Friday, July 31, 2009

Job Well Done

Today I received a Legendary Service Award at work. It's a true honor to be given one. You hear of people going above and beyond there work duty's and not getting recognized but in my case that was different. I have only been at Peterson CDC for a few months now and already some of my co-workers are impressed with how much effort I put in to the children and their well being.
I certainly did not except at all to be given one this early in the game so it was a good boost to my day.
My "Thanks" goes out to Ms. Deborah for recognizing me and for doing it in the way that she did. So that the rest of the staff sees what a great job she thinks I am doing.
I truly Love my Ohana I have made here @ Peterson CDC, they are so sweet and caring.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." --Mark Twain

As well as when I talk to Gabe tonight he told me that he took his first test at WLC and scored a 91% out of a 100%. WAY TO GO BABY!!!!!!! He seemed very happy and impressed with himself. Which, I find odd. The man is a super star when it comes to the Army and he knows this stuff like the back of his hand. He truly is My Rock Star Soldier. I told him this course was going to be a piece of cake, the hard part would be just being away from each other. I am so proud of him and can't wait to have him home again with me.

I can't wait till My Love is home so we can go out and celebrate our job well done!!

Its way to early......

It's way to early in the morning to be up and about. But I guess that's what happens when you have to overly ecstatic puppies that want to wake up at 6:15am every morning. aaahhhh, when will they learn that it is okay to sleep in for alittle bit. Yesterday was a long day for me between work & my short 30 minute lunch trip home & then a GREAT dinner w/ a dear sweet Annie for some catching up & then back home to watch a bit of TV and off to bed I went. So there for they were in their kennels a bit longer than they normally are. Just as I got good and asleep the Love of my life called. YEAH!!!!!!!!! We were able to talk for a little bit between his acting platoon SGT. coming in tell the guys how their room needed to be for inspection in the AM. OH, if only he was home he wouldn't have to do a stupid room inspection or any of that crap. He was telling me that WLC is like a concentration camp only without the killing. Well that's a damn good thing if you ask me. lol. After chatting a bit more the horrid person came over the intercom telling everyone that it was time for lights out. UGH, this only getting a hour of free time to talk from 10pm-11pm @ night sucks major. Only 11 more days, woohoo.... WE CAN DO THIS.
We said our good nights & back to sleep I went. Only to find that the minute I rolled over it was 6am & Dingo was barking his little head off. OMG, not again I though...oh well might as well get up & let them run their stupid little heads off before I go to work at 10am & I'll make the best of a early morning by doing alittle house work & making a run to the commissary which I dread doing alone. I'm hoping with going bright & early right when they open it wont be to terribly bad but we will see.
TGIF, I am so ready for the weekend. Even though Gabe is gone & I have no big plans other than the beach on Saturday for a bit. I am really looking forward to just lounging around the house and watching movies. :)
Oh, the life of a Army Wife while the husband is away.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time to pack my lunch :)

He always knows how to make me smile from ear to ear. While texting with My One & Only tonight he informed me that he signed me up for a class there while he is at WLC. (when I was first started reading the text message i was like WHAT YOU SIGN ME UP FOR WHAT???? but then I kept reading.) I get to go were he is and go through this class (I have no clue what it is about so we will see) BUT then I get to go have lunch with GABE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not don't get to do that when they are deployed or in the field or whatever so I guess there is something to look forward to during this 2 week journey. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
Now just time to sit back and wait for the call for some one to tell when when I get to come....the dates are August 4Th or the 8Th so we will see :)
What a way to end a crappy day, with great news from MY LOVE!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see My Boo

