Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reaching New Hight's

Koko Crater is a prominent 1,205 foot high east of Oahu landmark. A sight not even many locals have attempted. It is the highest point, reached by ascending 1,106 wooden steps. Koko refers to the blood of a man bitten by a shark: its original name, Kohelepelepe.

Today we took on the adventure together. As we drove into the park and I saw the trail headed up the mountain, I was so excited. Once we reached the bottom of the wooden steps to head up I took a deep breath & headed up. After many stop to catch my breath and take in the view as we went up the trail, we made it to the top. What a rewarding view. Standing on top of Koko crater looking down across Oahu and the ocean it was just amazing. (the view made Diamond Head look like a pebble in the far distance).

I was so happy when I made it to the top and that Gabe & I decided to take on the adventure, we had such a awsome time walking up and even better once we got to the top.

The trip down was not to bad, there was just one part were you can see straight through the beams and I was so tired be time I got to that part my legs were shaking and I didn't think I was going to make it across. Standing there I literally almost started crying I was so scared (going up across it, it was a piece of cake) but with Gabe standing there on the other side coaching me along (mind you laughing a bit as well) I made it. I was so relieved once I was passed that part. On to the bottom we went. What a great trip up and down we had, it was the most beautiful sight ever.

What a journey it was and I cant wait to take on another hike up the mountains that surround the Island.


Nooner said...

Talk about a fantastic view!! I think Allen and I might have to try that, although he might have to carry me up it...hahaha :)

Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier said...

OMG, girl it is so worth each and every step to get to the top. you guys should totally go but take PLENTY of water. hee hee

Nene said...

What beautiful scenery, know you all enjoyed the hike, it was worth it being able to enjoy the magnificance of it all. Keep the pictures coming! Love NeNe

Anonymous said...

I left a comment but not sure it was published. Love NeNe

Anonymous said...

I keep leaving a comment, scenery is magnificent, only way it gets on is by signing anonymous. Nene

Jess said...

When we were in Oahu, we climbed diamond head, and I almost cried 3/4 through because my legs were throbbing. Just one I thought it was over, I looked up to see a flight of stairs leading up with no end...with Greg's help, I made it and I saw the most beautiful view of my life! Then it rained when we were on top...it was the best rain beause I was so damn hot!