Wednesday, November 30, 2011


DAY 48

This is really cramping my drive

This road has been closed for the past week and its really cramping my drive to work & home. I leave for work in the afternoons just in time get there and I ALWAYS forget about this stupid road being closed. Its one section of the main road that runs right down the middle of post, everything seems to be off this road and it causes you to have to go completely around the world to get to the back to the housing area. When I came home on Monday that's when they first started the work, I assumed it would only last a day or two and now we are going on day four. Thank goodness I've managed to find my way around post and the back way to our house. I would have been stuck driving in circles trying to get home if I didn't know my way around. I took this picture last night on my way home as I was waiting in the long line at the light to turn right. As much as it drives me crazy I really guess it's not as bad as it could be. Heck they could have closed off the entire road, I better watch what I say or they may. hee hee.

November 30 Days of Thanks

During the month of November we always seem to make a bigger deal about what we areThankful for vs. every other month of the year. The other eleven months should be no different, I am guilty for this as well. However it is good thing that we take the time to express what we are thankful for.
Other the last 30 days I have posted one thing each day on my FB that I am Thankful for and I'd like to share that with you.

Day 1~ So thankful for my understanding patient husband, crossing my fingers I get hired on at the CDC soon but for now this will have to do.

Day 2~ Thankful for long walks around post with my lil family after a long day at work.

Day 3~ Thankful that I have a job, may not be what I want but I can't complain bc its better than nothing at all.

Day 4~ I'm thankful for a clean bill of health after my Dr. Appointment this morning other than my horrible eye sight :( she says I gotta get that checked out.

Day 5~I'm thankful that my husband will spend the afternoon at a Arts & Craft show with me :)

Day 6~I'm Thankful for a beautiful day out w/ warm weather to have our pictures made by the fabulous Jawnie Holsker Photography, thanks again girl, We can't wait to see them!!!!

Day 7~I'm so Thankful that the hubbs accident today wasn't any worse then it couldabeen, only 4 stitches to patch everything up. We'll see the real damage on Saturday. (thank goodness we had pictures done yesterday)

Day 8~I'm Thankful for My Amazing Husband, no other words are needed to describe him. He's my everything, even w/ a busted chin. lol Love you boo always & forever &thensome!!!

Day 9~MY FAVORITE DAY!!!!!!! Today & everyday I'm thankful for the last for the last four fabulous years being Married to my best friend!!!!!! HAPPY 4 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY LOVE!!!!! You are my heart & soul, Always & Forever & Thensome!!!!

Day 10~I'm thankful for Barb. & being such a awesome friend even though we've only just recently met. I know we'll be life long friends. Thanks for doing lunch girl I enjoyed it

Day 11~I am thankful for the Veterans past, present & the ones to come, allowing us to have the Freedom that we do. HAPPY VETERANS day to My Hubbs, and everyone else we know & even the ones we don't!!!!!

Day 12~ I'm Thankful to be given the chance to learn new things & experience new places.

Day 13~I'm Thankful for days like today ~ exploring a new city, Christmas movies on the couch w/ my love.

Day 14~I'm Thankful that my hubbs is gonna be home for Thanksgiving this if only we could figure out what we are going to do.

Day 15~I'm Thankful for new possibilities & new beginnings :) I had the best time working in the Kindergarten class this morning, makes me think it might be something I'd really wanna do. ummm, its never to late right....we will see.

Day 16~ I'm Thankful for a paycheck :) got my first one today. & The wonderful group of ladies I met tonight at our 1st FRG meeting tonight. The whole 5 or 6 of them.

Day 17~I'm Thankful for a new full time job opportunity but at the same time its killing me.

Day 18~ I'm thankful for my girls, oh dear a 3:30am FRING wake up call from the spouse & mistress while they were waiting in Hawaii to watch the new Twilight movie.

Day 19~Im thankful for my wonderful family :) they are the reason I am who I am so thanks to my Momma Rose, daddy, bubby Justin, Mamawa, Papa Nene Carol & of course my awesome Uncle Richard, Aunt Vonda & Aunt Holly, My lil girl Shae. I love you all and miss you so so much!!!!

Day 20~ I'm Thankful for a wonderful unplanned date day with my hubbs & that we finally got our Christmas cards ordered.

Day 21~I'm Thankful that I was able to complete my CDA test today, now the waiting game 6-9 weeks to get the results back. Here's to hoping I passed.

