Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reaching New Hight's

Koko Crater is a prominent 1,205 foot high east of Oahu landmark. A sight not even many locals have attempted. It is the highest point, reached by ascending 1,106 wooden steps. Koko refers to the blood of a man bitten by a shark: its original name, Kohelepelepe.

Today we took on the adventure together. As we drove into the park and I saw the trail headed up the mountain, I was so excited. Once we reached the bottom of the wooden steps to head up I took a deep breath & headed up. After many stop to catch my breath and take in the view as we went up the trail, we made it to the top. What a rewarding view. Standing on top of Koko crater looking down across Oahu and the ocean it was just amazing. (the view made Diamond Head look like a pebble in the far distance).

I was so happy when I made it to the top and that Gabe & I decided to take on the adventure, we had such a awsome time walking up and even better once we got to the top.

The trip down was not to bad, there was just one part were you can see straight through the beams and I was so tired be time I got to that part my legs were shaking and I didn't think I was going to make it across. Standing there I literally almost started crying I was so scared (going up across it, it was a piece of cake) but with Gabe standing there on the other side coaching me along (mind you laughing a bit as well) I made it. I was so relieved once I was passed that part. On to the bottom we went. What a great trip up and down we had, it was the most beautiful sight ever.

What a journey it was and I cant wait to take on another hike up the mountains that surround the Island.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow your Dreams

His Passion & Dream.....My Nightmare!!!!
Gabe currently has a 2003 Land rover Discovery and just Loves it to bits. He has a list of add on's and upgrades he plans to get for it and changes to be made. A week or so ago we went four wheeling down near North Shore and just had a blast.

Like me, He can not wait to get back to the mainland to get another one (me I'm gonna get my mini)...not just any old Land rover though. A OLD ONE!!! He wants a older model series that he can completely take down to the frame and rebuild up. He is always looking on line trying to find one. Surprisingly they are pretty cheap....although after its all said and done that will have changed.

He ran down stairs just a bit ago with his eyes lit up like a light build (which mind you they are looking amazing and clearing up so well),

he had found one on line that he liked and wanted me to come see. Its so sweet how excited he gets and how happy he is to be home and finally be able to start his dream of rebuilding a old Rover as our cousin Shae back in Texas would say. Just to see the excitement come from him makes me laugh because you would of though he just won the lotto or taught the dog to sit and stay there. lol but no its because he found another old crappy land rover on line.

I would say I feel the same way about the land rover and restoring it but then I would be lying. His Passion though and I will STAND by and watch and support him along the way.

A Mile or Two

I just love the location of our house on post, just across the street is a baseball field along w/ a track that is walking distance. So ever since we got Dingo at the beginning of the month we have taken him on a walk around the track just about every night right before or after dinner. Its a great way for us to unwind from a busy day and just take in the fresh air of Hawaii. The area is off to the side of post, so not allot of traffic passing by, its so peaceful and calm. I love our evening walks w/ our crazy puppy. We leave everything at the door when we go & just enjoy our time together, it's so wonderful just to walk around the track and talk about the day we had or what we are going to do tomorrow or even what is to come in the future for us and were we will be in the Army as well as were we will be living & what we want.

Yesterday, evening before Jamie & Anthony came over for dinner we headed out for our nightly walk. As I locked up the house I went and met Gabe out front were he was talking to the girl that lived across the street. She was playing with Dingo saying how big he has gotten. As we were leaving to head over to the track she had mentioned "how cute it was that we took nightly walks together with our dog". I thought to myself "I never know when he is going to get deployed again or have to go to the field for training or even schooling so why not take in each and ever opportunity to be together that we can". I feel so luck to have met such an amazing man that became my husband, I could imagine him taking the dog for a walk alone while I stayed home or the other way around. When you have a love like ours you can't help but what to be with that person each and every day every second of that day.

Tonight as we headed out for our walk after dinner, it was a bit drizzly but we head over to the track any how. Dingo hyper as ever took off running (didn't get far of course do to the leash). He was bouncing around like crazy trying to pick up every leaf he passed and couldn't make up his mind weather not he wanted to stay on the track or in the grass. Be time we got back home he was so dirty because of the went ground, the mud, and everything else he managed to get into he went straight to the bath. I just love ending our day with a walk around the track together ;)

Whats so different????

Growing up there was only a few people in my family that were in the Military, so i didn't really know much about it nor did I pay much attention to it. After marrying Gabe that all changed so fast and I was on the quest to learn everything I could not so much about the Military but the Army. It's so much to take in and understand I though I was going to be so overwhelmed but it really has not been bad at all.

Friday we went to tour the USS Missouri, I was really excited one because I had never been on a Navy ship and I was curious on how it was set up and ran. Also because my PaPa James was in the Navy and man have I heard story after story from him. So to be able to see how he lived his daily life and to see how the Navy was so different than the Army and learn a bit more about the Military (because I knew Gabe would give me a lesson)was exciting.

Boarding the "Mighty Mo" as many people call the ship, I was so stoked. It was so large I though I was going to get lost with all the different levels and rooms you could go into. From the Main Battery to the small rooms with 6 or more bunks in them to the Truman Line were breakfast, Lunch & dinner was served was so neat.

