Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Chicken Art

Remember me telling you about the Spring Art Auction at school the week before spring break!!! Remember I won a art piece that I was just so excited about. Well I finally got it today. I couldn’t remember the exact bid price I put on it & much to my surprise it was less than I though. No complaints here!!! I was kinda curious of the hubbs comments when I showed him because its definitely different. I was caught off guard when he said he liked it & that it looked good hanging in our living room. I told him I wish I would have put a bid on both pieces there at the auction. Then I would have one for each side of our entertainment center. He told me we can go back & get another one made or pick one out from what he has available. I was so excited he liked it & doesn't mind getting another piece. They are pretty popular here in the South, I’d say mainly the Columbia area from what I’ve heard. I might see if we can’t made a drive down to Five Points this coming weekend to see if the Chicken Man is out. I wont be so hesitant to stop on the side of the road at his truck now, knowing what he does & who he is. 
 What do you think, do you love it or not ?!?!?!?!
 Let me just say that it looks so much better in person.

~DAY 180~

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Mrs. Robinson said...


I am such a huge fan of ... well, anything weird, quirky, and different. :) Have you ever heard of Story People? It's the coolest art in the world ~ in my opinion. :) You HAVE to Google it, go to the website, and look at the quotes they put on the pieces. Love, love, love! Those are my favorites!