Monday, April 30, 2012

gettin my bronze on

So ever since we left Hawaii my tan has been neglected something crazy. I really can't remember the last time I was this pale. It's quite embarrassing if I do say so. I even pointed out how pale I was to the hubbs a few weeks ago and he so kindly agreed. As he tells me he'd noticed I'd lost my beautiful bronze Hawaiian color. Thanks hubby lol. 
I've been toying with the idea of going to a tanning salon. I did in Hawaii for the first 9-10 months we lived there and then it was strictly the beach bum tan from there on out. 
I've got some summer traveling coming up not to mention my cruise in October with both my lovelies. Who by the way will come with their beautiful tan from Hawaii. So this white girl needs to get working. I've toyed with the idea of laying out in our backyard but our neighbors are ALWAYS out there and our fences are low and completely open so that option is out of the question. 
The pools on post open Memorial Day weekend, so come summer I'll be able to go up there and lay out a bit. But lets face it going alone all the time isn't ideal. 
 I checked out Golds Gym near our house and they were just to darn pricey for what I wanted to spend. Sure I'll have full access to their facility and equipment but I have all that on post for FREE. So I've made up my mind and I've decided I'm going to go tanning at a salon near my work. Its right by Target which I tend to frequent on my lunch break from work so I'll be able to work on my Tan and do a bit of Shopping at the same time. I couldn't of found a better price either, its not going to cost me a arm or a leg. The salon is small and quint family owned and operated. 

There's just one thing that will take some getting use to and that's the bed its self. The salon I went to in Hawaii had all stand up beds which I got use to and didn't mind. However here most of them are lay down beds. Kinda creepy but relaxing at the same time. I guess it will just take a few times to get use to.

~DAY 200~

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camping Day 3

Our last day of camping we got up and had a simple breakfast, muffins and honey buns. No cooking, No dishes means NO extra clean up. After everyone got up and stuffed their face a bit we decided to go ahead and start packing up camp. This way it was done and taken care of and we had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. I was so happy we ONLY took what we needed out there and nothing else. Some people I think packed half their house out there for just two nights. Ok I understand that if you have kids you may need a bit more but still it was crazy the amount of stuff people were bring out of the tents. 
In a way I was sad to see the weekend come to a end. Its nice to get away from the real world and not have to worry about anything at all. I turned my phone off Friday when we got there and didn't turn it back on till we were on the road headed home. 
I'm looking forward to our next camping adventure, should be fun!!!!! It was a beautiful weekend and the company was great. I think that makes the biggest difference is the people you are with. I'm so happy we are FINALLY starting to make some really good friends here. It's taken long enough. lol. 

Our tent, home for the past 3 days!!!!

He was suppose to be helping take down a tent and instead he was chillaxin in LT's hammock. 

Most of the gang that made it through the whole weekend!!!!

~DAY 199~

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Camping Day 2

Day two started out with a fabulous breakfast that included sausage, bacon and french toast. It was amazingly good for being cooked on a camp stove. K showed me a new way to make french toast that is super simple and makes small servings. 

Little miss thing working the grill, while sipping on some freshly brewed coffee. Told you we had some french toast, it was gone in minutes. You would have though these people hadn't eaten in days. After breakfast a few of us girls headed up to the showers. We were feeling uber dirty and needed some freshening up. I'd never felt better, it was so refreshing. (ok I'm sure I have but still you get the point)

Back out on the boat for some fun in the sun. Thanks to my fabulous Mistress my face was spared by the sun. I absolutely LOVE my new beach hat, I think I'd wear it every were if people wouldn't look at me funny. I suppose I'll save it for our beach & pool days though. Earlier this morning we took a short trip out on the boat and Bailey decided it would be smart to jump in the water. 
Let me paint the picture for you. When us girls got back from the showers the hubbs, pups and a few others were out on one of the boats. The rest of us loaded up on the other boat and headed out to were they were. When we got to them Bailey saw me and went crazy pacing the front deck of the boat. Were were about 10 feet apart. No one really though she would jump in and then all of a sudden SMACK. Right in she went all on her own. It was pretty comical but at the same time I felt bad. She can swim but I don't think she realized what she was getting herself into. The guys tried pulling her up by her collar which quickly slipped off. Thankfully they got her back up on the boat though, everyone on that side said her face was priceless. I wish I could have see it. So here we are in the water enjoying ourselves while at the same time trying to encourage Dingo to come join us. After pacing around from the door opening to the bench seat for about 5 minutes he to jumped in. I was dying laughing, trying to keep afloat and take a picture all at the same time. Oh our poor pups. 

