Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 days of Thanks.

Day 1- I'm so thankful for Saturday morning cuddles and sleeping in with my love and pups. It's the simple things in life yall!!!

Day 2- I'm thankful that we've been able to make some good friends here in Clarksville to hang out with and of course enjoy the company of the ones we already knew here!!

Day 3- I'm thankful for mid-day lunch dates with my handsome Soldier!!!

Day 4- I'm thankful for left over Black Out Cake from the Cheese Cake Factory. ‪#‎itsthelittlething‬

Day 5- I'm thankful for our puppies. Even though they annoy the crap outta me sometimes, I know they'll be there waiting at the door greeting us when we come home each day. They really do complete our little family.

Day 6- I'm so thankful and blessed to have such amazing and loving In-Loves. I can truly say I got lucky in that department.

Day 7- I'm thankful for good days, it might sound silly but it's what works for me. I'm sure there will be bad days, horrible down right awful days but today is a good day and for that I'm thankful.

Day 8- I'm thankful for my mom and that she drug me to and opened my eyes to the world of Craft fairs and Craft shows when I was younger because they are so much fun!!! Totally worth today's 40 minute drive and can't wait next weekend, there's 2!!!

Day 9- I'm so so thankful for my amazing husband of 7 years today!!! I'd be lost with out you baby, I love you to pieces Always and Forever and Thensome!!!! Happy 7 year Anniversary!!!!!

Day 10- I'm thankful that 9 Years ago (11-09-05, also our wedding anniversary) the hubbs decided to join the Army, if it wasn't for his service I don't know that we would have met. 

Day 11- I'm thankful not just today but every day for the sacrifice my hubbs made to join the Military and for everyone that has walked and is walking the same path that he is currently. Happy Veterans Day to all those Past and Present.

Day 12- I'm thankful for early morning walks before work with the pups, even if it is in the low 30's outside. Makes starting my morning so much more productive. 

Day 13- I'm so Thankful that our 3 Star evaluation is over!!! I kept saying all week I'm not going to get picked and guess what my class got picked. There may or may not have been several tears shed before during and after!!!!! Thankful for such supportive and fabulous staff during this whole ordeal!!!

Day 14- I'm thankful that I've got our Christmas Cards ordered Christmas Letter written, it's Aloha Friday and Girls night out with some of my fabulous co-workers!!

Day 15- I'm thankful I got to spend 5 fabulous hours shopping away at the Christmas Village in Nashville with a fabulous Co-Worker. I always love Craft Fairs / Show's. There so much and always gets me in the holiday spirit. 

Day 16-  I'm thankful for Lazy Sunday's in our PJ's!!!

Day 17- I'm thankful to be able to wake up to snowy winter mornings. 

Day 18- I'm thankful for morning walks with the pups, its of course a bit chilly out but its become a nice way to start my mornings before work. 

Day 19-  I'm thankful for that little orange box that showed up on my door step today!!! Hello ShutterFly Holiday Cards!!! (click on the link for a direct access to ShutterFly Website!!!)

Day 20- I'm thankful for my study group class, I'm not thrilled to be going (long story) but tonight was actually enjoyable and I was able to talk to a few people during our pot luck. 

Day 21- I'm thankful for my little brother, he's not so little only 3 years younger than me but he's by far my favorite best brother ever. He's always there when I need him and I couldn't be more proud of the young man he's grown into be!!!  

Day 22- I'm thankful for today!!! Its been a great day, a fabulous day. I have so much to be thankful for but for today I'm simply thankful for today and everything that has come. 

 Day 23- I'm thankful for the very small benefit we get from this awful thing we are going through right now. Although I'd give every bit of it back not to be going through it, I'm trying to see the positive in the situation. (Veg I know)

Day 24- I'm thankful for for my Grandparents, They've been my biggest role models by far and I can only hope that I live up to half the people they are and do them proud!!! 

Day 25- I'm thankful for my Mamaw, taken far to soon from us. But Blessed to have had her in my life. Today would have been her 74th birthday!!! Happy Birthday in Heaven Mamaw!!! 

Day 26- I'm thankful for a 4 day weekend ahead of me, I'm looking forward to enjoying some Sweet Peach Tea with a shot or two of something fancy to mix it up with. Staying up late and sleeping in, it's just shy of a perfect weekend. 

