Friday, April 30, 2010


My cousin found this music video remake and told me to watch it. I watched it twice right in a row and could stop laughing, I though it was SO freaking funny. So here it is for you to enjoy as well and pass along. Hope it gives you a good laugh like it did me. lol

"This is a couple guys located in Afghanistan, that re-made the music video by Lady Gaga....Telephone."

If this is all Gabe and the guys do while they are deployed then more power to them, ugh deployments I hate them. :(

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I wanted to quit, I wanted to throw in the towel and walk away and NEVER look back. Today work was HORRIBLE beyond horrible. It started off by someone not answering my calls or text and getting to work finding out this person called out again. Really are you kidding, ok one what did I do for you not to talk to me????? UMMMM, Nothing at all.
So the morning goes on and 9AM rolls around and I have like 7 kiddo's by myself, NO snack which we were suppose to get at 8:30 and 3 more kids coming in any time now. OMG, what was I gonna do....what else to do than feed them what I had. Teddy Grams, and just my luck when snack finally arrived to my class what were they having......Teddy Grams. Really AGAIN, for like the 3rd time this week already. Oh well at least they were eating at this point. Finally I got some help in the class, It was a new girl who just started Monday. OH JOY THIS SHOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
We made it through the morning for the most part, went outside to play had a good time. Once back inside one of my lil boys decided to get sick ALL over the classroom floor. It took me 5 minutes to get management to my class to get it cleaned and what I though was to contact his parents. (little did I know when they came in they had NO clue he was sick and had been throwing up, needless to say they were not happy.) After finally cleaning up the tornado that went through my classroom during lunch it was time for me to go to lunch. So I told the "new girl" and the other girl that was in our class to take the kids outside to play and when I got back from lunch I'd lay them down for a nap so they didn't have to worry with it.
So half way through my lunch tell me why the "new girl" comes walking in the break room and starts eating her lunch. I was like who is in the class with the kids???? She said "oh that other girl, you know the one that was in there with us." OMG, the schedule was I went at 12:15 to 12:45 and she would go from 12:45 to 1:45. Since I left for lunch 10 minutes later than i should have bc we were so busy with screaming kids coming in and out she should have WAITED until I got back at 12:55. Really I mean its common sense you can't just walk out on the class and leave ONE teacher in there with the kids when she is fairly new her self. UGH, so DURING my lunch I had to go in and show the girl that was in my class were the kiddos slept and who's nap mat was who's. I was so annoyed, and told my Ass. Dr. she will NEVER be back in my class.
I had 3 more SCREAMING children come in right at nap time which woke up the children that were already asleep and 2 that were suppose to be there at 12pm but didn't show till 2pm. Gosh gotta love hourly care, but really whats the point 2 hrs really. I wish sometime with hourly care if you weren't there with in one hour of your schedule time you lost your reservation. At that point I was done and said screw it, just let them cry, let them wake up the other kids because you know what there is nothing that I can do about it because it's just me and this "NEW GIRL" who's not doing jack squat. I couldn't wait for the PM snack to come so the kiddos could eat and we could go outside. I was planning on taking them outside for the rest of the afternoon, closing up our classroom and getting things ready to go home so that way when the last kid left I could be out the door. That's just what I did to. I was so ready to be out the door before 4PM, I wanted to leave and never look back. I wanted to call in for the next two days but I can't. Since we are packing up and moving our classroom back to Peterson I have to be there to finish.

I hate days like today at work, I just wanna walk away and give up. Days like today make me never wanna have kids. Ugh, it sucked SO much. Thankfully I had a wonderful crock pot of Kalua Pork waiting for me and the hubby at the house. We made a trip to the doggie park on Wheeler and then home for dinner. Life with him is great I just wish things would slow down alittle bit more.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a bit of the weekend

Hickam Beach ~ A Sail boat going out to sea

A day at the beach ~ The Sandbar on Hickam

Just a typical day in Hawaii

They stick together were ever they go.

Bailey all tuckered out, getting some rest in the shade.

Two piece's of muscle "umm umm good"

Isn't she a beauty ~ yes I know Im one lucky lady.

Savannah ~ starting early in the Army, just like her Daddy & Uncle Gabe

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Birthday Party !!!!

After a couple weeks of simple planning, a few friends brain storming everything had come together. We were set with the house cleaner than the day we moved in. The smell of candles in the air and the radio set on low.
This year seeing's Gabe & I's birthdays are just 10 days apart we decided to celebrate together. We wanted to do something special, next year we don't know for sure if we will get to celebrate together so why not go out with a bang this year. Now we still went to dinner the evening of my birthday and will go the evening of his as well but we wanted to do something different. I suggested having a get together at the house with our friends, a cook out for say. Instead of cooking out I made a few different types of Enchiladas, queso dip w/ chips, a cheese cake ball dessert, salad (from a bag lol), we had our friend Annie make our birthday cake. Sweet Rebecca even brought Homemade cookies & the guys brought beer. It was great to see all our friends that we have met from different ways get together and hit it off so well. Not that I didn't think they would, it just made for a wonderful evening. While most us girls chit chatted inside with the kiddos, the guys were outside having a beer and playing corn hole.
Dinner was self served and shortly later the cake was cut and presents were open. We couldn't have asked for a better evening, getting to spend this time with the ones we care about most. This is truly a birthday that I will remember forever :).

Here's a sneak peek of the wonderful event its self.

