Sunday, February 28, 2010

41 days to go

The morning started off nothing as planned. The plan was: get up Crystal & I were taking Ashlyn home by 7AM & then going to a Yoga class. Needless to say that changed real quick. I got a text message from my dear friend Annie telling me about a Tsunami that was suppose to hit the islands some time mid morning. She wanted to make sure I was prepared for the worst. Thankfully I went to the commissary last night and got food and stuff to get me thought the next couple weeks.
Crystal called me & at 6AM we quickly took Ashlyn home and headed to the commissary so she could pick up a few things for her and the fam.
The commissary was insanely packed, there wasn't a empty cart or basket in sight. We saw so many people there that we knew it was comical to say the least. We made it a trip worth remembering that's for sure.
They were limiting BOTTLE WATER, PAPER TOWELS, TOILET PAPER AND RICE of all things to 3 per military ID holder, crazy.

We made our way back to Crystals house, I got the pups and we hung out there for the rest of the morning well into the afternoon. We had a bright idea to go drive up to Kole Kole pass and walk up the mountain to sit and watch the waves come in. However that wasn't so bright of a idea when we got up there and Kole Kole was closed due to a "live fire training". We went back down the road were some other friends were hanging out staying out of any danger that came our way. We decided to stop and say hello, I had the pups. so it gave them a chance to get out and run around a bit and then back to the house it was so chill and relax the rest of the afternoon off with the Woodsides.

In the mix of heading out the door Gabe called me to check and see how I was doing here with everything going on. I was SO EXCITED because it was from a odd number so I didn't know it was him till I answered. I miss him so much and would do anything to have him here with me right now :(.

This evening I went down to Makakilo to watch little miss Grace for awhile. I was so tired and exhausted from going so much over the last couple day, to avoid falling asleep I cleaned her whole room and organized her book shelf for her mom. :) When I got home I was still in the cleaning zone, yes at 10:00pm at night. Got a few things done but decided called it a early night.

Ten days down and only 40 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

42 days to go

I did NOT even want to get up this morning for work. I was so tired, normally I wake up around 5AM when Gabe dose (when he's home) so my body tells me all the time "time to get up". I would wake up & then fall back asleep till 6AM when my alarm would go off for work. This morning 6 O'clock rolled around the alarm went off and it was the first time I woke up all night. That was a good thing and a bad thing, it meant I didn't get to go back to sleep for that one more hour. :( I totally thought about calling in and staying home but I decided not to. I'd be a big girl and go to work.

We weren't really busy today just had a few new kiddos and a couple of my favorites. (sssshhhh, we don't play favorites at all lol) We played outside for most the morning, the little ones had alot of energy they needed to run off.
When I got off I picked up Ashlyn (she's staying the night w/ me again) and met up with my new friend Julie to show her a couple things on post. We made a much needed trip for me to the commissary together. I hate having to go with out Gabe, I don't know why it just drives me up the wall. Then back home & out the door again to help my sweet friend Jess. with something.
I made it home by 8PM tired as ever and ready to pass out. I can not wait for the weekend to fly by. I love the brake from work but I'm super busy this weekend and I need the time to go by so my hubby will hurry and come home.

Nine days down and only 41 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

43 days to go

One week down, THANK GOODNESS.

Leaving a little early for work I had to drop Ashlyn off at home by 7:30 so I could make it in on time. The minute I got there I was ready to leave. 17 Children on our list for the day. "aaaaaaahhhhh" My head was spinning, how was I going to do this. No worries, M. & another girl R. & myself made it through the day just fine. Not of course before almost pulling our hair out or anything. Thursdays are our busy days because we have "New Parent Orientation". So with a packed classroom at nap time, I had about 10 parents come in today. Thankfully, it went by pretty quick and I had them in and out in no time.
The rest of the afternoon went by pretty quickly, I forgot to take a lunch (we were that busy) so I had a late one around 2:15. Really if I could do that every day I would, because I come back and only have a little over a hour till I get off.

With me babysitting in Ewa this afternoon my sweet Crystal came over and got my puppies and took them to her house to play and run around. I was so happy she didn't mind. I feel bad leaving them in there all day but on the other hand I don't fully trust them out and about with out someone there.

After work I rushed home w/ Grace one of the little girls I watch from my class (whom I was also watching this afternoon in Ewa). I quickly changed, went and loved on my babies for a bit @ Crystals house and was out the door.

