Saturday, November 19, 2011

The kick off to the Holidays

DAY 37

or thats what they say & I though it was.

While Gabe was snoozing away in bed after a long over night of Staff Duty I made my way out for a bit of venturing. I stumbled upon a ad in the local magazine that mentioned The Festival of Trees. Now from the description of it, it reminded me of ....... or should I say sounded a lot like the Christmas Tree display during the Honolulu City Lights Parade downtown.
In the advertisement it was said to be "The kick off to the Holiday Season" this has got to be good I though, a must see. The two of us had talked about going together and it was only this weekend. Since my love was zonked out I figured why not go check it out myself. When I got there & walked in much to my surprise it was MUCH different then what I had in mind. The idea behind the Festival of Trees is a silent auction and the proceeds made go to a local children's hospital. You get to keep the tree along with everything on it & some even came with different certificates to varies places. A great cause if you ask me and what better way to get in the holiday spirit then looking at beautiful decorated trees.
IF ONLY IT LASTED......I mean the trees were beautiful and I was feeling the Christmas cheer but the display was much more different then I was expecting. With maybe twenty 30th trees & 10 4ft trees I was in and out with in about 15 minutes. Many of the trees lacked spunk & piazzas, there were a few that caught my eye (hints the one above) but not many. To say I was pleased with the Tree Festival would be a understatement but I was impressed with myself in not getting lost on my little adventure.

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lilmoomoo said...

I love that snowman tree!
Super cute..

Good for you not getting lost!
I still get lost everywhere I go.