Friday, November 25, 2011

Crazy Pooches

DAY 43

Out on a new adventure

We decided to take the pups out for a little adventure this morning. All of the dog parks here you have to pay a yearly membership for and we have not got around to doing it yet. Today we took them out to Sesquicentennial State Park for a nice walk around the lake. I was a bit nervous because there are tons of geese near the lake and I knew Bailey would just go nuts. They were both super excited to be out and about in a new area. They were sniffing around like crazy every square inch that they could get their noses on. Dingo even went down near the lake and stepped in with out hesitation. It seems a bit murky so we didn't let him swim our anything. Even there at the open area around the park you can't take your dogs off their leashes which drives me nuts. There is a dog park there that is pretty big and has tons of trees so I'm hoping that we are able to get in with the park ranger soon to get our permit so we can take then and let them run around. As always we do have our back up place on post, which reminds me we took them to a new area this past weekend were we took them off their leashes. They really seemed to liked it we went down a long dirt road that was near the graduation field. There was deer tracks every were along the road and both of them ventured around trying to sniff out the deers.

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