It was so much fun playing with Grace & Savannah tonight. They are the cutest girls in the world. If I could have a kid right now and know they'd turn out as half adorable as these two I would. BUT, I don't know that it would happen. LOL After their moms came back and G. & her mom left I stayed and chatted with S.'s mom for awhile. She herself is a young army wife who's husband is currently deployed. I really have enjoyed getting to know her more over the past couple months and tonight was the first night we got a chance to sit down and chat for more than 20 minutes or so. It's crazy to see how much you are alike with other people and you don't even know it. Finally home & in bed by midnight it was a LONG DAY.

The more and more I get to know people and build stronger bonds with my friends I call family here makes me want to stay during the deployment. Time will tell and we will see. :)

Eight days down and only 42 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

44 days to go

Another day at work that went well. With a Petty easy group of chittlens, M. & I enjoyed the day chit chatting and getting to know each other more. We had a stupid early lunch at 10:30AM, 2 1/2 hours after we got there. Ugh, its so annoying when they have us go that early but you do what you gotta do. The day ended well and out the door we were. I rushed home to meet the ecolab people which never showed. It seemed very odd to me because they have been on top of it since last Friday. It was cool though, I mean they got the mouse and sprayed the inside and out of my house already so I'm a happy camper.

I had dinner plans with a new friend J. tonight, we met via. facebook. She & her husband are new to Hawaii only been here about 3 weeks and she herself is a new Army Wife. Her hubby just recently joined the Army. I took her down to Cholo's, for a bite to eat and to have a chance to get to know each other a bit more. She is a really sweet gal. I'm happy that I'm finally getting out of my box and meeting new people. It helps so much, just to have someone here to talk to or hang out with that dose not have children. J. & her hubby are a couple years younger than Gabe & I, and have a puppy that is to cute.
After a few hours of chit chatting we made our way back to HMR (were she lives) and parted our ways. Ashlyn is staying the night with me tonight so i swung by her house (also on HMR) to pick her up. When we got home I went over to Crystals house to check on her and she how she was doing. Poor girl still has no voice and looks like poo. I'm praying she gets better soon, only because I know it's killing her not to be able to cuddle with her baby girl like she wants to.

I'm calling it a early night before I loose it. Today is the first day since Gabe has left that I haven't got a phone call or even a text message from him. When we talked last night he told me that they were moving to a different range for a couple days and probably wouldn't have cell service. Oh man, am I so ready for this to be over with already. I miss having my love home with me. :(

"Me & My 70lb. lap dog Bailey"

Seven days down and only 43 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

45 days to go

I wont even say how the morning started because it wasn't good.
Work well~ it came & went. Crystal is out sick for the rest of the week. I had the chance of working with a new girl from Peterson today. M, she is super sweet and so much fun and the best part she WORKS. (unlike other people they put in our room) She is going to cover & work tomorrow & Thursday as well, so I'm looking forward to that one. We had a pretty easy group of kids today which made it nice so M. could get in the hang of our routine.

Once again I made it home just in time for the Ecolab guys to spray the inside of the house. I'm really liking that they are putting forth so much effort to make sure our problem is taken care of.
It was a short stay at home & I was out the door to babysit. Only for a hour though and it was just down the street from my house so it worked out perfect. I'm going to be watching two lil. girls every Tuesday night for the next 6 weeks for a hour. (mom goes to a work out class & dad is at NTC) I'm looking forward to it, because that as well will help count down the time till the hubby is home.

After a semi ruff day I told the hubby when we were texting today that I was going to treat myself out to dinner. He suggested Wendy's because he knows its my favorite. And I did just that. After I was done babysitting I headed down to Kunia for my lovely dinner :). Back in time to catch the last part of American Idol which wasn't to impressive. I spent the rest of the evening catching up with old and new friends online and making plans for the weeks to come. Gotta keep busy to help pass the time. A good night call from my one & only and now I'm headed up to meet him in our dreams.

Six days down and only 44 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

46 days to go

A 12:13am phone call started 2-22-10. I hate to hear him so tired & exhausted. I just want to tell him to come home, get in bed with me and get some rest. I want to make him dinner, do his laundry & pick up behind him. It is good to hear his voice though & know that he is making it through, sleepless cold nights, MRE's & all. I enjoy nothing more than falling asleep to his voice.

The one day I can't sleep in the dogs do. Of course go figure they would, why not they have no reason to get up & do anything.

