Monday, February 28, 2011

Beach & Dinner Party

The pups were overly excited today, they know when I start getting things ready to go to the beach that they are going to go. I love taking them and watching them run around and play they are so cute. It lets them get all that energy out of their system as well, & since they were going to be spending the evening in their kennels it was a perfect day to go. After Gabe made us a yummy breakfast & went and did his morning work out we were on our way down to Hickam to meet up with Sarah & B. The four of us enjoyed the afternoon hanging out at the sand bar watching the dogs run around crazy. It's nice to have Gabe here to help with the dogs, I can manage on my own but it is allot of work because they are so strong & they get so excited about the beach.
We hung out for a while and shortly after we headed back home. There was still lots to do before tonight's dinner party at our house to celebrate my loves return.

With the kabob's put together, the twiced baked potato's stuffed, the cup cakes iced & the grill going we were finally ready for everyone to start arriving. We only invited over a few of our closest friends to enjoy the evening with us. Sarah & B brought there margarita makin machine & we sipped on those through out the night as we all caught up on the life in Iraq that the guys had been living.

It had been a few days short of 8 months since Gabe had seen two of his favorite little girls, and they were excited to see him. Watching the girls interact with him was just one of the cutest moments in the world. He is so great with kiddos, I know he will make a great dad if the time ever comes around.

The four guys gathered in the kitchen for most of the evening chatting away and sharing deployment stories. I love hearing Gabe talk about his experience over there. He gets all hyped up about it and really in to the story he is telling. Our friend C was stationed at the same fob that Gabe's company is at now, for his last deployment that he just got back from in August of this past year. It's neat for them to be able to talk and hear how things are going now there compared to how they were when C was there. I will be so happy with this whole thing we call war is over but until then I'll stand here tall and strong supporting my husband.
We are so grateful to have such fabulous friends in our life on the mainland but there is just something about the Friendship you build through the military. It is a thousand times stronger and will be with you forever. I couldn't have asked for a better Army Family than we have now.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life w/ My love home!!!

The morning started off earlier than when I normally get up for work day, but that's ok because I woke up next to my love. We hit the gym on post, ok well Gabe hit the gym and I enjoyed watching him work out. Something about him working his buttay off was pretty hot. The gym has become his second home in Iraq and he is keeping up with it while he is home. He always has worked out really hard core, but over the past 8 months he has just stepped it up the the next level.
A trip up Kole Kole pass was planned for after, I absolutely love walking up there and just looking over the mountains to the ocean and the field. Something about it is so peaceful, the very first time I came out to Hawaii that was one of the first things we did together. Its now one of my favorite places to go & just relax & take it all in.

That afternoon we went to do what Gabe loves doing best and that is looking at cars. We aren't looking to buy at all. We are quite happy with the two that we have but that doesn't stop him at all from looking and test driving. I don't mind as long as they are fun cars and nothing something my grandpa would drive. lol

Later that evening we were out running errands and a few of my closest friends invited us to dinner and so we decided to take them up on the offer. I was excited for everyone to finally meet Gabe, for months now they had heard all about him but had never met him. It was so nice to be able to go out to dinner with my husband and our little group and not be the only one with out my spouse there. (other than you Sarah!!) We enjoyed the evening chatting away over drinks, chips & salsa at Chili's in Mililani. It was a nice way to end a perfect day we had together.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome HOME BABY!!!!!

Finally after much awaited time and long dreadful nights the day has come to go meet the love of my life and bring him HOME.
The house was clean and just perfect, laundry done and groceries bought. Pantry was stocked and his favorite beer in the frig. A half day at work (I couldn't stay at home I'd go crazy waiting) and I was home to shower, change, do my hair and make up and on my way I was!!!!!!!!

Meeting up with B who was taking pictures for us at the airport and we were ready to go. Once we got to the airport my most favorite girl in the world and her husband were there waiting for us. They came to video but more importantly they were there for Gabe and I, I couldn't have asked for a better welcome home moment for him than what we had.
Seeing him walk through those doors and wrapping my arms around him was a moment I had been waiting for since he left. I could breath again and relax knowing he was out of harms way.