Times like these are the best!!!!! 

My happy little family!!!!!!

Oh this girl cracks me up, she sure does know how to put the life into a party. Here is her and her son jumping off the front of the boat together.

We ended the evening around the camp fire of course, would you expect anything else. Dinner included burgers, hotdogs, chips, potato salad and of course some marshmallow roasting and SMORE making!!!! It's not a party without the grams, chocolate, and mellows. This is my all time favorite thing about bond fires. I love LOVE smores, the sad thing is though since they are so sweet I can only handle a couple in one sitting. I think I managed to make my way through three of them this evening. You have to enjoy every bit of them while you can right, its not every day you have a bond fire right beside your bed. Unless you are a hard core camper right!!

We (I say we but I didn't drink this weekend, so really its everyone else) went through a good share of alcohol bottles. They had everything from different types of wine, whiskey, tequila, jim bean, and other hard core liquors. There wasn't a drop left in any of them after Saturday night. How some people can take in so much alcohol and not be totally plastered is beyond me. Well back to my point.....a couple of the guys brought out boxes of kem lights and they decided they would maker perfect lanterns around the fire. Yes again these are the people that are training our future Soldiers for defend our freedom. Craziness I know right!!!!!!!

It was a long day and we had loads of fun but I was ready for some sleep come 11ish. I forget how being out on the water all day can tire you out so much. Its been a awesome experience and I'm so glad we decided to come.
Of course there was a bit of cuddling before we dosed off. I love my little family so much and wouldn't change it for anything!!!!

~DAY 198~

Friday, April 27, 2012

Camping Day 1

The hubby was off today and I only worked a half day meaning I was off at 1pm!!!! Woohoo!!!!
When I got home he had the car loaded up and ready to go. We grabbed some lunch at non other than Chick fil a, seriously its like our go to place. (I could never have to much) We were on the road with the pups in tow headed to Dreher Island State Park for a weekend of camping!!! I've never NEVER been camping before, beach yes, river yes, I grew up going to the river every weekend. We have a river HOUSE (no tent) with running water and air conditioner. My brother and I probably learned how to swim before we were walking. We both water ski, its something I truly LOVE doing so going out on the lake is totally up my alley. However CAMPING, sleeping in a TENT, going to the bathroom in the WOODS, cooking dinner over a camp FIRE is not up my alley. 

As terrified as I was about this little adventure I was looking forward to it. Going on 6 years of being together and we are still experiencing 1st's, life is swell with the man I love on my arm. 

Arriving right at 3pm we unloaded the car and set up camp. 
A little back story this weekend is a Org. Day ~ company organization day set up for Alpha company and their families. (we are with Delta Co. but we've been adopted by A Co, seeings D Co doesn't do anything. ) The XO & his wife S are seriously fabulous, they are the cutest couple ever. They set this whole weekend up, managed to book a camp site RIGHT on the water with boat access, away from everyone else. (bc I mean lets face it when you get 20+ Army guys & gals together there's gonna be alcohol involved.) It was a great spot, perfect for all of us.
After getting settled in we joined in on a Cornhorn competition that was going on. Sadly my hubby sucks at it and we ended up loosing. The BN CO won the prize which included two $25 visa gift cards. 

Later that evening we went out of the boat with the pups. It was a bit chilly because the sun had gone down and the clouds were moving in. Never the less it felt great to be on the water again. I miss going to the river every weekend when I lived back home. It was something I always looked forward to come the end of school on Fridays. Although I'm not a fan of pontoon boats at all it was nice and relaxing. 

I was quite surprised the pups did great on the boat. I have to say I was a bit nervous at first that they would go completely nuts and freak out but they proved me wrong. To be honest I wasn't crazy about taking the pups camping in the first place. I figured it would be just a hassle and more trouble than enjoyable. Once again I was proven wrong, they had a blast and did really well. I'm so glad we took them. 

