Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Pots & Date Night

Before I came out Crystal had asked me if I'd wanna paint flower pots with her & the girls. I just had to laugh because of the craziness I just had to deal with on our class pot. But of course I was all for it, it would be fun. I was given a ivy plant from one of my parents before leaving for spring break as a Easter gift, so it was going to need a new pot soon to live it. I'm not very creative when it comes to stuff like this but its still fun and I enjoy it. I think I just don't have a steady hand and it makes it hard to be creative but I try. The girls had a great time with it, although I'm not sure if Chy bug had more paint on her or her pot. Either way she made sure there was little of every color on her pot. I tried writing on mine but it didn't turn out so swell so I resorted to one solid color and some flowers. Crystal decorated hers with some pretty flowers & butterflies it was super cute. The two older girls were just as creative adding some flowers and people all around. Erin, Adams brothers girlfriend decorated one with us and I have to say it turned out the cutest. She's definitely talented when it comes to artsy stuff. We added a clear coat to seal them off so the coloring would be able to weather to storm and last longer. I can't wait to take mine home to put my plant in, I just need to get a base for it and I'm set.

Chy bugs pot is the one on the very end.
Crystals pot on the left and then mine.
Alisha's pot, she's the oldest of the 3 girls.
Erin's super cute pot.
Our beautifully painted pots just in time for spring.
After we cleaned up from painting and got the kiddos settled Crystal and I headed out to dinner. I surprised her with Adam watching the kids so we could have some girl time. We headed into Peoria to eat at a little Italian place called Avanti's. I had the chicken parm. which I have to say was pretty tasty. After dinner we went and paid alittle visit to her mom and dad who just happen to be right across they street. They were so sweet, it was great to finally meet them after hearing about them for so long. One other stop before heading back home was to her granddaddy & grandma's house. It was absolutely beautiful your typical country house. It looked like something taken right out of a magazine. The walls in every room were done in a different wood. The master bedroom had a large sitting room off it, filled with old antique furniture and beer steins. The kitchen, with a 1971 Country Charm stove was of course the heart of the house. It was just all around beautiful from the outside in. One day I hope that the have a home half as beautiful as theirs. We got to their house around 9pm and didn't leave till after midnight. I've never enjoyed talking to someone elses grandparents so much, let me tell you they are a HOOT "don't ya you". (Her granny kept saying that quote all night it was so funny.) Nights like these just reminds me again how much I miss living in Hawaii with our beautiful army family. We may all be spread apart now but that doesn't change the love we have for each other.

~DAY 173~

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