Day 22~I'm thankful for my lovely part time job at EDS but I hope & pray that today was my last day.

Day 23~I'm Thankful that my Thanksgiving Baking is officially over & our neighbors seemed to love their goodies :)

Day 24~I'm so Thankful to have The Love of my Life home with me to celebrate the Holidays, I couldn't be more blessed!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Love & to everyone else!!!!!!!

Day 25~ I'm SOOOO Thankful for long phone dates with my Spouse aka best friend Sarah, she's like the sister I've never had. :)

Day 26~I'm Thankful for long weekends with my love!!!

Day 27~ I'm Thankful for our puppies :) they keep me on my toes so we don't need kiddos to do it lol.

Day 28~I'm Thankful for a very productive evening, I definitely feel better about things to come.

Day 29~I'm Thankful that 5 years ago ToDaY I met the man of my dreams & we've been together ever since. I love you babe & Happy 5 Yr anniversary.

Day 30~I'm Thankful for the ARMY, if it wasn't for the Army I may not have met myhubbs or all the fabulous friends I now have due to us being apart of such an amazing Military Family.

What are you Thankful for this Holiday Season?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby its cold out side

DAY 47

Better yet it FREEZING outside

When I left work this evening the temperature gauge in my card said 43 degrees out. Are you kidding me I don't even remember the last time I was some were it was that cold. I have to say the good thing about the heater in my car is it sure does heat up fast and those seat warmers YES AGAIN the seat warmers were a life saver. I am seriously hating the cold weather so much the only think I like about it is the fabulous selection on winter clothes & accessories. I bought the cutest tabogon, scarf and mittens the other day now I'm just searching for the perfect jacket. I got to stay warm some how over the cold wintery months ahead because the last thing I need is to get sick.
It does make the Christmas sprit a little more exciting being cold, really puts the Holidays in full swing. Thats nice but nothing else good comes from this horrid weather, oh dear if we ever get stationed some were else were its colder I don't know what I will do.

New Opportunities

DAY 46
Taking a different road

A different road that frankly didn't end up lasting long at all. I started my new job at Well's Fargo this morning and was really excited about it. The hours were great the pay was nice, the down fall to it was that I'd have to work Sundays and have split days off Tuesdays & Saturdays. I had gotten over that and figured I'd give it a chance. I worked at CitiCards about 4-5 years ago in their credit card customer service department so I was familiar with the job. I had just been out of the loop for a bit. Offering full time hours which I wouldn't beat 5:30am-2:30pm perfect!!!
I had spoken with the director at the Day School were I was working about a week & half prior and explained that I would be leaving and it might be that I wouldn't come back after Thanksgiving break. I was able to get into the early class and so I sent a emailed on Thursday to explain what was going on and then once again on Monday during our first break I called to make sure my email was received. Lets just say I don't think it was read yet from the response I got back. A long story short I was given the option to come on full time come the first of the new year. That was great but the pay difference was still a issue, so I asked about that as well. There was no way I could leave WF even with it being full time. Later that afternoon I received a email with the details on the new position & the pay that would be included. I talked with Gabe about it when we both got home & I told him after the first day of training at the bank I was just not into it and didn't want to go back down that road. I wasn't in love and overly excited about it any more. He told me that I could do what I wanted and he would support me either way I chose he just wanted me to be happy. (w/ a full time job that I enjoyed as well vs. part time) He said he didn't care about the pay that wasn't what mattered, I swear he always knows just what to say. Following my heart doing what I love I decided to stay at the school and accept the position offered.
I've been putting a lot of though into going back to school to be a teacher, maybe start out as a teachers aide or a sub and then go up from there. Only time will tell I mean I don't have anything to loose and it's not like there is anything stopping me.
I am happy with my decision and truly believe it was the right one. (plus its about 10 minutes from the house vs. 20 minutes like the bank was.)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lazy Sunday

DAY 45

This is how we spent our day

We had no plans for the day which was really nice, nothing to do no were to be by a certain time. We ended up spending most of our day right here on the couch being lazy watching Christmas movies. So of course the pups did as well, they are so cute the way they cuddle up together. I'm so glad that they have gotten along since day one. I really don't know what I would have done if they didn't take to each other. It was so nice I didn't end up getting dressed until about 3pm and that was after I cleaned the house. Those lazy pups you see are sweet as came be but Dingo has a little issue and he likes to shed so I'm always vacuuming the floors. We ended the evening together by going and seeing a late afternoon movie. We saw Jack & Jill it was funny but I glad we went to the matinee showing. I wouldn't watch it again but I'm glad I saw it. It was the perfect way to end a long weekend together, I'm truly loving all this down time with my hubbs. I know come the first of the year things are going to get busy for the both of us so we are taking full advantage of it while we can.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Shoes