Lake Murray is such a beautiful place, I had no clue it was so big. I think the hubbs and I will definitely be going out a time or two again for a camping adventure. I LOVE his smile in the picture below, if only I looked half way decent then it would be perfect.

After some fabulous homemade chili by yours truly we sat around the fire chatting away. Kaira and S decided it would be a fabulous idea to fill the watermelon with peach vodka and later indulge. I kindly passed as I have seriously sworn off any type of alcohol for the time being after last weekend.
The pups did great in the tent, a little confused at first but over all they seemed to find a comfy spot and didn't wake up till 7am the next morning. Sleeping through the rain and all, gosh must be nice to sleep so well were ever they can pass out. 
It was a great first night, no catastrophes or problems to be reported which is a good thing in my book!!!

~DAY 197~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday's & Holidays Galore

It seems like as soon as I get one persons Birthday gift or Holiday gift in the mail that another one pops up. I open my calendar and a big fat HELLO slaps me in the face saying "you forgot this person". 
I finally got the In~Loves Anniversary gift wrapped and packaged up ready for the postman. There 32nd Anniversary is next Wednesday the 2nd of May. I'm totally shooting myself in the foot for not taking a picture of it before hand. Oh well I'll have to have the MIL take a pic and send it to me so I can share with you all. 

The hubbies bday is next Tuesday May 1 and I still have yet to get his gift. I have a pretty good idea on what I'm going to get him but still twirling with it. I've ordered him his favorite Red Velvet Cake and picked up a card but that's about were things have stopped. 

The Mistress's (aka Nancy) birthday is next Friday the 4th of May and I seriously just figure out today what I was getting her. Remember she was the one that sent me the totally awesome Cruise Box for my birthday last week. I knew it had to be good and creative which led me back to a local store here called "Hand Picked". I absolutely love both gifts I picked out for her, so much that I ordered one for myself as well. Yes ordered :( I'm kinda bummed because of the lack of me being on top of things her gift is going to be late. It will not be ready till next Friday meaning I wont be able to mail it out till Saturday, day after her bday. I suppose better late than never right. Still I wish I could have it to her on her day. 

We've been going back and forth on a Mother's day gift for the hubbs mom. I managed to pick up my mom's gift in Illinois when I was there so that was taken care of. After getting back to work this afternoon from ordering the Mistress's gift it hit me. That same concept would be great for the MIL just changed up a bit. Wanting the hubbs to be involved in the picking out process I went home and drug him along. Double score he liked my idea and that was now checked off my to do list. 

Now for one more, and hopefully the last gift for the month (probably not) of May is my dad. My lovely fathers birthday is the 20th of May and I have to go do a bit of shopping for him. Thankfully I have a bit of time so I think I'll put it off till next weekend sometime. All this craziness so close together can be hard to keep up with sometimes. 

With a over loaded head and a long LONG day at work the hubbs opted to eat out for dinner. Something we hardly ever do during the week but hey what they heck, it got me out of cooking & dishes. 

To celebrate My Drill SGT getting NCO of the Month today he treated himself to a drink!!!!  I was / am so so proud of him, he always works so hard for what does and were he has gotten in the Army. I know these past 6 years are still just the beginning of a wonderful full filled career for him in the Military. I can say enough how wonderful he is at what he does, he will achieve great things!!!! 

~DAY 196~

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shopping 101

I mentioned in a earlier post this week that we are going camping this coming weekend. I can't wait!!!!! See I've never been camping, like for real for real camping so this should be interesting. 
This evening after work I met up with Kaira and her little dude and we did a bit of shopping. 
~!~!~NEW SWIM SUITES ~!~!~

........and loads of yummy camping food!!!! 
We're going to be eating good, well fingers crossed any how!!! 

Swim Suite pictures to come after this weekend!!! 

~DAY 195~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From the hubbs.

As you may have noticed by now I have a serious obsession with TOMS. When the hubbs asked what I wanted for my birthday I was quick with my reply being a new pair of TOMS. I've got a couple different styles on my "top" to get list. He told me to go check the local surf shop (Salty's) (they sell TOMS) to see if they had any of the ones I've been wanting. You know what as soon as I walked in I was in love. There they were, one of the pairs I had been wanting. I was quick to scoop up a pair with out a second thought.
Aren't they so cute I just LOVE LOVE them!!!!

