Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kealia Trail


Being the google master that I am, and always trying to find new things to go & do here. I found Kealia Trail down behind Dillingham. We set out this morning to make our way up the mountain, with the pups in tow as well. The trail gradually works up a 1000 ft. cliff, coming out to be 7 miles round trip (if you follow the road after the trail ends at the picnic table). The switch backs are rocky but pretty manageable. Once at the top we were able to take in the beautiful Makua valley. The pups really enjoyed it, we let them off their leash and run free. They stayed just a couple feet in front of us and never went to far ahead. Once at the top the did a bit of exploring of their own. Be time we got back down to the bottom they were so tuckered out. At one point I stopped to put the camera in my bag and Dingo just laid there in the middle of the path because he was so tired. It was to cute. Gabe & I really enjoyed going on this hike today, something about it just brought us that much more closer together than we already were. I love him to pieces and love doing things like this with him. I may not be in tip top shape but he is right there to encourage me and push me to keep going or make sure I'm doing ok. Gosh I married my prince charming, what would I do with out him. LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!


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♥ Annie ♥ said...

The hike looks fantastic...Allen and I might have to try it sometime :) Glad you're having a super fab weekend chickadee!!