Work went well, it was busy we had 13 children today. My partner in crime Crystal wasn't in till noonish so the morning was a bit crazy. Nothing I couldn't handle though.
The day went by pretty quickly, when there is that many little ones running around you loose track of time & next thing you know half the day is gone.
I made it home just in time as the Ecolab guys drove up behind me. They picked up the mouse in the box (which was still alive mind you) & sprayed the outside of our house for bugs. Tomorrow they will come back & do the inside. I am so happy I called them out, I'm so sick of critters in my house.

I took the evening to catch up on my Sunday night shows that I had missed Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sister. Along with Monday night's The Bachelor "The Women Tell All". I am so disappointed in this season, UGH Jake (the Bachelor drives me crazy w/ his choice's).

I made my FIRST MEAL since the hubby left, Tortilla soup and boy was it so good. In the middle of ALL of this I was texting back & forth w/ my love since I had got home from work around 4:30 :). At one point in our conversation (texting) I told him "I wanted to do things differently when he came home" & he said "WE WILL WE WILL LIVE IT UP". awh, he gives me butterflies & I fall in love with him more and more each and every day. Life wouldn't be the same w/ out him (thankfully I'll never know how that feels) & I'm so truly blessed to have him as my husband.

Five days down and only 45 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

47 days to go

It started off lazy of course, up with the dogs. Thankfully Ashlyn slept in till around 9AM. Some how the dogs knew around 11:00 when I was getting ready to leave the house that they were going with me. I hadn't even pulled their leashes down yet & they were already going crazy at the door. After running around Wheeler Dog Park for about half a hour, the dogs were worn OUT. They passed out as soon as we got in the house, my poor babies so tired & its only noon. Oh well, that just ment that I didn't fell as bad going to the beach and putting them in their kennels for a little while. They had their fun for the day now its my turn.

I met up with the Estrella Family & we headed down to North Shore to "Police Beach" for a afternoon of some fun in the sun. It looked really crabby on Schofield so I was crossing my finger the sun would be out @ the beach & IT WAS!!!!! I had a wonderful time hanging out and getting to know them more. "Running down the beach w/ Julie to see the sea turtles only to get there & their back in the water". The E. family is so wonderful & super sweet. They have two of the most adorable little girls I have ever met. It's also nice to see that regardless of your rank, when your off duty you are just like everyone else.

(the shadow in the water is a sea turtle)

Sweet Jessica invited me out to dinner w/ her & her oldest one Bella (she's 2 1/2). She was in the mood for Mexican & I'm always up for some good Mexican food. Back to North Shore it was, sadly enough our favorite joint Rosie's closed down a couple months back, so we went to Cholo's. I'd never been only because I had heard mixed reviews about it & Gabe is not a fan. It was pretty good, I've had WAY BETTER Mexican food before but being from Texas that's a given. We had a wonderful night though. Off to Menchies for some frozen yogurt (another first for me). It was FANTASTIC, I can't wait for Gabe to get home so I can take him there to try. Vanilla Yogurt, Hot Fudge & Gummy Bears umm umm good :)

It was a good weekend, I'm glad I kept semi busy it helped the days go by quicker. One day closer to being in his arms again. Of course the BEST part of the day was getting to text back and forth with My Love at random times.

Four days down and only 46 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

48 days to go

Waking up around 6:30 every morning really sucks when It comes to the weekends. I hate even when I wanna sleep in I can't because my body is telling me its time to get up. Up at 7:15, this is going to make for a long day & I was hoping the weekend would go by fast.

I heard this noise in my kitchen as I'm walking down stairs & guess what THE STUPID MOUSE GOT CAUGHT!!!!! Thank Freaking Goodness!!!! (it sits in this metal container, fighting for its life trying to get out but SUCKER it can't) Thankfully Adam came over & took it and put it in the storage closet out front till the Ecolab guys come back on Monday.

I was able to chat online with Gabe off & on for quite a bit this morning which was nice. Oh a bad note, I notice that Dingo chewed through Gabes PS3 controller cord this morning. He is going to flip the heck out, thankfully he's not here or he'd beat the dog. Really he would, he's done it before. A trip to Game Stop was a must for the day to replace it. (I did leave it out so its part my fault but really I though we were past the chewing stage UGH!!!!)