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ugh, what a day

It started @ 2:30am this morning rain & all not on a good note either and just went down from there. We got dressed and loaded up the truck to head to the company area. The love of my life & light of my world was going to be going to WLC for the next 2 weeks.
"OMG, what am I going to do."
I ended up waiting there until it was time for him to leave right about 4:00am, boy was I tired but I will do whatever it takes to see him off every time he has to go, so it was well worth it. I quickly headed back home w/ tears in my eyes & a broken heart to get some more sleep. I just wanted to go to sleep & wake up on August 11Th. but that didn't happen. Dingo started his barking at 6:30 this morning & I have to say I let him bark his little head off for about 30 minutes then I couldn't take it any more. Up again it was bright & early when I didn't even have to be @ work till 10:00am. It was still raining so I couldn't just put the dogs out back and go lay on the couch either because they would get all muddy. Man this sucks, it's gonna be a LONG 2 weeks I thought to myself.
I headed off to work but not before stopping for gas since all the stupid pumps at the 2 gas stations on post were not working last night when Gabe & I went to fill up the car. It was still raining and so ugly outside but I could of cared less.
As I was driving to work just thinking about the fact that I was going to come home to just the pups. tonight and for the next 12 nights really sucked. I got all teary eyed & started crying. At work today I was so emotional everything was getting to me and I would just start crying. I know what a baby, but Gabe & I do everything together and so much more. Not having him there really hurts and its hard. We have never lived together for this long (since he has been home from deployment) so having him gone for this amount of time after being so use to him there each and every day is a big adjustment. Even if it is just 2 weeks and he is just right across Wheeler Air Field. Yeah it could be worse and I know this is only the start to many weeks and months of our life in the Army. Its just gonna take some getting use to.
It rained all day today which normally I hate, but I really didn't care. The work part of my day went by pretty quickly & I ended up getting off about 30 minutes early so I headed down to Kunia to tan & treated myself to Wendy's for dinner.
On the way home I rolled down the windows & opened the sun roof & jammed all the way home with the radio so loud. It has the most amazing sounds system in it that's just rockin. I think on Sunday I might take a cruse around the Island & do just the same. I love our new car so stinkin much I just wish that Gabe was here with me right now to enjoy it as well. (but when he gets back we sure will be ridin in style. :)
I'm going to end the night watching After the Final Rose then off to bed I go hoping that tomorrow fly's by just as fast as today did and if it rains all day again I wouldn't care. Heck it can rain for the next 13 days if it helps the time go by fast. 1 day down and 13 more to go......

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sweet, Sweeter & Sweetness

We woke up with a plan, we were going to clean my car up and head to the dealership with our Internet print out of the car $2000.00 cheaper to see what kinda deal we could come up with. We had no intentions of buying a new car before last night, but now that we have found something that we both like and are super excited about we couldn't let this pass us up. It had everything I was looking for in my next car. A sunroof, keyless start (you don't even have to put the key in the ignition to drive), black interior, the sporty look, "speed" and so much more.
When we got there we looked the car over one more time to make sure we were still SURE it was what we wanted to do and it was. Now time to get down to business.
Last night they quoted us $500.00 for a site unseen appraisal for my car. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME I THOUGH??????" I know my car is not worth much but really its worth more than that and I just put bran spankin new tires on it.
So they had a relook today and offered us $2500.00 ok ok we can live with that. Now time for Gabe to do his magic. This man is a wheel and dealer when it comes to buying cars. After their first offer,Gabe pulls out the print out from online and springs a surprise on the salesman. Man you can tell he didn't see that one coming. I almost felt kinda bad as he walked back to his manager to try and come up with a better deal. We had our standards that we were not going to move on and they new that. We were firm and weren't moving!
After going back and forth for about a hour they finally were down on the numbers and payment were we wanted and we HAD A DEAL!!!!!!
Thanks to my amazing husband and the car dealer guys for working with us.
As we waited to go through the financing process we went out so "say our GOODBYES" to the Black & Pink Ride. Gabe was not so sad to see it go, but myself on the other had was alittle butt hurt, but ITS OK I THOUGHT because we are moving on to bigger (size wise its much smaller but you get me) and better things.


I am so excited about OUR NEW 2007 Mazda RX-8. I couldn't be happier.