Such a different life style. Not to mention the fact that any were you walk around outside on the deck you are surrounded by the ocean. There were many different places were the men & woman could stop off and get a bite to eat but watch were you walk. If your not paying close attention you could walk right into a pipe that was attached to the ceiling. Poor Gabe had to bend done a time or two to avoid a collision.

The Navy life is much different than the Army and I have to say, I am quite happy being a Army Wifey....I asked Gabe as we were heading off the ship if that made him want to go into the Navy and well he had a few choice words as he always dose. Needless to say we are both very happy living the Army way of life.

It really was a great day on Ford Island, that ended with meeting Jamie & Anthony for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, which then turned into a trip to walmart and a 1/2 hour chat with a few other people outside. I just love living in Hawaii and finally being able to truly enjoy married life with my Husband.

In Memory of all the Men & Women who lost their life while aboard the USS Missouri serving our Great Military.

Friday, March 27, 2009

**I Fell in Love all over AGAIN**

For the past month now Gabe & I have been talking about selling my car before we leave the Island & once we get back to the Mainland me getting a new car. So over & over we are looking at cars, as we drive down the highway, as we serf the net & at different car dealerships. Trying to get some kind of idea on what we are going to get (me that is). All along Gabe has been pushing for a Range Rover (he says we will be a Land Rover family) don't get me wrong i would love to have one but I can not bring myself to pay $70,000.00 for the one that we want. I really like the Dodge Magnum, but since they are no longer made we would be left with a used one. Which is not what we are going for. I also really like the HT3, sadly with a price tag around $45,000.00 and the fact that they are not being made any more that's not gonna work.

Today we went to the Hawaii Auto Show & saw so many different cars. From new to old even antiques. Going into the show we were just having a day out and about together. Of course I walk right in & there sits the HT3, OMG...it was so nice & set up high. I thought I was in heaven. But then again you have that price tag. So moving on @ tons of other cars, we came across the Mini Cooper Clubman. Neither of us really paid any attention to them prior to today but, after briefly looking over it we were both loven it, walking through a bit more we saw the New KIA Soul (which we had looked at on line) They had the the sport one there with the sun roof like I want (as well did the Mini Coop.) We both really like what we saw & decided to go take a look & test drive them at the dealerships. The KIA first, not to bad at all but still had to head to the BMW shop. And that's were it all happened, They had the best salesmen ever who gave us a point to point bumper to bumper tour of the car. Now for the test drive, from the very start of Robert (sales guy) showing me the key & the features that it offered I was smiling ear to ear. (mind you i had already done some research online prior to getting there). All the little details that the Coop. offered just sold me over again. We took it for a test drive & I just fell in love more and more.

On the way home we talked back & forth on the idea & the though of having a new car here in Hawaii was great but we couldn't bring ourselves to wanting to finance a car (seeings both ours are paid off now). So we have decided to wait & when we get back to the Mainland....Mini Cooper here we come. I so can not wait. By that time we will have saved up enough money to pay for it cash & not have to worry with financing it. I never though I would like it this much, but now i am so excited about getting off this Island & getting our New Car. I just Love the Mini Cooper Clubman & every little detail. Its so super sweet!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Month

Today was special for a few different reasons. First & for most because it was yet another wonderful day in the Aloha State w/ Gabe. One Month ago today he returned from Iraq & our life was normal again. No more worries no more sleepless nights. We were reunited as one & it was the best feeling ever.
Today also marks One Month that Gabe & I have spent together at one time. Over 2 1/2 years of being together bc of me living in Texas and him in Hawaii and with the 15 month deployment the time was just not ever long enough. Although now that he has been back, things just keep getting better and better. We have a love like no one could ever find and we are so happy with our life & the way we have gotten here today. What we have created together is truly Magical.
Tonight we Celebrated by going out on a dinner cruise together. We set sail on the Star of Honolulu about 5:30pm making our way to Diamond Head & back. From a wonderful 3 course dinner to the dancers and just the time together to take in the wonderful view and sunset of Oahu. It truly made the ending of today PERFECT! I'm so blessed to have a Love like we do and to have such an Amazing Husband.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Not knowing what the future hold is something that excites me. Not knowing were we will being going when we leave Hawaii kinda makes me nervous. Not Knowing if he will re-enlist come October 2012 makes me wonder. Not knowing if we will get our crate of HHG's that was sent to Germany is frustrating. Not knowing if he will have to deploy makes me worry. Not knowing if our new puppy will ever STOP biting annoys the crap out of me. Not knowing what tomorrow holds is a new adventure.

Knowing we will always be together is such a incredible feeling. Knowing he will always be there to hold my hand keeps me calm. Knowing he will always be here to keep me safe helps me sleep at night. Knowing our Love is Heaven sent just warms my Heart. Knowing we will go through this Journey called Life together excites me. Knowing that he Loves me & hearing him tell me each & every day is the best feeling in the world. Knowing that Jared is My Husband makes me the luckiest girl in the world. Knowing that we will always be there for each other makes me so happy. Knowing that he is My Best Friend, My Soul Mate, My Hero, My Partner, My Love, My Everything makes this Life and Journey so Magical.