DAY 44

Keeping My Toes Warm

I bought my first pair of TOMS today and I just LOVE them. They are so comfortable and cozy that I think I'm going to have to go back and buy a couple more pairs. I have been searching for a pairs of shoes that will go with just about everything and still be comfy and stylish at the same time. Keeping my toes warm was the most important part of course. These were my first choice a couple weeks ago but I didn't get them. I decided I would look around and see if there was anything else I liked better. I kept coming up empty handed always thinking about the beautiful black Toms and all the other fabulous color shemecs they had.
I was done looking and new which ones I wanted, Gabe so kind to put up with me during this never ending search. I knew he was happy when I told him I decided on the Toms, he even helped me pick them out. Such a lovely supportive hubbs he is!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Crazy Pooches

DAY 43

Out on a new adventure

We decided to take the pups out for a little adventure this morning. All of the dog parks here you have to pay a yearly membership for and we have not got around to doing it yet. Today we took them out to Sesquicentennial State Park for a nice walk around the lake. I was a bit nervous because there are tons of geese near the lake and I knew Bailey would just go nuts. They were both super excited to be out and about in a new area. They were sniffing around like crazy every square inch that they could get their noses on. Dingo even went down near the lake and stepped in with out hesitation. It seems a bit murky so we didn't let him swim our anything. Even there at the open area around the park you can't take your dogs off their leashes which drives me nuts. There is a dog park there that is pretty big and has tons of trees so I'm hoping that we are able to get in with the park ranger soon to get our permit so we can take then and let them run around. As always we do have our back up place on post, which reminds me we took them to a new area this past weekend were we took them off their leashes. They really seemed to liked it we went down a long dirt road that was near the graduation field. There was deer tracks every were along the road and both of them ventured around trying to sniff out the deers.

Home for the Holidays

DAY 42
Happy Thanksgiving

Out of the five years we have been together & four years of that being married we have only been together for now 2 Thanksgivings. We have been overly ecstatic about being together for the entire Holiday Season this year. From Halloween all the way through New Years ending out a very busy year. Its been such a blessing being together to celebrate I couldn't have asked for things to be any other way. The Holidays so far have been simply perfect and we've enjoyed every bit of it.
The baking, cooking, decorating, Christmas movies, fall colors, the weather (yes the weather alittle bit), hot coco, shopping the list goes on and on about how much I enjoy the holidays with my love being home. For Thanksgiving this year we were invited over to a friends house that we have met here in Columbia. I decided to make two of my favorite side dishes to take along Green Bean Casserole & Mexicorn Casserole as well as the two desserts I made the day before. (my favorites as well)
It was a wonderful evening with loads of chit chat, laughs and army stories shared around the table. Its always neat to hear about other peoples experiences at their duty stations and how they liked it. As much as I enjoyed the evening I sure did miss spending Thanksgiving with our families & our army family like we have done in the years past.
We had a great time simply just being together, that's I'll I wanted just to be with my love. He asked me a few days prior if I was wanting to go Black Friday Shopping & I said no. Maybe if my spouse was here and we had plans to go together then yea it would be different. This year there's one thing money can't buy that I already have. Santa came early in the G house hold and I got my Soldier home I couldn't ask for anything else. It's the best gift ever :)


I hope you all had a fabulous day however you decided to spend it!!!!!

My plate was full all the way around everything was so good :) Sweet Potato's, Stuffing, Mash Potato's. 2 Corn Casserole's, Rolls, Ham, Turkey, Green Bean Casserole and a 3 different desserts ='ed a fabulous Thanksgiving meal!!!!

He is the only thing in life that matters, I'm so Thankful to have this man in my life!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4 years of pure blissfulness

Sorry for the delay but its better late then never right!!

I really can not believe it has been four years already since I married my best friend. At some points it seems like we have been married for a billion plus years and then other times is seems as if we were just married last week. I am more in love with my man toady than I was yesterday and I will be more in love with him tomorrow than I am today. He completes me in every way possible and I would not at all be the wife I am today if it was not for him. Out of the wonderful four years of marriage we have spent many days apart, many holidays and celebrations. Thankfully we have been lucky enough to have only spend one anniversary apart. Last year #3, but I have to say I had a fabulous time celebrating with my girls in Hawaii.