Life with My Love just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.....its super sweetness and we are liven it up to the fullest.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

~*~Bitter but Sweet~*~

Today started off on well not so much a high note. We headed to our friends Jason & Rae's house to say our Good Byes to Rae & their son Christan. Due to personal reason's Rae is moving back to the Mainland. So sad to see her & the lil. guy go & we wish them the best.

After dropping her off at the airport Gabe & I headed home for some chill time before our big dinner plans for the night.
That evening we headed downtown to Red Lobster for dinner, just the two of us. We wanted to do something extra special tonight since Gabers will be gone for the next two weekends.

It was wonderful, to just sit and chat and talk about so much....plans for now, future & so many different things. I just love nights like tonight. We ended dinner with some tasty Key Lime Pie & home we headed.
So I though. As we were going down the highway almost to Schofield Jared exits off to make a detour. It hits me and I know just were he is going.
To look at cars. Its what we do best, lol. He has this thing with looking at different types of cars and all the fancy features they have to offer. He wanted to show me the new Jetta, Not a bad little car. After looking at that we take a look at a car sitting off to the side which I though was super fancy but wouldn't work for us. And that's when the salesman said "You wanna take it for a test drive?" aaaahhhhh, really, Its so awesome but we are just looking, not looking to buy I though to myself. OK OK why not. So we did, and when we got back I was loving it more and more. We went inside to talk some numbers but without having my car there to show them (because we would be trading it in) it was a bit hard. So we parted our ways and told them we would be back in the morning when they opened.
OMG, I was going crazy. As much as I like the car and wanted it, it was not in "OUR PLANS".After lots of talking and number crunching & Gabe even finding the exact car listed on for $2000.00 less than the sticker price @ the brain was about to burst and I couldn't take it. So off to bed I went.......
.........I love date nights, they are the best when your married to the most amazing person on the face of Gods green earth. How Blessed we are.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Its a Beautiful Day.....

Its a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood, Its a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood oh wont you be mine oh wont you be my neighbor. :)
Today has started off to be a Beautiful day. I was able to sleep in to almost 8am which is a rare thing on the weekdays in our house because the dogs are normally up barking by 6:15am wanting to go outside & play but not today. Gabers came home from PT & we fixed a feast of a breakfast to eat. Ok ok not really we had Biscuits & Gravy w/ eggs. Yummy...and we even sat at our dinning table and ate. Normally we find ourselves eating on the couch every day because its just the two of us. But this morning we decided to change things up a bit & It was rather nice.
On another note: I only have to work @ the CDC from 10~6 today & for all of next week I'm working 10~6. Normally I hate having to close but seeings My One & Only Love Boo will be at WLC for 2 weeks I don't mind. I'm hoping it will help the days go by fast.
This evening we are having Gabes famous Chicken Parmesan for dinner & I can't wait. I never use to like it before he made it and now I just love it.
It's a gorges day out today also so I'm hoping the sun last through the evening so we are able to take our walk together with the lil. guys :)
Awh its a sweet sweet life that we live together......and I'm loving it to bits and pieces. I can't wait to get the weekend started, HERE'S TO ANOTHER DAY LIVING THE GOOD LIFE IN PARADISE!!!

The day at work ended great now time for dinner and our week is gonna be busy busy busy but oh so hard :(