Day 27- I'm thankful for our Army friends turned family, we are blessed to have such wonderful support system with in them all and someone to spend the holidays with when we are so far away from home. 

Day 28- I'm thankful for the few friends that I have made here in TN so far. I had a absolutely blast Black-Friday shopping with a dear friend!! 6 hours and we could have still kept going if only we had things to shop for. 

Day 29- I'm thankful that 8 years ago today I met my prince charming, the love of my life. Who would of though that one simple phone call would have gotten us were we are today. 

Day 30- I'm thankful that I've found the courage to step out of my box and started attending church again. Thanks to a fellow Milispouse blogger for connecting me with another Milispouse blogger here in TN. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

"I'll Fly Away" ........I Can't Believe It's Been a Year Already...

I really and truly can not believe its been a year since I lost the most amazing woman in my life. 
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I remember it like it was yesterday, hating the world and everyone in it for taking away one of the most important people in my life. There's not a single day that goes by that I don't think about her. Wishing so badly I could call her and tell her that we survived our trip to NYC, that it snowed in Cola, that we moved states, that we bought our first home, that I'm going back to school. I want to tell her what we are going through right now, and have her support. There's just so much that I want to tell her, I always called her whenever I went on a road trip so she could keep me company and now I've got nothing. Going home to Texas doesn't seem to matter as much any more. That side of my family is completely changed now that she is gone, its heart breaking what the loss of a person can do to a family. Many day's it still doesn't seem real that she's not here any more. I still have her phone number / contact in my phone with her address. I can't bring myself to delete it. If only I had voice mails from her to hear her sweet voice. She always had the best advice and stood behind every decision I made, even if she didn't like it or think that it was the best. She was my best friend my everything and now she's my angel. She was the rock that held our family together and its slowly slipping apart now. As much as I hate some days that I moved away from home because it mint I missed out on so much time with her, I truly believe it was the best decision I ever made. Even more so now, I'm not sure how I could physically go on living in the same town knowing she was not there, were I could just drive over and pop in. It's hard I struggle with it almost daily. Its on the top 5 of the worst days of my 27 years for sure. I said it before and I truly believe it, she held on for me for one more day not to leave us on our Anniversary. I remember the last conversation I had with her on the phone, I had just gotten off work and I was headed on post. Driving over the bridge I told her I loved her so much and to get better because I was coming home to see her. It took all she had to respond back to me, but she knew it was me and she told me she loved me and that's the best feeling in the world. My heart breaks, how did a year go by so quickly. I'll never be the same, I know I have to keep moving forward with my life but there's some days I just don't know how I'm going to get through. 
Thank the Lord I have an amazingly supportive husband because if it wasn't for him I'd be a complete  disaster. 
I miss you Mamaw so so much, you were the worlds best Mamaw ever!!!! 11-10-13
I am so grateful that God blessed me with two wonderful grandmothers. Whom I'm proudly named after and wouldn't have it any other way. 

Hands down Coolest Mamaw ever!!!! Love you My Angel!!!! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

7 Year Wedding Anniversary

I really and truly can not believe we've been married for 7 years Today. Some days it seems like the time has flown by and then other days it seems like we've been married for just a short couple of month. I've been looking back through pictures over the past 7 years this weekend. We've been through so much, more than many people do in a life time. Good times and Bad, Hard time and Easy all of it which has made us and brought us to were we are today in our marriage. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. He's my Rock and I'm more in love with my husband today then I was 7 years ago when we said our "I Do's". 
We celebrated back in October with a weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN (that yes I still need to blog) but for now a trip down memory lane through the past 7 years. 

Wedding Day at the DWA 11-09-07 (Dallas World Aquarium)
1st Year Anniversary - Texas 2008 
2nd Year Anniversary - Hawaii 2009
3rd Year Anniversary Hawaii - 2010 
4th Year Anniversary South Carolina - 2011 
5th Year Anniversary South Carolina - 2012
6th Year Anniversary South Carolina 2013
7th Year Anniversary Tennessee - 2014

I love you baby so much and I am the luckiest girl in the world because you chose to be with me out of any one else. I can't wait to see what the next 7+ years and the many more after that have in store for us. Your my best friend and we share a life full of Pure Bliss, 
Always and Forever and Thensome!!!! 

Happy 7 Year Wedding Anniversary to us!!!!