Monday, October 31, 2011

Can You Hear me now???

DAY 18

Parting ways some times is the only way to go.

Ever since we got to SC we have had issues with our phone service both on and off post. We would be out driving around and have no bars what so ever. We went down to the Class Six and nothing, off post to Target & the SPRINT store nothing. Even in the PX & right outside it was horrible. It was so frustrating even in our own home calls were getting dropped & conversations were cutting out. It got to were Gabe & I would ask each other how many "bars" we had on our phones when we were out in different areas. I have been with Sprint forever and never had a issue at all until now. We've called them several times to talk with them and see if there was anything they could do to adjust the service signal. They sent us a Air Raid which is a device that is suppose to act as a antenna in the house. It did help a little which was nice but that's all fine and dandy WHEN WE ARE HOME. What about when we aren't at home and our service still sucks and I can't even make calls out or log on to the net. BLAH!!!!!
We went back and forth for the last week debating on switching over to Verizon or not. Gabe would ask the wait staff or checkers when we would go out what provider they used and get there feed back. We had already gone into the V store to check on prices & it was going to be the same as we were paying with Sprint so at least that was good.
Finally today while we were waiting for the Mall to open we went over to the V store and a hour later I am proud to say we are now members of the Verizon family. I stuck with my Droid getting the Incredible 2 and Gabe went Apple getting the new Iphone. Thankfully we were able to keep our same phone numbers because that would have been a big deal breaker for me.
I've been playing on my phone all afternoon and its loads of fun learning all the new features it has.

ps: the picture above was taken with my new phone's high speed camera.

On other news ~ we bought two chairs over the weekend for our living room and they were delivered today, I'll post pictures soon of our house so stay tune for that!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exploring Ft. Jackson

DAY 17

One Adventure leads to another

We've been trying to take the pups on a walk as often as we can since getting here to SC. Going out on our nightly walks together is our way to leave everything at home & just enjoy our time together. Last week when we went on our walk we noticed a guide that displayed trails around post & running paths. It maps out distances any were from 3-10 miles around post and trails to follow through the forest. It's a really neat and great for running, it will make things easier instead of having to map out my own course.
This afternoon we decided to go a different direction on our walk and found another Trail Guide. This one was right near a large fenced in wooded area that had a few trails through it. We took the pups off their leashes & they had a blast running around checking everything out and sniffing every thing they could get their noses on.
I think I'm definitely going to start running the marked routes, it will be safer as well.

Lunch or Dinner ?!??!?!

DAY 16

Leave it to the Man of the House

This afternoon when were were driving home Gabe asked me what I wanted to do for lunch. I answered back with I don't know what do you want to do for dinner. He said NO, you pick one or the other Lunch or Dinner. Ok fine then I'll pick lunch, Chick fil a it was. So what about dinner I asked, he replied back with I'll take care of that so don't you worry, I just hope you like it. I started thinking about what we had at home and it hit me he was going to cook the rest of those Bison Buffalo hotdogs he bought the other night. Ugh, oh dear do I really have to eat that stuff BLAH, and I asked him if that is what he was planning on cooking. He said yes I'll make Chili Hotdogs with French Fries but we will go by the Commissary on our way home and get regular hotdogs for you. Oh what a relief I though, I'm not a big hotdog person but I will eat that over Bison any day.
We enjoyed a yummy cheesy not so healthy dinner together Chili Dogs & French Fries while watching Storage Wars. Lazy nights at home cuddled on the couch is a perfect evening for me.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Missing Shoe Box

DAY 15

What's a girl to do w/o her shoes?!?!?!?

This morning I was putting a few last minute things away when I almost had a moment. I got to thinking I was missing ALL of my shoes well other than the ones I packed in my suite case with me. I walked through the house making sure I didn't miss any boxes and nothing. There was one box in the office of Gabes things, I quickly rummaged through it but still came up empty handed. Really I though how is it that we have everything accounted for but a BOX OF SHOES and mine at that. When the hubbs came home from the gym I asked him about it and he had no clue were they would be. I was starting to panic, I mean don't get me wrong sure they are easy to replace but I didn't want to have to do that I loved the shoes I had.
While I did some work on~line this afternoon Gabe organized and straightened up the front outside storage shed. When he came in he said hey I found your shoes (& a few other little things) they were in the blue suite case we put in the shed. Seriously I was grateful that the movers did such a great job at packing our things but I guess I would have though they would have told us they packed some things in certain places. Such as in the microwave, dresser, nightstands and suite cases all which were empty prior to them coming. I mean yeah it makes sense and as stupid as it sounds I never would have though about it. I'm just glad that my missing shoe box was found.

