Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in Texas

Holidays are always big in our family and Easter was no different this year. Day-4 Although everyone wasn't able to come due to other obligations we had a great time with yummy food and lots of laughs. Between Myself, Mamaw, Aunt Vonda and My Mom we all made a few dishes for everyone to enjoy. We had quite the spread with plenty of left overs. That morning I took my cousin Little Robert (we call him lil Robert bc he is a JR and his dad is Big Robert) to the park to play for a little while. It was a perfect sunny day and I needed to get out to the house for a bit before starting on lunch.
After the park Little Robert and I headed back to Mamaw's house to get started on Lunch. He was going to help me :) such a sweetie. I managed to finish up everything just before everyone got there. 
My Uncle Richard & I 
My not so innocent little cousin Shae and I. Love this girl with all my heart and hate that I live so far from here. :( 
Some of our lunch spread and my momma on the phone of course lol. She was talkin to her daddy!! 
It's so crazy to me that Ant (Anthony- we just call him Ant) is 18 years old now and Shae will be 14 years old in June. I remember when he was just 3 years old when he my aunt and uncle got together and I can remember when Shae was born. Gosh I hate saying that though because I hate when people come to me and say......"I remember when you were......" Still none the less they are getting so big and I love them so much!!!!! 
 After lunch some of us took a road trip out to Mansfield to look at my Uncle's truck again. (It was broken into a few days before & he's waiting to have it towed back to his house) First there was a stop at Sonic for drinks. First time I've been in a long LONG time. Since I don't drink soda I really don't have a reason to go. But this trip home, I've discovered a new tea that I like. All 5 of us managed to squeeze in my little bitty rental car. Talk about a sight to see. It was comical and we had some good laughs. We made it back in time for me to talk to my other Cousin Big Robert when he called before I headed out to our River House for a few days.
All in All it was a nice low key Easter with close family. I'm so glad to be home, I hate more than anything missing out on Holidays and big family events. I'm really close with my family and being away from home isn't the easiest at times. Although I wouldn't change a thing because if it wasn't for the Army I would have never met my hubbs and have some of the friends I do. 
So as they say everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that!!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break in Texas (part-2)

Saturday Morning (day 3 in TX) I did some things around the house for my Mamaw such as dying Easter Eggs. They would have looked cuter but I was on a time crunch because I was meeting my brother and one of our friends for lunch. But for a quick job, I suppose they turned out kinda cute. 
 I met Justin back up in the Highlands for lunch (side note- the Highlands is a fairly new shopping center to Arlington) They have EVERYTHING there, I mean everything. Lots of shopping, eating and even a movie theater. So as you can see its our typical go to place!! We had lunch with our friend Jan at Pluckers Wing Bar, she's Justin's best friends mom and he just so happens to stay with her when he's not out at our river house. I ordered Sweet Tea of course and it came in this GIANT Mason Jar. Justin ordered a beer and it came in a GIANT beer mug that was even bigger than my tea glass. We ended up both purchasing the glasses. I've officially got a new drinking glass for when I go home :) 
After lunch I headed back home to meet up with my Uncle Richard, we went out to Traders Village for a little while. Now if you've ever been to the DFW area you've heard of Traders Village. I haven't been in YEARS and I was looking forward to spending some time with my uncle. Traders Village is a GIANT I'm talking LARGE out door flea market. It's not really the nicest place in the area, I'd never go there alone. I don't know exactly how big it is but it's got to be a good 10+ acres. Neither of us were really looking for anything inparticular (other than some hats, which we found). We pretty much stood out like a sore thumb while we were there if you know what I mean. It does make for some great people watching though. Oh and the kids, everyone has 3-9 kid with them and they have no problem running out in front of you or simply not paying attention to were they are going. None the less we had a good time together. (I failed and didn't take any pictures while we were there.) After that we drove out to Mansfield to check on his truck and then back to the house. It was a fairly relaxing day with family!!!! I did pick up this oh so yummy watermelon while at Traders Village to have for Easter and take to the River with us. I'm a suck for fresh fruit. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break in Texas!!

