Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Yall

I woke up this morning trying to enjoy our Easter together and not to think about what was to come later this afternoon. Crystal and I played "Easter Bunny" and went to hide the eggs all over the yard. Later we came in and woke up the lil one and told her she must come see what the Easter Bunny brought her. I was the lucky one who got to wake her up, and she was so excited. When she went in to the living room she was quite surprised by the over sized Minnie basket that awaited her. Full of her favorite snacks and candies, along with a few stickers and some fancy side walk chalk. What a lucky girl, I wish I still got Easter baskets to. hee hee, don't we all.

After a bit of munching on the good stuff we were able to pull her away for a bit to head outside. It was like pulling teeth to get her outside away from her goodies but once we did she was in heaven. "Mommy LOOK" she said as she mapped out her plan in her head as to what eggs she was going to go after first. There was about 30-40 eggs filled with confetti, candy and even monies as she calls it. She wasted no time once mom said GO and was on her way. Smashing the eggs over each other was quite entertaining if I do say so. The drive way and yard was full of confetti it was a giant mess, but so much fun. Just look at that smile below, thats one happy kiddo!!!
Savoring every moment together that we can. 
After we all got cleaned up we headed to Crystals Grannies for Easter Lunch. This is when the tears began and the melt downs started. I knew I was hours away from saying my goodbyes and getting back on the road and I didn't want to. It took all I had to hold back the tears just to make it through my meal. Don't get me wrong I can't wait to see my love, sleep in my own bed with my puppies annoying the living crap out of me but saying goodbye again is going to be heart wrenching. Its been a awesome week, probably one of the best I've had in a long time. I'm so glad I was able to make the trip out here and next time the hubbs will have to come for sure so Adam isn't totally out numbered.

Leaving this kiddo is so hard, she is such a doll and totally makes me smile. Minutes after this picture below was take I was in the bathroom with her and her momma trying to explain to her why we go poopoo on the potty. As I'm talking to her she replies with "this is such a beautiful color" pointing to the shirt I'm wearing. I redirect her attention to what I'm saying and again with the cutest smile on her face in the sweetest voice she says "it is so beautiful". I just had to get up and walk away it was useless she won my heart over again. Sorry Crystal I couldn't help with the pooping in the potty this time. 
(she is potty trained and can tell you when she needs to go, but when it comes to the pooping in the potty she just can't seem to get it, do any of you have any pointers or tips for this beautiful momma??)

We spent the afternoon out on Grannies front swing chatting away!!! She was showing me her new slippers that we had bought in Chicago the day before. Its hard to believe she was 5 months old when I met her and now she is 3 years & 3 months old. Time sure does go by fast. The picture below on the right hand side was when I was telling her goodbye inside. I was literally holding back the tears as she hugged my neck so tight. I don't even know how I managed it up to smile but some how I did. Its by far one of my most favorite pictures of the two of us. 

Saying my "see you later's" to the older girls. Its been a true joy getting to know them and I know this is not goodbye forever but a "See you soon". Still hard letting go knowing the life they have ahead of them. If your the praying type please pray for these two sweet girls, they need all the prayers they can get right now. 
I'm slightly bummed that the picture of all of us below turned out the way it did due to the sun and shade clashing. But that's what I get for not checking the picture till I was half way home. Trying to hold myself together for one last photo opt and give my love all around was hard enough. 
I've said it once and I'll say it again this by far has been a fabulous week and I'm so said to see it come to a end. I'm just thankful that even though our time together right now has come to a end that doesn't mean at all that our friendship is. Crystal and I are as close as any two can be. We've been there for each other for SO MUCH and will always be there. We have the type of friendship were we can go a good couple weeks with out talking and pick up the phone and start back up right were we left off. I absolutely HATE living so far away from here but it sure beats the distance when we were in Hawaii. I'm already looking forward to our next adventure together. 

Right before I left I went up on the porch were everyone was sitting (Crystal's whole family) to give her grandparents a hug bye and thank them for allowing me into their home for Easter. As I'm walking back down the stairs with tears streaming down my face, Cheyenne runs over to me and grabs me by the legs and gives me the biggest hug in the world and says "I love you Aunt Tiffany".  I grabbed her and held on as tight as I could saying "Aunt Tiffany Loves you to kiddo, I really do and I'll miss you so much." I just stood there for a minute savoring the moment. Talk about a stab in the heart right there, it was one of those moments were I wish someone could have got on camera but it is a moment that I will have with me forever. 

~DAY 178~

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awe... :( but it looks like you had a wonderful time dear.