Surprise Date

DAY 14

*bOO at the zOO*

I was on a role busting my booty getting the house done, boxes unpacked & pictures hung. All day that's all I did from the time I woke up. I started up stairs and didn't come down till our bedroom was finished. When it got closer to 4pm Gabe kept asking me if I wanted to get out of the house and go do something. I replied with sure like what as I kept working on the house, he told me not to worry about it that he would take care of it. Ok I though and paid him no mind I was on a mission to finish the house and that's all I could think about.
Finally about a hour later I was DONE.......after showering & getting ready we were headed out for the evening. I felt good about things so it was a much needed treat for us. We were driving around town for a bit then eventually made our way to the Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. I had seen a billboard around the area advertising it & though it might be fun but never mentioned it to Gabe. When we pulled in he asked "is this ok" of course are you kidding me I replied this is perfect. I was so excited, he had already pre~ordered tickets on line and everything. How freaking awesome was he, I swear my husband is just perfect for me and knows just how to make me smile.
We spent the evening walking through the Zoo Ewing & awhing over all the different animals they had. Some of the exhibits were closed because it was dark and there were TONS of people there but I'd say about 85% or the Zoo was visible. Some of the outside exhibits you couldn't see some animals because it was so dark and they didn't have those areas lit up. There was Halloween colored Christmas lights every were, decorated lift size animal boards, pumpkins both normal size & life size. Scarecrows, Ghosts & goblin figures were scattered through out the park lit as bright as ever. With the music playing, S'more station's to roast marshmallows & a dance area the night couldn't have been any better. We had fun watching all the little kiddos dressed up in their Halloween costumes running to the next spooky booth they saw to get candy. We were one of the very few couples with out kids there but we had a fabulous time, I have to say it was the BEST night I've had since moving to South Carolina. I loved more than anything that Gabe planned the entire thing all on his own and dinner after as well. We ended the evening at Texas RoadHouse for dinner watching the first half of the Rangers game.

I try to keep telling myself that it only takes time and this place will one day feel some what like home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turing a house into a HOME

DAY 13

HHG delivery day!!!!!!

I have been waiting for this day since before our HHG's were picked up in Hawaii. As we took apart our house to get it ready for the big pack day I couldn't wait to get settled again and things back to normal. I was worried sick about things getting broken during packing & transport. We had only had to go 2 1/2 weeks in SC with out our HHG's & thanks to the lending closet it was to bad. Not the greatest & I definitely wouldn't want to have to live with out our things for much longer. I know many of people that have had to wait and I'm sure at one day we will have to wait longer for our HHG's to arrive but for now I'm grateful we didn't.
Gabe & I both were sorting through boxes as fast as they were loading them off the truck. It was funny because at one point Gabe made the comment that one he didn't remember what half the stuff was that we had & two he didn't remember us having that much stuff. Him & his short term memory little does he remember we got rid of tons of stuff in Hawaii before we were even packed. With a 4 man crew it only took them about 2 1/2 -3 hours to unload all four crates and get everything in the house. (and just a fyi~ we really didn't have that much)
In between sorting through boxes I was unpacking as quickly as I could getting things put away and were they needed to be. Once the movers left we went to town on the house working till about 10:00pm Gabe got the cable, TV & sound system set up down stairs & then upstairs he did the whole office and put our bed together. I was so happy he took off on his own and busted his butt helping me get our Home together. So much that he completely forgot that today was his last day of in processing with 10 minutes to spare in the middle of the afternoon he quickly changed & went up to the office to final out his paper work. Poor guy though left his folder in my car so when he got there he had nothing, thankfully the guy that works the desk is super cool and just told him to come back tomorrow.
When he got home we finished working on the house till we went to bed. Things are coming together & its really starting to feel like home in our house. (outside our home is a different story)
I can't wait till the morning, I think I might wake up bright & early to finish the house. IT WILL BE DONE TOMORROW!!!!!!

I'll post pictures once its finished!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Got My Baby Back!!!!!