This was the other part of my gift from the hubbs. A custom bracelet from Uppercase Living. I picked it out and ordered it through our friend Nichole. It just came in the mail today so that's why I'm just posting about it. I wanted to write about both my gifts from him together. 

Our saying / quote is "Always & Forever & Thensome", its something we adapted early on in our relationship. I have it tattooed across my back, along with our Wedding Date. While visiting C in Illinois, we were at a local shop when I notice a bracelet on the store clerk and asked her about it. Come to find out it was also a custom order from UCL. That's when I got the idea to have this one made. I showed the hubbs on line and explained to him what I was wanting and here you go!!!!!!
The finished product!!!!!

I absolutely think its so cute. Its a little big, see I have super tiny wrist and even ordering the smallest size its a tad big but its perfect. One of a kind, I think that's what I like most about it, no one will ever have the same one as me. 

So sure I kinda pretty much picked out both my own gifts for my birthday but hey at least I got what I really wanted. I don't mind that at all, sometimes it works out better that way. This year things were fairly simple birthday wise but in my book simple can be better. It was perfect for me just what I needed. 

One thing he did completely surprise me on was this card. He custom made it from his phone he was so proud of it. I can't get over how funny this picture is and love that he used it. Props to him for a custom made card. 

~DAY 194~

Monday, April 23, 2012

Play Ball!!!!!!

So as if the guys don't work enough on the trail they are required to play a sport. YES your reading that right, REQUIRED!!!!!! I think its total BS but nothing I can do about it but put a smile on my face and support my love in what he does. So with that being said its Softball or Volleyball and frankly as much as I know he would rather not do either he was selected for SB. He said he would rather do VB because the games are shorter, I just can't see him playing though. Call me crazy but he's much more hard core than that. Tonight was the 2nd game of the "season". Last week they had to forfeit because they didn't have enough players. 
I rushed home from work to fix us dinner before we headed up to the field two hours later. 
It has been FREEZING the last two days here in the South and I've heard its only going to get worse tomorrow. Whatever I can handle it as long as its warm by the weekend for our camping trip. I bundled up as much as I could with out looking crazy, I HATE the cold weather Yall!!! 
Unit sports are something new for us, this post / unit is just bringing out so much in us. In a good way of course, I'm liking that we are getting involved here. We are stepping out of our shell if you will. You depend on your fellow Milispouses when your spouse is deployed, it helps you get through the tough times and good times. I believe the same thing goes for a Drill Spouse you need those relationships with other Drill Spouses to help get you through the countless weeks on the trail.  
I enjoyed hanging out with Kaira tonight as we watched our boys get creamed by the other team. It's ok though because its only game two, plenty more to come. There will be many more Soft Ball dates in our future. Along with a bit more coordination, K & I are trying to talk them into getting custom shirts made so they look more uniformed. 
Just another thing to add to our weekly night "to do's". I've been told there could possibly 2 games a week plus practice, oh the least we can go together.
~DAY 193~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recovery Day!!

Seriously I haven't felt this bad in let me see FOREVER!!!!!!!! The bar bit really isn't our thing and we hardly go and pull a all nighter. But I suppose since it was my birthday we changed it up a bit. Considering I was up ALL night long off and on puking my guts up, I kindly welcomed sleeping in till 11am. Let me tell you that NEVER happens ever, not even on the weekends. Although the reason behind having to sleep in that late wasn't something I'd like to live through every weekend. I really don't know how people go out and get totally wasted every weekend, I'd be beat. 
After I got up and semi freshened up, we managed to make our way out for some breakfast / lunch aka brunch. It seriously took all I had to make it through eating my 8inch sub, 30 minutes later. The idea was to go by Target while we were out and pick up a few things but I just couldn't handle it. (it was bad yall) So we came back home, I grabbed my pillow and blanket and spent the next 3 hours passed out on the couch while the hubbs took care of some work things. 
I finally woke up feeling a bit refreshed and able to walk around with out feeling dizzy. So we braved it up and headed to Target. I needed to go by and pick up my car from Kaira's house so getting out was a must. 
This evening I was craving a really really yummy dinner, after all my stomach was completely EMPTY from throwing up so much the night before. Heck I bet I lost almost 5 pounds from it. We decided on Baked South West Egg Rolls, they turned out fantastic and were so easy to make. I spend the rest of the night finally finishing up the 5 loads of laundry I started Friday that never got folded. It was a pretty lazy morning and I got nothing done but I semi made up for it later this evening. Gosh I tell you recovery days sure do take a lot out of you. I'm so thankful for my wonderful hubby who was here to help take care of me all day, I would have been lost with out him. 

