Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sweet 16!!!

This morning I was set out to run my longest run to date ever. I've mentioned before how I've started running with a running group on Saturday mornings. This has got to have been the best decision ever, running with them that is. I've gotten in some extra long runs that I may not have been able to other wise. Its helped me do a good amount of the training on my own because K isn't able to train with me as much because of her job change. I've also found a few new area's to run in with longer straight stretches and that's so much nicer than the constant turn here, turn here then turn here. Its worked out great and because we were scheduled to run 8 miles today and I needed to run a total of 16 miles. YIKES!!!! K suggested that I park at her house and run the 3.5 almost 4 miles from her house to the school were we meet up and then the 8 miles with them and then 4 miles back to make a total of 16 miles. Ok doesn't sound to bad right.....except for the fact that it means I had to get up a hour earlier than I normally do because I had to meet the group at 7:30. I figure if I started at 6:30 I could get more than the 4 miles in and have less to do on the back end on my way home. It still sounded way to freaking early but you know what I sucked it up and did it. I was a little ok ALOT nervous about running so early in the morning before the sun came up by myself. I tend to freak myself out way to much but you can't help it with all the crazy people in the world now days. I got out of the neighborhood as quickly as I could and on to the main streets (which aren't super busy that early in the morning so that's a bonus) just rounding the 2nd to last long stretch before the school the sun started to come out a little and it was getting brighter out. I started seeing more people out running and it made me feel at ease a little more. I met up with the running group and we headed out right then on our route. I was able to stay up to pace with two other runners and we chatted the whole time at a good pace which helped the time and mileage go by pretty quickly. Once we finally made it back to the school I simply looped around and knew I was on the home stretch back to my car only 4 miles to go and I was good. I ended up having to take a gu pack at mile 12 and a quick sip of water from a water station another running group had set up. (I don't run with water) I was golden for my trip back. I made it all the way with only having two short red light stops. The last mile I was struggling a bit as it was up hill a good amount of the way, my knees were hurting and I wanted to trough in the towel but I sucked it up and did it. I avoided going by my car till I was right at 16.00 miles because I didn't want to be tempted to stop. Although I'm a very determined and strong willed person I wouldn't have given in early still it was tempting. I was so proud of myself and relived that it was over and I had just run my longest run ever, but the disappointing part about it was there was no one to celebrate it with. See the hubbs was home asleep at CQ (24 hour duty) so I dare not call him, K was gone and wasn't getting back to me, I called my brother but he was asleep. My excitement was short lived as I headed home to get cleaned up and then out to the commissary for my month grocery shopping trip. But I'm proud to say I ran 16 that's SIXTEEN miles straight for the very first time ever and I felt great 85% of the time. That's something to be proud about and talk about right!?!?!?!? This next Saturday coming up is my 18 mile run, just adding on those miles, 2 at a time from here on out. I've got exactly 5 weeks to go and that means CRUNCH time. My goal is to get to at least 23-24 miles before my marathon, I'm not going to try and make it all the way to 26, as I want my marathon to be my first 26.2 miles. After Saturday's run I feel as though I CAN run the entire race. Prior over the last 3 weeks or so I've had a game plan to run 6 miles walk .5 miles, run 6 miles walk .5 miles etc, that sounds do able right?!?! But I "think" I can possibly run the whole 26.2, I've said all along I just want to finish strong and proudly but I would be lying if I said I didn't have a goal time to complete the race in because I do. We will see, I still have just over a month of training left and I'm talking full advantage of it!!!

I know you are all probably so board and over my running post, and I'm sorry. I've always wanted to keep track and be able to look back on my life (our life as a couple) and this has been a huge part of my life over the last few years and it will continue to do so as long as I can run. I promise though we have some exciting things coming up our way over the next couple months and I plan to fill you in on all of that as well. I'm still contemplating taking the rest of November off from running after my race but I probably won't. I don't know we will see how I feel. Thank you to each and everyone of you for sticking around and supporting me and following along as I train through the pain, the good and the bad..... for my first half marathon (which was this past March) and now for my first full marathon. 
Your support and encouraging words mean more to me than you will ever know. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life Lately!!!

Life has just been so busy here lately, well not even that but when I do get some down time to blog it seems as if 20 more things come up that I have to do or take care of. So here's a bit of a recap on what's been going on over the last month. 

*Proudly supporting the Gamecocks as this may be our last Football season in the South. This is officially one of my newest favorite tanks. On my South Car. bucket list is to go to a Game and get my picture taken with Cocky!!! This picture below was taken after I got home from Charleston (see below) and had just run 12 miles across the Cooper River Bridge. I got a tad bit sunburned, plus side of running I can work on my tan loo. 
*My favorite little red head and I had a play date with my bestie Jenna and her little guy the other night at Chick-fil-a. I simple love this girl to pieces, she almost makes me wanna have one of my own. If only I could 100% guarantee I'd have a girl I might not be so hesitant on taking the plunge right now but since that's not possible I think I'm happy just the two of us and pups for a little longer. 

