Monday, March 30, 2009

A Mile or Two

I just love the location of our house on post, just across the street is a baseball field along w/ a track that is walking distance. So ever since we got Dingo at the beginning of the month we have taken him on a walk around the track just about every night right before or after dinner. Its a great way for us to unwind from a busy day and just take in the fresh air of Hawaii. The area is off to the side of post, so not allot of traffic passing by, its so peaceful and calm. I love our evening walks w/ our crazy puppy. We leave everything at the door when we go & just enjoy our time together, it's so wonderful just to walk around the track and talk about the day we had or what we are going to do tomorrow or even what is to come in the future for us and were we will be in the Army as well as were we will be living & what we want.

Yesterday, evening before Jamie & Anthony came over for dinner we headed out for our nightly walk. As I locked up the house I went and met Gabe out front were he was talking to the girl that lived across the street. She was playing with Dingo saying how big he has gotten. As we were leaving to head over to the track she had mentioned "how cute it was that we took nightly walks together with our dog". I thought to myself "I never know when he is going to get deployed again or have to go to the field for training or even schooling so why not take in each and ever opportunity to be together that we can". I feel so luck to have met such an amazing man that became my husband, I could imagine him taking the dog for a walk alone while I stayed home or the other way around. When you have a love like ours you can't help but what to be with that person each and every day every second of that day.

Tonight as we headed out for our walk after dinner, it was a bit drizzly but we head over to the track any how. Dingo hyper as ever took off running (didn't get far of course do to the leash). He was bouncing around like crazy trying to pick up every leaf he passed and couldn't make up his mind weather not he wanted to stay on the track or in the grass. Be time we got back home he was so dirty because of the went ground, the mud, and everything else he managed to get into he went straight to the bath. I just love ending our day with a walk around the track together ;)

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