Sunday, September 28, 2014

Life Lately....

Life LATELY has been a roller coaster on full speed. There’s been up hill’s were I’ve struggled getting to the top and then there’s been down hill’s were I’ve flown right on bye. There’s been the straight and narrow path’s were I’ve cruised right by smoothly. By no mean’s has it been a easy ride. I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever because I’ve been so busy with LIFE but in reality I haven’t had much going on. Working more than 15 minutes away from home might not seem like a lot to many people but for me it is. At our past two duty station’s I worked less than 10 minutes from were we lived. Previously when I lived at home (Texas) I commuted almost a hour to and from work every day, so you wouldn’t think 15 minutes or so was that big of a deal but it is. After not having a long drive so a while now. Sure it gives me time to think and de-stress from my day, but it also gives me time to think about the million things I need to do at home or need to do the next day at work. On a REALLY good day (which isn’t often) and I do get out right at 5pm I’m not home till 5:20-25 because of traffic. Then I still have to prep and cook dinner, clean up after dinner, walk the pups, get my running stuff and lunch packed for the next day. Once I actually sit down after all that its already past 8pm most day’s. I'm lucky enough to catch up on a show or two while I surf the web before I catch myself falling asleep on the couch. Blogging.....RIGHT, I always say tomorrow TOMORROW tomorrow I will get caught up and tomorrow never seems to happen. I’ve been trying really hard to become better about not being on the my laptop when the hubbs and I are home watching TV together but damn you pinterest you suck me right in. Let’s not talk about the fact that I feel like I must read everyone’s blog post’s that I follow. There are a few I tend to skip from time to time but I really only follow and comment on my favorite reads 90% of the time. I have so many drafts I’ve started up and haven’t finished but need to because I want to have the memories documented for later on in life. I totally failed on writing / typing up my September goals and here we are just a couple day’s away from October 1st. I feel like time has flown by dear lord please let October go by slow, I’m not ready for it to start and I’m sure as heck I’m not ready for it to end. 

Work has been ruff, really that’s a understatement. I tell myself I’m staying and sticking it out because I don’t like change and that in its self will be harder having to start all over. But really if I’m not happy with how things are going right now how is that any better for myself. I know good things come to those who wait but I’ll be the first to admit I’m a very impatient person. But I’m trying for my sake and the other’s around me. Some day’s I love my job were I’m at and some day’s I can’t stand it or the people I work with. Here lately this past week its been on the latter side of the two. Going into details would just be pointless and take to much time so I’ll be brief. There’s TWO groups of the school were I work. Your either “IN” with the cools kids aka management or your not. A- a smoker you get a extra ever so how many breaks you need a day to go “get cancer” as my friend Nanc call’s it. B- have drama in your life and throw a pity party so everyone feels sorry for you and falls for your sappy stories, or C- your BF’s with the owner’s or at least you think you are there for you feel like you do no wrong and get away with anything and feel as though you can walk all over me when ever you want. I absolutely hate HATE the favoritism here it makes me so sad. It’s not lie I loved my old school in Cola. for so many different reason’s and to hear from so many different co-workers and parents about how awful things have been in my class since I left just breaks my heart. I’d give anything to go back. There’s alway’s those 

And because ever blog post needs a picture!!! Here's one from the day the hubbs came back from training earlier this month!! Gosh I missed that man when he was gone!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

The In-Loves Came to Town!!!

The In-Loves came to visit for the week, so we had the chance to show them around were we live and the Nashville area. Our first our of state visitors. Hey any reason for me to take off work right!!!! We had a few things planned already and then kinda of just went with the flow on other days. I absolutely love the In-Loves, they are so sweet and do so much to help us when they are here. It's always a great time when they come to visit. I didn't end up taking many pictures while they were here but here are a few. 

Breakfast at one of our Favorite places!!!! 
Loveless Cafe
I ventured out of my box and got the fabulous Chicken and Waffles with their Home Fries. Seriously did not disappoint. The money is in their biscuits though, down right mouth watering. I bought another package of batter to bring back with us, along with their fried chicken batter. 
"Somebodies gonna slap your momma its so good!!!" 
(Our good friend Big E always say's that, so it seemed fitting)

After breakfast we headed over to the Antique Archaeology Store, other wise known as American Pickers. We love that show and just so happens the In-Loves do to. I will say I was not as impressed with it as I though I would be. I'm not really sure what I was expecting to see but at least I can save we've been. 
That was followed up by a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame. A must see for any one coming to the Nashville area right. It was nice, pretty big again I was expecting more but I can say I've been and have absolutely no desire to go back. Unless we have visitors again of course. Oh and I had so show my love for Cola!!! 

Oh and why not completely take advantage of my Mother-In-Love offering to take our picture every were we went. Oh why yes, we'd be glad to pose for you. My favorite of the three is the one in the middle. I swear he smiles, just not for the camera most days. 
We did and saw so much more this was just a little peak into our week with them here.
Of course with all good things they must come to a end and so the stay-cation for us and the vacation for them was over. Not with out a stop at Dunkin on the way to the Airport though. I can't wait for them to come back out to visit, we always have such a relaxing fun time and they are seriously the easiest house guest ever!!! 
My 1st Mint Hot Chocolate of the season!!!!