I was head over heels excited that were able to be together this year. There was a small chance that we weren't going to be able to but thankfully that all changed.
The morning started off with a spectacular breakfast made by yours truly that included eggs, bacon, biscuits & gravy a favorite in our household. After breakfast my love was off to work and I was left to the dishes. I wasn't complaining though I would do dishes every day if it mint spending the mornings with my love before he goes to work. After getting a few other things taken care of around the house and some errand ran I was off to work myself. The day couldn't go by fast enough we had dinner plans at our new favorite place Ruth Chris. After we both got home that evening I got all dolled up and ready to go, my hubbs looked so handsome if I do say so myself. We enjoyed a fabulous mouth watering meal steak for me and lamb for the hubbs, a few sides to indulge in along with dessert to go complements of the restaurant themselves.

Having Gabe home this year has been the best gift of all. I look forward to many many more anniversary's to share with him. Being married to Gabe has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have been through so much and I know it has only brought us to were we are today. He is my rock as I am his and I will always stand by and support him forever.
We have a love like nothing else he is the only one that truly gets me for me. Always reminding me that no matter what comes our way we will make it through. I still sometimes find myself thinking how in the world did I get so lucky to marry such a amazing man. I tell him all the time that I am so lucky that he is my life and he always replies with "no we are both lucky". I looked forward to the year ahead of us and the many after that to see what adventures life has in store for us. :)

Always & Forever & Thensome Happy 4 Year Anniversary Baby

Gabe had been looking for a single serving coffee pot that he could use for work other than the Kurieg and I found this one from Hamilton Beach that I got him and a assortment of his favorite Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

And of course you can never have to many K-cup in the house, he's always trying new ones and I found these at BB&B during a resent trip.

On our First & Third Anniversary Gabe bought me two of the most beautifulest necklaces and they are by far my favorite. (our 2nd was my photo quilt) This year he did it again, a beautiful diamond necklace with a pink center stone. It's so pretty and you can see it sparkling from across the room. He really knows the way to my heart :)

Another yummy surprise I had made for Gabe from a local bakery here was his favorite Red Velvet cake. I'm not at all a fan Red Velvet but he LOVES it and he enjoyed every bite of this cake. I wasn't to please with the decorations on the cake but after I left the bakery from ordering it I though to myself, we really didn't talk about that it was mostly about the flavor of the cake and what I wanted it to say. He didn't mind at all though as long as it tasted good he was happy.

Baking Day!!!!

DAY 41

One of my favorite parts about the Holidays

One of my favorite things about the holidays has got to be baking loads and loads of baking. I had the day off today from work (a wonderful 5 day weekend) & I spend the day doing a bit of cleaning but mainly baking. Just something about it really gets me in to the holiday spirit and I love the way it makes the house smell. First up was my world class famous homemade brownies with Reese / Chocolate swirl fudge topping. Seriously people rave about these things they are aaaaaammmmmmaaaaazzzzzing. Next was my mommas all time spectacular peppermint cheese cake, another one of my holiday favorites. She hates cheese cake but gosh can she make a darn good one or billion.
Last but not least was a new one that I tried out last year, Cinnamon Sugar Pecans. I LOVE LOVE LOVE roasted pecans and when I stumbled upon this recipe last year I just had to give it a try. It was a hit, everyone seemed to love them so I had to make them again this year. It was a good thing I had the day off because each batch takes 1 hour to make & I was making 3 batches. Our neighbors have been so good to us since we moved in and so sweet we decided we would make them each a bag to enjoy during their Thanksgiving Holiday. Once the last batch was in the oven and I had the 3 bags ready with a cute decorative label found on line & sealed Gabe & I went out to deliver them. It was so wonderful to see the smiles on their faces when we handed them the goodies & wished them a Happy Thanksgiving. As I mentioned in a previous post two out of the three are retired Army & it felt so good to be able to do something for them & to tell them Thank You for everything their family did for mine.
What is your favorite sweet treat to make during the Holiday Season???? This is only the beginning of the baking in the G house hold. I have loads more up my sleeve for Christmas just wait and see. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dinner for two Please

DAY 40

late nights are no bueno

Gabe had a late night tonight at work so rather than eat dinner with out him I waited till he got home. I decided on something simple and easy with it being late I wanted quick and easy because I knew he'd be hungry. I went with a new meal Chicken Ranch Dorito style nachos, a find off Pinterest. (told you I'd be putting my "pins" to good use) The hubbs texted me as soon as he left work so I would know he was on his way and I could start dinner. Just minutes before he walked in the door I had dinner waiting for us both in the living room. Nachos to share along with a late night Christmas movie was a perfect ending to a busy day for the both of us. I have to say this wasn't a favorite for us but it was good. Best part there was no prep work and the clean up was easy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Testing Day

DAY 39

CDA Test Day is here.