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ok, so I just had to get that out there. OMG, today was not my day at work at all. I new from the moment I stepped into the building that it was gonna be long & ruff.
I was only scheduled from 9am to 12pm, 3 hours. That was fine by me. However that all changed as soon as I walked in the door and my director asking me if I could stay till 6pm. "Sure", I respond what the heck I could use the extra hours.
So I clock in and head back to the preschool class. I was excited about working in that class today because I have not been back there in awhile and I love preschool.
I had six children all playing in the centers and doing their own thing when one child (I'll call him J.) decided he wanted to walk on the top of the shelf's. So I got him down, up and down up and down for about 20 minutes. After he got down the last time he knocked over a container full of art pieces that went every were. While I'm cleaning that up he then decides he wants to dump out the crate of books and scatter them across the room. Finally after getting J. to help me pick up the books he then turns around and dumps out a whole nother container of toys. aaaaahhhhh, are you kidding me. I was so frustrated. I tryed talking to him and calming him down but it wasn't working. All's I could think about was it had not even hit 10am yet and I had to be in there till 6pm. What was I going to do.
I called the front desk for someone to come talk to J. and then they switched him to a different class. Then trouble child #2 comes in (I'll call him M.)(at this point I have the class sitting at the table doing a activity) he decides he want to push everything off the table on the floor. OMG, I have had it already, I'm not staying here all day and dealing with this I though.
We had lunch at 11am and I was getting the children down for their nap when I got a call from the front desk telling me to go to the other preschool class for 30 minutes before I go on my lunch. OK, not to bad I though. WRONG, it was the same thing all over again. Kids not listening and throwing toys, food all over the floor from lunch that I was going to have to clean up and to top it off I had a class full of just BOYS. OH NO, this is not going to work.
Before I left for lunch I talk to management and told them there was no way I was staying till 6pm and going back to that classroom. NOPE it wasn't happening.
So I came home and vented about my crappy day to my hubby and then back to work I went a hour later. (days like today are why I got OUT of childcare)
Thankfully they had switched me over to the infant room which I love love love and the day ended much better, even with the 3 incident reports we had to write on the little guys :( it was so much more peaceful and relaxing.
Thankfully even though I'm working 10am to 6pm the rest of this week and all next week, I'm going to be in the infant room. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once I got off work I headed down to tan for some much needed stress relief. On my way home Gabers called to see how far out I was and much to my surprise when I got home he had cooked dinner....Homemade Burrito Grande, which was the best ever, did the dishes, cleaned one of our large rugs and the stairs, even fed the dogs. Oh how thankful I am for him. From what started off as such a crappy, horrible day turned in to a wonderful evening at home. Awh, the JOYS of being married to MY HUSBAND.
(what am I gonna do with out him these next two week ugh.)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Totally Stuffed & Melted

We have looked & looked for the large (jumbo) pasta shells every time we go to the commissary & they never seem to have any. I even try to remember to look when we are at other stores off post & nothing.
During our trip back home to PHX we were at Fry's (a grocery store) & I though to look & low & behold there they were. I had began to think they didn't make them & it was just something Gabe had made up. But finally we hit the jackpot. We have several Jumbo Stuffed Shell recipes that we have been wanting to try out but NO shells. I bought 3 boxes right then & carried them on the plane with me on the way back. (I didn't want them to crack)
So tonight on our "Dinner Menu" was Stuffed Italian Meatball Shells. I was so excited. As I was putting everything together it was all going very well & we couldn't wait to taste the final product. We even went with the Turkey meatballs instead of ground beef because it is healthier :)
Here is the before of what it looked like right before everything melted and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!

The recipe said to cook covered for 35 minutes & well we have (had) this really nice set of Glass cookware with the plastic / rubber lids that I always forget about but not tonight. I remember and thought to myself this will be perfect, because I wont have to use foil. So I put it all together (in the mean time Gabe is relaxing with a video game in the other room) and popped the lid on & in the oven it goes. 35 minutes goes by & I go to open the oven to take off the lid to cook it for another 5 minutes & not only do I find that the mozzarella cheese has melted but so did the LID. I called Gabe into help me & show him that the lid had melted to the glass dish & he just shook his head & went for the camera to take a picture, and said he couldn't believe I did that.

Well ummmmmm, no one said I was the smartest chef in the world. hee hee. Needless to say that lid went straight in the trash. oops!!!
However the final dish turned out better than I though, it was delicious. We even have some left over for tomorrow yumm yumm I can wait.

And then the after photo..............

