Friday, November 25, 2011

Home for the Holidays

DAY 42
Happy Thanksgiving

Out of the five years we have been together & four years of that being married we have only been together for now 2 Thanksgivings. We have been overly ecstatic about being together for the entire Holiday Season this year. From Halloween all the way through New Years ending out a very busy year. Its been such a blessing being together to celebrate I couldn't have asked for things to be any other way. The Holidays so far have been simply perfect and we've enjoyed every bit of it.
The baking, cooking, decorating, Christmas movies, fall colors, the weather (yes the weather alittle bit), hot coco, shopping the list goes on and on about how much I enjoy the holidays with my love being home. For Thanksgiving this year we were invited over to a friends house that we have met here in Columbia. I decided to make two of my favorite side dishes to take along Green Bean Casserole & Mexicorn Casserole as well as the two desserts I made the day before. (my favorites as well)
It was a wonderful evening with loads of chit chat, laughs and army stories shared around the table. Its always neat to hear about other peoples experiences at their duty stations and how they liked it. As much as I enjoyed the evening I sure did miss spending Thanksgiving with our families & our army family like we have done in the years past.
We had a great time simply just being together, that's I'll I wanted just to be with my love. He asked me a few days prior if I was wanting to go Black Friday Shopping & I said no. Maybe if my spouse was here and we had plans to go together then yea it would be different. This year there's one thing money can't buy that I already have. Santa came early in the G house hold and I got my Soldier home I couldn't ask for anything else. It's the best gift ever :)


I hope you all had a fabulous day however you decided to spend it!!!!!

My plate was full all the way around everything was so good :) Sweet Potato's, Stuffing, Mash Potato's. 2 Corn Casserole's, Rolls, Ham, Turkey, Green Bean Casserole and a 3 different desserts ='ed a fabulous Thanksgiving meal!!!!

He is the only thing in life that matters, I'm so Thankful to have this man in my life!!!!

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lilmoomoo said...

So glad you all are getting to be together for the full holiday season!! :) :)

It's our first "full" one too! haha