Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling Refreshed

DAY 34

I've still got my MOJO!!!!!!

I finally got back out there and hit the pavement after almost 2 months off. During the process of us moving from Hawaii to South Carolina with a 3 almost 4 week stop in Texas I seemed to slack a bit on my running. Last night before I went to bed I told myself I was going to get up in the morning have some breakfast and head out. And I did just that, I didn't have to be at work until 1pm and had nothing at all planned prior to that so there was no reason to not go. I filled up my hydration pack, turned on Pandora on my phone, laced up my shoes and was out the door by 8:25am. I was feeling good about things making a short walk to the end of my street to kind of stretch my legs out a bit. And then I was off I had a "turn around spot" in my head were I was going to stop and head back home but once I reached it I kept going. I was on a role it was as if I hadn't had that laps from running at all I was feeling great. I paced my breathing and held my head up high as I made my way down to the trails were we take the pups about a mile & half away from the house. It was then I took some time to stop and grab a quick drink of water before I headed back home. I know I'll be a wee bit sore in the morning but I give it a day or two and that will no longer be the case. I texted Gabe as soon as I got home to tell him how well I had done and that I made it home alive lol. He was over thrilled and happy for me that I got back out there and picked up were I had stopped. I'm looking forward to my daily runs again it makes me feel so much better about myself.
There is a 5k in February called the Cupids Chase and I plan on doing it with a friend I've met here and my goal is to finish it in my very best time yet. I know I can do it and stay motivated running is what kept me going through the last few months of the deployment. With the changes coming up I am going to need that it to keep me going.

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lilmoomoo said...

good for you!!!
I know it feels SO awesome to get in a good run!
I really don't enjoy running usually...however, I did get into it for a little bit when I lived in Charleston for a summer, but not so much since then..
Maybe I should give it a try again when I get to NC!?

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog! I am so excited to get my wedding pictures!! should be any day now!
And too funny that we are soon to be "neighbors!"

:) I'm also slowly catching up on your blog!
look for a million more comments..
HA. I like to type/talk.
And I am so glad to have made a bloggy friend that has a hubby in the military.. it's all still SO new to me!