Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Catch Up and Photo Dump

I've had every intention over the last couple weeks to up date this here blog of mine but some how something also gets in the way or distracts me. So here you have it a typical Instagram photo dump to catch you all up to speed. Hopefully the weeks to come will be better than the last and I'll be more on top of things here on this ol' blog. 
(starting from the top left going over)
* I've been doing so good with my meal planning and working out. Taking it one day at a time, seeing small results and changes has definitely been my motivation to keep me going. It's not a diet, I'm on the road to a New Life Style. 
* The pups and I go walking every day, during the week we stay in the neighborhood but on the weekends we venture out to the side streets and made some friends along the way. I had no clue there were Cows right down the street from our house. 
* 13 year's ago I lost my first Grandparent. My PaPa, it was a hard day for sure. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him or think about him. I wish so badly that he could have met my husband and see the life we've built together. I know he's looking down at us and so proud, I just wish he was here to see it and experience it with us. 
*4 months, HOLLA!!!! 4 months down on deployment numero 3, with many many more to go. To many to count to be exact. Blah. I have my good days and bad days as any one does going through a deployment. Here lately I am happy to say that I have been having more good days vs. bad ones.
*We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at work with a movie and homemade Seuss Soup. It was the perfect way to end a crazy week! 
*Sunday Selfie, proud of the progress I've made. Almost to my goal but not quite there, so I'll be pushing and pushing till I reach it. "Slow Progress is better than no progress!"
*A few weeks back I went to a baby Shower / Sunday School Social at my dearest friend S's house. I made these fabulous Pumpkin Bread Muffins. They seemed to be a hit, there one of my favorite fall treats but really you enjoy them any time. Coming in at a whooping 145 calories each, so they must be enjoyed in moderation. 
*Dreaming of our future, Working hard to reach my Goals, Surrounding myself with positive role models and cutting out the negativity. Has done my body, soul and mind so much good. Pushing forward with a positive out look in everything I possibly can. 
*Missing my family and friends in the South. I know I just left there but I'm itching to go back. Oh how we though we had it so bad going through "Life on the Trail". Real Army / Trail Life Army they both have good and bad just has everything. Trying to see the good in Real Army again. 


Pamela said...

the four months have seemed to have flown by!

Janna Renee said...

I'm glad you are making it through this deployment well! I'm sure working out and the pups are really helping ;) You look AMAZING. I find that the last few pounds are always the hardest. Just keep working to your goal. Progress is more important than perfection.