30 b4 30 / 04-21-16

We're already into the 2nd month of 2015 seriously were in the world has time gone. I'll be 30 next year, just typing that makes me want to throw-up a little. There's no way, its not possible. I still have so much I want to accomplish and do before I turn 30. I have done and been through probably more than many people will in a life time being a Milispouse and its only made me who I am today. I wouldn't change any of it the good or the bad. It's definitely helped me become more independent, more loving, a stronger person and a even better wife. I really try not to sweat the small stuff and not let the little things in life get to me. Rather I try to live and make the most out of each and every day.

Living the Army Wife life we've lived in Hawaii to South Carolina now in Tennessee. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world and shown me things and taken me places I never could of imagined possible. I've met people who I've made life long friendships with that I never would have if it wasn't for the Army. 

Looking forward and thinking about the next big milestone in my life.....turning.....
....that is. I want to make the best out of the next 14 month and our future together. I made this list back in 2011 and have checked in on it periodically but its time to buckle down and knock this thing out. I've updated my list a bit to accommodate the time frame I have left as well as made some adjustments to my "must do / want to do". I've got a full life ahead of me with my husband and there's absolutely no reason to short change ourselves, because of time. 
So in NO particular order at all here is a list of things I want to do before I'm "30 THIRTY 30"!!!!! 

1~Learn how to drive Standard

2~Lose 10-15 lbs.

3~This one's private :) (makes you think though doesn't it)

4~ Go on a Post Deployment trip with the hubbs

5~Make out w/ the hubbs in the rain

6~To be debt free with the exception of our house (that'll be awhile) and possibly one car. 

7~Become a Mom (this one's still up in the air)

8~Be in two states at one time

9~Put together a cookbook of my own

10~Send out 100 (at least) + just because notes / cards to friends and family
-10 down-

11~Revamp my Wardrobe

12~Get into the best shape of my life / reach my goal weight
"In progress"

13~Pay for a strangers meal at a restaurant or drive threw

14~Read & Finish 30 new to me Books

15~Have Boudoir photo's take for the hubbs
Done January 2015 

16~Visit the United States Capitol ~ Washington DC
Done~ DC Trip w/ The Spouse May 29, 2012 

17~Buy Our First Home
Done ~ April 11, 2014

18~Go to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii
Done~ January 30, 2011

19~Visit the major Islands of Hawaii: The Big Island, Kauai, Maui        
Done~April 4, 2009, May 22, 2010, July 28-31, 2011

20~Go on a Hot Air balloon ride

21~Run a Half Marathon

22~ Go to New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Done ~ November 20-24, 2012 (still need to blog it)

23~Go to New York City for the New Years Eve Celebration
Done ~ December 27, 2013- January 2, 2014

24~Sky Dive
Done~ August 6, 2010, October 24, 2010 and October 30, 2010 

25~Take a ride in a SeaPlane
Done~March 8, 2011

26~Run a Marathon
Done~ November 9, 2013 - On our 6 Yr. Wedding Anniversary 

27~Swim w/ Sharks
Done~ December 27, 2009

28~Get a Tattoo
Done~ August 9, 2008 - This was my first, I've added 4 since then. 

29~Have 5 year Anniversary photo's taken 11-9-12 (like engagement photo's)

30-Forgive and Fall in Love with Turning 30

31~Finish the list before I turn 30 : Deadline April 21, 2016

I just don't want life to pass me by and I want to make sure we have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. I plan to keep this updated over the next 14 months to keep myself accountable. I'll keep you updated on my progress as time goes along and mark the list off as I accomplish things.
 What are some things on your 30 b4 30 bucket list???

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