I flew out Thursday evening for Texas and couldn't be more excited to get out of the South for a little while. Only down side to the whole trip is I was going solo, hubs had to work. Darn you life on the trail. I was going to finally get to see my baby brother and hang out with him after way to long. We had plans to go down to our river house and send a couple days on the water and ski. Other than that I didn't really have any big set plans, just to take it day by day and see what came. My plane arrived about half a hour early and I was a bit worried bc my little brother was picking me up at the airport. I just knew he was going to be late be we landed at the time he said he was going to leave his house. Much to my surprise I called him right away and was already almost there and already knew about me getting in early, the gate change and everything. Boy's got skills, gosh he's growing up. Be time I got my bag and walked outside he was pulling up. When I went to get in the truck I was greeted by this beautiful face!!! Sweet little Calli, his Pit Bull that he's had since 2004. Her and my brother have been through a lot together she's much more than just family.
 From there we headed to our Mamaw's house were I was going to be staying. Since it was late and I hadn't had dinner yet he offered to stop some were for me. CHICKEN EXPRESS PLEASE!!!!!! He went to order and I was quickly disappointed. They were completely out of what I wanted. Epic fail, I was no longer hungry. 

We visited with our Mamaw for a bit before he left and I called it a night, it had been a long day. (I worked that morning before I left and even with only a hour time change I could feel it.)

Friday my little brother came to pick me up from our Mamaw's house with his Girlfriend (whomed no one in our family had met yet) I was a tiny it nervous, not so much about meeting her but about how she would be and just her personality in general. My brother's been through a lot and he needs a girl that's going to help keep his head on straight and not some one that's going to steer him down the wrong road. We met up with our mom at one of my favorite places OTB. We hit it off great, her name is Rebecca and she's 2 1/2 years younger than my brother. We joked around exchanged stories went shopping after lunch, then to visit with our Nene before they dropped me back off at my mamaw's house.
I went to my Aunt Vonda's house to visit with her and my cousin little Robert for a bit before dinner. She has a tree swing in her front yard and I always love swinging on it. There's just something about it that's so fun and carefree. I may or may not have almost busted my butt a couple of times. 

My Uncle Richard, absolutely LOVE HIM!!!! My Aunt Vonda and LiL Robert - her grandson. 
Later that evening I met up with Denise and her two boy's in the Highlands for some dinner. She's a fellow blogger herself, stationed in Texas just a couple hours away from were I'm from. It was great to finally meet her in person after chatting and blogging back and forth with her over the last year or so. She's such a doll and I can't wait to get together with her again. So glad we are "real life friends" now. 

I finished out the evening hanging out with my favorite Uncle Richard, Aunt Holly and little Cousin Shae. I alway's enjoy catching up with them, we always spent so much time together when I lived in Texas, its so hard being away from them now. Thank Goodness for being back on the Mainland, its a little easier to come home now and def. not as expensive. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