DAY 12

I got my Chally back

After what seemed like a life time (really it was just a day over a month) I finally got my car back this morning bright & early at 8am. We went up to the local Walmart that is located right outside Gate 1 to meet the truck driver. Poor guy got there last night & had to stay over in his truck, we told him he shoulda call we would have came up there but I guess he though it might have been to late. Regardless I'm so happy to have my car back. Not just so we have two cars again which is so much easier here but I don't have that worry in the back of my head about were it is & how its being taken care of. Yay I'm kinda crazy like that when it comes to our cars. We take care of our cars like people take care of their kids. lol
When I moved to Hawaii & went down to Sand Island to pick up my car I had shipped there the front bumper was snapped of and in two pieces & the back bumper was just hanging there by two screws along with a dent in the hood. Needless to say I was not a happy person and a complete mess, long story short Matson paid to have all the repairs done. This time around we were hoping and crossing our fingers that since it's such a nice and expensive car that it would be taken good care of. Listen to me I sound like a mom to my car hee hee. What can I say its just in my blood. Thankfully it was in mint condition & it delivered about a week earlier then we expected it.
I spent the better half of my day driving around to a few different interviews (I wont even go there) but after I was done I let the windows down, opened the sunroof and let all my worries, fears & stresses fly out the window with the wind. Now I just have to find the good local radio stations & remember to put my CD's back in the car.

It started out as a GREAT DAY which quickly changed & went down hill but my hubbs drop some fantasticly fabulous news my way this evening, he has the next 10 days off......... a much needed PICK ME UP. Just in time since our HHG's are being delivered TOMORROW.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funny Face YES!!!

DAY 11

Carving Our Pumpkin

This evening Gabe & I carved out our first pumpkin together & let me tell you it was messy. I can't remember the last time I carved out one & I didn't remember how much work went into it. We had a few good laughs at it and the pups couldn't figure out what we were doing. I am no artist at all & should have printed out a stencil when I was at the Library today but completely didn't even think about it. At least I can say that we truly did it all free hand & I'm really proud of it. We made a quick trip to Walmart (the PX was closed) to pick up a candle to put inside & tada the finished product.
Next year I think we might do two or maybe carve one & paint another, who know's we will see.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Welcome Home

DAY 10

Wont You Be My Neighbor

We have been really lucky with our neighbors that leave in our section. They are so nice & always offering suggestions on things to do & places to go. Just yesterday one of them was telling us about the flea markets on the weekend & then this afternoon his wife was asking if I would like to attend a arts & craft class with her. It's so great to feel welcomed & invited by someone you barley know. I may not love it here but I LOVE our neighborhood & the people that live around us. I can say with out a doubt that when Gabe is gone at Drill School I will feel safe here & if I need anything at all I know I have them to turn to.

Saturday, October 22, 2011



The Holidays are COMING!!!!

I mentioned to Gabe last night that this Halloween was going to be the first one that we have been together for out of the almost 5 years we have been together. THANK YOU ARMY.
'07 he was in Hawaii, I was in Texas.
'08 he was deployed.
'09 I went back to Texas
'10 he was deployed
He sat there for a moment trying to rack his brain and tell me I was wrong but after I went over the past years he zipped his lips, I was right. I suggested we go pickin & carve us a pumpkin together. He agreed it would be a fun idea, we aren't going to go full blown HALLOWEEN (which is a big deal here at Jackson, tons of houses are really decorated) but just a little something to get us in the holiday spirit. The fall weather was a bit nippy but it didn't keep us in & although the pumpkin patch was a wee bit tiny we still enjoyed our trip. A new yearly tradition I think so :) we never decorated for Halloween growing up but something simple like this I can do.

Stepping OUT


At Ease Ft. Jackson WINS!!!

