Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why Be A Volunteer ?????

Why Be A Volunteer?

It's not for the money;
It's not for the fame;
It's not for any personal gain.

It's just for love of your fellow man,
It's just to give a helping hand;

It's just to give a little of one's self
That's something you can't buy with wealth;

It's not for a medal worn with pride
It's for that feeling deep inside;

It's that feeling that you've been a part
Of helping people far and near;

That Makes You A Volunteer!!

(Author Unknown)

2nd Brigade Combat Team 25th ID
Request the honor of Jared & I to attend the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony.

I have been helping with the FRG for 1-27's Bravo Company. I have enjoyed helping and will continue to volunteer were needed. I like how I have been able to meet a few new people as well as help the Soldiers that Gabe works with and their families. Even if it's in the smallest way.

The Ceremony was held today @ 12:30pm @ SGT Smith Theater here on Schofield. Nervous as ever sitting with my FRG leader we were talking about weather we were going to have to walk across the stage or what. (she had never been to one of these things either). Once we asked a few other people it was confirmed we would. Thankfully though it was our whole unit at one time so about 15 of us wives. It came our turn and we were seated in our seats alphabetically and we told each other lets not get out of order.....well what happen??? Yep you guessed it we got up there and were so out of order. It's ok it worked it self out.
The MC for the event managed to work with us and it was a success. As COL Frost and Major Brown and many others walked past us giving out the plaques and Thanking each one, shaking our hands and telling us a "Job well done supporting the Army". When it came my turn I was presented with my plaque shook Major someones hand (I don't remember his name) had our picture taken and he went to the next girl. Major Brown was next in line to congratulate me and thank me for my volunteer work, I held my hand out to shake his hand (as I did with the one before). He said "Oh we don't shake hands we hug", well ok and a job well done by him. I was then presented with a Lei by Mrs. Brown, shook hands with SGT Major Higgs as he told me "tell Jared he does a good job at what he does and to continue to do so." (see SGT Major Higgs knows Jared outside work & we were all wearing name tags so he was able to put the two together.) I told Jared after and he just laughed, and shook his head.

After returning to our seat there was still 4 more unit out of 2nd Brigade to receive their plaques. Once the recognition's were over the ceremony was closed with the Tropic Lighting March and the Army Song. I just had to chuckle as the men and woman in uniform around me sang their hearts away. Listening to my husband softly humming the words away behind me melted my heart once again making me so much more proud to be his wife, his support system as a US Soldier.

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