They Happen in 3's + 1

Ever have one of those week's were you just want to wake up and hope that its all been a dream?????? Yea that was me this past week, it was awful and I never though it would end. It seemed like one thing after another kept going wrong. The bad luck streak was on my side and I still can't figure out why. There was only one more week that stood between me and Spring Break which = going home. I kept thinking I had to make it through another week still. How in the world am I going to make it. 
MONDAY-  Work went ok, the night before my phone was starting to act crazy. Long story short it wouldn't hold a charge. After work I couldn't even get it to turn on so I stopped by the Verizon store on my way home. They pretty much told me the charging input was broke, the insurance I pay for every month doesn't cover it, I'm not up for a upgrade till June (which I knew) and so there for I'd have to buy a new phone of find one to borrow. Awesome, I didn't have time to deal with it at the time I had dinner plans. After dinner I was home, had my phone plugged in charging or at least I though it was bc the charging light was on. Hubs and I are watching the season finally of the Biggest Loser when it starts to down poor and next thing you know BOOM!!!!!! And there went our TV, the lightening shot it AGAIN. Yes, again this happened last July - bad storm blow our TV out. (Yes we have it plugged in to a power surge on a inside wall.) Seriously you have got to be freaking kidding me. With that being our only TV in the house we called it a early night and went to bed. 
TUESDAY-  I was dealing with car issues. Back up about two week's, every so often I've been having to stop and put air in my tire. Ok like every other day almost and it was beginning to be a pain in the butt. On my lunch break Tuesday I decided to take it in to get looked at. While waiting I called our insurance company about the TV, we have a $200 deductible. Ok its not the price of a new TV so it could be worse but still. Come to find out there was a hole in my tire that went all the way through. Meaning it wasn't fixable, well not by a patch or plug any how. But by buying a Brand New Tired. UGH!!!!! Not sure If you remember but I have a 2011 Dodge Challenger with 20in (they are factory, not something I added) wheels. The guy working on my car gave me some prices on two tire bands that would fit my car. The Cheapest one total out the door, install w/ tax was $217.00 the other price which was the Firestone brand I have on there now was $242.00 install w/ tax out the door. YIKES!!!! I've got to talk this over with my husband first I told the guy. Can you at least put the old tire back on there for now. "No Mama, sorry I can not its not safe"ya, that's what I figured. Donut / spare it was. Talk about a heart breaking moment. My baby was looking a little ruff.
After work I checked out a few more  places for tire prices and the cheapest price I found total was $212.00 at Walmart outside Post Gate. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE that Walmart, I almost refuse to go there by myself I hate it that much. Its seriously GHETTO!!!!!! I figure well as long as I just have to drive around to the side go in through the automotive section I should be ok. So I sucked it up and went up there to order the tire bc of course its not something they have in stock. Anther day with the donut. 
WEDNESDAY- On my lunch break again I was headed out to try and figure out this TV issue. I decided to take it back to the same place we had it repaired at last year since they did a good job, quick turn around time and frankly I didn't have the energy to search for some were else. After I got lost trying to find the place, (coming from a different direction than before) almost in tears because I was on a time schedule, no phone (what did people do before cell phones, Tues. I had so much on my mind with the car I didn't even have time to figure out a new phone) or GPS I finally found the place. Paid my $50 deposit, left them the Hub's number since I didn't have a phone and was told we should hear from them the next day. A stop a the Verizon store down the street (a different one this time) was next. I went in explained my issue and the lady so kindly started helping me. She played around with the phone trying to get it to turn on or charge even after I told her it wouldn't. She pulled up our account and said "well it looks like we are going to have to order you another phone since this one isn't working. REALLY SCORE!!!! "But the lady at the other store on Monday said it wasn't covered under the warranty or insurance" I said. She replied with "well your paying for it so it should, let me check with my manager just to make sure" CRAP, Tiffany you should have just kept your mouth shut. She came back didn't say anything, verified my address and number again and confirmed that a new phone would be sent out. HELLO HAPPY DANCE!!!! Me: (trying not to sound pushy) "how long will that take?" Verizon Lady: "you should have it tomorrow afternoon" Continue Happy dance!!!! Me: "Will I need to sign for it?"Verizon Lady: "yes you will bc its coming FedEx" Awesome, no one is going to be home because we work. :( now what. Me: "can I just have it sent here to the store and come pick it up on my lunch or after work tomorrow". Verizon Lady: "Yes" 
So she does whatever it is she needs to do to continue the exchange and I head back to work. After work I go home let the pups out for a bit and then had back out to Walmart to get my tire fixed. I was half way off post when I remembered I never put the tire and wheel back in my car. (we had to take it out to get the TV in there) I was just glad I wasn't already off post. I double checked with the guy fixing my car if my tire could be fix and he confirmed it wasn't. Bummer, ok whatever its gotta get done. 
Thursday- Before I left work I called the Verizon store to see if my phone was in, this would save me a trip after work it if was and a trip down there on my lunch only to find out it wasn't there. The Customer Service rep checked and it wasn't bummer, ok I'll just go after work. I get home and what do you know there is a FedEx sticker on my door. AAAHHHH I was so mad, really how did that get mixed up. It was suppose to go to the store not my house, whatever I'm trying not to complain or get to upset since I'm getting it at no cost. I grab something to eat, let the pups run around while I look up directions to the FedEx store. This way after work I can go there to pick it up. I leave and head over to my friend Sarah's house who lives down the street so I can borrow her phone. We looked the number up bc it wasn't on the sticker only to find out that location is closed on Thursday's. NICE!!!! I called the 1-800 number and the lady told me the package had to be delivered, that the sender didn't want it picked up from a FedEx location. Seriously you have got to be kidding me. She put the request in to have it redelivered and I signed the skip and went back to stick it on my door. I came home after work and nothing. Well hopefully tomorrow I'll have it. This whole, no TV no Cell phone thing is really no fun. 
FRIDAY- I rushed home on my lunch because I had to take the pups to the vet so Bailey could get her eye's rechecked. When I pulled up the FedEx guy was at my house leave the package. YAY!!!!! I have a phone again. We found out last week she has dry eyes and her eye's aren't producing tear's any more. Which is causing her eye's to drain really bad and its pretty ugly. Also there was a ulcer on her right eye so we were having to do meds. We've been having to put artificial drops in her eye's, like people use as well as meds. Doing all 3 two times a day. Let me tell you this pups has got some STRONG eye lids because she sure can clamp them down shut when we try to put in the meds. I was really hoping for some good news at her check up. We've notice a little less draining with the meds but its still there. I'm sure if we were 100% consistent with putting in the drops and meds it would be even better but it seriously takes two people to do it because she is so strong. The Vet did a tear test and she is producing 5 tears a minute which is better than before were she didn't even make it to 5. But normal pups produce about 60-80 tears a minute so we still have a long long way to go. Good news it the ulcer is gone and we can stop with those meds. It just breaks my heart for my baby girl to be in pain. It's so sad because I wish there was more I could do. I rushed them home and headed back to work, I was going to be late and didn't think to tell the office what I was doing before I left in case I was late and I couldn't call because I didn't have a phone. Yay, I had my new one but I had to go get it activated after work. Before I left the house I FBed a co-worker who was on lunch at the same time as me and asked her to tell them what was going on. In hopes she would get it before she got back herself. 10 minutes late I showed up, thankfully she got my message and was able to let them know. Even though it was only 10 minutes and they understood what was going on I still felt awful for being late. All's I could think about was I only had 2 1/2 more hours and then I'd be home free for the weekend. Even though the hubs had to work all weekend and we had no TV I didn't care. I was going to be completely lazy and enjoy it. I didn't even feel like cooking dinner, it was just one of those days. Really it was one of those weeks if you couldn't tell. 
I'm really hoping next week is a better week, I only have to work 3 1/2 days and then I'm on VACAY till April 8th. As much as I'm going to miss my hubs I can not wait to go home!!!!!

