celebrate Gabe’s 31st birthday. Our house hold good’s were also being delivered the same day so we were able to get our new home unpacked and set up. Later that month I had a unfortunate accident and wrecked my car, just a week before I was suppose to move to TN. We can’t say Thank You enough to the Meyer’s family for everything they did to help. Finally making my way to TN, I started working shortly after I arrived. I excepted a position at a local Preschool in there Pre-K program. It’s been an adjustment but I’m enjoying it. Gabe spent his first couple of months at Ft. Campbell as a Platoon SGT before he was moved to his current position as a Squad Leader which he seems to be enjoying. The summer months came and went far to quickly. Gabe was away for the month of August at JRTC training at Ft. Polk. While I took a course at the local College in preparation to start school in the spring. We were lucky enough to have The Gabriel’s come out for a visit early September. We took full advantage of having guest’s and played tourist the whole week. We also took a few fall road trips that included South Carolina, West Virginia, and a Anniversary get away to Chattanooga. November by far was the hardest month as we embarked on our 3rd deployment. We said our “See You Soon’s” as Gabe headed off to Afghanistan just day’s before our 7 Year Wedding Anniversary. I’ve managed to stay busy since he’s left to help pass the time. He has settled in as best he can and has been quite busy since then. If you think about it please keep him and his Unit in your thoughts and prayers for a safe and quick return. I spent Thanksgiving with some of our fabulous Army Family, The Brooks. Followed by some traditional Black Friday Shopping with a Friend. I’m excited to said I’ll be spending Christmas in Arizona, thanks to the Gabriel’s. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been back so it will be great to catch up with family and friends. 
With that being said we do have a spare bedroom and I’m open for visitors starting now, through next fall. Or any time for that matter, your always welcome!! :) We hope that 2014 has been a great for you and your family. 
We can’t wait to see what the New Year has in store for us. 
Happy Holiday’s 

( Now that our big not so great news is out, I'll be blogging more about our journey through deployment number 3. )

This is the 8th Year we've ordered our Christmas Cards from ShutterFly and we will continue to do so in the future. I absolutely love the options, amazing deals and sales they offer. Not to mention the quick turn around time on shipping. Be sure and check them out for all of your photo gift giving needs. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

My 1st & 2nd Swirlz Experience

Ive always wanted to try out the Tag It Art place in Cola, when we were living there but never got around to it. So when a couple co-workers suggested going I was all over the idea. Girls night and trying something new I'm in!!! 
We looked through the online gallery calendar to see what painting we wanted to do and came to the decision on a pretty yellow flower painting. It looked simple and easy enough for our first go around. Well lets just say looks can be very deceiving, it was anything but easy when it came down to the flowers. And there were a ton of them we had to do. Of course the instructors make it look so so easy and I'm left sitting there like 5 steps behind. We laughed, joked around, had to have the instructor give us a little one on one assistants, drank a little and of course acted out a little. We had such a great time and were already talking about going back again. These two girls are so sweet and I'm glad I've gotten the chance to meet them both. 
Well Amy and I were long over due for another girls painting night. Sadly life has gotten in the way and Gill has had to move back home for a little while :( We are all so so sad. With Christmas right around the corner it was a given we had to do a Christmas themed painting. Seriously who doesn't love the Grinch?!?!? The hand was actually already stenciled on, so of course this had to be way easy. Much more promising then the 1st time around right?!?! RIGHT!!!! NOT. Of course the background was easy till you got into the tight skinny corners. We didn't realizes all the little detail that was actually in the painting. Talk about tediousness. But we managed, a little bubbly and lots of laughs. We were both complaining through the evening and taking it out on the painting. No way we were painters, artist or such, but once we finished we were already looking to see which one we wanted to do next. 

I had the perfect place right in our entry way to hang it up. I just switched out a Hawaiian print I had hanging. I absolutely love it. Its so fun and cute!!! 

Stay tuned for a 3rd trip here soon!!!! :) 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 days of Thanks.

Day 1- I'm so thankful for Saturday morning cuddles and sleeping in with my love and pups. It's the simple things in life yall!!!

Day 2- I'm thankful that we've been able to make some good friends here in Clarksville to hang out with and of course enjoy the company of the ones we already knew here!!

Day 3- I'm thankful for mid-day lunch dates with my handsome Soldier!!!

Day 4- I'm thankful for left over Black Out Cake from the Cheese Cake Factory. ‪#‎itsthelittlething‬

Day 5- I'm thankful for our puppies. Even though they annoy the crap outta me sometimes, I know they'll be there waiting at the door greeting us when we come home each day. They really do complete our little family.

Day 6- I'm so thankful and blessed to have such amazing and loving In-Loves. I can truly say I got lucky in that department.

Day 7- I'm thankful for good days, it might sound silly but it's what works for me. I'm sure there will be bad days, horrible down right awful days but today is a good day and for that I'm thankful.

