Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Sock

She's HOME!!

Happy as can be Chloe is home, and dressed to impress. Thank you again Angela for not giving up on her and walking through the rain. I couldn't imagine coming back to TX and my little pup. not being there. I just hope that she remembers me.
I can't wait for her and Dingo to meet and play together, I can see it know they are going to cause so much trouble together. BUT I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

OMG!! what a day

It started off as a early morning, I was hoping once Gabe left for PT I would easily be able to fall back asleep like I normally do. Little did I know that wouldn't happen.
Dingo was going crazy and was just not sleepy any more & just wanted to play. There was no point in putting him on the floor, seeings he can jump up on our bed now. If I put him in his kennel he would just bark his head off. hug, finally he settled down & I was able to fall back asleep for a bit.
Gabe got home really early from PT & I was surprised to see him, but when he told me he had to turn right around and leave because he had one of his soldiers with him & he had to take him to Tripler. Blah, fine. So at this point there really is no point in going back to bed because I had to be at the occupational health clinic by 9am anyhow.
So I take the dog down stairs to go out and in the mean time I check my cell phone to see if anyone had called or text and I'll tell you what, there was like 5 or 6 missed calls from Angela (Angela= best friend back in TX who has my dog Chloe till we return to the mainland). Ummmmm, I thought this is strange, I wonder whats going on. So I listen to my messages & come to find out my lil. Chloe was out in the backyard when a thunder storm rolled through TX this morning and managed to sneak her way out under the fence. At this point I am almost in tears sitting on the stairs listening to the voicemail. OMG, I though. I quickly called Ang. back and thank goodness she was found. Poor Angela and her son were out walking in the rain going house to house looking for Chloe. When it dawned on Ang. to call the vet. They had already been notified that Chloe was found and safely waiting her ride home. She managed to make her way down to a Chase Bank near I-20 & New York which is a good ways from Angela's house. I couldn't believe it. I was just so thank full that the lady that found her took the time to call the vet and that I have such an amazing friend like Ang. that would do anything for me. She truly is My Best Friend and I'm so blessed to have her in my life.
After I heard about that whole ordeal. I was so caught up with everything going on and I was on the phone with another friend back in TX Adena. When I realized I didn't shut the laundry room door. I heard dingo ripping the paint off the wall again in the laundry room. Yes, again. The crazy dog like to chew on stuff and the wall just happens to be one of those things. AAAHHHHH, this was not starting off to be a very good morning. I quickly toss him in the kennel and head up stairs to get dressed to leave.
Because of my new job being employed by the military and working with kids its a bit more work to get started. I had to go in today for blood work and get a TB test. I was so not looking forward to it at all. I HATE needles so so so much, but I had to do it. Almost 2 hours later I was done and back home. I let the dog out and noticed some water on the floor around the washer so I bent down to clean it up and when I stood up I hit the top of my head right on the corner of the shelf that is hanging above the washer on the wall. OMG, did I freak out or what. I started bawling my head off it hurt SO BAD. All I could do was stand there and hold my head. I took my hand down for a moment and noticed that it was covered in blood. At this point I am panicking like crazy, my head is bleeding and is pounding like no other.
I called Gabe and I don't know how but he managed to calm me down enough to find out what the heck was going on and then I hear him tell some of the guys he works with that he has to go. He doesn't ask, he tells them "Hey guys I have to go my wife just had a accident and it sounds bad, I will call you and let you know whats going on when I get home."
He talked to me the whole way home, luckily we live less than 5 minutes from the company area so he was home in a split second. He was so worried when he got here trying to figure out what happen and how and making sure I was okay.
There was just a small gash on the top of my head and some blood but everything was ok, it still hurt like crazy but having him there to look at it and make sure I was ok was just amazing. He ended up staying home for the next 2 hours and fixed lunch for us and just sat with me to make sure I didn't fall asleep or things didn't get any worse.
I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband who is so loving and so caring so drop everything and rush home to make sure I am ok. I don't know what I would do with our him in my life. He takes such good care of me and spoils me soooo much. I Love him to death.
It was not my morning at all, it wasn't even noon yet and it was already a eventful day. Thankfully Gabe was home from work by 3pm and we spent the rest of the day just the two of us. We made our way around the track with Dingo and came back home for some dinner. Nights like to night are the best. I love you Gabe and thank you so much for always being there for me.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A day @ the Beach