Finally after what seemed like forever the day had come for me to take my CDA test. I though with the move to SC from HI it would have through a kink in the plan but thankfully everything was right on track. I arrived right on time @ 9:45am to the Education Center here on post to meet my advisor & get things rolling. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about it, I mean I had been out of the system now for about 2 months. But at the same time I have been doing this for years so I know my "Childcare stuff." The hubbs has been so supportive through out the whole process, even on my drive up to the Ed Center he texted me again wishing me good luck!!! I don't think I would have stuck with it this far if it wasn't for his support and encouragement through out this ordeal, it has been a tuff road getting here through this CDA process.
Things started out with a 60 multiple choice question test that I managed to slowly take my time on. I am about 85-90 % confident on my results on this part, I don't want to say I'm overly confident on it so I'd rather underestimate myself alittle. While I worked my way through the test booklet, Son my advisor looked through my CDA binder. She seemed quite impressed saying she had never seem one this organized before. It definitely gave me the confident boost I needed. After I was finished with the written part now was on to the oral part / the final part of the test. I was given 10 different pictures with a written scenario at the bottom which Son would read to me as well. After each page there was a question at the bottom & I had to answer it giving my opinion or thoughts. It was fairly easy to me, as there really was no right or wrong answer just thoughts and opinions.
The entire process was a lot less stressful then I had worked myself up for thinking it would be. My paper work and booklets have all been submitted to the Council in DC for review and I will know the results in 6-9 weeks on weather or not I have passed. I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that all goes well and there will be no issues. I think I will faithfully be checking the mail every day for my certification to come in.

Holiday Photo's

DAY 38

To share or not to share (yet???)

I was over the hills excited to get our Holiday pictures back this morning :) I was able to get a sneak peek preview a few days prior & just loved them. Besides my love the only other person to see them was my spouse. I couldn't keep them all to myself I was so excited about them. The plan was to use these for our Christmas cards this year. I went back and forth on weather or not I wanted to post them on my Blog & FB prior to sending out our Christmas cards or if I should wait. I've decided to wait, I want to leave everyone hanging if you will :) Should we say a bit of a Christmas surprise for my fellow recipients. (don't worry I'll be sure to share them soon enough)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The kick off to the Holidays

DAY 37

or thats what they say & I though it was.

While Gabe was snoozing away in bed after a long over night of Staff Duty I made my way out for a bit of venturing. I stumbled upon a ad in the local magazine that mentioned The Festival of Trees. Now from the description of it, it reminded me of ....... or should I say sounded a lot like the Christmas Tree display during the Honolulu City Lights Parade downtown.
In the advertisement it was said to be "The kick off to the Holiday Season" this has got to be good I though, a must see. The two of us had talked about going together and it was only this weekend. Since my love was zonked out I figured why not go check it out myself. When I got there & walked in much to my surprise it was MUCH different then what I had in mind. The idea behind the Festival of Trees is a silent auction and the proceeds made go to a local children's hospital. You get to keep the tree along with everything on it & some even came with different certificates to varies places. A great cause if you ask me and what better way to get in the holiday spirit then looking at beautiful decorated trees.
IF ONLY IT LASTED......I mean the trees were beautiful and I was feeling the Christmas cheer but the display was much more different then I was expecting. With maybe twenty 30th trees & 10 4ft trees I was in and out with in about 15 minutes. Many of the trees lacked spunk & piazzas, there were a few that caught my eye (hints the one above) but not many. To say I was pleased with the Tree Festival would be a understatement but I was impressed with myself in not getting lost on my little adventure.