Thursday, July 16, 2009

LoNeLy NiGhT's

After a long day at work I came home to a empty house.....:(, My Love has CQ tonight. And well not that its like he is gone for a month or more but aaahhhh, a night alone is horrible.
It couldn't of come at a worse time either. I have to have Dingo at the vet first thing bright & early in the morning @ 7:00am. No, problem you say the vet is right across post. WRONG, he is having surgery to get FIXED, tomorrow so we (I) are taking him to a vet in Hawaii Kai, almost 45minutes away. With rush hour traffic I am going to have to get up around 4:45am to leave by 5:30 so I can be there at 7:00am when they open so I can make it back to work by 8:00am to work my 8:00am-5:00pm shift. BLAH, that is going to just suck, but I gotta do it. The sad part is we wont know till 6pm Thursday night (tomorrow) if he will be able to come home that night or the next morning.
After getting my running around done this evening I ran home showered, changed & went to pick up dinner for Gabe, his request was Taco Bell & of course a Rock Star. Whatever he wants he gets :) he is so spoiled and I JUST LOVE LOVE doing it. :) He deserves nothing but the best and that's what I will make sure he has.
He truly is my knight in shining armor, the joy of my life and the apple of my eye. I couldn't imagine our life with out each other and I'm so grateful that I never will. Meeting Gabe and getting married to him is the best thing that has ever happen to me (really to either of us). He makes me smile and keeps me going each and every day. & SO SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate nights with out him, this will only be our 2ND night apart since he has been home and I am going crazy. I know I know, its the Army life and we are going to be spending many nights apart in the future I just hate it. Prior to the deployment we only spent a few weeks at a time together and lived in different states. It was hard don't get me wrong but now that we are LIVING TOGETHER & do EVERY THING TOGETHER, GOING EVERY WERE TOGETHER being away from him for any amount of time (outside of us at wrk) is KILLER. I hate it with every ounce of my body.
Oh the plus side he has Thursday & Friday off work so it will be a nice 3 day weekend together. I think we are going to take the truck & go do some four wheeling. :)
Off to bed I go 4:00am is going to be here before I know it. aaaaahhhhh

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Fantastic Trip To AZ!!!

Our trip to Arizona this past week was just amazing. I am so lucky to have such great in-laws. They are so loving and caring. Not just Jared's parents but is his whole family. They all get together on the holidays and have a BBQ or some type of dinner. They are such a close nit family and I'm so blessed to be apart of it.
Jared's mom really was happy that we decided to come and visit over the past week and it was good because she needed the help after having surgery.
Boy did we hit the road running....from all the shopping we did and eating at all the different place's that we don't have in Hawaii. When Wednesday morning came after our early breakfast with his Grandparents I was so tired of eating out and ready for some home cookin. It truly was a trip to remember.
We were able to Celebrate our 3rd 4Th of July together as a married couple but really the 2ND one we were together. Any how it was great and it was the 2ND year I was able to spend the 4Th w/ Nichole and Pace.....I think we have a tradition started now :).
Going back to Arizona more and more I find things that I fall in love with and can really see myself living there. But only time will tell when and if that will happen. We did look at house's one day and boy did we find some that we just loven. Man what I would do to have a house that was OUR's and not the Army's....but once again in due time.
I think Jared and I really needed this trip to get away and just be able to spend some time together. We have both been so busy with work and the dogs and people staying at our house that at the end of the day we are so tired. So this was a great relaxation time for us.
It's also always a major plus to be able to hang out with our dear friends Pace & Nichole and Trisha. They are such great friends and so much fun to be around. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful family and group of friends that will always be there for us.
I can not wait to go back to the valley, minus the heat it really is a great place....on our next trip there we plan on going to the Grand Canyon (I have never been) so that will be fun.

Until next time...................





Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Cook Book YEAH!!!!!

After waiting for what seemed like forever I finally found the New Cook Book I had been wanting.

Cook Yourself Thin (as seen on Lifetime)

I saw the Lifetime show on a while back and googled to see if there was a cook book out there and sure enough there was. We have stared quite the collection of cook books since My Love has returned home and we enjoy cooking together so much. We are regulars at the Borders here on Island and can spend hours in there just looking around. One evening we stopped off & I checked to see if they had the book in and well NOPE. So I called a few of the others that were in the near by area and none of them had it.
I new I could order the book through Borders, Barnes & Noble, I even found it on Amazon but I wanted it now & didn't want to have to mess with the whole shipping & handling process. uhg!!!!!