Spring Art Auction

Each year the school I work for does a Spring Art Auction this is the school's spring fundraiser.
 Part of what goes into that is the Children decorate a canvas. Each child has their own and they are to do what they want on it. There is no direction, no theme or story to go by, simply them using their imagination. Its a lot of fun for the older kiddos and seeing the out come. However with the little ones they need a bit more guidance. We wanted them to be a creation all of its self but knew some help was needed. We've been talking about this since the beginning of the year (Jan. 2013, our school year runs just as a public school August- May) and what we wanted to do. I had some what of a idea in my head that we had been talking about. We had been trying to play off that and add to it just a little. Last Friday we got out Canvas's and set on them for the week. Even though the Auction is less than 20 days away and 6 of those day's we will be on bring break we didn't want to rush into it. We wanted to make sure they turned out perfect and we didn't mess up anything. 
Well this morning we decided we would give it a try, "we will start with one", we said and go from there on what we think. One led to Two which led to Three, Four, Five, next thing we knew we had done all eight children that were there for the day. (we had a few out) We were / are very please with the way they turned out. They were completely done by the children as far as the painting goes. So with out further ado here are our Classroom Canvas's for EDS's 2012-2013 Spring Art Auction 


I think they are so cute and I can't wait to see what the parents think of them.
Its going to be hard keeping them a secret from them till April 18th. 
What do you think, did they turn out cute?!?!? or what?!?!
 I do think they look so much better in person, but they are still cute!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

St. Patties Day & Easter @ School

Since St. Patrick's Day and Easter are semi close together we decided instead of completely changing out board out half way through the month to put up Easter art we would just make one board into two. It worked out really well and we've been extra busy with art over the last few weeks. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of week one, I remember just as I took the last piece of art work down. 
So skipping on to Week 2 or March-
 Fruit Loop Rainbows- lets just say we wont be doing these again next year. As cute as they are, they were a pain in the booty and talk about messy to. Hand Print Lambs- these turned out super cute and were so adorable. Definitely one of our favorites. 
Week 3 of March-
Hand Print Shamrocks in a Pot of gold. Our original plan was to simply do 4 of their hand prints all on one sheet and have them over lap to look like a shamrock. Well after several attempts it just wasn't working out. So we resorted to 4 single prints, cutting and glueing. which I still think came out pretty well. Chick Feet- these little guy's turned out just darlin. Again another one were the original gave us some trouble but we change it and made it our own.
Week 4 of March-
For the last week of March we decided to to go a little simple with our art work. Foot print Carrots & Foot print Bunnies on the Easter side. They turned out super cute. For the St. Patties day side we were a little less creative as we were running out of ideas. We decided to let the kiddo's have a little fun with some extra construction paper we had laying around and they made Mosaic Rainbows. I have to say it took a little explaining of them for people to understand what it was, they we decided to Write on the "sun's" what it was. I'm glad both of these Holidays are behind us and that we don't have anymore in the future. I can't wait to do just free art and not have a theme to go by or a Holiday. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Strawberry Pickin!!!