Movies & Wine

DAY 36

Home alone missing my love

Tonight was the first of I know many to come nights alone in our new home. Gabe had Staff Duty & that mint it was just me and the pups for the night. I had, had a long day at work and I was completely exhausted. I had "plans" to get a few things done around the house this evening but it didn't happen. I subbed at work from 8-1 in two different classes & then worked my regular 1-5:30 shift so needless to say it was a long day. I stopped by the PX on my way home to pick up dinner & a bottle of wine. The new "plan" was dinner on the couch & Christmas movies with a glass of yummy wine of course. It would have been a perfect night if my hubbs was home, here the last two weeks just about this is how our evenings have ended by watching a Christmas movie. There's no better way to get in the Christmas spirit then a good movie. The night was short after I got through the first movie I was completely passed out, so tired I didn't even wanna get up off the couch to go up stairs. Some how I found the strength to and with in seconds I was out again. It was a lonely lazy night at home missing my love. Lets just hope that the Battalion CO keeps his word that this was his only time he has SD till Drill School.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puka Means Hole &

DAY 35
Your leaving a hole in my heart.

Before we left Hawaii we had dinner with one of the very first families we met when we moved to the island. I will always have a special place in my heart for the W family as I know they will for us. Vic took me in when Gabe was away during the busy months of training prior to our 2nd deployment. We shared many memories together and between her beautiful daughter as well. Before we left that night after having dinner Vic gave me a card, inside was a heart warming note & a special bracelet. Part of the card said........

"your going to leave a hole in our lives, which is why I'm giving you this puka bracelet. Pukameans "hole" in Hawaiian & the sea glass in your & my bracelets were found here on the North Shore. I know the beaches up here are special to you, and I hope when you look at the bracelet you'll remember the island life & the people you care about that you met here."

I will never forget all the memories we made in Hawaii during our years there. I carry them close to my heart and wear this bracelet as a daily reminder of the life we have and the friends that have become family. Hawaii is were everything started for us and were we fell in love. I can't wait to go back even if its just for a visit but for now I will have the wonderful memories and life long friends.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling Refreshed

DAY 34

I've still got my MOJO!!!!!!

I finally got back out there and hit the pavement after almost 2 months off. During the process of us moving from Hawaii to South Carolina with a 3 almost 4 week stop in Texas I seemed to slack a bit on my running. Last night before I went to bed I told myself I was going to get up in the morning have some breakfast and head out. And I did just that, I didn't have to be at work until 1pm and had nothing at all planned prior to that so there was no reason to not go. I filled up my hydration pack, turned on Pandora on my phone, laced up my shoes and was out the door by 8:25am. I was feeling good about things making a short walk to the end of my street to kind of stretch my legs out a bit. And then I was off I had a "turn around spot" in my head were I was going to stop and head back home but once I reached it I kept going. I was on a role it was as if I hadn't had that laps from running at all I was feeling great. I paced my breathing and held my head up high as I made my way down to the trails were we take the pups about a mile & half away from the house. It was then I took some time to stop and grab a quick drink of water before I headed back home. I know I'll be a wee bit sore in the morning but I give it a day or two and that will no longer be the case. I texted Gabe as soon as I got home to tell him how well I had done and that I made it home alive lol. He was over thrilled and happy for me that I got back out there and picked up were I had stopped. I'm looking forward to my daily runs again it makes me feel so much better about myself.
There is a 5k in February called the Cupids Chase and I plan on doing it with a friend I've met here and my goal is to finish it in my very best time yet. I know I can do it and stay motivated running is what kept me going through the last few months of the deployment. With the changes coming up I am going to need that it to keep me going.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not a typical day,

DAY 33

but one I loved.

