Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday's & Holidays Galore

It seems like as soon as I get one persons Birthday gift or Holiday gift in the mail that another one pops up. I open my calendar and a big fat HELLO slaps me in the face saying "you forgot this person". 
I finally got the In~Loves Anniversary gift wrapped and packaged up ready for the postman. There 32nd Anniversary is next Wednesday the 2nd of May. I'm totally shooting myself in the foot for not taking a picture of it before hand. Oh well I'll have to have the MIL take a pic and send it to me so I can share with you all. 

The hubbies bday is next Tuesday May 1 and I still have yet to get his gift. I have a pretty good idea on what I'm going to get him but still twirling with it. I've ordered him his favorite Red Velvet Cake and picked up a card but that's about were things have stopped. 

The Mistress's (aka Nancy) birthday is next Friday the 4th of May and I seriously just figure out today what I was getting her. Remember she was the one that sent me the totally awesome Cruise Box for my birthday last week. I knew it had to be good and creative which led me back to a local store here called "Hand Picked". I absolutely love both gifts I picked out for her, so much that I ordered one for myself as well. Yes ordered :( I'm kinda bummed because of the lack of me being on top of things her gift is going to be late. It will not be ready till next Friday meaning I wont be able to mail it out till Saturday, day after her bday. I suppose better late than never right. Still I wish I could have it to her on her day. 

We've been going back and forth on a Mother's day gift for the hubbs mom. I managed to pick up my mom's gift in Illinois when I was there so that was taken care of. After getting back to work this afternoon from ordering the Mistress's gift it hit me. That same concept would be great for the MIL just changed up a bit. Wanting the hubbs to be involved in the picking out process I went home and drug him along. Double score he liked my idea and that was now checked off my to do list. 

Now for one more, and hopefully the last gift for the month (probably not) of May is my dad. My lovely fathers birthday is the 20th of May and I have to go do a bit of shopping for him. Thankfully I have a bit of time so I think I'll put it off till next weekend sometime. All this craziness so close together can be hard to keep up with sometimes. 

With a over loaded head and a long LONG day at work the hubbs opted to eat out for dinner. Something we hardly ever do during the week but hey what they heck, it got me out of cooking & dishes. 

To celebrate My Drill SGT getting NCO of the Month today he treated himself to a drink!!!!  I was / am so so proud of him, he always works so hard for what does and were he has gotten in the Army. I know these past 6 years are still just the beginning of a wonderful full filled career for him in the Military. I can say enough how wonderful he is at what he does, he will achieve great things!!!! 

~DAY 196~


Janna Bogert said...

Dang! That's a LOT of gifts! I'm happy that everyone I know is pretty spread out...Plus for Mother's Day I'm making special cards!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Not the point, but mmmm Pacifico. My fave beer! Congrats to hubs for his honor!