I did get the office cleaned up, thankfully. It was a disaster, I normally just shut the door & don't go in. That is Gabe's room and well if you walk in you can tell, but not anymore. I took every book & piece of paper & put it in one stack for him to go through. Every piece of army equipment went in the closet for when he gets back as well & everything else went in the trash. I was so proud of myself. :) It was on my TO DO LIST while he was gone, I'm just stoked I got it done this early in the game.

When I got home this afternoon S. came over so her mommy could go to the commissary to get her grocery shopping done with out the little one in the way. Little Ashlyn was over already (she was staying the night), so they were able to play together. The 3 of us headed to the track with the puppies to walk a couple laps. I am trying to be really good & take them out at least 2 ~ 3 times a week. Weather that be to the track or the dog park. While we were out walking My Love texted me "He was standing in line to get dinner, it was 30 degrees outside & they were passing out Ice Cream Sandwiches." I asked if he got one & he said "I did, it was really really good". Awh I was happy to know that he is doing well, even if it's just a ice cream sandwich that made his day. lol

The rest of the evening was spend bumming around at home watching HGTV :0 all in all it was a good day.

&, to end it all a late night phone call from the hubbs right after I got in bed. Awh, I love him so much.

Three days down and only 47 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

49 days to go

I managed to get a really good night sleep last night. I don't know if it was the fact that the dogs were laying on Gabe's side of the bed and Dingo wasn't right above my head or that I was just so tired I never woke up till the alarm went off. Up and doing my morning routine of straighting up & getting ready for work. I happen to be on line and this was what my Horoscope said.....

"You've got needs, too! Your friends and family often rely on you for taking care of them in various ways, but today is all about you -- so do whatever feels right and let them fend for themselves."

Just what I needed and a great way to start the day.
I was off work by a little after noon today and headed home w/ S. (alittle girl that is in our class at HMR) The Ecolab people were coming to spray my house & set out mice traps. ugh, I saw a mouse in the house a couple days ago and about flipped out. It worked out well because after they left I was able to get allot of cleaning done and made me feel really productive. A great way to start the weekend. I figure if I can stay on top of everything while Gabe is gone I wont have to do a one day BIG CLEAN right before he gets home. lol.
I hung out with S. here at the house for the afternoon. We made a trip to the dog park on Wheeler so the pups could get some of there energy out. Of course it had to start raining so that was short lived.

I had leftovers for dinner again, no need to cook when there's plenty of leftovers for one more day.
The highlight of the day was a call from w/ My Love and getting to text back and forth with him.. He had meat loaf for dinner and neither of us are fans of meat loaf. I felt so bad for him :(. But now he's studying like crazy :)

Two days down and only 48 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

50 days to go

The days started off bright & EARLY @ 11:45pm (really the night before). We had talked about just staying up all night but that quickly changed when I decided I just wanted to cuddle in bed with my love. Up early to load the truck, get dressed and have some more us time but it just wasn't long enough. Gabe had to be at work by 12:45am which was WAY TO EARLY for either of us. We spent every last second at the company area together, I couldn't bring myself to let him go. Sadly enough, I had to. He had work he needed to get done & I needed to get sleep because I had to be at work in less than 7 hours. One last kiss, one last hug which neither lasted long enough and we both went our ways. I made it home & quickly got in bed and fell asleep only to wake up to My Love calling me 20 minutes later. Telling me how much he missed me & loved me and couldn't wait till it was over. Awh....he's My Best Friend in the entire world nobody compairs to him.

The work day went well, nothing major happened no craziness. Thankfully :)
I was able to text back and forth w/ Gabe some while I was at work and then when I got off so that MADE MY DAY!!!!! Now I'm just waiting for his phone call once he gets settled in.
I'm home with my pups and going to have some left overs for dinner while I watch Pawn Stars for my love :) He Love's that show and we always watch it together.

I ended the evening with a phone call from my love, how that just makes for a wonderful ending to the day. I love hearing his voice and have him whisper sweet nothings in my ear. :)

One day down and only 49 more to go, follow me as I count down the next 49 days in my blog.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wahiawa Botanical Gardens

Today we ventured not to far at all, just into town and down the road a bit. A stop at the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens it was. It was a nice calm setting not at all really what I was expecting.(then again it is Wahiawa) Coming from DFW, TX were we have the Fort worth Botanical Gardens that is just breath taking. From the trees, roses, flowers, water streams to the different structures. I did manage to get a few good pictures.