We packed up the Rover and headed out, stopping off at Wendy's for a bite to eat and then off to the beach. We had so much fun, and it was a nice relaxing day. Perfect for just laying out. I love days like today and this just makes living in Hawaii a million times better. Life is perfect and seamless, I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm so head over heels in love with Jared and couldn't imagine going through life with out him, its the little things like today that make my heart melt.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

**Just for a Rock Star**

After Jared got off work today he was in need of a "Rock Star", so we made our usually visit to the 24 hr shoppette right down the street from the house. I'll have you know we went straight in, it was packed as ever and well NO Rock Stars he turned around & walked right out before I could even realize what was going on. No, biggie he said we will go to the shoppette near the motor pool. After a walk in and a look around no Rock Stars there either (the flavor he wanted that is), I was thinking maybe he would go for a juice or something else seeings they didn't have one but nope I was wrong. Off we went to the gas station right down the street and well yeppers you guessed it, NO ROCK STAR. Ok now I'm getting alittle annoyed because it's just a drink but NO he is determined at this point that he is going to find one some were on post. We decided to go to the Schofield Inn because they always seem to be pretty well stocked with everything when ever we have stopped in there before so it was worth a shot. And well once again they didn't have one. "Really are you kidding me", I have never been to so many stores in a matter of 20 minutes and then all be out of the same drink. There was one last place to check, other than the Commissary which we didn't want to take that one on. The gas station at Foote Gate. As soon as we got near the light we could tell that it was packed like crazy so Jared pulled in and try ed to get through the line of cars but he was just to impatient at this point and said forget it. "Really are we going back home" I asked him. He replied NO!!!! "I'm going to go to the shoppette on Wheeler. "What really OMG, our quick trip to get a drink has now turned in to a 30 minute ordeal."
So over to Wheeler Army Air Field we go, and guess what THE SHOPPETTE WAS ALSO SOLD OUT OF ROCK STARS. At this point there wasn't really any more options unless we wanted to venture in to town and thankfully he settled for a different drink. WOW, why could you not of done that in the first place I asked him??? Nope, when he is stuck on something he is going to do what ever it takes to get it, even if that means going to the extreme to get something to drink.
Gosh, I love my Husband so much and he dose have his crazy moments but that's what makes him who he is.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


December 19, 2008 was my last day at work at PCL back in Texas, I was so sad to leave everyone there they truly were great people to work for but I had a better opportunity ahead of me. MOVING TO HAWAII TO BE WITH MY LOVE THAT IS!!!

Jared & I talked and we decided that I would wait until after block leave was over and then I would start to look for a job. We wanted to make sure that nothing came in the way of us being together during his time off. However that didn't keep me from applying for different positions here and there. I wanted to make sure that I was able to get a job and help with the income as well as saving to. Being our first home together and the fact that it is in Hawaii, I was a bit nervous about bills and what not. (thankfully we have no debt & both cars are paid off, I still worry). He has said all along that we do not need the second income and that we will be fine with just his pay, but I feel bad leaving everything on him (his income) it's not right at all. I have no reason to stay at home and just sit there every day and do nothing, when I could be working. Beside I would go CRAZY staying at the house all day by myself. (yea, I'm sure there are things I could go & do but Gabe & I do every thing together so it wouldn't be the same).
Back to job applying......I wasn't to worried about finding my dream job out here or a super awesome paying full time job because with us being here for such a short amount of time it isn't worth the time and trouble. Back in January I applied for the Child Care Development Center here on post "Peterson Child Care Center" and well 3 months later I am standing in the parking lot at the commissary waiting on Gabe & I get a call from them asking to come in for a interview the following Monday. (day before my birthday mind you) I was so excited and Gabe was I think even more stoked about it than I was. Child care was not my first choice to go back in to but seeings I have tons of experience in it I new it would be a easy one to get.
The job pays great, better than any preschool I worked at back home and I would receive 25% cola on top of my hourly pay so that's always a plus. So over the weekend I update my resume once again made a few phone calls to get recommendation letters and then Monday rolls around. I head off to my interview and as soon as I walk in I realized that I was still wearing my flip flops and left my heels in the car, oh well I wasn't gonna go switch them now. There was two other people waiting to be interviewed as well and so this made me a bit nervous. It came my turn, I went in and there was 3 ladies in the room, all super sweet and ready to go. They went around the room and asked me questions and made their little notes & just when I thought it was done they told me to pick two songs that I would sing to a class of preschoolers and sing one to them. "WHAT??" are you kidding me, my mind went blank. I couldn't think of one single song. Then it came to me The Itsy Bitsy Spider, so I sang that one and my second was Going On A Bear Hunt (thankfully I didn't have to sing it). They seemed please and had one more challenge for me, I had to read them a children's story of their choice as if they were my class of preschoolers. AAAAAHHHHH
I'm going crazy here, I am a out going person and love people but I really have to get to know you first. So this was a bit much for me.
They "Thanked me for coming in and said that, it would probably be any were from 2-3 weeks before I heard back because it had to go to this person and then this person and then their chain of command and then they would Make their decisions."
Blah, so back home I go to wait for Gabe to get home from work so I can tell him how it went and what they said.
First things first, it's not so much what we were thinking at all. The way you are hired on at Peterson is being a sub. first or as they call it a being in a Flex. position. Meaning when someone is on vacation I would fill in or if someone calls in sick I would fill in for them. Kind of on a needed bases I would work and as time went on I could be hired on as part or full time even. The pay would be the same and I would still received the cola, just not any other benefits such as health and what not. But that was fine with me, I got all that through Jared. I was some what bummed at first with the idea of it not being a set Mon. - Fri. job, but the more I though about it and talked with Jared, it would still give us the second income I was so worried about and the flexibility to go and do what ever I needed when I wasn't working. So it couldn't be that bad really. "Now I just have to sit and wait for the phone call".
Well Tuesday came and It was my birthday super busy with our HHG's finally getting here dinner that night and just straighting the house. Then rolled around Wednesday about 2pm I get a call and It was a lady, Alma was her name from human resources offering me the job at Peterson. I was so relieved and happy WOW what a quick couple weeks. I don't have to stress so much now, and I wont feel like I am letting my husband down by not having a job. I quickly hung up to call him and tell all about it.
Thursday I have in processing to fill out all the paper work and then after a TB test I am good to go and can start. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know call me crazy because I want to work and am excited about it when I live in Hawaii but I'm not one of those wife's who is going to leave everything on my husband and have him stress about it even when he tell me that it will be ok. We are in this together and so together we will both be working, unless for whatever reason one of us can't.
I love my life here in Hawaii and I know this is just going to make the experience here that much more better. I am excited about starting this new journey and getting back into the work filled.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HaPpY "23" tO mE !!!!!