The Cottle Strawberry field opened up this past weekend and since the hubs was still off we decided to make a trip out there. Good thing to because its suppose to rain this entire weekend and I'll be gone next weekend. Last year we went and just picked two 4oz baskets of Strawberries, this year we decided to go big with the 1lb bucket. I mean its only $11 for you to pick and fill it so you really can't go wrong. Fresh Sweet Strawberry's, can't pass that up!!!

The weather was perfect, it was in the high 70's all weekend the sun was shinning and the breeze felt great. Look at those beauties, you can smell the sweetness coming from them. I absolutely love this time of year. Springtime, strawberry fields, farmers markets, panting flowers and veggies in our backyard its perfect. The only thing I hate is I have horrible allergies, they didn't bother me at all in Hawaii. 

Couples who Pick together Sick together!!!! I seriously love this man with all my heart!!!! 

Most of the strawberries were about average size, but then you had some that were giant. They looked like they could have been 2-3 grown together. We filled out bucket up in no time and were on our way. 

 I can't wait to go back after I come home from spring break. Between the two of us eating them and me making strawberry cupcakes they are just about all gone. They don't last long in our home. 

These are the strawberry cupcakes I made, with fresh homemade cream cheese icing and a sliced strawberry garnish. They were extra yummy and had just enough sweetness up not over powering. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My 1st Half Marathon

