Monday, April 12, 2010

Lunch Date :) w/ My Lover!!!

After our fabulous day chilling out on the beach under the gorges sky we opted to take our date day just a bit more. A late lunch at a new place it was......Luibueno's Mexican Seafood & Fish Market. It replaced Rosie's Mexican Catina a little while back which was a sad day for us. We loved Rosie's, it was a nice quite Mexican joint in Haleiwa. Taco buffet on Tuesday nights was the best.
Now Luibueno's Mexican Seafood & Fish Market sits in its place, looks the same from the outside but once you step inside you completely forget your in Haleiwa. They have made it look like a up scale restaurant which I give them props for it is very charming. Looking through the menu I couldn't hardly pronounce any of the names of the items but the descriptions sounded really good. I decided on the Chicken Quesadilla which were SOOOO good, it came with two and I was only able to eat 1 1/2. Gabe went we a burrito that included rice & beans on the side. He wasn't as impressed as I was with his meal. Nor was he with his beer he got. The chips and salsa were GREAT we both dug right into them, but then again we are big chips & salsa people so what can I say. We ended lunch with Fried Ice Cream which was a taste of Heaven with a slice of fresh strawberries. OMG, I loved it and could of ate the whole thing by myself but Gabe & I split it. :)

I don't know that we would go back again for lunch or dinner, maybe for some Fried Ice cream but that would probably be about it. The price's were a bit high for the quality of food they severed and the serves as well. None the less it was good, a great afternoon lunch. Just not on our top list of returns. We enjoyed the day though, that didn't at all damper it in any way.

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