Now I'm looking forward to making a trip to the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden & Lili'uokalani Botanical Garden. Sounds like a great way to start my 2 months of being alone this coming up weekend. :(

Happy Valentines Day

Finally after what seemed like 20 years we are getting to celebrate our FIRST Valentines Day together. Now, yes we have been together but not physically together in the same place. I'm not one to make a big deal about Valentines Day, to me there are other Holidays that mean more to us than today. Although that doesn't mean we aren't celebrating because we sure are. I remember talking to Gabe mid-January about what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to keep it simple and just that is what we did.

Starting out with a breakfast, it was one of those were you prepare it the night before and put it in the oven to cook in the morning. This was a first for us, I've had breakfast like this before just never did one myself. I knew I wanted to do something different other than the normal that we do on the weekends to make it special. It turned out pretty good, I was impressed. Gabe put it all together for me last night because I wasn't home and he did a perfect job.

We exchanged gifts, which again was kept very simple. Last year Gabe got back from Iraq just shortly after Valentines Day so we didn't get to celebrate. I had a card and a small stuffed bear waiting for him on his nightstand and I had a matching stuffed bear on mine as well (they both are still there, never been moved). I told him that we should start a tradition for Valentines Day and have a stuffed animal exchange instead of a big gift to kept things simple and easy. With Christmas a couple months prior and both our birthdays 2 months after V~day it just made sense.
So I got him a card of course and a cute green frog holding a heart that said "LOVE YOU" and a box of chocolate :) he love it. He pulled through on our new tradition as well and got me a cute little green frog that sits in a box holding a heart as well. Super Super cute :)!!!!!


I made Valentines cup cakes last night in the middle of cooking dinner to add to the occasion and they turned out so good. Super cute I might add, they were topped with red and white sprinkles and a touch of love.

After lounging around for a bit we loaded up the puppies and made our way to Wheeler AAF. We have found that they really like the dog park there. I was worried that they'd just walk around because there aren't any other dogs there to play with, but they LOVE it. Dingo is so much more active and runs around like crazy. Were at the dog park in Mililani he sticks by our side more than venturing out. They both stay together were ever they go, its so cute to watch they running around.

This afternoon we had a nice relaxing afternoon at home watching "Couples Retreat". I saw it when I was in Texas this past fall but Gabe hadn't because he said it was a chick flip. I'll tell you he was laughing through the whole move.

All dressed up & ready to hit the road.......

With dinner plans at Red Lobster we headed downtown around 4pm and enjoyed a nice evening together. (I am not a sea food person at all but I do love Red Lobster) Be time we left I was totally stuffed and couldn't eat another thing. We totally out did ourselves ordering 2 appetizers, salad, dinner & dessert. Boy was it all so good and worth it though. It's not often that we go all out like but it was nice. hee hee

We made our way back to town for a late night movie. "Valentines Day" Super cute movie, I loved it and can't wait for it to come out on DVD now. It was crazy seeing so many top celebrities in the same movie, they definitely pulled it off well. (It's a must see in my opinion) The ending got me a little teary eyed when the mom came home to her son.

The day couldn't of been more perfect, I was with the Love of My Life and just smitten :) He always knows how to put a smile on my face and make the day just amazing. I couldn't of thought of a better way to spend our first Valentines Day together. The simple things in life are what matter most to me.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

"US" & dinner

A quick run to the commissary to get a couple last minute items for dinner turn in to a OMG moment for me. I don't normally buy magazines just because well to me you can google just about anything you can read in a magazine online and find out EVERYTHING so why buy it and waste the money. Now don't get me wrong I'm not knocking them at all, my husband buys different ones all the time and I have many friends that have monthly subscriptions to different magazines. I'm just saying it's not for me. This afternoon was different, as we are standing there in the line to check out something caught my eye. As I always do, I was looking at the magazines on the rack to see what the latest top Celeb. gossip was. When I saw the current Bachelor Jake Pavelka & 1 of 3 remaining women left Vienna Giradi on the cover of the "US Weekly". With only a few items in hand I didn't have time to flip through it there so it was a must have and quickly gave it to Gabe to add with the rest of what we had.
I am a faithful watcher of the Bachelor and can NOT stand Vienna so I was curious to see what the hype was all about.