Today I subbed at work for the Kindergarten Aide. teacher from 8-1 and it was a first for me since I've started at EDS. I was kind of nervous going into it mainly because I didn't know the teacher I was going to be working with. Plus I was not looking forward to working from 8-1 in the Kinder. class and then from 1-530 in my class with NO break. That's right if you sub and your shift starts at the time when you sub shift ends you don't get a break nor a lunch. There isn't even a 15 minute break in there at all. It completely sucks and makes no sense at all, it makes for a VERY LONG day. I stopped last night on my way home and grabbed a few things to put together a small lunch to have so I could at least eat with the kiddos and not be starving all day.
I arrived right on time and was warmly greeted by Miss. M and a classroom full of 5 year olds asking me a million and one questions about who I was and what I was doing in there classroom. They were so cute, funny and full of personality it just made me smile. Before class got started Miss. M filled me in on what she was going to have me do through out the day while I was in her class. I was so excited with the different tasks she gave me, I was going to be able to interact with the children as well and do some other things around the classroom and getting there folders cleaned out from the day before and refilled with paper work that needed to go home. One thing she mentioned to me that I would be doing made me a wee bit skeptical. I had to be ZERO the HERO......."what".....I asked myself in the name is that and what am I going to have to be doing. She told me she would explain more later in the morning. The kids were talking through the morning about how it was Zero the Hero day and they seemed really excited about it but I was still out of the loop. Time went by and soon after Miss. M pulled me in to the hall way and told me to go down to the classroom on the end and put on the cape and get Zero the Hero and told me to come "flying" in to the classroom and around the children saying Zero the Hero is here. Oh gosh my heart was racing like crazy but I said ok and went down the hall. The teacher in the room were I got ready offered to do it for me, I guess she could see the nervousness on my face. I told her that was ok I would manage to do it, I couldn't let Miss. M down nor the children. I braved it up and probably made a complete fool of myself BUT the children were cheering at the top of their lungs and laughing and were so excited. I was thrilled with myself that I went through with it and made their day.
You see Zero the Hero comes to first on every school day that ends in a Zero and today happened to be the 70th day of school, so the next time he will come and visit will be on the 80th day of school. I think I am going to go for a visit when that day comes to see the kiddos again.
They made my day and I was so happy that I said yes to sub for the teacher aide. It has really got me thinking that working with older children is something that I would really enjoy doing. I am looking into what I need to do to first become a teacher aide here in the local school district and then I will go from there on seeing what I need to do to become a teacher. I know I only spent one day in the Kindergarten class but I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

~~~~~Zero The Hero 70 day Poem~~~~~~

I'm Zero the Hero and I'm here to say,
"Hooray, Hooray on your 70th day!"
Congratulations on your 7th zero.
That's the favorite number of Zero the Hero.
You have 7 zero bands and 7 bundles of straws.
And now we need lots of applause.
The 10's cup has 7 bundles - WOW!
Let's count by 10s to 70 - right now!
I'm Zero the Hero - Let's cheer today
Hooray, hooray for our 70th day!
Good-by for now, here's a treat from me.
It's round like a zero, what can it be?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Trash to Treasure

DAY 32

ok maybe not trash but Pinecones.

Every were we seem to venture out and around at we are always passing pinecones on the ground. Mainly when we take the pups for a walk & when we went to the S park on Sunday. They are all over the area near our home. I like going on our walks and looking at the different sizes & colors of pinecones. Today I decided to pick up a few or should I say a bag full and take home with us. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with all of them yet maybe make ornaments, bird feeders for the backyard, popery or simply put them in a large glass jar as decoration. We will see I've done some googling now just to put my ideas in place.
If you have any ideas or suggestion on things to do with pinecones please fill free to leave your ideas!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Taking A Walk ......

DAY 31

.....On the wild side of things.

A day out exploring a new park is the way we ended up spending our Sunday. Sesquicentennial State Park is a National park here in Columbia, don't even ask me how to pronounce the name of it because I have no clue we just call it the S park. With a 3 mile trail that runs around the 30 acre lake and another 5 mile bike trail as well as many smaller trails that run through the forest area you can't get board at Sesquicentennial Park maybe lost lol. During the summer months part of the lake is roped off for swimming as well you can rent paddle boats to do a bit of exploring around the lake. The paddle boat sounds fun but I'm not so sure about swimming in the lake it doesn't look so clean.
We had fun following the arrows leading us to the different openings to the lake area, crossing 4 different bridges and passing a few creepy creatures along the way. It would be a great place to take the dogs and let them run around and explore the only crappy part about it is they have to stay on their leash. They have a dog park inside the park as well but the other crappy part about that is you have to pay for a yearly membership to take your dogs there. (same goes for the dog parks out side the S park, you have to pay a yearly membership, granite its not much but still seems a bit strange if you ask me)