Day 8- I'm thankful for my mom and that she drug me to and opened my eyes to the world of Craft fairs and Craft shows when I was younger because they are so much fun!!! Totally worth today's 40 minute drive and can't wait next weekend, there's 2!!!

Day 9- I'm so so thankful for my amazing husband of 7 years today!!! I'd be lost with out you baby, I love you to pieces Always and Forever and Thensome!!!! Happy 7 year Anniversary!!!!!

Day 10- I'm thankful that 9 Years ago (11-09-05, also our wedding anniversary) the hubbs decided to join the Army, if it wasn't for his service I don't know that we would have met. 

Day 11- I'm thankful not just today but every day for the sacrifice my hubbs made to join the Military and for everyone that has walked and is walking the same path that he is currently. Happy Veterans Day to all those Past and Present.

Day 12- I'm thankful for early morning walks before work with the pups, even if it is in the low 30's outside. Makes starting my morning so much more productive. 

Day 13- I'm so Thankful that our 3 Star evaluation is over!!! I kept saying all week I'm not going to get picked and guess what my class got picked. There may or may not have been several tears shed before during and after!!!!! Thankful for such supportive and fabulous staff during this whole ordeal!!!

Day 14- I'm thankful that I've got our Christmas Cards ordered Christmas Letter written, it's Aloha Friday and Girls night out with some of my fabulous co-workers!!

Day 15- I'm thankful I got to spend 5 fabulous hours shopping away at the Christmas Village in Nashville with a fabulous Co-Worker. I always love Craft Fairs / Show's. There so much and always gets me in the holiday spirit. 

Day 16-  I'm thankful for Lazy Sunday's in our PJ's!!!

Day 17- I'm thankful to be able to wake up to snowy winter mornings. 

Day 18- I'm thankful for morning walks with the pups, its of course a bit chilly out but its become a nice way to start my mornings before work. 

Day 19-  I'm thankful for that little orange box that showed up on my door step today!!! Hello ShutterFly Holiday Cards!!! (click on the link for a direct access to ShutterFly Website!!!)

Day 20- I'm thankful for my study group class, I'm not thrilled to be going (long story) but tonight was actually enjoyable and I was able to talk to a few people during our pot luck. 

Day 21- I'm thankful for my little brother, he's not so little only 3 years younger than me but he's by far my favorite best brother ever. He's always there when I need him and I couldn't be more proud of the young man he's grown into be!!!  

Day 22- I'm thankful for today!!! Its been a great day, a fabulous day. I have so much to be thankful for but for today I'm simply thankful for today and everything that has come. 

 Day 23- I'm thankful for the very small benefit we get from this awful thing we are going through right now. Although I'd give every bit of it back not to be going through it, I'm trying to see the positive in the situation. (Veg I know)

Day 24- I'm thankful for for my Grandparents, They've been my biggest role models by far and I can only hope that I live up to half the people they are and do them proud!!! 

Day 25- I'm thankful for my Mamaw, taken far to soon from us. But Blessed to have had her in my life. Today would have been her 74th birthday!!! Happy Birthday in Heaven Mamaw!!! 

Day 26- I'm thankful for a 4 day weekend ahead of me, I'm looking forward to enjoying some Sweet Peach Tea with a shot or two of something fancy to mix it up with. Staying up late and sleeping in, it's just shy of a perfect weekend. 

Day 27- I'm thankful for our Army friends turned family, we are blessed to have such wonderful support system with in them all and someone to spend the holidays with when we are so far away from home. 

Day 28- I'm thankful for the few friends that I have made here in TN so far. I had a absolutely blast Black-Friday shopping with a dear friend!! 6 hours and we could have still kept going if only we had things to shop for. 

Day 29- I'm thankful that 8 years ago today I met my prince charming, the love of my life. Who would of though that one simple phone call would have gotten us were we are today. 

Day 30- I'm thankful that I've found the courage to step out of my box and started attending church again. Thanks to a fellow Milispouse blogger for connecting me with another Milispouse blogger here in TN. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

"I'll Fly Away" ........I Can't Believe It's Been a Year Already...

