Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From the hubbs.

As you may have noticed by now I have a serious obsession with TOMS. When the hubbs asked what I wanted for my birthday I was quick with my reply being a new pair of TOMS. I've got a couple different styles on my "top" to get list. He told me to go check the local surf shop (Salty's) (they sell TOMS) to see if they had any of the ones I've been wanting. You know what as soon as I walked in I was in love. There they were, one of the pairs I had been wanting. I was quick to scoop up a pair with out a second thought.
Aren't they so cute I just LOVE LOVE them!!!!

This was the other part of my gift from the hubbs. A custom bracelet from Uppercase Living. I picked it out and ordered it through our friend Nichole. It just came in the mail today so that's why I'm just posting about it. I wanted to write about both my gifts from him together. 

Our saying / quote is "Always & Forever & Thensome", its something we adapted early on in our relationship. I have it tattooed across my back, along with our Wedding Date. While visiting C in Illinois, we were at a local shop when I notice a bracelet on the store clerk and asked her about it. Come to find out it was also a custom order from UCL. That's when I got the idea to have this one made. I showed the hubbs on line and explained to him what I was wanting and here you go!!!!!!
The finished product!!!!!

I absolutely think its so cute. Its a little big, see I have super tiny wrist and even ordering the smallest size its a tad big but its perfect. One of a kind, I think that's what I like most about it, no one will ever have the same one as me. 

So sure I kinda pretty much picked out both my own gifts for my birthday but hey at least I got what I really wanted. I don't mind that at all, sometimes it works out better that way. This year things were fairly simple birthday wise but in my book simple can be better. It was perfect for me just what I needed. 

One thing he did completely surprise me on was this card. He custom made it from his phone he was so proud of it. I can't get over how funny this picture is and love that he used it. Props to him for a custom made card. 

~DAY 194~


Denise said...

I have those same Toms.. LOVE them!

Janna Bogert said...

I love TOMS too! Hubby said I should get some new ones, but not sure which ones I want! Looks like he took GREAT care of you for your birthday! PS. I can't believe that you have never been for real camping!!