I Knew it was going to be the BEST day ever before I even woke up. Because well it was My Day, My Birthday. I couldn't believe it "23" years young YEAH!!!!!!!!
Gabe came home from PT & made breakfast biscuits, gravy & eggs...yummy in my tummy.
Then he headed back out for a day of work while I hung out at the house.
After what seemed like forever waiting, our HHG's were finally being delivered (the shipment that was sent to Germany). Up bright and early to straighten up the house, the movers were suppose to be here between 8am & 9am. Well they ended up not showing till almost after 10:30am, I was so frustrated because I could of slept in that much longer. But oh well, it was here finally after 4 1/2 months. 7~boxes & 2~bicycles.
I quickly unpacked box by box, and it was like I had tons & tons of birthday presents, so much stuff we had forgot that we had and boy I so did not remember having that many picture frames. LOL. Finally after everything was in its place and every last picture was hung and the Dinning room table redone, my Love came home from work for the day, I was so happy because it was only 3pm, 2 early days in a row YEAH!!!!! Not to bad at all.

He came walking in and I was sitting on the stairs wrapping up a few things and didn't even notice he was standing there with a vase of Roses in his hand (there was 3 roses 1=our past together, 1=our present together & 1=our future together)and a card. AWH.....he is so amazing, I'm so head over heels in love with him.

After showing him all the new fun stuff we had from the HHG's we quickly showered and headed out for dinner.

I had decided a while back that I wanted to go to OutBack Steak House for my Birthday Dinner, and so off we went. Our friends Jamie & Anthony and their two lil. girls were meeting us there as well. Chowing down on so yummy steak, I didn't leave one bite left on my plate. I was so stuffed once it was time to leave, but whats a birthday with out dessert????

Nothing really caught my eye on their dessert menu so we all decided to go to Cold Stone. I love being able to pick a ice cream and have all different kinds of fun, yummy treats put in side. I got French Vanilla ice cream with Oreo's and gummy bears mixed in & sprinkles in top since it was My Day.

After finishing up our ice cream, since we were already at the mall we decided to walk around a bit and see what we could find, Gabe ended up getting 2 new shirts and a pair of shorts at Pac Sun that look super hot on him I must say and well, a few stores down they had the most gorges dress ever in the window and I had to go back and take a peek. And well I have you know they had one in PINK, just my size. I was so excited and quickly picked it up and was on my way. Nothing like ending a already amazing day with a great buy. It's so cute and I can't wait to wear it.

