Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow your Dreams

His Passion & Dream.....My Nightmare!!!!
Gabe currently has a 2003 Land rover Discovery and just Loves it to bits. He has a list of add on's and upgrades he plans to get for it and changes to be made. A week or so ago we went four wheeling down near North Shore and just had a blast.

Like me, He can not wait to get back to the mainland to get another one (me I'm gonna get my mini)...not just any old Land rover though. A OLD ONE!!! He wants a older model series that he can completely take down to the frame and rebuild up. He is always looking on line trying to find one. Surprisingly they are pretty cheap....although after its all said and done that will have changed.

He ran down stairs just a bit ago with his eyes lit up like a light build (which mind you they are looking amazing and clearing up so well),

he had found one on line that he liked and wanted me to come see. Its so sweet how excited he gets and how happy he is to be home and finally be able to start his dream of rebuilding a old Rover as our cousin Shae back in Texas would say. Just to see the excitement come from him makes me laugh because you would of though he just won the lotto or taught the dog to sit and stay there. lol but no its because he found another old crappy land rover on line.

I would say I feel the same way about the land rover and restoring it but then I would be lying. His Passion though and I will STAND by and watch and support him along the way.

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Nooner said...

I like the pic of the white one :)