Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chicago ~ National Pillow Fight Day

I have to say I think our road trip to Chicago was probably one of the best days on Spring Break that I had. It was just Crystal, Adam, his brother, Chy Bug and myself. The drive up there and back was quite eventful and alot was shared and we all became just a bit closer. Probably in some ways we would have rather not but hey its history now :). We stopped for a quick breakfast at Denny's about a hour out which was so yummy. I hadn't eaten there in who knows when.
Once we got right into Chicago I wanted to turn around and leave. The traffic was horrendous bumper to bumper on the high way and city streets. We were in our car this time so I was paranoid that some one was going to hit us and then I'd have to explain to the hubbs why his bumper was all messed up. Thankfully Adam was a great driver and managed to get us into the city with out any catastrophes. We parked the car in a parking garage at the end of the strip not really knowing were we were headed for the pillow fight from there but it gave us a chance to see more of the city so I was grateful for that.
The streets were loaded with people, I'm sure many tourists like ourselves and others that lived there. It was so much like NYC with the big name brand stores, the street vendors and the billion taxis that drove by. After getting down town and walking around I was a bit more relaxed because we didn't have to deal with the crazy drivers. Seriously it was a mad house and not something I would want to drive in daily.

This is us headed out to the pillow fight. We had to speed raced all the way there because we realized we parked 5 blocks away and we only had 20 minutes to get there and through a mad rush of people. It was funny as we walked the streets people watching. There are some strange characters here in the Windy city, although I'm sure they said that about us to as we walked around carrying our pillows. 

Let the good times roll, we were so excited almost like a little kid on Christmas morning. There wasn't as many people there as we had though there would be for the event. I'd say about a hundred or so it was still a blast. This was a family friendly event so no one got hurt the police were never involved and there was tons of spectators watching as they walked and drove by. Id hate to see how many people got some crazy pictures of us.
All in all it was a great time and I can officially say I was at a public pillow fight in downtown Chicago. The guys were less than amused and ended up giving their pillows away to random people. They have no idea what they were missing out on. It was quite comical to say the least, watching everyone beat up  others around them. Thankfully neither of our pillows suffered any life threatening damage so we were able to take them home in tack. 

Chy got in on the fun for a little bit to!!!!
There was a giant statue of Marilyn Monroe in the same area were the pillow fight took place. She was as gorgeous as ever!!! Definitely a must see if your ever downtown.
Oh of course we HAD to stop by Tiffany & CO. after our trip through Neiman Marcus.

Such a busy area, we saw a couple Vipers and Lamborghini's driving through as well, I was totally in love!!!

 The streets are lined with Tulips of all colors it was completely beautiful. I would love to have my yard look like this one day. I really wanted to just pick one to bring home with me but I obeyed by the signs and didn't.

Right across the street from the parking garage were we parked was Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery. I told Crystal we just had to try it before we left. Since we were in a rush to get down to the pillow fight we decided we would stop on our way back to the car. There wasn't much of a line at all out side but when we got back before heading out the line was about 3 blocks long. I was bummed and totally disappointed because the boys didn't want to stick around and wait. Oh if only they knew of the deliciousness they were missing out on. Next time for sure though we will be stopping in for a taste test or two. I'm not sure when we will be back but I'd like for the hubbs and I to come back up for a weekend to explore the city and check it out a bit more. Once we got down town I really enjoy the city, it reminded me so much of NYC and I absolutely LOVE NYC. The rush, hustle and bustle from the locals and tourist all trying to get to one place or another, its mad craziness but its completely up my alley.
On our way home I took a picture of Chy in the back seat as she munched down on her M&M's her favorite candy. She then told me to take a picture of her and Teddy, it was so cute!!!! Teddy is her little buddy and goes just about every were she does. 

It was a great day definitely one I will remember for ever!!!! I'm completely heart broken though that my time is coming to a end here in Illinois. I am so ready to see my love and be home with him again but leaving Crystal and the fam is going to be so hard :( I'm really not good with goodbyes / see you soon's.  But enough of that mussy stuff we still have one more day!!!!
~DAY 177~

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