My Birthday was so special this year, I received so many cards from family and friends, my super awesome purse & new table from my love and not to mention the hundreds of dollars in cash & gift cards to Target & American Eagle I got.
BUT.....the best gift of all was being home in the same place with MY LOVE, there is nothing like being able to celebrate my birthday with My Best Friend in my arms. I truly am one luck girl to have such an amazing, loving, caring husband and I wouldn't change him for the world.

~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!HAPPY 23 TO ME~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And They Lived Happily Ever After.....

Yesterday, we had the Joy of being apart of a very special event. The marriage of Eric & Marissa two of the sweetest people. What started off as a early morning just continued into the evening. After watching the sun rise we rush home to get ready for the wedding which started at 11:00am, however since my love was one of the grooms men we had to be there at 10:00am.

As we headed over to the other side of the Island what seemed like a forever drive we finally made our way to Bellows Air Force Base were the ceremony was going to take place.

It was set up so pretty, very small only 28 people including guest and the wedding party, yet elegant and simple. Just what you would imagine for a beach wedding. The Groom wore Khaki pants and a black button up & the 4 grooms men wore Khaki pants with a white button up and of course flip flop. (a must for a beach wedding.) Talking to Eric making sure he didn't turn around and see Marissa coming out of the limo in her dress, which mind you was so pretty. He was telling me about being excited about the wedding and looking forward to the next journey in their relationship.

It was a first for Gabe and I for many reason's. One we were finally attending a wedding together (that wasn't our), it was the first time that he had to walk down the aisle with another person other than me :( and well of course our first beach wedding and it was in Hawaii.

As we took our seats, I sat with some of Eric's cousins whom we had met the night before at the Luau that we all attended. Talk about a good time and some great food and dancer's at that. The Luau was definitely a great way to allow every one to meet and get to know one another.

The music began and down walked the wedding party, the bridesmaids were so pretty in their Topical dresses and the men with the Lei's around their neck. The bride & groom were given lei's for their parents & grandmother which they placed around their neck's. The ceremony was so sweet and very much to the point. And at last they were announced as Mr. & Mrs. Esquivel. As the newly married couple stood near the ocean we all had the chance to walk by and congratulate them and give our love. It was such a Amazing wedding one that I will remember forever.

My poor hubby, he just loves loves his picture taken, LOL and at the wedding I got to sit back and chit chat with Eric's family and make fun for Gabe because he had to listen to the crazy photographer that wanted a picture of the whole wedding party on every inch of the beach were we where. It was so funny I couldn't help but laugh at him.

Once pictures were done Gabe & I took off to get a bite to eat at subway and get a few things done that we needed to before the reception that evening.

Finally back downtown in Waikiki, and after driving around for 10 minutes to find parking we headed off to the reception which was being held at Tiki's Bar & Grill for the ones that attended the wedding. (so another small gathering). The night was still early and we were all chowing down on so delicious food having a great time chit chatting with Eric's family once again. They are some of the sweetest people Gabe and I have ever met, truly open hearted and welcoming us in. (seeing's besides the best man, Gabe & I everyone else there was family. so it truly was a honor that we were apart of this special day.)

The cake was cut & the toasts were made ending what was a great evening with the Newly Wed's and our new friends.

We had such a great time being apart of their special day and Truly do wish Eric & Marissa the Best of Luck in what ever the Future may bring them.

Diamond Head

We finally did it, talk about waiting till the end of block leave, but we finished our list of things we had planned to do.

Thursday we head down to Honolulu to take on the walk of Diamond Head and had the best time. Ours friends Jamie & Anthony joined us as well as Flat Stanley. (their cousins school project, he had to visit different places and send a report back home with pictures talking about how his trip was.)

From the start of the trail to the summit of Diamond Head Crater was 0.8 miles one way and a 560 foot climb. We Had such a great time walking up, however I think it was one of the hottest days since i have been here in Hawaii. The views on the way up were amazing and just got better and better the further up we got. Once we reached the observation station you could see all across the downtown area of Oahu and it was just beautiful. Definitely worth the walk. Not to mention of course a history lesson from My Love as always, but I like learning more about the history of the Island and the Army and what not....ok ok to a point. hee hee.
We had a great day and ended out hike with lunch at Chili's yum yum!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost in a Maze

Finally after two previous trip, in the rain we made it. Today was such a beautiful day out and we took that as a sign. Quickly packed up and headed to the Dole Plantation for a trip around the World's Largest Maze. We had so much fun walking through and finding the different check point and getting lost at the same time. The weather out side was hot as ever but just made for a great time. We were all so excited that it didn't faze us one bit.