*The hubbs and I went out to dinner for my besties (Jenna again) birthday dinner a week or two ago and I decided to sport my boots with my Garnets and White Dress. Couldn't of been a better evening. 
*Of course you know I've been running my booty off like crazy, with just over a month left to go till my First ever Full Marathon training is in full force. I did a little weekend getaway 2 weeks ago in Charleston to help a friend and her family during her sisters wedding. So before I headed home I decided I'd run the Cooper River Bridge. Not just once but 3 times totally out to be 12 miles. I'm up to 14 miles total for my long run and I'll be pushing that up this coming weekend. This past weekend I ran my first race since the end of June and I finally beat my 10k time which I was so stoked about. This weekend I have a 16 mile run ahead of me, please pray for me if your the praying type.

*Two weeks ago I took off a day and a half early from work to go to Charleston to spend the weekend with these 4 cuties below. One of my mom's sisters was getting married and they had asked me a couple months ago if I would be willing to come down and help with watching all four kids on Thursday afternoon-evening and then all day Friday and help with bringing them to the wedding and then back to the beach house. They paid for my hotel to come down as well as paid me to help with the kids and we got to hang out on the beach on Friday before the wedding and had a wonderful time. Four kids under 5 was def. a handful at times but I was up for the challenge. From running into the ocean with no fear to jumping from one bed to the other and search through 5 bathroom trash cans for toilet paper rolls to make telescopes we had a blast. I'd do it again in a heart beat. Kids say the craziest things and these little guys didn't hold back at all. Do the boys not look adorable in their wedding attire below? 
Just a little recap of what's been going on here. The hubbs is back to work they picked up a new cycle about 4 weeks ago so we are half way through this cycle almost. Graduation day is Halloween which means my race is only a week and a half after that. YIKES!!!!! I still can't believe that next week we will be in October, talk about crazy!!! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fiestaware Collection

 It's no lie that I love my Fiestaware collection and I'm always adding to it. I also working on a Fiestaware wish list post, coming soon. But in the mean time I though I would show case my current collections. I love cooking, hosting and having people over for the Holidays or a simple dinner. This was our Christmas evening Spread this past year. We had the In-Loves in town and another couple from the Battalion came over. 
I have two of the many I'm sure Christmas Ornaments. 
Vintage Gray Paper Napkin Dispenser. 
Sunflower Spoon Rest 
Flamingo Soap Dispenser 

Scarlet, Sunflower & Shamrock Canisters 
 Scarlet & Peacock Salt & Pepper Shakers 
Tangerine Utensil Crock & Cooking Utensils 

Two Full set's of Utensils (one of each style)
Dish Cloth, that we don't use. Its a "look at" one. 
Peacock & Sunflower Oval Serving Bowls
Peacock Cake Pan, Tangerine Casserole Dish, Lemongrass Bread Loaf
Sunflower Oval Platter 
Scarlet Pie Dish & Heart Bowl 
Drinking Tumblers 
Cereal bowl Periwinkle, Flamingo, Sunflower, White, Tangerine, Brown, Scarlet, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Lemongrass, Ivory, Peacock 

I have 12 complete place settings, each has a dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl and mug
Paprika & Peacock Large Soup / Cereal Bowls 
Mugs Flamingo, Sunflower, Tangerine, Brown, Scarlet, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Lemongrass, Ivory, 
Two Tea Cup Sets Periwinkle & White 
Ivory & Brown Large Mugs 
Peacock, 11 Piece Knife Block Set
Salad Plates Flamingo, Sunflower, Tangerine, Brown, Scarlet, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Lemongrass, Ivory, Peacock 

Multi Colored 6 Piece Steak Knife Set w/ Block Tray 
Dinner Plates Flamingo, Sunflower, Tangerine, Brown, Scarlet, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Lemongrass, Ivory, Peacock, White, Periwinkle 

Scarlet 11 Piece Cookware Set
Peacock Set of 3 mixing bowls 
Retired Piece- Juniper Covered Casserole Dish 
Vintage Yellow Toaster - my most recent purchase. 

After compiling everything together into one post it doesn't seem as if my collection is that large. Guess that just mean I need to keep adding to it and that I will do. I have a few wish lists made on random sites with different items so I'll have to compile them all in to one post soon. My favorite part of my kitchen is my Fiestaware. My ultimate goal one day is to have hutch or buffet of some sort to display my collection and have it easy to access for using.