I attended my first At East Ft. Jackson, a monthly gathering for spouse's here on post. It's a great way to meet other wives & have a night out with out having to go far. Always a pot luck style meal for dinner I had to result to the commissary on my dish seeing's we still don't have our HHG's yet. (5 more days!!!!)
This evenings gathering covered "Seasons of Change for Your Military Marriage". It really hit home for me & made me think about how I can always improve our marriage & make sure the communication is there. We did a exercise that aloud you to figure out what your love language is & mine was "Quality Time" fits me to a !T!. It was a great way to see how you and your spouse communicate & express your feelings & how you learn to love.
Going into the evening I didn't know that the group was Scripture based but it was great I LOVED IT, just what I needed. It wasn't at all bam here is the bible in your face but they definitely incorporated it in so that was nice. Through out the night they did drawings & you got to pick something from the prize table. MY TICKET WAS PULLED FIRST!!!! That's were the "Mr. / Mrs. Book" came from, it's a journal were you and your husband can right back and forth in. He has one side & you have the other, I think I might start it once Gabe comes back from Drill School & starts working his long hours. I also got "The 5 Love Language" book that evening from a resource table. There were a few different books to pick from that you could HAVE (how awesome is that) & I figure to go along with the evenings theme I would go with that one. I can't wait to read it.
I went into the evening not knowing a SouL & left 2 hours later after meeting a few fabulous ladies. Conversations led to get together's in the future but time will tell. I am keeping a open mind & trying to not be the quite girl in the back of the room, I sat at the FRONT table HELLO people. OK~ Confession time, I sat at the back table with a group of girls at first & then they asked us all to move forward to fill in space so I made my way first to the front table (which was empty) passing plenty of empty seats.
It's a step a small one I know but I've told myself If I'm going to get anywhere in the life as a Army Wife during our stay at Ft. Jackson I have to STEP OUT OF MY BOX.

There isn't a meeting for November bc of the business of Thanksgiving & School so December 9th is the next one & I'm definitely going to be there. By then we'll have our HHG's & I'll be able to take a freshly baked yummy treat to share :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Idea Over Load


PINTEREST anyone.......

I spent the better half of my morning on line really putting together my boards (its what happens when im home alone w/ no car) & the ideas were endless. I can't wait to try the recipes I found & put some of the home organization & decorating ideas in place.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Highlighting the Casa


EyE SoRe

This would be the perfect wall for a wall hanging I purchased in Canton / 1st Monday when I was back in Texas. HOWEVER there is this horrible eye sore of a AC vent preventing me from hanging it here. I have gone through idea after idea in my head on what I could do to cover it up and it still be functional but the hubbs thinks its a bad idea to cover it. (even with a framed out piece of fabric.) any ideas. ?!?!?!?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Signing In

Day 5

Back to Work for My Love

Wanting to save some of his leave days for the holidays that are coming up, Gabe officially signed into his new unit today. Thankfully right now he is just doing in-processing so he was home by 11am & should have pretty short days for the next few weeks. I'm not complaining at all :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cyber World

Day 4

Back in Business

After what seemed like forever with our Internet & cable in our home TWC finally came to our rescue. We didn't have Internet at my Mamaws house either so we became frequent Starbucks visitors, not that we weren't already. I should mention that its a DVR box as well, @ our last house we didn't have DVR. I wasn't sure how finances were going to be w/ it being my first time living on my own.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cleaners Better


Its not a Vacuum its a beast.

My Spouse made the purchase of her first Dyson a few months before we left & let me tell you that thing is awesome. We majorly upgraded when we got here. I needed something good to clean up after the 3 slobs lol that live with me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our New Casa



Our new home at Ft. Jackson, its not a pricey pad on the lake but it will do for the two of us. As long as we are under the same roof everything is fine by me.

