Monday, April 30, 2012

gettin my bronze on

So ever since we left Hawaii my tan has been neglected something crazy. I really can't remember the last time I was this pale. It's quite embarrassing if I do say so. I even pointed out how pale I was to the hubbs a few weeks ago and he so kindly agreed. As he tells me he'd noticed I'd lost my beautiful bronze Hawaiian color. Thanks hubby lol. 
I've been toying with the idea of going to a tanning salon. I did in Hawaii for the first 9-10 months we lived there and then it was strictly the beach bum tan from there on out. 
I've got some summer traveling coming up not to mention my cruise in October with both my lovelies. Who by the way will come with their beautiful tan from Hawaii. So this white girl needs to get working. I've toyed with the idea of laying out in our backyard but our neighbors are ALWAYS out there and our fences are low and completely open so that option is out of the question. 
The pools on post open Memorial Day weekend, so come summer I'll be able to go up there and lay out a bit. But lets face it going alone all the time isn't ideal. 
 I checked out Golds Gym near our house and they were just to darn pricey for what I wanted to spend. Sure I'll have full access to their facility and equipment but I have all that on post for FREE. So I've made up my mind and I've decided I'm going to go tanning at a salon near my work. Its right by Target which I tend to frequent on my lunch break from work so I'll be able to work on my Tan and do a bit of Shopping at the same time. I couldn't of found a better price either, its not going to cost me a arm or a leg. The salon is small and quint family owned and operated. 

There's just one thing that will take some getting use to and that's the bed its self. The salon I went to in Hawaii had all stand up beds which I got use to and didn't mind. However here most of them are lay down beds. Kinda creepy but relaxing at the same time. I guess it will just take a few times to get use to.

~DAY 200~


Brittany said...

I love tanning! I know it's bad for you but it's better than being pale in my opinion. I bet you will enjoy taking a little nap in the lay down beds :)

Gina said...

Ugh I hear you girly...I miss my Hawaii tan! Can't wait for summer...

Janna Bogert said...

Don't do it too much! I have to do it every now and then for pageants and such, but otherwise I don't. It's just too dangerous.