I really and truly can not believe its been a year since I lost the most amazing woman in my life. 
Read Part One How it Happened
Read Part Two Forever Changed

I remember it like it was yesterday, hating the world and everyone in it for taking away one of the most important people in my life. There's not a single day that goes by that I don't think about her. Wishing so badly I could call her and tell her that we survived our trip to NYC, that it snowed in Cola, that we moved states, that we bought our first home, that I'm going back to school. I want to tell her what we are going through right now, and have her support. There's just so much that I want to tell her, I always called her whenever I went on a road trip so she could keep me company and now I've got nothing. Going home to Texas doesn't seem to matter as much any more. That side of my family is completely changed now that she is gone, its heart breaking what the loss of a person can do to a family. Many day's it still doesn't seem real that she's not here any more. I still have her phone number / contact in my phone with her address. I can't bring myself to delete it. If only I had voice mails from her to hear her sweet voice. She always had the best advice and stood behind every decision I made, even if she didn't like it or think that it was the best. She was my best friend my everything and now she's my angel. She was the rock that held our family together and its slowly slipping apart now. As much as I hate some days that I moved away from home because it mint I missed out on so much time with her, I truly believe it was the best decision I ever made. Even more so now, I'm not sure how I could physically go on living in the same town knowing she was not there, were I could just drive over and pop in. It's hard I struggle with it almost daily. Its on the top 5 of the worst days of my 27 years for sure. I said it before and I truly believe it, she held on for me for one more day not to leave us on our Anniversary. I remember the last conversation I had with her on the phone, I had just gotten off work and I was headed on post. Driving over the bridge I told her I loved her so much and to get better because I was coming home to see her. It took all she had to respond back to me, but she knew it was me and she told me she loved me and that's the best feeling in the world. My heart breaks, how did a year go by so quickly. I'll never be the same, I know I have to keep moving forward with my life but there's some days I just don't know how I'm going to get through. 
Thank the Lord I have an amazingly supportive husband because if it wasn't for him I'd be a complete  disaster. 
I miss you Mamaw so so much, you were the worlds best Mamaw ever!!!! 11-10-13
I am so grateful that God blessed me with two wonderful grandmothers. Whom I'm proudly named after and wouldn't have it any other way. 

Hands down Coolest Mamaw ever!!!! Love you My Angel!!!! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

7 Year Wedding Anniversary

I really and truly can not believe we've been married for 7 years Today. Some days it seems like the time has flown by and then other days it seems like we've been married for just a short couple of month. I've been looking back through pictures over the past 7 years this weekend. We've been through so much, more than many people do in a life time. Good times and Bad, Hard time and Easy all of it which has made us and brought us to were we are today in our marriage. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. He's my Rock and I'm more in love with my husband today then I was 7 years ago when we said our "I Do's". 
We celebrated back in October with a weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN (that yes I still need to blog) but for now a trip down memory lane through the past 7 years. 

Wedding Day at the DWA 11-09-07 (Dallas World Aquarium)
1st Year Anniversary - Texas 2008 
2nd Year Anniversary - Hawaii 2009
3rd Year Anniversary Hawaii - 2010 
4th Year Anniversary South Carolina - 2011 
5th Year Anniversary South Carolina - 2012
6th Year Anniversary South Carolina 2013
7th Year Anniversary Tennessee - 2014

I love you baby so much and I am the luckiest girl in the world because you chose to be with me out of any one else. I can't wait to see what the next 7+ years and the many more after that have in store for us. Your my best friend and we share a life full of Pure Bliss, 
Always and Forever and Thensome!!!! 

Happy 7 Year Wedding Anniversary to us!!!! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Go Commando 5k

Checking out the Start line for B's first ever race!!!

I can't believe this was my first race of 2014 and here we are nearing the end of the year. I took a couple months off from running with the move from SC to TN but I definitely have found my groove back and am loving it. A Co-worker of mine (Barbie- pictured above) has recently taken up running and she's doing great. We signed up for the Go Commando 5K Race back in August I think it was and have been training ever since. I struggled through two injury but managed to heel and recover from both before race day. The Owner of the School were we work at was also running the 5K race that morning. We saw him before hand and chatted a bit and then that was that. B and I didn't stay together, we didn't plan to either. We both run and different paces and so we knew that wasn't going to happen and we were ok with that. About 3/4 of the way through I passed Mr. H when he was going the opposite direction towards the turn around. I had quickly glanced down at my watch when he yelled "I'm gonna catch up with you". I looked up to notice it was him and said Yea Yea keep going. Sure enough I was about 1/10th's away from the finish line and I hear someone come up from behind me saying "I caught up with you." I couldn't believe that he did, I was either running slower or he picked up his pace quick. (Let's go with he picked up his pace) When we crossed the finish line I was just a few steps ahead of him, so not to bad. There was also a Half Marathon and a 10K race going on at the same time, so there was runners coming in from all three races. 
I didn't come in were I was hoping to time wise and I am completely ok with that. (I was literally a minute and a half off) I did however place 14th in my age group, 86th out of 309 females and 183rd place over all out of 482 people. So something to be proud of for me for sure.
I love the rush you get from racing I just HATE having to get up so early to be at the start line. The city we live in there's not many races that take place so you have to go to Nashville, which isn't a long drive at all, its just the getting up early part. Oh the feeling you have after you finish though is all worth it. 
There's a 5K coming up in January at the Nashville Zoo that I'm thinking of doing, looks like it should be pretty fun and best part is, it doesn't start till later in the afternoon.