Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Children's Museum & A Mini Egg Hunt

We had another fun filled adventurous day ahead of us, the best part being the girls had no clue what was coming. We loaded up the car after a bit of breakfast and headed out to Bloomington, IL for some fun at the Children's Museum. We stopped off for some lunch at Mickey D's first to draw out the anticipation for the older two. See we were right in the area were their mom lived and they though they were going home & we were going to Bloomington without them. (they knew they were going back to their moms house today but just not sure when.) They were quite surprised when we got to the museum because neither of them had been there before. 

Right across the street was a local art shop, the inside was a bit different but I loved the paintings on the outside of the building. There was characters, animals, a sky line, faces, landscape and much more. It was a very colorful and bright wall.
My favorite one was this beautiful flower which just so happen to be next to a giant green dinosaur. The Spouse loves loves dinosaurs so when ever I see them it always makes me think of her.
Crystal and I even partook in some of the crazy kid fun in the museum. Hey after all whats the point in going if your not going to have a little fun with it. The best part was that ALL 5 of us (3 kids & 2 adults) got in FREE!!! Thank you Military!!! The last time I went to a children's museum was when I went to PHX during the hubbs first deployment with the nephews & mil, so I was super excited. This one here in IL was 3 floors filled with anything a kid could imagine. Each floor kind of had a theme which was neat, it aloud the kiddos to learn more and understand the different stations better. We got there just after noon and didn't end up leaving till right before they closed at about 4:45 it was a long fun filled day at the museum. But the fun didn't end there...........
The girls loved loved the pizza truck. Chy though it was all hers & every time someone else would get in it she just didn't understand. 
I think we have a few doctors on our hands, these girls sure have a bright future ahead of them.
or maybe a couple of farmers lol. 
There was a theater area were all three girls were playing with a few other kids. They shut the curtain, got all dressed up and when the curtain opened this is what we saw. It was seriously to funny Crystal and I just busted out laughing. Chy had this crazy scared almost lost look on her face while she just sat there. It was cute in its own little way, hey as long as they are having fun right. 
The art room was my favorite if you can't tell, we had fun writing little messages on the windows. 

It was my turn in the doctors chair, I had my heart checked & teeth cleaned. Alisha sent me on my way with a clean bill of health, she was so cute even checked my knees. 



She's only 3 years old and already knows how to drive, watch out people she's behind the wheel of a tractor. This was another one that she really liked. Maybe she has a thing for vehicles because it took us forever to get her out of here. 
Love Love this girl, we are having the best time together, I don't want it to end. Thankfully we still have so much ahead of us :) 

On to some more fun, before we took the girls home we stopped at a park to have a mini egg hunt. They are going be with us on Easter but not till the afternoon so they would miss the egg hunt at home. We started a tradition in Hawaii that involved confetti eggs and we've carried it out since then. They are super messy but LOADS of fun and always makes for a good laugh. The girls had so much fun smashing them over each others. C & I got suckered in and a few cracked on us as well. It was all in good fun though so I didn't mind at all.   

I've had a blast getting to know the older two (I've known Chy since she was 5 months old.) they are such sweet and adorable little girls. As peaceful as I knew the house would be this evening I was really sad to say goodbye when we dropped them off. I think though a lot of it has to do with the living arrangements they have to be in.
Good news is we get to pick them up on Sunday on our way to Grannies house. 

~DAY 174~

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Janna Renee said...

I love those museums! There was one in Fort Lauderdale and we would go without any kids! We are all big kids, I guess ;)