Every so often when we would be out we would stop in Borders for a look around and of course I would look for to see if they had the Cook Yourself Thin book I had been wanting. However they never did.

This past week when we were in Arizona we did so much shopping and looking around. It was crazyness, but so much fun. Friday afternoon as we were heading to check out at Fry's Electronics I was glancing at all the items on the shelf's in the check out line and I'll have you know THERE WAS MY BOOK......There was only ONE, and I think it was there just for me. I snatched it up like it was on fire and couldn't get Jared's attention fast enough to show him.
Finally, I can stop looking for it and debating on weather or not to order it on line. hee hee (although if I would of ordered it on line when I first thought about it I would of had it by now. oh well I got it now and I'm as happy as can be.)

I can't wait to try out some of the recipes this coming up week. :0

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friends "R" Forever

Nichole & Gabers after a yumtastic dinner

Nichole, Trisha, Emily & I hanging out on the fire pit.

We had the most amazing time catching up with The Clingers & Trisha last night. Having such great friends like them in our life is truly a blessing. I love that no matter how long we go with out seeing each other or talking that we pick right up were we left off. I think that is what a true friendship is about.
We Had a wonderful dinner complements to chef Nichole, watched the guys & Pace's mom play some Horse Shoes and a nice swim in the pool. It was great to just sit back and relax and chat it up. I love coming back to Arizona just for reason's like today and this whole week so far. It's just amazing and growing on me more and more :), just gotta get use to the darn heat. OMG, its killer.

Gabers catching up w/ the his besties.

He LOVES My kisses

Pace made Trisha & I Starbucks Hot CoCo, it was so yummy (& yes it was a 100 something to degrees outside)

Pace speaking Spanglish

So Pace thought he would test out his spanish or in this case we should say spanglish. After a few drinks. I only thought to record him once he was half way done, but it was still really funny to listen to him telling his jokes.

SuRpRiSe NiChOle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was the big day. We were going to SURPRISE Nichole & let her know we were here in Arizona. I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when we got to her house.

So we did a bit of shopping with some of the family & then off to Mesa it was. Pace knew we were here and headed over to their house but Nichole still had NO idea. Best part to is that another one of our girl friends (Nichole's & Mine) knew that we were here and what was going on. hee hee (sorry Nichole)
We got there & one of Pace's buddies answered the door with Pace's little sister Emily whom told us every one was out back in the pool, so off we went. I peeked through the blinds to see what colie was doing & there she was still clueless. We walked out and it wasn't till we got half way across the patio that she looked up to see who was there & totally FREAKED OUT. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! I couldn't of asked for things to turn out any better. It took all we had to hold back the teers of excitment from seeing each other.
Nichole is the sweetest most amazing person in the world, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What a Fun Filled Day!!!!!!!!

Our first day in Arizona was packed with tons of shopping. We started off at SONIC for breakfast, I had to have my Large Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper w/ easy ice and a Breakfast Toaster Sandwich w/ Bacon, Yummy.

We then made our way to Dick Sporting Store & IKEA. OMG, I just love being back on the mainland. We found a few little things at Ikea to take home with us.

We made our way to Cabela's for a bit of looking around (Gabers is dying for a new gun).
Followed by a stop a Bed Bath & Beyond, another sport store then the Metro Center (the mall) of course. We ended the afternoon at our favorite ghetto Mexican joint for take home lunch. It was so yummy, as always.

After a short nap we headed out for dinner with Gabe's parents and his older brother. Ummmm were else to go but MEXICAN food. So On The Border it was. I LOVE OTB & can't seem to ever get enough of it. It was wonderful just as I remembered. I can't wait to go back in a few days.

Needless to say our stay here on the mainland is going wonderful, you don't realize the thing's you miss the most until they are not there at your every day reach. I can not wait to move back to the mainland. (don't get me wrong I'm loven our life in Hawaii)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gettin on a Jet


I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!