Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Check In

                    This past week I challenged myself to finish out the month of March (which would be 16 days) by eating a completely CLEAN diet. I took some picture through out the week to help keep me accountable. I’ve been working out every morning when I get up before work since the hubbs left. I actually really look forward to waking up and working out each morning. I have also been walking the pups faithfully every day, some times multiple times a day. I’ve been really watching what I eat and controlling my portions (this one has been a big one, but I’m managing just fine). I’ve completely cut out Fast Food all together from my diet and I don’t do Soda. (I haven’t in 4 years.) Not to say that I don’t go out to eat here or there because I do. I’ve just cut out the junk. It started as simply just something to give up while the hubbs was deployed and nothing more. But I’m to the point were I will not go back. I’m sure I’ll have my day’s once he comes home were I’ll struggle to say no because it will just be quick and easy but I’m determined to stick with it. It's a lifestyle change not a diet. 
Saturday, I decided to change it up a bit so the pups and I went up to the Greenway for a stroll. What was just going to be a brisk 4 mile walk turned into a 3 mile run with a mile walk in-between. I would have ran the whole thing but Bailey my bigger pup couldn’t hang. When she’s done she stop’s dead in her tracks and doesn’t move. So I had to walk a bit between mile 2.5 and 3 to give her a rest. I had no intentions on running when I left my house but thankfully I had on good supportive shoes. No running watch, which in hin’s sight was probably better because I didn’t get caught up in my pace. Being it was my first run of the season. It did feel great though and I’m so glad I went for it. When I got home that afternoon I went straight into a 40 minute work out to finish out my day. 

           Sunday morning after church the pups and I went on a 50 minute walk around our neighborhood. It’s really not that big but I add in a side street and then loop around out circle twice and it comes out to 50 minutes. I had a good bit of homework to catch up on that I had put of so once I finished that I took advantage of having nothing to do and was completely lazy. Until 8:45ish that night rolled around I felt guilty because I hadn’t worked out yet so I got my booty up and pushed through a 20 minute work out. Going to bed feeling so much better about myself. 

               Monday morning I woke up 30 minutes earlier than I normally do got in a 40 minute work out and took the pups on a walk. During the week in the mornings I typically only take the pups half way around the neighborhood and cut through the middle street to loop back around. Simply because I always feel like I wont have enough time to make it all the way around and back before I have to leave. I though I’d give it a go this morning since I was ahead of my schedule and I had plenty of time. I even ended up running the back side on the way back. I had class that evening so I took my dinner with me and ate at work before going to class. I’m trying to avoid eating late. When I got home that night I did another 15 minute leg work out before calling it a day. Day 1- clean eating was a success!!! 
 Tuesday I started my new hours at work. The other Pre-school teacher asked if I’d be willing to switch schedules with her and work 7:30-4:30. Hello of course, I will. Anything to get off a bit earlier. The only down fall to that was, meant I was going to have to get up even earlier to get my work out in. I set 5 alarms on my phone before going to bed, fearing I’d sleep through them or hit snooze. Nope I work up right on time at 5:00am. (my goal was 5:30, but the earlier the better) I managed to get in a 50 minute work out at 5AM BEFORE work people!!! Talk about motivation. Then the pups and I headed out for our morning walk well before the sun came up. It was a bit strange to be out walking them in the dark but the temperate was amazing. 500 calories burned before 6:30am and later a freshly made smoothie in hand and I was on my way out the door to work and I even made it there 10 minutes early and wasn’t rushing at all. That evening after getting home I did a 15 minute arm work out, had my Crock Pot Chicken Salad for dinner and called it a night. 
Tuesday was also our St. Patty's day party at work and while the kiddo's enjoyed lots of yummy green treats I held my head high and ate my yogurt and granola. Day 2- clean eating in the books.
                  Wednesday was a little bit more of a struggle to get up at 5am but I managed and made it through my 50 minute work out and headed out the door for our morning walk at 6am with the pups. I used to get up work out get ready for work and then walk the dogs. But now I work out, and right after I walk the them. It makes so much more sense. I can't tell you how many times I'd get ready for work go our for a walk and come back feeling all sweaty. Ewh. This morning I though I'd run the back side of our street coming back around the neighborhood and although I did good and it felt fabulous my Fat girl Bailey though other wise. I just don't think she's got it in her any more. She can only manage running about a mile and she's done. She stops dead were she's at and doesn't move. It's so frustrating because I could be knocking two things out at once, my run and their walk. But I don't want her passing out either so I guess we'll stick to walking when I take them. 
I had a Tropical Oatmeal smoothie for breakfast that morning, took the pups on a 40 minute walk and added in a 15 minute work out from Tone and Tighten before dinner that night. Day 3- clean eat success. 
          Thursday morning up again on time, I'm quite impressed with myself for getting my booty up and moving. I really look forward to starting my mornings off with a good sweat. It's amazing what a workout will do to your attitude and out look for the day. 60 minutes done. That's been my goal, to get my morning work outs up to 60 minutes and I finally did it. No going back now. Morning walk with a 1.25 mile run with the pups before mixing up a Berry and Kale Smoothie and off to work. Another school night so I took my Chicken Salad with me to work for dinner. It's so nice not getting home and 8:45 almost 9pm and still having to eat and get ready for the next day. I wasn't able to take the pups out that evening because it was already late and I was exhausted but I did get my evening work out in. Day 4- Clean eating done!