Life in the SOUTH

The pine trees along the high way followed us for as long as I can remember on our drive. I noticed the miles coming to a end on our Navi system & I told Gabe there better be a BIG city really soon because I ain't living in the woods. Moments later we were greeted with a Welcome to Ft. Jackson sign and more TREES. We finally made our way to our new duty station all the way across the mainland in Columbia, South Carolina. This is home for the next two & half years so let the fun begin. Gabe is going to be a Drill Sgt., he isn't totally thrilled with the assignment but he is going into it with a open mind so that's good. Not to mention that this is really good for his career in the Army, so you can't complain about that. For the next 2 & 1/2 months he will just go to work as normal reporting to his new unit (which he seems happy with). January 9th he has a drill school date were he will go for 3 months a be trained on how to be a Drill Sgt. We were told that the school will be here on post but he will stay in the barracks for the 3 months. I'm really hoping that changes between now and then. After just getting off a year long deployment, then with this assignment ahead of us & the crazy schedule he will have I want every minute with him I can. So we will wait it out and see, I can only hope for the best.
We were able to get a house as soon as we officially signed out of Schofield. I have to say that was one thing I was really worried about. I didn't want to have to stay in a hotel with the dogs. They had been through so much over the last month & half I just wanted to get things back to as normal as possible & stable for them. We had a appointment with housing at 1pm the day we got here & within 45minutes after that we were handed keys to our new place. I'd be lying if i said wasn't bummed that we aren't able to get newer housing. It's quite nice, I'd say nicer than Schofield, it looks allot like Schofield housing but in a RowHome type of set up. However Gabe & I both agreed it still wasn't THAT nice were we'd want to have kids to be able to get into it. I guess we will be waiting on that next rank E7.
The house we were assigned is very similar to what we had at Schofield as far as layout. The difference is this one is more updated with carpet through out the upstairs, laminate hard wood flooring downstairs, central AC & semi smaller. There are four homes in a section A-D and we are C so in the middle (we were offered a end unit as well but for personal reasons we turned it down). As soon as we got to the house & started unloading the car we were greeted by the 3 other families that live in our section. They were very welcoming with open arms and smiles letting us know if there was anything we needed fill free to ask. I was so happy that we had great neighbors, at Schofield we kinda kept to ourselves & so did everyone else in our area no one really came out of there homes unless they were leaving.
About a year ago the Army started letting Retired Soldiers live in government housing, with that being said two of the families living in our section are retired & the other is Active Duty. It's nice having such a divers group of people living around us. It makes me that much more happier with the home we picked, I look forward to getting to know them more & hearing their stories from when they were in the Army. To give you a idea of how long ago one of the couples retired, it was the year I was born '86 & his son just retired from the Army as well with 20 something years in CRAZY!!!!
Once we got the car unloaded, showered & freshened up it was time to do a bit of shopping at the PX. But first a stop at the lending closet, which ended up being a total life saver. They have a life time supply of stock on hand to GIVE you until your HHG's get here. Out of everything we got we only have to take back the microwave, coffeemaker & vacuum. The other things like a entire set of dishes, cooking pot set, table ware, cutting board, mixing bowl, mop, broom, laundry basket, can opener & knife set we get to keep. Now we have all of these things in our HHG's so as much as a help as its going to be we don't need the extra (frankly its a very basic set of items as well not really my taste) so we plan on donating everything to the local thrift shop on post. I made out a list of everything else we needed for the house & we went to town shopping at the PX. I have to say it was pretty fun shopping around and seeing all the different things they had.
Our next stop was the Commissary we had to get some basic items to get us through the next two weeks before we plan to do a mass shopping trip. I didn't mention above about how much smaller the PX was here VS. what we are use to but OMG the Commissary just about drove us nuts. It was set up completely different than the SB Comm. it was nearly half the size & just made no sense at all. I guess it goes along with "I DON'T LIKE CHANGE" just another thing I'm gonna have to get use to.
It was a long day and a very tiring one, we drove around checking out the post a little bit & the city its self some but we mainly took the rest of the day to get settled in.

Ft. Jackson is a big change from were we came from not only the environment but the post its self. It's small like SB but more spread out and more challenging to find things. I know with time we will know it by the back of our hand like we did our last duty station but until then its still all very much a blur to me as it still is all setting in. Being on a Training base is very different in many way, I'm sure I'll blog about it here and there over our stay here so keep a eye out for that.

Follow our journey through my blog here over the next 2 & 1/2 years at Ft. Jackson, I will be posting a picture each day from something we saw, did, something new or something that happen in our life. It's our life captured by daily photographs, just another way for us to remember our time here and I hope you enjoy seeing life through my eyes (photographs) as much as I enjoy taking the pictures & living it.


Our First Meal in our New Home!!

To tired to cook so take out it was, yummy pizza for two please.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye Texas

Good Byes are never fun or easy or wanted for that matter but as we all know in the life of a Army Wife & her Solider they come every so often. The time as come for us to leave our Texas family once again as we move on to our next duty station. I was really excited about the adventures that lie ahead and the new to come but nervous and sad as well about leaving my loved ones behind. I hated having to say good bye once again to the ones I love so much and hold close to my heart.
We enjoyed our time in TX with family dinners, double date nights with friends, and shopping, remember what all the mainland offers that Hawaii didn’t. I miss it so much Hawaii that is, after being back on the ML for a couple weeks I found that all those places I loved so much here while growing up weren’t that great any more. I had grown accustom to living with out them and didn’t mind it at all. Sure its nice to have more of a selection of restaurants to pick from or stores to shop from but we made do with what we had in Hawaii. I have always said all along that when we get out of the army that I want to move back to Texas were I grew up. Through the weeks I was home I found myself rethinking that idea, but who knows that could always change again.