~Us & our Strawberry Homemade cake by Annie~

~Enchiladas anyone: Beef, Cheese or Chicken~

~Presents :)~

~The LOVE of my life~

~Were in this world would I be with out you~

~Blowing out the candles~

~Cutting the cake~

~Us w/ the Estrella girls~

~Picture frame from the Woodside's~

~Wine from the Estrella's (Kyla was helping me open gifts)~

~The card Kyla colored~

~The ending of a wonderful Birthday Celebration~

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's our Story....

a story book Fairy Tale.....Our life that we live that is.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Love between a Soldier & a Girl

We have a love thats so sweet it melts in your mouth. So true we know what the other is thinking . So real that no one else could ever walk in our shoes. A love that we cherish and hold near and dear to our heart. A love that we only share with each other.

A glimpse at the love we share from the out side world looking in.

~*~ HaPPy HaPPy 24th BirTHdaY ~*~

Today was NO Normal day. Why is that you ask?? Well because it's MY 24th BIRTHDAY that's why.
The day started off with Birthday kisses from My Love bug, wishing my a Happy Birthday. Shortly after I was up and about receiving massive amounts of text messages, Facebook posts from all my family and friends wishing my a Happy Birthday as well. :) AWH I feel the love.
Arriving at work walking into my classroom, Crystal had decorated it up a bit, even made cupcakes and bough me a Lei to wear for the day. I felt so special. As the parents dropped off their lil ones they all wished me happy birthday. The classroom next door to ours got me a cake & card that they all signed. A few parents brought cards and balloons which totally caught me off guard because I wasn't excepting any of it. It was so sweet and kind of them to think of me though. I will forever remember them all.

I was able to get out of work about a hour early to make my way home to get ready for the evening.
I walked into the house to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and card from my love sitting on the counter. AWH, he knows just how to make me smile. They were so pretty and I just stood there staring at them. I'm one lucky girl to have him as my man.


Our friend Rebecca and her daughter Savannah were joining us for dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory down in Waikiki. It's one of my favorite place's to go and eat and so it was a must for my birthday dinner. The food was over the top as always, from the bread to my NOT so small, small salad to my Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta. I ended the night with the famous Black -Out cake, OMG it is to die for, it's like a little taste of heaven.

Today has be no ordanary day, it's been a great day. I have been blessed beyond measures and loved like never before. I had a great birthday spending it with the ones I love and hold dear to my heart. We ended the evening cuddled together on the couch, talking about our day & dinner and how good of a time we had. I'm looking forward to the weekend to come for our double birthday dinner @ the house with all our friends.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why Be A Volunteer ?????

Why Be A Volunteer?

It's not for the money;
It's not for the fame;
It's not for any personal gain.

It's just for love of your fellow man,
It's just to give a helping hand;

It's just to give a little of one's self
That's something you can't buy with wealth;

It's not for a medal worn with pride
It's for that feeling deep inside;

It's that feeling that you've been a part
Of helping people far and near;

That Makes You A Volunteer!!

(Author Unknown)

2nd Brigade Combat Team 25th ID
Request the honor of Jared & I to attend the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony.

I have been helping with the FRG for 1-27's Bravo Company. I have enjoyed helping and will continue to volunteer were needed. I like how I have been able to meet a few new people as well as help the Soldiers that Gabe works with and their families. Even if it's in the smallest way.

The Ceremony was held today @ 12:30pm @ SGT Smith Theater here on Schofield. Nervous as ever sitting with my FRG leader we were talking about weather we were going to have to walk across the stage or what. (she had never been to one of these things either). Once we asked a few other people it was confirmed we would. Thankfully though it was our whole unit at one time so about 15 of us wives. It came our turn and we were seated in our seats alphabetically and we told each other lets not get out of order.....well what happen??? Yep you guessed it we got up there and were so out of order. It's ok it worked it self out.
The MC for the event managed to work with us and it was a success. As COL Frost and Major Brown and many others walked past us giving out the plaques and Thanking each one, shaking our hands and telling us a "Job well done supporting the Army". When it came my turn I was presented with my plaque shook Major someones hand (I don't remember his name) had our picture taken and he went to the next girl. Major Brown was next in line to congratulate me and thank me for my volunteer work, I held my hand out to shake his hand (as I did with the one before). He said "Oh we don't shake hands we hug", well ok and a job well done by him. I was then presented with a Lei by Mrs. Brown, shook hands with SGT Major Higgs as he told me "tell Jared he does a good job at what he does and to continue to do so." (see SGT Major Higgs knows Jared outside work & we were all wearing name tags so he was able to put the two together.) I told Jared after and he just laughed, and shook his head.

After returning to our seat there was still 4 more unit out of 2nd Brigade to receive their plaques. Once the recognition's were over the ceremony was closed with the Tropic Lighting March and the Army Song. I just had to chuckle as the men and woman in uniform around me sang their hearts away. Listening to my husband softly humming the words away behind me melted my heart once again making me so much more proud to be his wife, his support system as a US Soldier.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crouching Lion Inn

After our trip to the Temple this afternoon we were a bit hungry. We decided to take the long way home. So a drive down the North Shore through the shrimp farms and so much more it was. I just love the scenery and view of the ocean on one side lined with different houses from old to new and then mom and pop shops and vendors on the other.

I love finding new local places to stop at and indulge in a freshly plate of local food.

Stopping for a bite to eat at the "Crouching Lion Inn". A little local place off the North Shore. Just as we pulled up a tour bus did as well, we quickly walked up to get a table before the mass of tourist did. We scored a table right on the end over looking the ocean it was an amazing view.

The food was tasty as well.
I had the grilled chicken sandwich with fresh french fries and Gabe got the kalua pork with pineapple coleslaw. Both were super yummy and we definitely stop in again.

They had chickens running around every chirping along with baby chick following behind. I could hear the waves crashing up against the shore and feel the wind blowing though my hair. It just reminded me of how much I love living here in Hawaii & never want to leave.