Come to find out Miss. V. is not all she is cracked up to be. I couldn't stand her from the beginning and I think she is way to young for him. Not that age has anything to do with who you fall in love with at all. Age is just a number, its just that Jake doesn't seem to be the type of man that goes for the younger woman. But for whatever reason he is keeping her around, I just hope he doesn't end up picking her in the end. Out of the 3 remaining women I'd have to say that Gia is my #~1 pick and then Tenley. March 1st is the just around the corner so we will see when the final rose is handed out.

On the dinner menu tonight was Chicken & Dumplings made from scratch. I attempted making them a few months back and it turned into a horrible disaster. My pot was way to small and kept over flowing, I added way to much pepper & to top it off the dumplings didn't cook all the way. Needless to say it went in the trash. I redeemed myself tonight making a out standing pot of Chicken & Dumplings. I was so happy and the best part was Gabe loved them :) I love cooking there's just something about it and the best part is weather it turns out great or not so great My hubby enjoys it all. He's a trooper and doesn't hold anything back. hee hee

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Swap Meet

One of the things that I like about Hawaii is the Swap Meet or as many people from Texas would call the Flea market. It's filled with both locals and tourists young and old. They have booths set up that circle the Aloha Stadium that have any were from fresh grow fruit to wall hangings, baked bread and sweet treats to t-shirts, bags, local decor. even Jewelry and so much more. It's one of those places you have to see / go there to get what it is. It's a great place for visitors to go to by souvenirs for friends and family back home. We tend to make a trip there every now and then to get a gift or two, even something for ourselves.

Today we met up with the Woodsides & headed out to the swap meet. Not looking for anything Pacific just going to look and see if anything caught our eye. We found a few goodies and had some great laughs. Gabe ventured out getting some Tea Cakes & this stuffed pizza thing which turned out to be really good. As well as a GIANT "Original Pastry" and some Hawaiian Taro (sweetbread).

Being a complete DODGE family now we also scored two metal signs that fit us each. I'm not normally a fan of these type of things but you can't come between a girl and her car or a man and his truck for that matter. YES, they have a HEMI!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

OUR Life Lately

Crazy busy with work, loads of kiddos, management that doesn't know what the heck they are doing, getting ready for the hubbs to go to NTC, Vday coming up & babysitting.

Things have been alittle hectic over the last two weeks. I considered quiting my job and doing something else because it had gotten so bad. I know that things will not always be perfect & I get that but you'd think they would be alittle more organized than they are. I wish I could just take over sometimes and be like look if you do it this way or if you don't do this, things will work out so much better. Oh well, I'm sticking it out and staying with it. I know it's what is best at the time and well really I don't feel like looking for a new job and having to go through that whole process again.

The whole babysitting on the side has really picked up and seems to be going well. I use to babysit like crazy back home all the time but not here. Well not till recently that is. Since I have started at HMR I have been asked by 5 of the parents to babysit their children. It is nice to help them out, outside the CDC. It's also nice to see that a soldier with a higher rank at the beginning of their name is just a normal person like us. I have enjoyed getting to know them outside the CDC and their families.
We are planning to go to Kauai to celebrate our birthday's this year. Seeing's they are only 10 days apart I figured it would be a nice way to enjoy them together. So we are saving the extra money we are making from babysitting for our trip, its working out pretty well and we aren't going to have to pull anything out of pocket which is nice.

Gabe leaves for NTC at the end of this week for just under 2 months and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I am going to miss him like crazy, I wish that NTC was part of the deployment (like those 2 months were taking off the 12 months) RIGHT I WISH!! I plan on staying really really busy, exploring more of the island and visiting places that I have not been to yet. I want to be able to look back at the two months when its over with and be able to say I did this or went here and not just sat around the whole time. Even if it means loading the CD player and heading out for the day by myself "I'm gonna DO IT".

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I'm super excited. We don't have any really BIG plans at all. Just going enjoy the day together. (we do have plans, you'll just have to stick around to see what they are) It's going to be the first year since we have been together that we are together for Valentines Day (the same place). I am curious to see if Gabe goes with the tradition that we (I) talked to him about doing.

We are set to go to the Valley for block leave coming up the end of May. Tickets are booked and bought!!! I am super excited and bummed at the same time. I was really wanting to go in July so we could be there for the 4th and for our friend N's bday. However seeing we have to go when the army says its ok, the end of May it is. Gabe has promised to take me to the Grand Canyon this time. I have never been and I tryed talking him into it last July when we went but he just wasn't feeling it. BUT, this time we are going :)

We found out recently that the deployment has been moved back which is good news. Sucks MAJOR that it has to happen either way but the later it is rather sooner is better for me. I am truly enjoying life here in Hawaii with the Love of My Life & I'd rather it stay that way.