We had to say many good byes and that I just hated, leaving my family and friends is hard to do. Knowing we are on the mainland now and it will be a bit easier for them to come and visit excites me. I can’t wait to get back into our own home, its be really nice staying at my mamaw’s house and spending time with her and helping her out. I am so much more independent now than I was before moving out and I enjoy having my own space and home.
I can only hope for the best as we make the 15 hour drive to our new home and pray that every one I leave behind remembers the good times we had while we were home.

Texas until we meet again here are a few of my favorites!!!!

Visiting my dad & Callie (my brother pit) before we leave.
We miss you bubby!!!
Awh my favorite family

We love these two, no matter how rotten they are getting
I'll miss my momma, mamaw & papa so much!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Texas State Fair

You just can’t go to Texas and not go to the State Fair, it would be a sin. (ok not really but maybe eating all that junk food was) We just so happen to be in town when the 125th annual state fair was going on. Well before we had exact dates on when we were gonna be in Texas I made plans with my beautiful friend Kari ~ double date to the FAIR.
The plan was to meet up and take the TRE to downtown Dallas. Rather than having to deal with parking and driving back late or in Dallas traffic we opted to go this route.

Wednesday morning we met and headed to the train station to board the Trinity Railway Express. It was my 2nd time riding the TRE and Gabe’s first to ever be on a train like this before. It’s so fun doing new things together with him, this was also our first time to be going to a state fair together. Going on almost 4 years of marriage 5 years of being together NEX T MONTH and there are still so many “FIRST’S” between the two of us. Thanks to the Army ways and there wonderful not so wonderful deployments.

We tried many different yummy foods, some fried and some not. We walked around and looked at all the different arts & craft exhibits as well as the boat load of different cars they had one display. I’m pretty sure that had to be Gabe’s favorite part about the whole afternoon, we all know how he is about the his cars. Not to mention the smelly animals they had pigs, sheep, cats, dogs, rabbits, chicks and the largest hog I had ever seen.

Kari and I took place in a TV interview that they were doing at the BEER around the World station. I tried the Deep Fried Salsa & Kari tried the Deep Fried Pop-tart, we answered questions about how it tasted and the texture of it and all that good stuff. I was pretty nervous but they seemed to like what I had to say and enjoyed chatting with me. The footage is going to be used for the Travel Channel Fair Food around the World Episode.

We left the fair full from all that crazy food we ate but we had a great time. It was nice to because going on a week day there wasn’t thousands of people you were trying to walk through and we didn’t have to deal with a bunch of lovely children.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sea Life w/ Shae

Friday we had plans to take my little cousin out for the evening. We decided to go to Grapevine Mills Mall because they have lots of great places to eat, good shopping and also different things to do.
When we got there we walked around the mall till we got to Sea Life, which is a indoor aquarium. (score two aquarius in on day this is my lucky day) The attraction is fairly new so we though we would check it out. They as well had tons of sea creatures from all over the world and they were displayed in very adventures habitats. Though out our walk there were questions that you had to answer and scratch off on your answer card. The way you would get the answers would be to look at the “Fin Facts” on the wall around you, Gabe & Shae had fun doing this together. They make a pretty good team and best part they got all the questions right. I was a little disappointed in the prize you got in the end though, her options were a sticker or a tattoo, kinda lame but she enjoyed it.

The Shark Walk was pretty cool, it was a glass floor that you could walk on and see the sharks swimming below you. There were a couple areas like this and Shae was a little nervous about walking on them at first. I’ll admit that I was to but I figured I have to brave it up for the kiddo lol.

I think the Jelly Fish were Gabe’s favorite part and Shae enjoyed the WHOLE thing you couldn’t stop talking about how COOL it was. At the every end was a touch pool were you could touch a few of the sea creatures we had seen such a a crab & star fish. Shae was really not sure about this but she braved up and did it. I love being able to take her out to do fun things like this because I know she isn’t always able to. I miss being here to spend time with her so we had fun making up for lost time.
After Sea Life we ended up eating at RainForest Cafe which is a interactive rainforest. We’ve been there before & I wasn’t a big fan, I personally think the food is a bit pricey for what you get. Shae just loves it and when her & Gabe get together she gets what ever she wants. He tell’s her its what ever she wants and boy does he stick to his word. She even suckered him into buying her one of those $15 light up cups, what a dork he is. But its ok I don’t mind now that we are moving closer & back on the Mainland I’m hoping to be able to send more time with her.