~Mixin the fixins to go in our egg rolls :) ~

We may go out for his birthday the weekend after next but I can tell you one thing....this girl WONT be drinking!!!! 
Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend and a blessed week to come. 
~DAY 192~

Saturday, April 21, 2012


After our Jane Wayne Day we had a Battalion Hail & Farewell we had to attend. I wasn't to please with having to go at first because this was my day and the last thing I wanted to do was spend it with a bunch of people I didn't know. There was no getting out of it though, so we sucked it up and I put on a happy face. The hubby was getting Hailed into the company so it was nice to be there for that. After all the H & F were done that BN CO said my name and asked that I come up to the front were he was. (we were at a park on post under a pavilion) I was shocked and kinda sunk down behind the hubbs as he pushed me up. That's when I saw Kaira & her hubbs standing there with the CO holding a cake. Are you kidding me, I'm sure my face turned bright red as everyone started singing happy birthday to me. It was so sweet of her to do that and I will always remember it and will most definitely be getting her back one day soon. It's not a birthday with out a cake right!!!! 

Later that night we met back up at K & C's place to head downtown for drinks. The celebrations were still underway. The original plan was we were all going to go out to dinner and then drinks after. However with the BBQ through in there, we decided to just eat there and go out later. It worked out perfect because we were able to go home and take our time on getting ready and then head out. 
Our first stop was at a bar called the Flying Saucer, it was a first for me but the hubbs had been there before. It was a really nice laid back place with a large out door patio are were we took up 3 large picnic tables. A few drinks here, two shots later and meeting people that were stationed in Hawaii the same time as us, that also knew people we did was kinda fun. 

I'm so glad that he is home this year to celebrate my big day. Having him here makes it that much more special and really just completes me. He's my world and no amount of money or gift could ever be better than being with him. 

At some point some one decided it was time for us to get moving on to a new bar. Ok fine by me I'm just here to have a good time. So here we are headed to The Tin Roof which was just across the street, another first for me. The bar seen isn't really our thing, we don't go out a lot. This was actually a first for us since we've moved here to the South. (going out bar hoping together)

I love this picture of K & I, she made sure I had a fabulous night. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been having my Spouse here with me. I hate going through these special events with out her, we did EVERYTHING together in HI and now its gone. On the plus side of things less that 35 days till I see her!!!! 

Drunkin pictures are always the best right!!!! Headed to Bar #3, 80's party here we come!!!!
One of the female soldiers in the unit was celebrating her birthday tonight, (her bday was the day before) she was having a 80's party. 

Doesn't he look super hot in his fabulous hat, or maybe not. Either way he's all mine and I'm totally fine with that.

I think it was safe to say that I was pretty done at this point. To many shots to count and endless amounts of drinks and I was done. I told the hubbs to cash out the tab and get his card back before we left. 

They make the cutest couple ever and totally fit perfect together. 
I'm so blessed to have finally made such a great friend here, really that the hubbs and I did. We get along so well and its so easy. No army wife / life drama just go with the flow. 

These were taken right before the hubbs and K walked 5 blocks in the pouring rain to get the cars. There was no way at all that C & I were going to walk back to the car, I felt so sick to my stomach. Thankfully we have two fabulous other halves that took care of us. I still don't get it, I think K had just as much to drink as I did and she was fine. (well to a point anyhow lol) She said the rain helped sober her up which could have very well worked. I had a great birthday it was definitely one for the books to remember thanks to these two lovely people in my life!!!! The hubbs was so sweet and took care of my sickly self throwing up and all and didn't complain one time. He really is my HERO!!!!!!!!!!! 

Here's to another year, I hope and pray that its as fabulous and fill with as much life as the last 26 years have been. I can't wait to see what is in store for me and my love together.