Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break in Texas!!

I flew out Thursday evening for Texas and couldn't be more excited to get out of the South for a little while. Only down side to the whole trip is I was going solo, hubs had to work. Darn you life on the trail. I was going to finally get to see my baby brother and hang out with him after way to long. We had plans to go down to our river house and send a couple days on the water and ski. Other than that I didn't really have any big set plans, just to take it day by day and see what came. My plane arrived about half a hour early and I was a bit worried bc my little brother was picking me up at the airport. I just knew he was going to be late be we landed at the time he said he was going to leave his house. Much to my surprise I called him right away and was already almost there and already knew about me getting in early, the gate change and everything. Boy's got skills, gosh he's growing up. Be time I got my bag and walked outside he was pulling up. When I went to get in the truck I was greeted by this beautiful face!!! Sweet little Calli, his Pit Bull that he's had since 2004. Her and my brother have been through a lot together she's much more than just family.
 From there we headed to our Mamaw's house were I was going to be staying. Since it was late and I hadn't had dinner yet he offered to stop some were for me. CHICKEN EXPRESS PLEASE!!!!!! He went to order and I was quickly disappointed. They were completely out of what I wanted. Epic fail, I was no longer hungry. 

We visited with our Mamaw for a bit before he left and I called it a night, it had been a long day. (I worked that morning before I left and even with only a hour time change I could feel it.)

Friday my little brother came to pick me up from our Mamaw's house with his Girlfriend (whomed no one in our family had met yet) I was a tiny it nervous, not so much about meeting her but about how she would be and just her personality in general. My brother's been through a lot and he needs a girl that's going to help keep his head on straight and not some one that's going to steer him down the wrong road. We met up with our mom at one of my favorite places OTB. We hit it off great, her name is Rebecca and she's 2 1/2 years younger than my brother. We joked around exchanged stories went shopping after lunch, then to visit with our Nene before they dropped me back off at my mamaw's house.
I went to my Aunt Vonda's house to visit with her and my cousin little Robert for a bit before dinner. She has a tree swing in her front yard and I always love swinging on it. There's just something about it that's so fun and carefree. I may or may not have almost busted my butt a couple of times. 

My Uncle Richard, absolutely LOVE HIM!!!! My Aunt Vonda and LiL Robert - her grandson. 
Later that evening I met up with Denise and her two boy's in the Highlands for some dinner. She's a fellow blogger herself, stationed in Texas just a couple hours away from were I'm from. It was great to finally meet her in person after chatting and blogging back and forth with her over the last year or so. She's such a doll and I can't wait to get together with her again. So glad we are "real life friends" now. 

I finished out the evening hanging out with my favorite Uncle Richard, Aunt Holly and little Cousin Shae. I alway's enjoy catching up with them, we always spent so much time together when I lived in Texas, its so hard being away from them now. Thank Goodness for being back on the Mainland, its a little easier to come home now and def. not as expensive. 


Jane Adensam said...

It looks like you had SO much fun!!

Nicole said...

Yay for trips back home! Love that shirt. I need an Iowa one :)

Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

Brittany said...

YAYYYY you came to Texas!!!!!!! Looks like such a great trip. Sweet tea from Chicken Express is the BEST! And so is On the Border and must be a mexican food lover like me :). So glad you had fun and got to see your Mamaw!

Janna Renee said...

Yay for bloggers turned IRL friends! You know I love Blates!