After dinner we were headed back to the car but made a quick pit stop at the human hamster ball. Just like in Hawaii when Sarah & I tried it only difference was this one was inside. I though about doing it again but decided not to and let the kiddo have a try at it. She got up on her feet a couple times but didn’t last long, it was so funny being on the other side of the wall watching some one you know inside the ball. She got out and couldn’t stop laughing about how hard it was and hot inside. She was such a hoot but boy did we make her night.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Strolling Down Wedding Alley

After two weeks apart some much needed us time was in order. I had planned a fabulous night out down in Dallas were we got married. Late that afternoon we made our way down to the Hyatt Regency Hotel were we stayed the night of our wedding (almost FOUR years ago).
We checked into our spectacular room with a King size bed and a stunning view of the city and then quickly slipped into something a little bit more fancy for our dinner date. We weren’t quite sure were we wanted to go to eat so we just left it up to the Navi we have in the car, no help there we found our way to Texas Land & Cattle. Neither of us had remembered eating there before so we pretty excited. I was all about the steak & Gabe wanted Lamb but sadly they didn’t have any so he opted for something else. We shared a yummy pecan pie for dessert & were completely stuffed full. It was so nice to be out with my love and not have to worry about staying out late because of work in the morning or getting back to let the pouches out of their kennels.

This next morning we order room service for breakfast which was nice to just be lazy in bed. The two of us together have only had room service one other time and that was when we were in Vegas for R&R our first deployment. So this was a special treat to the both of us but it was well worth it.

We checked out of the hotel that morning before heading out on our next stop & found that we were only charged for the room. YUP you are reading that right, Complementary Valet parking ($20.00 a day) & Room Service (aka~ our $50.00 breakfast) with the package I booked thank you Hyatt I know I always loved that hotel.

Off to our next stop...... my husbands idea which was really surprising because I hadn’t though about that at all, the DWA. Back to our wedding Venue were we got married & had our reception. When we were looking at wedding Venues I knew I wanted something different and some were unique. Some were know one had been married before that I knew. The Dallas World Aquarium was that special place that we decided to tie the knot at. It was so beautiful and included everything there you could think of, you could go small or you could go big. The guest were able to tour the aquarium during the cocktail hour and we had a diver feeding the fish in one of the large tanks. It was simply PERFECT I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. I don’t regret a thing about the wedding planning, the decor, or arrangements. Everything came together great and seamlessly, from the rehearsal the day before to the carriage ride ending our wedding night. It was all and more that we both ever dreamed it would have been.

I was so excited to go back to the DWA it’s such a fun place. It’s definitely not your average aquarium, they have animals out in the open were you can get up close and see them. We were able to feed a bird right out of the palm of our hands. Many of the exhibits are open tops so you in look down in side as well as all around. The birds are inclosed and also so are free to fly with in the building. There is a whole area just for penguins and another for pink flamingos. They make it so it is more like their natural habitat rather than a boxed in cage with glass which is really warm and inviting. There are a couple tunnel aquariums were the tank continues up and over your head around to the other side. One of them houses many different sharks, which is kinda creepy to walk through but really fun. At the DWA you will find thousands of different sea creatures from all over the world, a assortment of birds, alligators, walruses and a cheeta. This is just a few the animals that they have. We had such a great time walking back through the aquarium and remembering our wedding day and everything that took place that evening. Many times we caught ourselves say “hey you remember this happened here.....” or “do you remember this part” “this is were we saw each other for the first time” “this is were we had family pictures”.

I absolutely loved going back and remembering our wedding it was the best day we had in Texas while we were home. We decided to start a tradition that every time we go back to Texas we are going to Visit the DWA. Not only to see the new animals and exhibits that they have built but to relive our wedding and remind ourselves of the night how fabulous it was exchanging vowels & committing ourselves to each other.

We had a great morning and even pick up a couple souvenirs to take with me as we move to remind us of the aquarium.
I’m already looking forward to the next time we come back to TX to go for a visit and stay at the Hyatt.