I do not know what will come next but what i do know is that whatever it is we will be there together Hand in Hand to take on what ever life brings our way.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Such a Chill Day!!!

What started off as a nice relaxing day with my Love & Me just continued through the night. We lounged around till around 1pm, then decided to fix some lunch and head out for a bit. We made our way down to The Old Historic Town of Haleiwa and did alittle looking around. I just love the historic look of the building and being able to take in the wonderful scenery, it Kind of reminds me of a little town back home called "Devine". I loved walking down the street the two of us hand in hand being able to shared this experience together.

We then headed home to get a start on dinner, YEAH!!! I love cooking w/ Gabe. We have come up with our own little weekly dinner menu, which makes deciding what we are going to have each night so much easier. I never new I would love to cook so much. We have cooked dinner @ home just about every night since he has been back and so on the menu for tonight was Caribbean Chicken Kabobs. As i prepair the food, Gabe started the grill & had himself a beer. I must say the Kabobs turned out wonderful, they were so juicy yet had a bit of spice to them. I can not wait to make them again. Today has been such a chill day, just my Love and Me. I love days like today and I'm so blessed to know that there are a life time more to come.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Mutt Back in Texas

I was about 13 or 14 years old and I finally got my very own first puppy. I named her Chloe. She was a full mess when i got her, covered in flees and ticks and who knows what else. The poor thing had to sleep in the bath tub for a week. I took her every were with me and we did everything together, Once I started working she would lay by the front door and wait till I came home that evening. At times she drove me crazy & I wanted her out of my sight. She has a snore that is like no other & can drive you up the wall. She was is such a rotten lil. mutt. Shi tzu's are suppose to have long straight hair and be all prim and proper....but no not chloe she loves to play in the mud and roll around and get dirty. So I would always have to have her cut. The crazy dog caused me many heart aches from having to have some teeth removed to her tail being infected and having to be taken off, it was always on thing after another. She has never been in a kennel for more than a day and we have never been apart for longer than 2 or 3 weeks. So when the time came to decide weather or not to bring her to Hawaii with us, we decided not to. It would be best for both. She has never been on a plane and having to go into quarantine for 60 days once she got to the Island, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Not to mention the cost to bring her over. So the night before I left My Bestest Friend's Angela & Pat were over and just fell in Love with Chloe and when they went to leave she jumped right up in the car with them. They offered to watch after her and take care of her until we return to the mainland and that they are doing. About 2 1/2 -3 weeks ago they went and picked her up from my grandma's house (were she had been staying) and took her home. And OMG are the spoiling her like crazy, the same day she got a new bed, collar, leash & toys all pink and with rhinestones at that. She is in doggie heaven @ The DeDona's house. Yesterday Angela took her to the Vet to get her medical update and all is well. Today she had a day at the Spa....Yes, the doggie Spa. Cut and washed and pink bows in her hair she is as cute as can be and she even has Pink iced Tiara treats to snack on. When I got the pictures today from Angela & Pat I just remembered how much that Lil. mutt drove me crazy and how much i miss her. She truly was my first lil. baby I can't wait to go back to Texas and be able to see her again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Together As One

Finally after 15 (what seemed like never ending months) this hell whole we called a Deployment was now over. Not having the one person i truly loved & depended on here each and every day to go through life with was horrible. But we made it...... back together in each others arms. February 23, 2009 My Heart became whole again. As I sat there waiting for what seemed like forever for Gabe to be released to me I had butterflies in my stomach. I felt like a kid in a candy  store just waiting to get in to everything. I had so many thoughts going in and out of my head. I just couldn't believe that it was officially over & I no longer had to sleep alone, worry that I would miss his call, or wonder when i would be able to see him again. One wall and just minutes were between the two of us being in each others arms again, it was a feeling we had both longed for since that night in December he had left back in '07. Finally as 298 Soldiers walked through the hanger were I awaited My Love, there he was front & center. The words I waited to hear "You are Dismissed" and at that moment the world faded away & we were forever lost in each others arms again.

Moving forward almost a month now and life couldn't be any better than it is now. We are finally able to truly live a married life Together As One. In our very first Home (which i might add couldn't be any more perfect) as well as we have added to our family. Our Newest addition: Dingo, a Australian Shepherd Mix w/ Terrior, lil. boy 6 weeks old. He completes our life and keeps us on our toes at all times. He is such a frisky little fellow, but fits just perfect.

Now just awaiting for block leave to start.....only two more days and we are free from the Army for 30 straight days. And boy do we have a list of place's we are going to go & things to do. Starting with a Dinner Cruise next Monday night & touring the USS Missouri the following Friday along with hiking up Diamond Head, taking a adventure ride on a couple ATV's & even visiting the world's largest maze @ the Pineapple Plantation. There is a trip to the HNL Zoo & Aquarium planned as well. But something that we are both extremely stoked about is our trip to the Big Island, we are planning on taking a Volcano tour over there & spending the day. We will be tourist in our own city right here in Hawaii were we live. I can not wait!!!