Friday, March 27, 2009

**I Fell in Love all over AGAIN**

For the past month now Gabe & I have been talking about selling my car before we leave the Island & once we get back to the Mainland me getting a new car. So over & over we are looking at cars, as we drive down the highway, as we serf the net & at different car dealerships. Trying to get some kind of idea on what we are going to get (me that is). All along Gabe has been pushing for a Range Rover (he says we will be a Land Rover family) don't get me wrong i would love to have one but I can not bring myself to pay $70,000.00 for the one that we want. I really like the Dodge Magnum, but since they are no longer made we would be left with a used one. Which is not what we are going for. I also really like the HT3, sadly with a price tag around $45,000.00 and the fact that they are not being made any more that's not gonna work.

Today we went to the Hawaii Auto Show & saw so many different cars. From new to old even antiques. Going into the show we were just having a day out and about together. Of course I walk right in & there sits the HT3, was so nice & set up high. I thought I was in heaven. But then again you have that price tag. So moving on @ tons of other cars, we came across the Mini Cooper Clubman. Neither of us really paid any attention to them prior to today but, after briefly looking over it we were both loven it, walking through a bit more we saw the New KIA Soul (which we had looked at on line) They had the the sport one there with the sun roof like I want (as well did the Mini Coop.) We both really like what we saw & decided to go take a look & test drive them at the dealerships. The KIA first, not to bad at all but still had to head to the BMW shop. And that's were it all happened, They had the best salesmen ever who gave us a point to point bumper to bumper tour of the car. Now for the test drive, from the very start of Robert (sales guy) showing me the key & the features that it offered I was smiling ear to ear. (mind you i had already done some research online prior to getting there). All the little details that the Coop. offered just sold me over again. We took it for a test drive & I just fell in love more and more.

On the way home we talked back & forth on the idea & the though of having a new car here in Hawaii was great but we couldn't bring ourselves to wanting to finance a car (seeings both ours are paid off now). So we have decided to wait & when we get back to the Mainland....Mini Cooper here we come. I so can not wait. By that time we will have saved up enough money to pay for it cash & not have to worry with financing it. I never though I would like it this much, but now i am so excited about getting off this Island & getting our New Car. I just Love the Mini Cooper Clubman & every little detail. Its so super sweet!!!!!!!!!!

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Nooner said...

When will you guys be pcsing from the island?