             Friday morning, oh how glorious it is to see you. I've only got 9 hours till the weekend. I briefly though about skipping my work out this morning but that just wouldn't have worked out. I can't tell you the last time I skipped a morning work out even on the weekends so why start with today. After my 60 minute work out and morning run with the pups I was ready to tackle the day. I have loads of home work to do this weekend but no plans other wise, so I was looking forward to finally being able to sleep in. That evening when I got home the pups and I took our walk around the neighborhood and I did this killer full body work out when we got back. Day 5- of 16 clean eating is complete. 
You start off doing 5 of each set then you go up to 10, 15, 20, 25 of each and then you work your way back down 20, 15, 10 and then 5. The lunges got the best of my and my legs are so sore. But I did it and treated myself to a fabulous salad and some not so yummy blueberry greek yogurt. I got a single serving of the Chobani Greek Yogurt and I was not a fan. It may have simply been that I don't like blueberries but either way, I'll be stick with my Yoplait Greek Yogurt.
      I'm sure I wont recap each week in as much detail so I'm not even going to commit and say that I am. I do keep try of my day's on a calendar on our frig. Here's to next week and finishing out the month strong!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clean Eat's

Here we are half way through March already. I can't believe how quickly time is going by. In way's I'm loving it and then in way's I'm not as crazy as that sounds. I want time to fly by because I'm over this deployment and I want my hubbs home but I'm not ready for winter again. We've just barely started spring. 
I've set a goal for myself for the next two months and I'm determined to reach it. It's totally realistic and maintainable but I need a little strong will to get me there. So I'm planning on finishing out the next 15 day's strong which includes a completely clean eating plan. If I would have though about it at the time I would have taken pictures of my meals as I prepared them and made them up this weekend but I didn't. Blogger fail. Next time for sure though. But here's the run down at what my next two weeks looks like meal wise. 

Post Morning Workout- Homemade Smoothie w/ protein. Already prepped into single servings ready to toss in the mixer with the extras. I made up over a dozen and still have plenty left that I can make. 

Breakfast- Oatmeal. Which I'll have after I get to work and settled with my kiddos. 

Morning Snack- 1 1/2 cups Green Grapes & 1 cup Strawberry. 

Lunch- Meal Replacement Shake and 10 baby carrots. 

Afternoon Snack- Greek Yogurt w/ Granola or Green Apple 

Dinner- Southwestern Chicken on-top of a fully loaded salad & half a baked potato. (week-1) Made!
             Ground Turkey Taco Meat on-top of a fully loaded Salad w/ Avocado. (week-2) 
             Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken (week-3) Already made in single servings in the freeze!

That's it,  no processed foods or extras. It's 15 day's I can do anything for 15 day's. I've been doing really well at watching what I eat and my portion control so this should (wink wink) be a breeze. Fingers crossed. Tuesday we are having a St. Patrick's day party in our class at work. I will NOT eat a Cupcake, I repeat: I will NOT eat a Cupcake. 
I've come this far, there's no turning back. 
It's not a diet, It's a life Style Change. 

On another note: I went on my first run of the season Yesterday at the local Green Way. It felt fabulous. It was only 3 miles, 2 miles ran then walked half a mile then ran the last miles. I would have ran the whole thing straight through but the pups couldn't handle it and I didn't want to push them. I've definitely missed it, I hated that I took some time off over the winter but I just couldn't hang in the cold temps. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Catch Up and Photo Dump

I've had every intention over the last couple weeks to up date this here blog of mine but some how something also gets in the way or distracts me. So here you have it a typical Instagram photo dump to catch you all up to speed. Hopefully the weeks to come will be better than the last and I'll be more on top of things here on this ol' blog. 
(starting from the top left going over)
* I've been doing so good with my meal planning and working out. Taking it one day at a time, seeing small results and changes has definitely been my motivation to keep me going. It's not a diet, I'm on the road to a New Life Style. 
* The pups and I go walking every day, during the week we stay in the neighborhood but on the weekends we venture out to the side streets and made some friends along the way. I had no clue there were Cows right down the street from our house. 
* 13 year's ago I lost my first Grandparent. My PaPa, it was a hard day for sure. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him or think about him. I wish so badly that he could have met my husband and see the life we've built together. I know he's looking down at us and so proud, I just wish he was here to see it and experience it with us. 
*4 months, HOLLA!!!! 4 months down on deployment numero 3, with many many more to go. To many to count to be exact. Blah. I have my good days and bad days as any one does going through a deployment. Here lately I am happy to say that I have been having more good days vs. bad ones.
*We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at work with a movie and homemade Seuss Soup. It was the perfect way to end a crazy week! 
*Sunday Selfie, proud of the progress I've made. Almost to my goal but not quite there, so I'll be pushing and pushing till I reach it. "Slow Progress is better than no progress!"
*A few weeks back I went to a baby Shower / Sunday School Social at my dearest friend S's house. I made these fabulous Pumpkin Bread Muffins. They seemed to be a hit, there one of my favorite fall treats but really you enjoy them any time. Coming in at a whooping 145 calories each, so they must be enjoyed in moderation. 
*Dreaming of our future, Working hard to reach my Goals, Surrounding myself with positive role models and cutting out the negativity. Has done my body, soul and mind so much good. Pushing forward with a positive out look in everything I possibly can. 
*Missing my family and friends in the South. I know I just left there but I'm itching to go back. Oh how we though we had it so bad going through "Life on the Trail". Real Army / Trail Life Army they both have good and bad just has everything. Trying to see the good in Real Army again.