Monday, March 30, 2009

Whats so different????

Growing up there was only a few people in my family that were in the Military, so i didn't really know much about it nor did I pay much attention to it. After marrying Gabe that all changed so fast and I was on the quest to learn everything I could not so much about the Military but the Army. It's so much to take in and understand I though I was going to be so overwhelmed but it really has not been bad at all.

Friday we went to tour the USS Missouri, I was really excited one because I had never been on a Navy ship and I was curious on how it was set up and ran. Also because my PaPa James was in the Navy and man have I heard story after story from him. So to be able to see how he lived his daily life and to see how the Navy was so different than the Army and learn a bit more about the Military (because I knew Gabe would give me a lesson)was exciting.

Boarding the "Mighty Mo" as many people call the ship, I was so stoked. It was so large I though I was going to get lost with all the different levels and rooms you could go into. From the Main Battery to the small rooms with 6 or more bunks in them to the Truman Line were breakfast, Lunch & dinner was served was so neat.

Such a different life style. Not to mention the fact that any were you walk around outside on the deck you are surrounded by the ocean. There were many different places were the men & woman could stop off and get a bite to eat but watch were you walk. If your not paying close attention you could walk right into a pipe that was attached to the ceiling. Poor Gabe had to bend done a time or two to avoid a collision.

The Navy life is much different than the Army and I have to say, I am quite happy being a Army Wifey....I asked Gabe as we were heading off the ship if that made him want to go into the Navy and well he had a few choice words as he always dose. Needless to say we are both very happy living the Army way of life.

It really was a great day on Ford Island, that ended with meeting Jamie & Anthony for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, which then turned into a trip to walmart and a 1/2 hour chat with a few other people outside. I just love living in Hawaii and finally being able to truly enjoy married life with my Husband.

In Memory of all the Men & Women who lost their life while aboard the USS Missouri serving our Great Military.

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