Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gone Fishin!!!!

After we all decided to wake up this morning and get moving we headed down to the lake for a picnic and some fishing. I am a city girl all the way around when it comes to fishing. I can't even tell you the last time I went fishing let alone held a pole in my hand. I don't even eat any type of sea food why would I wanna go fishing. But strangely enough I was looking forward to our outing. Maybe because of the company, the beautiful day out or just the simple fact that it was something different for me. After enjoying some nice yummy sandwiches we headed down to the water. The older two girls were saying how they were going to put their own worm on the hook and Adam didn't believe they would. So what do I do.....I told them I'd give them $5 bucks if they did it. Well yall let me tell you I'm $10 in debt to a 7 & 8 year old.  

Although none of us caught any fish it was still nice and relaxing to sit out in the sun and enjoy the day.   The current was pretty strong which kept bringing our lines back in, so I don't think that helped much. I  think I would have had a slight panic attack if I would have caught a fish so its probably a good thing.

Alisha was trying to cast her pole out into the lake and well she kinda missed hooking Crystal in the back. It wasn't hard enough were the hook went through her shirt or anything but there was a wormy on the end of it. EWH EWH!!!! 

Anna & Chy bug enjoying some fishin on this beautiful day!!!

Chy & I were fishing together for a bit and she was giving me some pointers on what to do.Seriously this kid is gonna be a pro when she gets older. Just like her daddy, loves getting out and getting dirty. Nothings gonna stop her. I've seriously missed spending time with her and watching her grow up. 

I hooked some moss in the water and Alisha was so kind to help me get it off. When it comes to fishing I'm a girly girl 100% and I think my fingers should not touch any of that gooey nasty stuff. You can say I'm a bit over the top and that's just fine by me. Don't worry Adam gave me plenty of crap for it. 

After us girls did our fair share of fishing we headed up to the park area. Crystal & I had loads of fun spinning the girls on the marry go round. I even had a little "swing out" with Alisha to see who could go the highest. Chy bug had so much fun on the swing and kept telling her momma to push her more it was to cute.  

I'm loving getting to know the older two and hanging out with them they are so stinkin cute. Full of spunk & bubbly personalities that put a smile on any ones face. I'm gonna be pretty bummed come Wednesday because that's when they go back to their mommas. 

Later this evening we grill some burgers and dogs while the kiddos jumped on the trampoline. Crystal & I stayed up well past midnight again talking. I hate that we live so far away now, sure we have the Internet and phone chats to keep in touch but its just not the same. I am definitely soaking up every ounce of time I have here. 

~DAY 171~


wHiT said...

Great pics. Gotta love fishing. :)

Mrs. Robinson said...

It looks like you are having a BLAST, doll face! =) Nothing like old friends.

ROXY said...

Sounds like an eventful day... I'm not much into fishing either but I definitely like to hang out while everyone else goes fishing. Lol.

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Fishing seems to be about the only boyish thing my dad or hubby could ever get me to do. I absolutely love it, which is super weird considering how skeeved out I get by creepy crawlers and such. So happy you're having a fabulous time spending quality time with Crystal and her fam.

Sailing with bare feet said...

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