With Jessica leading us through the paths, the poor girl would get frustrated because she would come to a dead end or she couldn't find the check points.

We would go in one entrance and walk around that area for what seemed like forever and then end up right back were we went in and find nothing. All in all it was a Super Adventures day making our way through the Maze. We ended the day with getting our names put on a leather bracelet in Hawaiian.

I can not wait for my bestie Angela & Pat to come out so we can take them, I know they will have such a blast.

Monday, April 13, 2009

He Has RISEN....

and the Church said "HE HAS RISEN IN DEED".

This past week I have been reminded in so many way's that it was going to be my first Easter Sunday that I would not be attending the Sunday service at the Church I grew up in. (the best church might I add, The Church On Rush Creek) For the last 20 year I was always there and went to the Church wide picnic after. I always loved going to church but on the holidays CRC always went over board and it was the best. The message is always the best part of course. Sitting there listen to Pastor Russ speak, it was a church tradition that when he said "He Has Risen" the church would reply "HE HAS RISEN IN DEED" it was just so touching and then you have Eric P. over to the left in the front always saying "MY MY MY" in his deep voice. (He added some color and spice to the service). I ALWAYS loved the worship part of the service, listen to the choir sing and joining in. It is always a day to remember when you attended a Sunday morning at the Church On Rush Creek (CRC).

So Sunday morning came bright and early for us this year, but I didn't mind that at all. This was our 3rd Easter together but our First that were we together in the same place for once, (my oh my the holidays are so much better with my boo home with me). We started the morning off with a game of Golf with a friend of Gabe's, Jason & his wife Ray. Boy was this right up his alley. Gabe loves to play Golf and was so excited. Me on the other hand I have never played before and really had no desire to play at all, but I was going to suck it up and show him I could do this. So off we went. We got to the course a bit early to practice at the driving range, a bit nervous I didn't do to bad once I got the hang of things.

We had 18 holes ahead of us and I didn't know how I was going to manage, there were so many different clubs to choose from. Depending on were your ball was depended on the one you use. (I was always asking Gabe which one to use each time hee hee). After the first 2 or 3 holes I was starting to warm up to it and of course having a blast. Gabe & I were team playing were we would switch of who it the ball each time. A good ways through the first half I was up, Getting set in place I took a swing but the ball was still there. My Love was standing there beside me and said "OMG you just hit a frog" I was like "were, no I didn't" and sure enough he point's it out to me. I did not even see it because it blended in with the leaves on the ground. WOW, that thing is huge I kinda freaked out for a bit and did a little dance and went back for a 2nd try. Mind you the stupid frog was still there right in front of my ball, I couldn't do it, it was creeping me out way to much so I handed off to Gabe.

Driving around the course on the carts we had so much fun and the company of the Steckman's was great. They are pretty good at the game, as well as Gabe. He sure dose have a good arm on him to get the ball down the course. Once again I was up getting ready to hit the ball on to the green and "WACK" (ok, I caught on really quick not to stand behind some on when they are up to Tee, so I figure Gabe having played Golf before was smart like that as well), Ha Ha, I guessed wrong.....I hit the ball and when I followed through with my swing I managed to hit Gabe right in the forehead. He was standing right behind me and I didn't realize it at all. I felt so bad because I know it had to hurt. Poor guy just turns around and says "I'm gonna go have a seat you can finish this whole :( ".

We finished out our 18 holes in about 4 hours and we did pretty well. I have to say I wouldn't mind going again. It was a great morning and minus the few minor mishaps.

We quickly rush home to shower, change and grab the dog as well as our yummy cupcakes we made the night before and headed off to Jamie & Anthony's house. We were getting together with them for a Sunday brunch, filled with Turkey, Ham, Beans, Mashed Potato's, Deviled Eggs, Corn Pudding and so much more. As well as a Easter egg hunt for the little kids.

The day was great, and for Gabe & I to be together sharing in the holiday with our friends was just the topping of the day. Even though I missed out on the Sunday service at CRC, I had a great Easter Sunday that I will remember for ever. We still dressed up in our Sunday best (for Hawaii that is). After loads of PS3 and some good laughs we headed home about 6 hours later. I was so beat, I could of passed out on the short 5 minute drive to the house.

What a day to remember. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!

"HE HAS RISEN"......and his people said "HE HAS RISEN IN DEED."