Finally the day I've been training for, over the last two months was here. I couldn't believe it was all coming together and I was really going to be doing this. I had my moments during training were I didn't think I was going to be able to complete the race but I kept going. And I'm so so thankful that I did because I'm not one to quit or throw in the towel. 
Up at 5am this morning to eat a yummy breakfast, get dress, make sure my hair was pulled back nice and tight. Everything else I got together and ready the night before so I was set to go. I'm not a morning person at all, but once I'm up I'm good to go. It's just that initial getting up that sucks. 
I met up with Kelly at 6:15am at her house and we headed down town it was time to face the starting line. Was this really happening, are we really here today. It's not a dream, its really happening. All of these emotions kept going through my head, I wasn't sure what to expect with this being my first big race. There was going to be a ton of people, I didn't want to be left in the dust at the end the last one to cross the finish line. What if no one talked to me or if I choked and got nervous, I was feeling a bit over whelmed but I put a smile on and made my way to the start line. 
Ready or not this is really happening, I'm about to run my first ever (but not last Half Marathon). Yesterday at Packet Pick Up, I signed up to run with a Pacer. (If you don't know what a pacer is here's a quick example, bc I didn't know before this past week. Race's have pacer's to help runners meet their goal time. Example: if you want to run a marathon in 3 hours you sign up to run with the pacer that runs at that mile a minute pace, if you want to run a marathon in 5 hours you sign up with that mile a minute pacer. I highly recommend this for first time half / full marathon runners) I had a goal time that I really wanted to meet. So I signed up with the pacer that best fit my goal time. Knowing that if I ran with them or ahead of them, never letting that pacer or other runners in that pacing group pass me then I'd make my goal time. It made perfect sense. 
Kelly and I before she decided she needed to go wait in the 10 minute long potty line umm......7 minutes before the race was suppose to start. I went ahead and met up with my pacer, this way I could put a face with the people I'd be running with. 
The race started and I was feeling good about things, it was a little chilly but I knew it would warm up as soon as I got going. At first I was nervous about running by myself (not with K) for say but I really think it help me alot. I was able to focus on myself and stay in the zone. I knew the route of the last 5 miles but the first half of the race I didn't. I think knowing some and not knowing helped me in different ways. I was able to stay with the pacer through out the first 5 1/2 - 6 miles, I never let them pass me. There was 4 other runners running with her as well, they were all running the full marathon though. There was water and first aide stations at every mile marker which was really nice. I only grabbed water three times out of the 13 miles. I'm used to running with out water so I didn't need it so much. I'm sure on hotter days it will be more welcomed but I did fine with my Gu pack. A good amount of the time I stayed a few feet ahead of the pacer or just right behind her. As we would reach a water station I would hear her tell the other runners that they could walk through this one and take a break. Are you kidding way I'm not walking, I'm not stopping. I kept going and when I would grab water I would get it from the last person handing it out. Everyone seems to go to the first person they see, which causes a mass cluster and I've learned in race's that I tend to go to the last person. 
When we passed about mile 5 1/2 -6 I found myself a good few blocks ahead of the group. I'd picked up my pace a little and just kept going. I wasn't going to slow down to wait for them. As long as they DIDN'T pass me I was golden and had nothing to worry about. I had a goal and that's all that mattered, if I came in under FABULOUS but if I came in at my goal time I'd be just as stoked. 
I paced through mile 7, 8, 9, 10 all by myself, I never stopped, never let up and never looked back. Passing mile 10 there was a few people cheering that it was just a 5k left. Hey a 5k, I've done plenty of these I've got this. (speaking of people out cheering, they were EVERY WERE through out the city, the different neighborhoods and along the streets cheering us on. The support from the community was outstanding) I came up on mile 11 and I recognized some of the voices coming up from behind me. It was the pacer and the other runners I'd ran with the first few miles. Are you kidding I though I lost you people. One of the guys (I'll will call him N) said to me "alright your about to smoke us out of here and fly away" I replied laughing "I though I already did that". Then came a awful hill, the largest one of the course, I pushed through it as hard as I could but I seriously though I was going to die. 
But I DIDN'T stop. "NEVER STOP ON A HILL", I just kept repeating that to myself. 
As we reached the top of the hill N kept encouraging me along the way and telling me the next few turns before I reached the finish line. He was a great supporter and I can not thank him enough for pushing me that last mile and half. We rounded the last corner and you could see a large crowd of people in the distance about 3/4 of a mile down. N knew my goal time and told me if I didn't slow down there would be no doubt that I'd make it and be really happy with myself. I asked him what the time was and then quickly said NO NO don't tell me, I wanted to be surprise. (even though I had my watch on me I hadn't looked at it) He told me to sprint it out the last 100 yards and push out everything I had in me. I said my good byes to them and wished them good luck as they were about to start on their 2nd loop around and the really left them in my dust. I pushed it out and ran my little heart out as fast as I could. 
(the picture below was taken after I crossed the finish line)
All of a sudden I hear to my right some people yelling my name and I look over and its Kelly her husband and one of their friends. I looked over at them with a big smile and waved as I kept going, I was ALMOST THERE. My husband was waiting for me at the finish line some were and I wanted him to see my finish strong. 
I DID IT!!!! 
I'm a Half Marathon Runner and I finished UNDER my goal time!!! 
I was so freaking stoked!!!! 
My Goal time to finish was 2:30:00
 My final finish time was 2:27:03
That's right 3 minutes under my goal time. Sure its not much but its under and I'll take that any day!!!! With that being said and seeing that I can do it, I know I can push myself that much more next time. I've already set a new goal time for my next Half Marathon!!!
 (no, there's not a race planned yet, looking for one though. )
My Love and I after I finished. He is the best husband, supporter ever. I can't even begin to Thank him enough for always supporting my love for running and encouraging me to follow through with my dreams and goals. Having him there at the finished line made it that much more sweeter. While I was running knowing he was going to be waiting for me only made me want to push through that much stronger. 
side note: out of all the races I've ran he's only been able to attend one of them because of the army, so this was a big deal.  
Kelly and I after I finished. She is definitely a rock star, with out her it would have taken me a lot longer to train up and get ready to run a half. When we first talked about doing it and signed up for it I though no way will I be ready in two months. Let me tell you about a month and a half into training I was ready. At that point I had the confidence that I could do it!!! I impressed myself more and more every day with training, running and working out leading up to today. 
After today I have more confidence in myself that I can do a FULL MARATHON. I've always had a goal to run a Full before I'm 30, it's on my 30 before 30 list. (thankfully I have a few years till then lol.) Prior to running the half I told myself, the hubbs and Kelly that I wasn't at all going to try and push myself to do one this year. I didn't think it was possible at all. However I believe I can do it this year and I may just take on the challenge if I come across good race and location.
Seriously one of my most favorite people I have here in the South!!! Love Love her!!! I'm so glad that I've finally found someone who I love hanging out with and spending time with. We can joke around, be goofy and crazy and have a great time doing just about anything. She's def. made my time here in the South more enjoyable. 
Half Marathon Finisher!!!!! Metal!!!! 
I had so much fun running the half, the course was great the weather was perfect the support from the community was amazing and I can't wait to do this race again next year. 
All the tears, blisters, shoe issues, sore leg and every ounce of pain was totally worth it. I'd do it all over again and can't wait to!!!! 
I'm taking the week off from running to let my leg fully heal from a injury I've been nursing and then its back at it full force hitting the streets. Thanks again for following along and supporting me through this journey. Stick around because its not over!!!!!