I was doing some looking on line when we got home this afternoon and there is a 5K race that runs through Sesquicentennial Park in the spring and I think I might look into running that one.

All in all it was a great day and we took loads of pictures and made some great memories together. :)

"The Gun List"

DAY 30

New toys are aways fun!!!

Gabe has always been in to guns, he loves going out shooting in his free time. Its different when it's not work related and he can really get in to character. While in Hawaii he wanted to purchase one so badly but the process to go through with it was completely horrid so we held off. Once he got back to Arizona over our PCS block leave he was finally able to purchase the HK hand gun that he had been wanting. That only led to a whole list of other guns that he wanted to purchase, that's all I heard about for weeks at a time. How excited he was and how he couldn't wait to get to SC because then we could go to the gun shows.
Our 2nd weekend here there was a show about 2 hours away I knew he wanted to go and we had no plans so we decided to head out. It was a first for me, I've been to several arts & craft shows so I figured it had to be similar to that. And in a way it was and in many ways it was not. There was some good people watching at these things that's for sure. We spent a couple hours there walking around, looking at everything and talking to the different vendors. We ended up not buying anything, which I felt bad about because Gabe found the gun he really wants there and with out me having a job (I didn't at the time) we just didn't think it was the right decision.
This weekend there was another show in town and it was only 20-25 minutes away so not bad at all. We got up and decided to go early so because we had plans for later that afternoon. When we arrived at the location there was already a long line of people waiting to get into the facility, it was only 8:40 & it didn't start till 9:00am. Gosh we though this is going to be a big one, and Gabe was pretty stoked to see the out come of people. Which is surprising seeings he doesn't like crowds. Once we got in we realized that it was smaller than the one before and along with a lot less space between the tables which I quickly got annoyed at because people kept just walking into you & were so rude about it. Thankfully we only stayed for about a little over a hour and then we were heading home. But not empty handed this time, the hubbs found a gun on the list (his "GUN LIST") that he wanted a kel-Tec RFB and after as much sweet talking as he could do I finally said yes. No not really, he kept telling me everything about it and how cool it was and so on and how much he wanted it so I told him to go for it. I mean really how can I say no to that sweet little Innocent face of his. It was a early Christmas gift so it worked out in the long run :)


While enjoying a evening at home watching some old classic christmas movies I was surfing the net and stumbled upon this little Q & A and though I'd give it a whirl.

1. How long have you been a military wife?
Four years this past Wednesday & loving every bit.

2. What branch of service is your husband?

3. Active/Reserve?
Active Duty

4. What is his job?
Infantryman ~ Drill SGT

5. How many deployments have you gone through?
TWO ~ a 15 month & a 12 month

6. Camo or Dress uniforms on your man?
I think he looks super sexy in his ACU's but I love the BLUES as well.

7. What do you like about being a military wife?
The chance to experience new places & meeting new people from all around the world.

8. Do you live on base?
We did / do at our last duty station & our current one, seems to work good for us.

9. What is your favorite base so far?
We are on our 2nd duty station and I have to say the 1st ~ Schofield Barracks has been our favorite.

10. What is the hardest part of the military life?
The separation from family & close friends, Hurry up & wait, Not knowing what the future holds, CHANGE!!!!

11. Do you go to the grocery store or Commissary?
The Commissary~ prices are better & its convenient.

12. Do you work or stay at home?
At Schofield I worked at the CDC & plan to do the same here at Ft. Jackson at the moment I'm working part time at a Day School.

13. Do you have a lot of military wife friends?
I have know a good bit of Mili spouses but I have a very select few that I call my friends.

14. Do you prefer Walmart or the BX/PX/NEX/MCX?
NEX when we were in Hawaii but now the PX.

15. How did your husband propose?
After a week visit in Texas we were having lunch at a local park when he asked :)

16. Did you marry him after he joined or before?
We were married on his 2 year mark to the date.

17. How long have you been together?
November 29 of this year will be 5 years.

18. Any kids?
NOPE, just 2 little pooches

19. Any kids yet to come?
No plans at the time but we will see.

20. Is your husband one of those "I am Soldier hear me HOORAH" kind of guys?
No not at all, he def. sticks to what he believes & will tell you how he feels but he does not walk around with a "Im in the army hear me roar" sign/

21. Have you ever done combatives with your husband?
No can't say that I have.

22. How many bases have you lived at?
TWO Schofield Barrack Hawaii & Now Ft. Jackson South Carolina

23. If you could change one thing about the military?
Moving and having to leave all my wonderful friends whom I now consider family.

24. Do you like military balls?
I've only been to one and I loved it, getting to dress up & spend the evening with my handsome soldier out and remembering the ones we lost over the deployment it was a wonderful evening.

25. Where does your family live?
Mine in Texas, His in Arizona

26. What do you do for a job?
Child Care, Banking company (Citi & soon Well's Fargo) Mortgage company

27. Have you ever gotten in a fight with an NCO's wife?
No, can't say that I have.

28. Name one thing you do when your husband is gone.
Spend time with my most favorite girls.

29. Do you think other wives do that too?
I am going to guess some do, it truly depends on what they have going on in their life.