Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recovery Day!!

Seriously I haven't felt this bad in let me see FOREVER!!!!!!!! The bar bit really isn't our thing and we hardly go and pull a all nighter. But I suppose since it was my birthday we changed it up a bit. Considering I was up ALL night long off and on puking my guts up, I kindly welcomed sleeping in till 11am. Let me tell you that NEVER happens ever, not even on the weekends. Although the reason behind having to sleep in that late wasn't something I'd like to live through every weekend. I really don't know how people go out and get totally wasted every weekend, I'd be beat. 
After I got up and semi freshened up, we managed to make our way out for some breakfast / lunch aka brunch. It seriously took all I had to make it through eating my 8inch sub, 30 minutes later. The idea was to go by Target while we were out and pick up a few things but I just couldn't handle it. (it was bad yall) So we came back home, I grabbed my pillow and blanket and spent the next 3 hours passed out on the couch while the hubbs took care of some work things. 
I finally woke up feeling a bit refreshed and able to walk around with out feeling dizzy. So we braved it up and headed to Target. I needed to go by and pick up my car from Kaira's house so getting out was a must. 
This evening I was craving a really really yummy dinner, after all my stomach was completely EMPTY from throwing up so much the night before. Heck I bet I lost almost 5 pounds from it. We decided on Baked South West Egg Rolls, they turned out fantastic and were so easy to make. I spend the rest of the night finally finishing up the 5 loads of laundry I started Friday that never got folded. It was a pretty lazy morning and I got nothing done but I semi made up for it later this evening. Gosh I tell you recovery days sure do take a lot out of you. I'm so thankful for my wonderful hubby who was here to help take care of me all day, I would have been lost with out him. 

~Mixin the fixins to go in our egg rolls :) ~

We may go out for his birthday the weekend after next but I can tell you one thing....this girl WONT be drinking!!!! 
Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend and a blessed week to come. 
~DAY 192~

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