Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Fabtastical Day

It was a fairly quiet morning when we got up today. With the two older girls back at there moms it just us & Chy bug. It was a very lazy morning we slept in late, then once we did get up we took our time about getting ready. Not having any plans or some were to be by a certain time was a nice change of pace. We decided on a early lunch at a local joint called the Landmark Cafe & Creperie. From the moment we walked in I knew the food had to be fabulous, it smelt like heaven on earth. It was a small little joint, probably family owned & operated. The area were the crepes were made was open so you could watch them cook your food. It reminded my of the crepe place in Hawaii that we enjoyed going to. Of course I had to indulge while we were there, a dessert crepe was a must. We tried the "Turtle" filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate & Carmel sauce topped with pecans, whip cream and a cherry. Let me tell you it was heaven!!!! Crystals brother was with us and he'd never heard of crepes before, needless to say he was quite impressed.

 After lunch we went home to do a bit of Easter Egg dying with the kiddo. I though I'd be creative and make some have multiple colors. Yay, that didn't work out so swell at all. When you have a 3 year old helping die hollow eggs you need all eyes on her. At times she though it would be fun to just chunk them in the bowls or fill the egg up and poor it out. Mommy was not so impressed, see she has a brand new kitchen table and rug that she'd like to keep clean and pretty. It was fun though, I hadn't died eggs in the last.....well the last few years. I don't really remember when I did last. We speckled a few but it was frankly to time consuming so it didn't last long. We're looking forward to the Easter bunny hiding the eggs Sunday morning so we can find them and crack over every ones head :) 

Adam came home from work just as we were finishing up and decided he wanted to go out for dinner. Sounded easy enough to Crystal and I, no cooking, clean up or dishes. We went to a place that was buffet style ( I don't remember the name) but it was pretty good. Adam always knows how to make you laugh and have a good time. I miss his crazy personality, he is so much like Gabe in ways....very up front and doesn't hold anything back. 
After dinner we all loaded back up and went over to Target to pick up ONE thing. A hour later we walked out with that ONE thing we went in to get but that wasn't before having some good clean fun. A trip through the toy section, testing out some of the Nerf guns and water toys. Oh and of course we had to go through the shoe section for little miss Chy. I think we tried on about 10 different pairs of shoes on her and didn't end up getting a single pair. There was one pair that she LOVED and refused to take off, she wanted to show her daddy. Sadly daddy was no were to be found, he had wondered off to a different part of the store. Some how she didn't quite understand that as she proceeded to walk through Target yelling for her dad and making quite this scene it was pretty comical. Crystal and I just kind of let her as her brother follow closely behind, I think he was kinda embarrassed but his crazy niece. But it was all in good fun!!!!  Chy bug has quite the spunky personality and just like her dad speaks whats on her mind no matter who is around.

 I haven't laughed so much or had this much fun in such a long time. Adam sure does bring out the kid in me, the 3 of us (4 if Gabe was here) could get in so much trouble together. We sent the week talking to each other in our most famous British accent. It was pretty awesome!!!!

~DAY 175~

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