Saturday, April 28, 2012

Camping Day 2

Day two started out with a fabulous breakfast that included sausage, bacon and french toast. It was amazingly good for being cooked on a camp stove. K showed me a new way to make french toast that is super simple and makes small servings. 

Little miss thing working the grill, while sipping on some freshly brewed coffee. Told you we had some french toast, it was gone in minutes. You would have though these people hadn't eaten in days. After breakfast a few of us girls headed up to the showers. We were feeling uber dirty and needed some freshening up. I'd never felt better, it was so refreshing. (ok I'm sure I have but still you get the point)

Back out on the boat for some fun in the sun. Thanks to my fabulous Mistress my face was spared by the sun. I absolutely LOVE my new beach hat, I think I'd wear it every were if people wouldn't look at me funny. I suppose I'll save it for our beach & pool days though. Earlier this morning we took a short trip out on the boat and Bailey decided it would be smart to jump in the water. 
Let me paint the picture for you. When us girls got back from the showers the hubbs, pups and a few others were out on one of the boats. The rest of us loaded up on the other boat and headed out to were they were. When we got to them Bailey saw me and went crazy pacing the front deck of the boat. Were were about 10 feet apart. No one really though she would jump in and then all of a sudden SMACK. Right in she went all on her own. It was pretty comical but at the same time I felt bad. She can swim but I don't think she realized what she was getting herself into. The guys tried pulling her up by her collar which quickly slipped off. Thankfully they got her back up on the boat though, everyone on that side said her face was priceless. I wish I could have see it. So here we are in the water enjoying ourselves while at the same time trying to encourage Dingo to come join us. After pacing around from the door opening to the bench seat for about 5 minutes he to jumped in. I was dying laughing, trying to keep afloat and take a picture all at the same time. Oh our poor pups. 

Times like these are the best!!!!! 

My happy little family!!!!!!

Oh this girl cracks me up, she sure does know how to put the life into a party. Here is her and her son jumping off the front of the boat together.

We ended the evening around the camp fire of course, would you expect anything else. Dinner included burgers, hotdogs, chips, potato salad and of course some marshmallow roasting and SMORE making!!!! It's not a party without the grams, chocolate, and mellows. This is my all time favorite thing about bond fires. I love LOVE smores, the sad thing is though since they are so sweet I can only handle a couple in one sitting. I think I managed to make my way through three of them this evening. You have to enjoy every bit of them while you can right, its not every day you have a bond fire right beside your bed. Unless you are a hard core camper right!!

We (I say we but I didn't drink this weekend, so really its everyone else) went through a good share of alcohol bottles. They had everything from different types of wine, whiskey, tequila, jim bean, and other hard core liquors. There wasn't a drop left in any of them after Saturday night. How some people can take in so much alcohol and not be totally plastered is beyond me. Well back to my point.....a couple of the guys brought out boxes of kem lights and they decided they would maker perfect lanterns around the fire. Yes again these are the people that are training our future Soldiers for defend our freedom. Craziness I know right!!!!!!!

It was a long day and we had loads of fun but I was ready for some sleep come 11ish. I forget how being out on the water all day can tire you out so much. Its been a awesome experience and I'm so glad we decided to come.
Of course there was a bit of cuddling before we dosed off. I love my little family so much and wouldn't change it for anything!!!!

~DAY 198~

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Brittany said...

Mmmmmm s'mores are the best!! You are making me wanna go camping!