Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekly Running Wrap Up and More

* I haven't typically run much through our little neighborhood because well its pretty small. To get any good distance in with out venturing out on the main road I'd have to do a couple loops around our circle. That gets old real quick. Last week I did finally make my way into the neighborhood that's right across from ours. Just thinking it was a short dead in street I figured I'd at least check it out. Low and behold I ran across this street sign. Made me miss my love so so much!!! I was able to get a good 4 miles combine with my normal route all together. So not to shabby. 
* April 10th made a year that we signed on our house here in TN, I still can't believe sometimes that we own a home. It's been a great year and we've learned a lot about being home owners. Thankfully we haven't had any problems at all. Knock on Wood. We've made a few changes / adjustments around the house but for the most part its been working well just as is for us. I'm looking forward to many many more years of memories made in our first home.  
* Last Sunday I met up with one of our sweet friends from our time at Jackson. Drill SGT Cutter was here at Campbell going through a school for a couple weeks. Her and the Hubbs were Drill SGT's in the same Platoon together and became good friends. I know G was bummed he didn't get to see her but it was great to catch up and have a yummy lunch together. 
* That afternoon I decided I'd better run off that yummy fried chicken I had at lunch and counter balance it with a healthy protein filled dinner. A 4 mile run and a Avocado Boiled Egg Sandwich was the perfect ending to a great weekend!!! 

DS Cutter, the Hubbs, DS Brady 
* The week before last I was pretty stoked with my run and pace. 4 miles in under 40 minutes and my pace was in the high 9's. Not to shabby at all for just getting back into the running season. Little did I know that was only the beginning. 
* This past Wednesday rolled around and I headed out for my run on my lunch break. I never really have a plan going into it during my lunch runs, I just go for it and figure it out along the way. 3.10 miles later - I was over the moon with my pace and time. It may not be much for some but for me it was awesome. 
* April's my Birthday month, I'll be 29 so I set a goal to run (at least) 29 miles during the month. I accomplished and passed that goal on Friday with my 5 mile run during my break. I went down further than I normally do on my route which meant I had some killer hills to come up on my way back. Figuring that would set my pace back a little, I was mentally prepared for it. Nope I crushed it yet again. 
--I've got the distance down, now it's just working on the pace. I'm not trying to get to a certain pace or time. Simply working on pushing myself, maintaining and getting stronger and if my pace continues to gets better that's just a added bonus.--
* A friend of mine from Texas makes these cute adorable signs, pretty much anything you want it to say she can to. I set her this quote I'd see a while back that I though would be fitting for our back patio and she had it whipped up in no time. I'm just getting around to hanging it up but I think it fits perfect on our patio. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Goodness

This year for Easter it was rather low key, I got up and went to the first service at church which was at 8am. This way I still had the whole day ahead of me. A friend from work and her little family came over for lunch that afternoon. I love love cooking and having people over but I really haven't done much of that since the hubbs has been gone so I was more than willing to make lunch for today. Everything came out perfect and tasted to yummy. A little non-traditional meal for our Easter Feast. Although besides Deviled Eggs, I'm not really sure what Easter traditional foods are. On our Menu was: Oven Baked Fried Chicken, Crock Pot Candied Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole (I like my marshmallows really toasted, (they were out of mini ones but the big ones tasted just perfect)), Rolls, Spinach Dip & Chips and Green Bean Casserole (made by B.). I took this opportunity to make a delicious Loaded Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake and let me just say it was Heavenly. It took all I had not to eat the entire thing. Along with a batch of No Bake Cookies. I've been itching to try a couple different recipes out but never bit the bullet till today. And I'm so glad I did, I remember growing up on something similar to these that my step mom made and I always wished I had the recipe. I'm pretty sure these are going to be my newest easy go to dessert for outings. Everything came out perfect and the table looked great with all of my beautiful Fiestaware incorporated in. I was a bit down that the hubbs wasn't able to be here with us (thank you army) but I know next year he will be for sure!! I remember my last Easter at my Mamaw's house. We always had the best time's celebrating Holiday's with her. She's enjoying them now from up above in heaven, and I'm so grateful to have a little bit  of Heaven in our home.
After B and her fam. left I had the daunting task of tackling the yard for the first time this year. I was not at all looking forward to it but it had to be done and I refused to pay someone to do something I know I can do but would just rather not. (back story, last August with the hubbs was away for a month I mowed the yard right before he came home, it took me over 3 hours to do and I killed the grass completely because I cut it so low.) I was determined to have a better experience this time around and that I did. I put on my iTunes and went to work. It took me just less than 2 hours to mow and edge. We've got a BIG back yard so it was a little time consuming. Thankfully the grass hadn't majorly gotten out of hand yet so it wasn't to bad. I laid seed in hopes to help the grass grow so we have a pretty green yard. Fingers crossed I can keep up with it over the next several months with the hubbs away. I just keep telling myself that I'm getting a good work out in while doing it, so I mean that's motivation in its self. Two birds with one stone.
All in all it was a great day that ended with a nice little stroll around the neighborhood with the pups. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Cooking For One

I've been missing this handsome fella something fierce here lately. Time is creeping by and its got me going stir crazy. I feel like there's still so much time to go and so much happening before he gets home. I'm swamped with work and school, on top of trying to maintain a healthy well balanced diet and work out plan. I'm managing I am, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my bad days. 
Hurry home baby I miss you, to pieces and your dogs are driving me crazy!!!! 

This is one of the pictures from the night he left, which I never posted because they break my heart every time I look at them. 
While G's been away I've completely changed my eating habits.... for the better. I'm by no means converting to going 100% clean but I am happy to say that I am now eating 75-80 % clean meals which is a huge change for me. I did a straight 15 days clean eating the last part of March and well I only caved twice during those 15 days. Progress and Practice People. 
I've enjoyed making some yummy new meals and even revamping some of our favorite meals into a healthy cleaner version. 

Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Chicken and Spinach for breakfast. 
Baked Apple Slices for a afternoon snack. 
Turkey Taco Salad w/ Fresh Canned Salsa for dinner.
 Are just a few of the yummy dishes I've been cooking up here these past few weeks. 

Speaking of being swamped with School, My friend / Co-worker / Classmate and I met up at Starbucks last weekend for a study date and spent a good 3+ hours working on one paper, ONE!!!! Only to find out a few days later we still needed to add to it. Not much but still, the fact that I had it or though I had it done and now its not is so aggravating. This whole back to school thing is still new to me, but I'm making it work. I'm so blessed and glad to be back in the classroom, but ready for summer break. (did I mention I might be taking a summer class aahhhhh)
Oh and I'm officially back on the streets!!! I took the winter off from running, why well because it was freaking cold out and I'm a wimp. I feel like a new person out there running. I was worried I'd struggle a bit at first to get my grove back but that hasn't been the case and it just makes me want to push and strive that much more. It just goes to show that this new life style I've created for myself has really benefited me in more way's then one.
 It's My Birthday Month!!! Holla!!!! 
And I've set a goal to run 29 miles in the month of April to celebrate my (soon to be) 29 years of life!!! 9 miles down and only 20 to go, I'm off to a great start!! 

And just for fun.....we got new jump ropes at school this past week and I had so much fun getting out there and breaking them in with the kids. I seriously felt like I was back in middle school gym class. Anyone looking to get me a birthday gift, here's a idea!!!! lol. No but for reals!!!