The pups are getting big and still as crazy as ever, but they are getting allot better. We take them to the doggie park just about every Sunday to let them run around and get their energy out. I love them to death however I'm not looking forward to them annoying the crap out of JUST ME these next 2 months. My oh My I think we will be making more trips to the dog park.

Just a sneak preview of our life lately and how things have been going. I truly am living My Fairy Tale Dream with my Prince Charming. Life is GRAND & PRICELESS and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Manoa Falls Hike

Manoa Falls is a lovely site as it tumbles down a vertical cliff about 150-feet tall into a small pool of water. The water fall it self wasn't to impressive only because it was just a trickle of water. We did however enjoy the walk elevating 800 feet up in to the lush rain forest. The water fall its self is approximately 100 feet tall and was a pretty view once we reach the top. It is base of the Ko'oaus Mountains. Our friends Crystal & Adam along with their daughter went with us as well and we ended the afternoon at Anna Millers for lunch. We had a wonderful morning out exploring the beauty the island has to offer.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Our weekend pre~view & next

The weekend started right around noon today, I was so happy to get off early and get home to my love. He as well got off at noon today. It was a great day at the Gabriel house :) We managed to get the house clean and the yard done, the laundry caught up (I hate doing laundry, its so time consuming) and a bite for lunch. 2:45 rolled around and I headed out the door to go babysit. Thankfully I was just going right down the street from our house so it wasn't to far at all for when it was time for me to go home. The couple I'm sitting for headed downtown to Waikiki & aren't set to be back till well after midnight. Thank heavens for sweet little angels, the girls are adorable and so precious. I had told Gabe since I wasn't going to be home for dinner he could indulge in his favorite "Little Ceasers Pizza". Don't get me wrong I like pizza but not all the time & I think he could have it a couple times a week if I let him. One of his buddies ended up calling him to see if he'd go with him to help him buy a new car, (right up Gabe's alley) so it work out well for the both of us tonight.

Saturday we have plans to take the pups to the dog park in the morning then we have a early lunch date and trip to Target planned. I can't wait I love going to Target, I hate that it's so far away. It's not even that far away but compared to were it was when I was living in Texas it's far. I have plans to babysit again that afternoon (hints the early lunch date) in Kapolei @ 1pm until about 10:00pm. So it will be another late night out.

Sunday morning we are going on our hike up Manoa with our friends Crystal & her family. I have been looking forward to it for a couple weeks now :) and can't wait. We plan to go early enough so we are back to watch the Super Bowl if our heart choose to. We have no real desire to watch it and could careless who wins or loses so it will probably just another Sunday relaxing for us @ home. I am hoping to go see "Dear John" Sunday night but we will see.

Next weekend I already have plans to babysit both Friday night @ 6pm and then again Saturday @ 8pm. Both nights will be super easy, seeings Friday its just for a couple hours and then Saturday the girls will already be asleep before I even get there. You can't beat that. Sunday we have plans to celebrate our very FIRST Valentines day together & I CAN'T wait. I am so excited, we have been together for 3 years now and this is the first time we are in the same place on Valentines Day.
Monday we both have off work as well :) and so we are going to continue our Valentines Celebration, I am like a kid in a candy store and can't wait. I'm so excited & even think I might go out and buy myself a new outfit for our date on Sunday.

We (the 3 yr old & I) made mini bagel pizza's for dinner, here's the before. Just thought I'd share :)

Kalua Pork / Pig

As requested from a few parents that I babysit for :) So I figured I would post it for everyone else to enjoy.

What you'll need:
~crock pot
~pork butt- boneless
~1 cap full of liquid smoke
~1/2 cup shoyu
~Hawaiian salt / sea salt
~1 1/2 cup water

1-cut pork into a few smaller piece's, removing all fat. place in crock pot.
2-top with salt- generously
3-add liquid smoke, water, shoyu
4-add more salt on top
5-cook on low for 6-7 hours
6-add shredded cabbage 1/2 hour before serving.
(cabbage should be soft)

* Best served with white rice

(sorry abt the poor quality of the photo, this was my left over bowl & it was taken with my cell phone. However it was to die for)