A quick hello to Brittney, Sarah & Brian and then we were on our way headed home. I was holding his hand so tight as we walked back to the car, I didn't wanna let go. We spend the afternoon hanging out at the house and enjoying each others company. I made dinner for the both of us that night and we sat together on the couch like we always would & enjoyed a yummy Mexican Burrito. Life is so wonderful having him home and us back together, its little things just like washing dishes together that i miss the most.
I am so excited to see what the weeks ahead hold for us. There are several things that we want to do but we are just taking it day by day and enjoying our time together.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I HATED it at first, the though of not having the same face's everyday. Not getting that one on one communication with the P's and things always changing. The though of no structure just rubbed me the wrong way. But now I wouldn't have it any other way. Just about each and everyone of my dearest friends here on Island came some how because I started working in the HOURLY Infant room at Peterson.
Don't get me wrong some times I do have ruff days were I just wanna walk out but then I think about all the little hearts I would be leaving. And well honestly I am not ready to do that to them. I first started with Hourly in November of 2009 with my Best Friend Crystal and we took the class and turned it around and made it in to what it is today. Shortly after she moved my Spouse stepped in and took her spot. It was a ruff road for her due to management but we fought and made it work and just made the class room even better than what it already was. Sadly she recently left as well, but I forgive her. I now have a fabulous co-worker named Renee and we make a awesome team and I'm truly blessed to be able to work with her each and every day.
Both myself and Crystal have a special bond as well as Sarah and I that NO one will ever be able to break or come between us. These two girls are my world and I don't think I would have become who I am over the last 2 1/2 years with out them apart of my life.

Not only are the girls I've had the chance to work with amazing but I have become so close with some of my parents who are regulars. I guess when I first started in hourly I didn't realize that some parents brought their kiddos regularly but they do. I try to built that bond with each and every parent and child that comes in our class and some how some are stronger than other and then there are some that, well I'll leave it at that.
For the most part "My Girls" have moved up to the toddler class which makes me sad. I wish they could stay in my class forever, but its ok I manage to see them when they come in and as well as out side the center at least once a week for the most part. As for my boys there are a few that just melt my heart and I love seeing them. It still doesn't quite win me over on wanting a boy though if we ever do decide to have a kid. My heart is set on a girl.

I have been blessed with some of the most amazing parents ever, and would thank each and everyone of them personally if I could. Some children come in and we only have them once and then other we have that come any were from 2-4 times a week and they all brighten my day in some way or another.

A conversation I had tonight with a parent just reminded me of why I am were I am right now. I may not always love it but it's the right thing to do. I know that and am reminded each and every time I see my kids look at me and smile or when we are out and about and I run in to a family that I know and their little ones get all excited to see me. And I know I must be doing something right if the families I have met and become good friends with continue to ask me to watch their little ones outside the center.

Children are a blessing and I'm blessed myself to be able to make a impact in their life even if its just for a day!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Change: GOOD or BAD

Every now and then we all need a little change in our lives weather that be a good or bad change. I started the year off with a life style change on the way I eat, or eat out rather. I gave up fast food starting January 1st, no particular reason just a goal I set for myself. And today I am happy to say a little over a month later and I haven't had any FF. I started off by saying that I would give it up till Gabe came home for R&R and it would be ok to eat while he was home and then once he left back to NO fast food. The more I got to thinking about it why give in just for the time he is home. So I'm not I talked to Gabe and he supports my decision on not eating it. So here we go continuing on the no FF band wagon.
February rolled around and it brought another change to the table. I opted to give up soda, not that I drink it a lot at all here in Hawaii (back on the mainland were there is a Sonic now that was a totally different story.) but its the fact that I do. Every now and then I will grab one when I'm at work from the machine in our break room. When I go out to dinner some times I'll order a soda vs. water or tea. Not any more though soda has been nixed from the menu of drink options.
I've though ahead to March as well and I have decided to give up all & any types of Candy come the 1st. Not sweets all together because I LOVE LOVE to bake sweet goodies and you can't bake and not indulge that would just be crazy, So candy it is.

One other big change that I have made this month has been my beautiful long dark hair. I wanted to do something different color wise and well I did. (its not at all what I though it was gonna be like) It is still taking so time to adjust and get use to. I have never had my hair this light before even if it is just highlights, so its a bit more than different for me. I am giving it till after R&R and then if I am still not loving it I might go back dark. We will see, everyone else seems to love it and says it looks great and brings out my tan. But I can't help but wonder if they are just saying that to be nice and not hurt my feelings. I went in with the idea of only getting TWO inches cut off and came out having gotten 10 inches cut off. I MISS my long hair SOOOOO much but I do love the new cut that I have its fun and definitely different. I plan on growing it back out though and keeping it long, I like it better than way but for now I'll have to wait it out.