Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sending Get Well Wishes!!!

I absolutely love receiving gifts but more than that I love giving gifts. My sweet southern friend K had to take her pup to the vet this morning she was going in to get fixed. I wanted to do something for her, send her a get well soon treat or something along those lines. That’s when it dawned on me, the Pupcake Boutique down in Five Points. They make the cutest cakes and treats for fur babies. I called them when I was on my break and placed a order for a pupcake. When I got there to pick it up this evening I was so excited it had turned out super cute. K is going to love it and I’m absolutely sure that Bella girl will as well.
 Of course I couldn’t leave with out getting Bailey and Dingo a little something. I picked them out each a bone shaped treat and a palm tree treat. These little suckers aren’t cheap so I hope they enjoy them. 
Later that evening when K got home she was so excited to see the cake for Bella. I had dropped it off earlier this evening with her hubby while she was out. Our pups also liked there yummy treats I got them. But I mean I think between the two of them they could eat just about anything. They are seriously two spoiled pups but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait for Bella to get better and recover from her little surgery so we can get the pups together again for a play date. 

Bailey NEEDS the social interaction with other dogs so she will stop being so snap happy when she gets around other dogs. Have I mentioned that they are building a dog park on post???? We are super excited about it because its with in walking distance from our house and we shouldn’t have to pay to get in like you do all the other ones around the city. I can't wait for it to be open, this will be great for when I wanna take them out when the hubby is at work. We take them back in the wooded area a lot on post, but I'm not so sure that is something I'm going to want to do by myself.

~DAY 182~


Janna Renee said...

I take Weiser to a big field by our house, but it would be so nice to have a really good dog park close to us!

ROXY said...

Wow. I should do something nice for my dog. I've never tried to bake treats for her. Do you have any good relatively easy recipes?