Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clean Eat's

Here we are half way through March already. I can't believe how quickly time is going by. In way's I'm loving it and then in way's I'm not as crazy as that sounds. I want time to fly by because I'm over this deployment and I want my hubbs home but I'm not ready for winter again. We've just barely started spring. 
I've set a goal for myself for the next two months and I'm determined to reach it. It's totally realistic and maintainable but I need a little strong will to get me there. So I'm planning on finishing out the next 15 day's strong which includes a completely clean eating plan. If I would have though about it at the time I would have taken pictures of my meals as I prepared them and made them up this weekend but I didn't. Blogger fail. Next time for sure though. But here's the run down at what my next two weeks looks like meal wise. 

Post Morning Workout- Homemade Smoothie w/ protein. Already prepped into single servings ready to toss in the mixer with the extras. I made up over a dozen and still have plenty left that I can make. 

Breakfast- Oatmeal. Which I'll have after I get to work and settled with my kiddos. 

Morning Snack- 1 1/2 cups Green Grapes & 1 cup Strawberry. 

Lunch- Meal Replacement Shake and 10 baby carrots. 

Afternoon Snack- Greek Yogurt w/ Granola or Green Apple 

Dinner- Southwestern Chicken on-top of a fully loaded salad & half a baked potato. (week-1) Made!
             Ground Turkey Taco Meat on-top of a fully loaded Salad w/ Avocado. (week-2) 
             Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken (week-3) Already made in single servings in the freeze!

That's it,  no processed foods or extras. It's 15 day's I can do anything for 15 day's. I've been doing really well at watching what I eat and my portion control so this should (wink wink) be a breeze. Fingers crossed. Tuesday we are having a St. Patrick's day party in our class at work. I will NOT eat a Cupcake, I repeat: I will NOT eat a Cupcake. 
I've come this far, there's no turning back. 
It's not a diet, It's a life Style Change. 

On another note: I went on my first run of the season Yesterday at the local Green Way. It felt fabulous. It was only 3 miles, 2 miles ran then walked half a mile then ran the last miles. I would have ran the whole thing straight through but the pups couldn't handle it and I didn't want to push them. I've definitely missed it, I hated that I took some time off over the winter but I just couldn't hang in the cold temps. 

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