Sunday, October 2, 2011

Canton / 1st Monday

Over the years I have heard so many things about Canton and how much fun it is. Canton / 1st Monday happens the first weekend of EVERY month. This is were THOUSANDS of arts & craft vendors get together and set up booth and sell there items. They say its so big there is no way you can see everything in one day, let alone a whole weekend there. I have never been and my mom was planning to go for the month of October so it was a great chance for me to check out what all the hype was about.
Myself, Kari & my Momma woke up early Saturday morning meeting up with about 10 other ladies to make the hour long drive.
Once we got into town you could see the cars lined up trying to park so they could get in & do some shopping. Now this is a serious thing for a lot of people, many come from far away and spend the weekend here. Many like us had push carts to put all of our fabulous finds in that we picked up through out the day. Trust me you don’t want to go to 1st Monday with out one, its a life saver.

I think saying I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning would be a understatement. There was so much to look at and see so many new things and decorating ideas were running though my head. I am a sucker when it comes to personalization things and there were tons. From cups, picture frames, clothes, wall hangings I could go on forever listing all the different things you could get custom made.

On top of all the wonderful home decor & cooking items they had there was a over whelming amount of food booths & vendors to pick from. You sure weren’t gonna go hungry here. For lunch Kari and I had a loaded STUFFED bake potato with Brisket, BBQ sauce & Cheese and some real southern sweet tea. Later that afternoon we made a pit stop for Roasted Corn on the Cob and for a late evening treat we went for the Funnel Cake. Let say by the end of the day when it was time to go home we were totally stuff and couldn’t eat another thing.

We had loads of fun shopping, people watching......did I say PEOPLE WATCHING, you should see some of the people out there. We passed this one older couple were the husband was riding a electric wheel chair with his wives scooter chair attached to the back and a homemade wooden dog kennel with the dog IN IT attached to the back of that. We all did a double take when we saw it pass, we sure did get plenty of laughs out of the day.
One of my favorite vendors we found was a company called Build-A-Cross. They had tons of finished and unfinished crosses for sale. The men that made them are in a program to help them get back on there feet. Its a year long internship were Build-A-Cross takes them in gives them a job helps them move past there old ways and on to a better life. The stories we heard from one of the owners was just awesome on how the whole process works. Kari & I both bought crosses to make and then a finished one as well, she has inspired me to start a cross wall in our new home. (more to come on our crosses later)

I picked up a few great items for our new house and a birthday gift for my spouse as well as some yummy tortilla soup. I’m looking forward to going back again, I’ll definitely be planning my next trip to TX according to 1st Monday.

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