Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Down Home Country

A bit of a picture over load but they were just to cute not to share, plus you know you wanna see. :) 

 When we got to the tracks and the girls got out we had a little talk first. We explained to them that if they heard the bells start to ring, indicating a train was coming they were suppose to RUN to the back of the car, which happen to be parked just a few hundred feet away. We told them mommy would grab Chy bug and they just needed to get to the car and NOT move a inch until told other wise. They understood and explain to us back what they were suppose to do. The trains run through this area pretty often, we can here them back at the house which is only a mile or two away. I'll tell you what we got the girls situated on the tracks looking cute AND DING DING DING. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH we freaked, I don't remember the last time off hand I was that freaked. The girls did awesome and ran to the back of the car while Crystal quickly snagged Chy. We stood there and watched as the train literally flew by blowing its horn possibly as loud as it could go. Crystal said that normally they go through that area at a pretty mellow / slow speed but this dude was truckin like crazy. I don't know that I've ever stood out and watched a train go by that close. It was definitely a experience for sure. After the train passed the girls had fun goofing off while we snapped some pictures of them. They are seriously so cute and each have very different personalities. I'm loving getting to spend so much time with them. It almost makes me wanna have one, lol like I said almost. Maybe one day!

These were taken near a bridge near their house, before we went to the train tracks. 

This one has got to be one of my favs. 
Just seconds before the train horn blew!!
TADA!!!!!!!! Look Mommy I did it!!!
We passed a beautiful field on the way home and stopped to have some fun. 

Running Free!!!!! :) 
How can you not love this cute scrunchy face!!!!!!!!! 
Life is so simple when your a 3 year old!!!!!

Aren't they just so cute ?!?!?!?!?


Mrs. Robinson said...

my goodness. CUTEST pictures I've seen in a long time! Stop it, now, or we'll both have baby fever! haha

Sailing with bare feet said...

Awe! I love your photography!


Janna Renee said...

Those are ABSOLUTELY pirceless!! They look so professional!!