Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ok, so I just had to get that out there. OMG, today was not my day at work at all. I new from the moment I stepped into the building that it was gonna be long & ruff.
I was only scheduled from 9am to 12pm, 3 hours. That was fine by me. However that all changed as soon as I walked in the door and my director asking me if I could stay till 6pm. "Sure", I respond what the heck I could use the extra hours.
So I clock in and head back to the preschool class. I was excited about working in that class today because I have not been back there in awhile and I love preschool.
I had six children all playing in the centers and doing their own thing when one child (I'll call him J.) decided he wanted to walk on the top of the shelf's. So I got him down, up and down up and down for about 20 minutes. After he got down the last time he knocked over a container full of art pieces that went every were. While I'm cleaning that up he then decides he wants to dump out the crate of books and scatter them across the room. Finally after getting J. to help me pick up the books he then turns around and dumps out a whole nother container of toys. aaaaahhhhh, are you kidding me. I was so frustrated. I tryed talking to him and calming him down but it wasn't working. All's I could think about was it had not even hit 10am yet and I had to be in there till 6pm. What was I going to do.
I called the front desk for someone to come talk to J. and then they switched him to a different class. Then trouble child #2 comes in (I'll call him M.)(at this point I have the class sitting at the table doing a activity) he decides he want to push everything off the table on the floor. OMG, I have had it already, I'm not staying here all day and dealing with this I though.
We had lunch at 11am and I was getting the children down for their nap when I got a call from the front desk telling me to go to the other preschool class for 30 minutes before I go on my lunch. OK, not to bad I though. WRONG, it was the same thing all over again. Kids not listening and throwing toys, food all over the floor from lunch that I was going to have to clean up and to top it off I had a class full of just BOYS. OH NO, this is not going to work.
Before I left for lunch I talk to management and told them there was no way I was staying till 6pm and going back to that classroom. NOPE it wasn't happening.
So I came home and vented about my crappy day to my hubby and then back to work I went a hour later. (days like today are why I got OUT of childcare)
Thankfully they had switched me over to the infant room which I love love love and the day ended much better, even with the 3 incident reports we had to write on the little guys :( it was so much more peaceful and relaxing.
Thankfully even though I'm working 10am to 6pm the rest of this week and all next week, I'm going to be in the infant room. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once I got off work I headed down to tan for some much needed stress relief. On my way home Gabers called to see how far out I was and much to my surprise when I got home he had cooked dinner....Homemade Burrito Grande, which was the best ever, did the dishes, cleaned one of our large rugs and the stairs, even fed the dogs. Oh how thankful I am for him. From what started off as such a crappy, horrible day turned in to a wonderful evening at home. Awh, the JOYS of being married to MY HUSBAND.
(what am I gonna do with out him these next two week ugh.)


Nichole said...

Dang T! That is rough! Sorry you had such a poopy (no pun intended) start to your day. Where is J going to be the next 2 weeks? If your bored and need to talk while he is away...give me a jingle!

Annie Banannie said...

Sorry to hear your day was so crappy...kids can definitely be a handful, but I'm with you on the infants...uber cute! Hope the rest of your week gets better :)

Jess said...

The joys of working with kids...they can be such "shit heads" sometimes! The baby room sounds great! I would love to love on the little ones that can't talk back or move around and knock things over!

Where is Gabe going?