Saturday, April 14, 2012


While the hubby was MIA today thanks to CQ I was a busy bee. I met one of my co-workers at a local park for a bark in the park event with the pups. I was super nervous because this was my first time (by myself) to take the pups to something like this were there would be tons of other dogs. I've mentioned before how Bailey (the brindle dog) is kinda weird around other dogs. I swear she is bipolar and just wants to pick on every dog that passes her. We stayed for about a hour walking around checking out the booths and everything they had to offer. It wasn't so bad with both dogs but not something I would take them to and do all the time by myself. I kept Bailey close to me so she wasn't really able to bully other pups. I can't wait to get her around other dogs again so she will hopefully mellow out. Its drives me crazy though because she was best friends with the spouses' dog Ella in Hawaii. They got along so well and never had any issues, they would wrestle and play all the time. 
Back home for about a hour to finish up some laundry that I had been putting off forever. That has really got to be the one thing that I hate doing. Simply because its so time consuming and boring. I babysat for one of my families from work at 11:30 for a hour. It was pretty simple to since sweet baby S was asleep the whole time. From there I went and picked up the hubby lunch and drop it off to him. It was so nice to see him even if it was just for a couple minutes. I grabbed myself some lunch at Popeyes which is newly opened on post WOOHOO, then back home to finish that darn mound of laundry before I headed out to see a movie. 
I had plans with a few friends (wives) from the unit to go see "The Lucky One" at the post theater. They were showing it today (a week early) for free, which worked out since the hubbs didn't want to see it. Slowly but surely for one reason or another everyone started backing out. I was really looking forward to going especially since I didn't have any other plans till later that evening. I talked to the hubbs and contemplated going by myself, I just felt retarded going alone. I mean really who does that.......Let me tell you....THIS GIRL DOES. I had a date with myself and it was quite enjoyable. I sat towards the back so once the movie was over I could get out and avoid the crowd. I'm so glad I ended up going it was a FABULOUS movie and I'm looking forward to it coming out on DVD soon. I'm such a sucker for love stories / chick flicks but the hubby not so much. 
I was able to stop by and see the hubbs for a bit after the movie before I headed back home. I hate that CQ fell on a Saturday because that means our whole weekend is gone because he will most likely sleep till after noon tomorrow. I already had plans for the evening to babysit so it all kinda worked out for the best I guess you could say. Still I would have loved to hang out on the couch with my love. I didn't mind at all spending the evening with one of the cutest little 18 month old in my class. It was a pretty chill / relaxing evening, G ended up falling asleep in my lap about 30-40 minutes after her parents left so that left the evening for me to hang out and watch a bit of TV. L & T came home around 11:30pm but I didn't end up getting home till 2:45am. T poured L and I a glass of wine and we chatted away for the next 3 hours while sipping on some bubbly. I absolutely love chatting with her its so nice to have some one here to talk to about life, school and everything in between. Before they got home I was so tired and just wanted to get home and in bed but once we started talking we completely lost track of time. T ended up going to bed and we didn't even pay any attention. I guess we were to wrapped up in our girl time. It was definitely a great night and it worked out perfect since the hubbs was gone, as much as it sucked in the beginning when I found out he had CQ this weekend I guess it didn't end up being all that bad after all. I kept myself busy so the time passed quickly!!!
~DAY 184~


*Katie* said...

I think I might have a date with myself too, to go see that movie.

Mrs. Robinson said...

Big dogs are so intimidating to me. My parents have always had bigger dogs, like labs, since I was younger so I'm not afraid of them. I guess just after having Zombie and him being so little, I can't imagine caring for such a big dog - much less two! You are brave woman, haha!

My husband had a pit bull that he ended up giving to his mom...that dog drove. me. nuts. DID NOT like her, haha. And I worry it may have put a bad taste in my mouth for big dogs...she thought Zombie was a toy or something to be chased or pounced on. It made me SO nervous. But, I'm glad y'all had fun at the bark at the park! Sounds cute!

Janna Bogert said...

I wanna read the book before I see the movie! That means that I will be watching it alone too ;)